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Edit at (well..where it says edit) Pineapple not a mysterious effect. by Ayehasherayeh ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   5/20/2007 9:56:36 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Yes I believe the bromelain as with other enzymatic fruits is concentrated in the core. I am big on bromelain and papain because I was diagnosed with an eye disease where they told me I would be completely blind by 2003 and bromelain and papain help keep the capillaries to the eyes clear. When I want the best effect i chew the flesh as well as core and spit out the fleshy pulp so as not to hinder the enzymes.

Pineapples are as ripe as they are going to get when they are picked so the only change that occurs that people misname 'ripening' is that the enzymes convert sugars and are used up in the process. Those who completely 'ripen' a pineapple are completely missing peak enzymatic benefit. So best to buy quality ones that are picked at tyhe ripening peak. Edit: the enzyme can be somewhat concentrated by turning the pineapple upside down on the counter and the enzymes will concentrate toward the pineapple top and of course core, this will also prevent that eventual mold from forming so quickly on bottom of fruit.

I do not recall having heard about pineapple and spontaneous miscarriage though I might see the actions leading to this with heavy heavy use as it is proteolytic and may prevent necessary clotting.

yes the waxy fruits avocado, banana, birch, kiwi also I believe and a few other are indicted sometimes for those who are sensitive to latex. The cross effect is not always there as I know someone who is serious latex allergic who can devour many bananas in a day.

Right on about the tomatoes also. Cooking them activates/potentiates. Tomatoes should mostly be cooked in my opinion.

Very relevant points thank you so much.


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