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The Disease of the Health and Wealth Gospel or how annatta disolves our perspective clock by vairagi ..... Buddhism Support Forum

Date:   10/2/2014 1:50:00 AM ( 9 years ago ago)
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If u are trying to debate or critisize Buddhism, the story u chose is representative of missunderstanding Buddhist philosphy(ies).(course the story revolves around relieving suffering so good and great. The implications and reasoning are the targets of question)

Clive's site is a personel experiences site more than a Buddhist philosophy activated one.

To miscongrue wealth and poverty reveals the health and wealth philosophy with which the ism of Bood(awakenigism) is in conflict.

We all might agree
The impoverished often have great wealth
And the wealthy often live in great poverty
As fasting can be either severe deprevation
or the engendering of hyper sensitivity
Poverty can be an extreme absence of ease
or a place of freedom from fear of lack

From my perspective this is part of the dialogue on the differences between eternalism and annatta and those results

Realisation is the goal
No vow can fullfill

Neither will hope, success, or inner world knowing.
and Positive's and Negative's,
continued conceptualizing,
keeps the egoic sowing.

Eternalism's hope and beauty
Annatta's freedom surpasses

So untill we transcend fear of pain
Fear of lack of ease
Pain will control us
We submit without knowing
Ignorant conclusions will continue growing
Comfort will be an unbearable tease

Untill weve throughly had enough of not enough

* The teaching advice is to rather than be caught up in any world delima, transcend.

The 'Eternalist' doctrine is of 'never dying', 'soul' personality individuals, dealing with the ups and downs of living experience, whether physical, astral, etheric ect. Which is why this orientation is prone to fear outcomes by others, be they material or non, as Clive is refering too in his 'hit pieces'.

The 'Annata' doctrine of Gautama and his lineage is that seperate individuality has been discovered to be an effect and the activity of importance is of the discovery and fruitioning of the circuits from the brotherly love philiac heart, to the unconditional loving agapic sahasara and culminating w the discovery of source 'C', vajra heart, amrita nadi, annatta.
Which is why criminals physical, astral, etheric, ect are impotent once awareness has awoken to annatta.

Freedom from any and all and thus freed to assist any and all.

What other type of freedom would be worthwhile


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