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Back to the Future, Beyond the Strategic by vairagi ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   7/31/2016 10:07:03 AM ( 7 years ago ago)
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"When developing an idea, I remind myself not to start with compromise. I envision the ideal manifestation of the idea, as if I had no limits in resources, materials, or permission".
J Echelman

Retrocausality is not a new, unusual or unique idea, tho the way that modern theoreticians propose is humorously limited by their stolid and solid concepts of space and time, revealed in the elements and style of their particular retrocausal experiement (tho not implausable especially since the Pegasus Project has been revealed and discussed openly). Dimensional space travelers have been enthused and frustrated by retrocausality, and as Jman wonders, texts state that enlightenment frees not only the present viewer but also positivly affects one's ancestors activities (which contradicts the idea of time being linear). Yet the implications of such are, even in the most sophisticated actualities, found eventually to be soley valuable in being more grist for the mill works of disolving perceptions blinders for awakening from the sleep cycle of creation. 

"The limits of my language means the limits of my world".    L  Wittgenstein

"(Life is) beyond words, for in it there is no yesterday, no tomorrow, no today".               Tseng Tsan

Actions and results are like clothes used to camoflauge our features, physical and emotional. True freedom is found in relinguishing the hold that the fear of being completely exposed holds over us. When we let go of that anxiety, the idea of what is or isnt correct is been invalidated and understood to have been a dellusion.

Trying to fix our present by going into the past is like trying to assert our freedom from things by putting on a facsimile of nudity over our clothes. It can have a pursuasive, seemingly actual effect, if we only view it from a certain distance, but eventually it will be seen to be just another layering of that illusory quality we live in thinking that we and all things have unique importance and are separate, separeted by differences of space or time. Whether simple or sophisticated, our attempts to manipulate, in whatever way or for whatever reason, are our refusing to experience what really is.   

We change our present experience of things by acting in the present. We free ourselves from the domain of the past and future by accepting and defusing fear by facing down pain and refusing to think about suffering, and to the degree we learn to be in the present, we find continualy presenting evidence which disolves any newly presenting fear with it's potential suffering, and as we let go of self centered egoic defintion we find life fullfilled by living fully in the present. 

People say, if I go to the past and meet myself, wont there be serious repurcussions, and yet this is the situation in the present everytime we meet anyone, because we are actually meeting the one self, and it matters not what time zone or age element, and tho we are presently not discerning this and we instead are lost in the differences created by the illusion of separatness, the facts out weigh the assumed circumstances.

The life experts have always reminded us of this and that is why the admonition to treat eveyone as if they were our self rings so valuable in use and in the final analysis, because it is true. 

While we are actors playing at being in the present affected by past, we may do any number of things to alter any number of things. And we do continually, in minor, major, simple or sophisticated ways, it's our major drive and distraction. Ensuring the viability, the safety, the worth of the seperate from others, egoic identity. Acting to correct that which we deem to be unacceptable. 

Traveling or sending messages to past time zones to affect the present of future time zones isnt any different in comparison and can have effect, but ultimately will be merely the layering of more illusion upon illusion.

We find freedom from the tyranny of past actions and from longing for the future difference, by realising the unmitigated, unbound by time, space, thought or action, present. The all inclusive identity and reality we actually allready live, already freed in every moment.      


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