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Re: any natural remedies to get rid of amoeba histolica? by anja ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   1/28/2006 8:02:05 AM ( 18 years ago ago)
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I did a lot herbal deworming with various things, including MH's de-wormer, but according to a great homeopath I saw, it didn't clear the amoebic infection she found. She didn't find any other larger parasites, I think because I'd done several rounds of the de-wormer previously. I did a couple months of strong "vibrational" homeopathics for the amoeba, along with an herbal tincture called broad bean. She told me the endometriosis and heavy periods I had been having for over twenty years was due to the amoeba, and after doing her program, I had my first normal period since I was a teenager (I'm 38), so I think it worked. She told me to stop eating lettuce and uncooked greens, unless they were well washed and juiced because amoeba is all over lettuce, in particular - she said it's in the fiber part of the green, so juicing was apparently OK. She uses Dr. Bronner's almond castile soap because she thinks it has an enzyme that makes the parasite slip off of the vegetable/fruit. I've done what she's said, and I think it has helped. She also advised eating a clean diet, especially without meat, or anything that clogs up the colon & deposits on the lining, because that's where they like to hang out.

I don't know where she gets her homeopathics, from somewhere in Europe, and apparently they are much stronger than typical, but Hanna Kroeger herb shop out of Colorado sells vibrational homeopathics, and they may have one targeted toward your specific type of bug. They also make a broad-spectrum homeopathic called "Protozoa," which I'm on right now because some of my bugs mutated.

One other thought - somewhere on curezone I bumped into a post about amoeba and other parasites developing something called "biofilms" around them that protect them from the killer herbs & cleanses. There's a company called Quantum Nutrition, web site might be or - I think one is informational and one is ordering & prices. Somehow it's associated with a natural doc who has a radio show. They make some really cool products, and there is one Indian herbal combination that is supposed to be particularly effective against amoeba & gets through those biofilms. The other thing that poster mentioned was that this radio doc advocated doing cator oil packs because somehow that draws out the amoeba (out of their biofilms?) that have taken up residence in the peritoneum our outside of the colon, drives them back into the colon where the herbs can kill them. That was the first time I'd heard anything of the sort, but that would explain why, if endometriosis is caused by the amoeba drawing blood into an area as my heomeopath said, that endo can travel anywhere in the body, they have even found it around the lungs and in brain tissue - sounds like it's being carried by somebody! I refused surgery for that a good five years ago because I intuited that it had something to do with infection, and I knew I could clear it with other methods.

Anyway, hope that helps! As MH says, it's hard to be sick and carry parasites if your body is really clean, proper PH and vibrating at a higher level, but sometimes I think it helps to get a leg up at the beginning with some of these herbs and homeopathics. I still believe homeopathics are really powerful if your program is directed by a person who really knows what they are doing.

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