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self imposed marginalisation...or entanglement from previous generations? by #125342 ..... Shamanic Healing Support Forum

Date:   5/31/2010 8:50:48 AM ( 13 years ago ago)
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hi there...

It occured to me whilst reading up on family constellations that is it possible that there is a tone of shaminism soul retrieval or lifting of karmic contracts about it?

It was of some interest to read that generations of family "stuff" can be passed on to further generations...individuals may identify with a previous relative and so sacrifice and or carry a burden of predisposition for behaviour or similar life circumtances?

My dilemma is
Is it my responsibility/duty to carry and identify with anothers entanglement or is it an irresponsibility to drop or want to step out of a karmic contract and would another relative instead have to carry the same circumstance?

This is a subject area that i have scantily read about..and understand as far as i can, that soul part retrieval is possible but if the mind set of a person is not willing to change core beliefs, the soul piece wont remain and depart again? There is a deep seed of self sacrifice in me which i can't shake myself free of..but am also wondering if it's also from a deep impression from past lives and does serve a purpose?

If family constellation therapy can address a family rift and or pattern without their active participation, it's one that i am considering. i wouldn't relish the idea of another future relative identifying with my circumstance which although has it's bonuses has at times deep sadness.

Somehow marginalisation by my sisters has crept up and become concretised without any real surface rows and my earnest gestures for open dialogue and mutual sharing, healing and understanding has fallen on deaf ears with unresponsiveness and sweeping matters under the carpet...

of course i have chosen this family circumstance to grow from and i appreciate that but for the primodial need to belong and anchored into a family unit which when you are excluded from is heart wrangling excrutiating..the upwelling of it is so painfull i find it difficult to breath in the grips of realisation that none considers i belong's all the more confusing when the family i was born into aren't the happy kellogs cornflake family one and at times needed to be free from!!!

How much of this is to do with identifying with previous generations of black sheeps and a mantle or sacrificial cross I am carrying? Or due to previous life times of my own imposed marginalisation ? I can't seem to distinguish between the two?...The outcome of a decsion "to change" will have consequences for the unfolding of mine and others futures so it's a decsion weighted with responsibility for myself and others...has anyone had affinity with this situation?

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