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Re: Shamanism by vairagi ..... Shamanic Healing Support Forum

Date:   5/23/2010 10:34:20 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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w re to shamanism, traditionally little needs to be catalogued because the experience is the exclusive teacher and furthermore it is taught that whatever happens dont fear and dont give up the journey.If you do fear keep journeying, forget about what society says you should be doing, figure it out, your self, it wll happen quickly if you go for it.

Problem is many pursue these types of situations for the egoicly satisfying expereince and thats an immature motivation which often results in the outcomes that show how much need there is to actually grow in awareness. Still the answer in shamanism is not different than the reasons tradtionally,intially given for pursuing awareness, which is is to pursue avenues of awareness.

It may be trite to say that we have no thing to fear but fear itself, and it may seem too simple to say that fear is only false evidence appearing real, but this is what the teachers tell us, and this is what we experience when we really commit ourselves to awakening.It doesnt disscount the difficulty just assists us in knowing that when we hang in there, things always change. Perhaps not as fast as society or our ego would like but none the less , peace is always waiting after the energy of delima has played itself out. So lets learn how not to feed delima.

So usually we got there because we werent really that into the hard in the first place and now we would like an easy way out. There are easy ways out but these usually dont provoke understanding but rather a more sophisticated layer of artificiality, fear and stasis. Untill we crack the self imposed prison of the synaptic shell we will not be able to enjoy the cosmic yolk.

The understanding is that if we are troubled by restless spirits, then attempt to communicate, start a relationship, try to find out what it is that we might do for such. We might find it scarey or worse but in actuality no thing can harm us except the lack of understanding and awareness re existence that we harbor. So we put out our storm jib, haul in our mainsail. We learn to stop making waves so we can focus on the waves that are coming our way and rather than trying to hide in fear and have the waves surf us, we learn to ride them.

Teachers remind us that pain is a great focus, we can use it to build concentration. Seeking it as an avenue into awareness is certaily different than when we find it thrust upon us, but its power is real and we ultimately find it is only another vibration, a frequency, a message, that we as people mentally unwittingly turn into suffering.

I tried to stay on topic but i find many tangents, I figure you know much of this, hope it assists you in your understanding of shammanism , and though it is arcane and ancient, I always feel its roots in all the belief systems.


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