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The real truth about breast cancer. by charkee ..... Breast Cancer Forum

Date:   11/3/2017 5:14:59 AM ( 5 years ago ago)
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I find Breast Cancer one of the easier cancers to cure. But it requires thinking outside the box and I have found over the years that some of you will react violently and ignorantly rather than take a moment to ponder and know that you don't know.

The problem with big pharma AND alternate medicine is they work from the very SAME axiomatic assumption: That is a physical disease must have a physical cause, therefore there must be some physical remedy. The only difference are the types of substances being pushed.

Essentially conventional medicine and alternative are the same, just different substances.

Conventional medicine, poo-poos alternative medicine and alternative medicine's substances are often safer and even benign. The fact that cancer didn't kill them is because the chemotherapy didn't kill them first. Recoveries do happen without any drugs or nutritional substances.

Alternative advocates rightfully poo-poo conventional medicine for it's very real dangers and alternative medicine is almost always much cheaper.

Naturally I poo-poo both systems, both do not get to the root of the issue.

The cause of Breast Cancer are ALWAYS emotional. Intense worry for a son or daughter will cause the mammary glands to start growing additional cells. This has a biological function for the breast to secrete more and higher quality milk.

But the problem is the medical understanding of cancer itself, strikes terror into the poor woman's heart and subconscious and even after the intense worry is gone the cells continue to proliferate because the effects or energy of the worry still is alive and well within the subconscious.

Dispelling this worry using the various energy clearing techniques will quickly, naturally reduce the tumor. I've seen it often that only one session required.

Intense worry for a husband or even a pet have also been the cause of cancers I have seen.

This is about adenocarcinoma. Intraductal and the other rarer forms of Breast Cancer have differing causes.

I find that intraductal breast cancer (IBC) is often caused by a loved one being ripped away. Over half the cases are about a woman being jilted by her lover, while married to another man. I have also seen it because a child is violently taken away by CPS from the mother.

One lady had IBC and I could get no answers out of her. She lied and evaded my questions. Her husband was a hard core fundamentalist Christian and kept her under tight control. She would have rather died than face the truth. After she died, I learned from (not her husband) she was having an affair for 5 years when she was jilted about a year prior to her diagnosis. Her tumor was only 5cm in size. Yet I had a client with a 35 lb tumor that survived and prospered. She had lost her will to live and could see no way out of her situation.


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