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Chronic Disease and the Repairing of Cell Communication for Restoring Health by Insertion of Bacteria Created Missing Cell Signaling Components by vairagi ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   7/25/2016 9:36:57 AM ( 7 years ago ago)
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This is a message from Zach Bush MD, self described dark age research doctor, on the frustration of a large group who suffer from chronic ill health and have little change or success from using plant based diets, ingesting probiotics, juicing ect ect. He has found dramatic improvement by ingesting inter and extra cellular communication molecules, which return back to normal our natural cell repairing ability. These structures are bacteria created, cell signaling, macro communication components, which also promote and actualize, thru that replenishment of the cell communication, the growth and proliferation of healthy intestinal flora.

His product is named RESTORE. It is made from molecules found in fossilized bacteria. These molecular structures are replica parts of the metabolizing components that process in our body and activate our cells energy creating, storeing, communication ect. RESTORE  is replacing these environmentally destroyed cell functioning features. 

Like Dr Tennant, Dr Bush mentions the supreme importance of the state of the electrical charge of our cells membranes and their intercellular fluid, in working to stay oxygenated,  hydrated and function healthily.

(also see Bruce Lipton on our liquid crystal cell membrane design and thus voltage's role in the functioning of our cells capacitor styled membranes to fluxuate their LC state for permeability).






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