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Re: hives, by vairagi ..... Urine Therapy Support Forum

Date:   8/14/2012 9:49:02 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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I think Hives are a symptom of our system being unable to process quickly enough. As those who have suffered w these outbreaks know, they are more than uncomfortable and can be deadly when it affects our breathing. This is why some years ago sulfite perservatives were prohibted from being used in restaurant salad bars.

Conventionaly considering them to be allergic reactions is too general and only describes how they can be treated when outbreaks occur and how we are taught to avoid them, by modern medicine.

I think that hives are a serious pre condition to evan more serious health breakdown, so we need to figure out why we have outbreaks, rather than rely on avoidance of diet items and use of antihistimines when outbreaks occur (which suppress the normal healthy histimine reaction and cause more system confusion later when suppresion reaches its limits).

This is lay information, and I havent read up on it in many years, so I may be wrong but the ideas I have about it fit my picture of our bodies process', haveing dealt w a friend who had serious outbreaks.

I find that the cellular inability to process, to intake and exhaust is why hives occur. If our cells and thus organs have been continually rebuilt w fats that are molecularly more like plastics derived from cooking petroleum, then the healthy normal biological lipids, we find our cells membranes lose proper ozmosis action, which is how our cells process,(intake and exhaust).

It seems simple and there are undoubtedly elements which contribute to this syndrome, like the nutricinaly degraded food we now get from the modern farming practices. Where we can produce perfect looking produce,(and the meat as well is far different than in the past) but yearly increasing in lack of minerals, which has been pointed out since the 50s. Not so well known, is the minimalizing and usually devoid nano sized fungal acids, which inable all our food stuffs essential components to work in our system effectivly.

So we continually rebuild our system so badly, so pervetedly that our cells individualy get so congested as to cause symptoms called hives, brought on by certain foods but more often brought on by tecnically toxic food additives , which many have little problem processing thru their systems so they have been considered safe, still we may know minor symptoms when we ingest thse items, msg dopiness for instance, but if our system has been losing ozmososity progressivly, we start experiencing reactions from the non organic sulfer compounds, as an example that most situations key on, because the minimaly investigated evidence often fits the outbreaks.

If we only deal symptomaticly we soon find our cells and thus cellular systems to seriously lose the ability to intake enough oxygen and thats the begining of more serious debilitating illness, because in that anaerobic environment the once dormant microbes living in us become active and ---------.

(this oxygen aspect is not discussed enough on CZ and many find never ending suffering in their bodies because of symptom bound therapies that dont involve the genesis of the anaerobic environment and thus the oxygen depletion that awakens and allows uncontrolled fungal growth.)

UT is a good therapy, in my experience, it has nutrician and hidden factors not well researched and thus well known, however my approach w UT is to only eat organic fruit while doing so. So I think that it is more important to stop eating plastic fats and increase healthy fats. A lot of healthy fats. All the variety, long, medium, and short chain. Raw dairy, coconut, cod liver oil ect.(dont forget the Iodine needs and whys)

One healthy particular therapy usually wont fix a system completely that has been treated as we have been doing with modern diets the last 75 years.

read up on how bad/disasterous transformed fats are (including pasturized dairy). how bad geneticaly modified food is. How lacking in minerals most, evan good looking food is. How certain fungal acids are supremely important/necessary to establish health. And how to assist your system, which is so congested now, to start rebuilding itself correctly so the hives will never occur and u will not go further into other forms of suffering.

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