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The case of the CAT and OREGANO, by MH by mh ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   7/18/2007 8:04:37 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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For several years people have asked about oregano being toxic to cats and I have said I don't know how it could, because every other creature I have fed it to, including pigeons, rabbits, ducks, dogs, kids, etc. have had no ill results; even at extremely young age and weight size.

YET, one or two people insisted the CAT'S LIVER can not handle oregano and it would kill the thing, even if just a drop would be put on the hair to warn off fleas, etc... I have always said we live in a bad coyote area and cats don't last long around our place and as well, my german shepard just plain hates cats, so between these 2 sources of dog, I have not had a cat to experiment with. A month ago, someone dumped off a small kitten at the end of our driveway, so now you can figure out where this is leading to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My son asked several days in a row to de-worm the kitten and finally I said OK, lets do the dogs and I will try the kitten as well. For each dog I give the usual, 1 full dropper of pure Oregano/Desert Parsley. A dose large enough to make any grown man cry for his mommy.

For the kitten I used 1/2 dropper or about 7 drops oregano and 7 drops desert parsley; again a large enough dose to make any grown man cry mommy.........

Like the dogs, the cat shook its head and jumped a little, but after 3 minutes looked fine. The next day, the cat had real bad diareah and I started to wonder if the people on the curezone was correct, that oregano is too powerful for a baby kitten???????????????????????? Then by 48 hours, the cat was nice and slim and not plump full of worms anymore and as frisky and playful as ever!!!!!!!!!!!

THUS, I personally see pure oregano as a NON-TOXIX food concentrate and the vets that told a person that a cats liver can't handle it, etc., etc.....may be correct for CITY CATS WHO'S OWNERS SEEK THE DRUGS of a VET!!!!!!!!!!!! The VET'S DRUGS poisons the liver of the animals and then Nature has Been Harmed and the animal no longer can handle herbs such as Oregano, etc.............

David Christopher makes it real clear ay his school, the VETS kill the horses via their drugs...He helped a man save some of Robert Redfords fancy horses that had been poisoned by feeding them the L/G formula, which jump started the liver and enabled it to expell the drugs/toxins.

For me and my house, if it walks/flies and wants to live here, it gets oregano oil when it is ill or as a preventive.

"IF" I have less than 5 gallons on hand, I get nervous.........I can't imagine the next 100 years with out it.....BIG BROTHER HATES IT!!!!!!!!! He has added importing taxes to it raising the price to slow down its use!!!!

I should sell it by the Kilo and not the tiny 1/2 ounce bottles to those wo want a lifetime supply!


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