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another good UT story by vairagi ..... Urine Therapy Support Forum

Date:   8/27/2007 10:44:39 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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So a friend comes down w a saliva spread illness. Body pain, lethergy,swollen glands and sorethroat so bad they could hardly swallow. We did what we could and what they would allow, which was only fluids and symptomatic meds. The doc ordered heavy pain meds, liquid morphine, but said only time would cure this one. Meanwhile after having the illness spread around my house for a few days because of all that this type of illness entails ,I sensed in the early sunday morning my glands getting larger and a deep continuous but not too painfull headache and I remembered that I had become unusally lethargic the previous afternoon, which is very out of character for me. So upon awakening I had nothing to eat and started taking pure oregano oil, three to four drops in an oz of water with a water chaser. I swish the oregano in my mouth as long as I can to dilute it with saliva and to distribute it into the system that way also. After about three hours and about four to six doesages of oregano oil I could feel its affect starting but the headache stayed and so I started drinking the urine. By this time since I hadnt eaten anything except the oregano oil the urine was strong non sweet lemonady and oreganoey, and as I sipped the first glass the headache started diminishing in an most noticable way. On finishing that glass I started feeling up beat. However in about 5 to 10 min the headache reappeared and so I kept drinking the flow as it came but stopped the oregano for the time since it is fairly rough to take straight in water and I had already taken a bit. As I drank each glassful the headache would totally disapear but it did return each time also but each time it took longer to come back and with less intensity. By noon my glands had shrunk the headache had not returned and my energy had increased to where I felt good. But I cant afford to be sick at all so I readministered the oregano a few more times and continued the UT and the urine became noticable with it but as before when I stopped taking the oregano each draught became sweeter and sweeter. After a few more hours I stopped the UT and oregano. That evening I felt fine with no gland swelling or headache returning. My friend was very very sick. They are still sick but much improved with the pain meds the Dr ordered .They had ignored the early stages and eaten conventional meals. Today I worked a complete day with no health probelms and tonight feel great. Often times when we start to get sick and use an unusual therapy we often wonder if we were really sick at all, this time I knew I was coming down with a serious illness and feel with the combo of oregano, ut and the immune system it was eliminated quickly and completly.

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