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Re: Some people claim he is the new Edgar Cayce by knowledge seeker ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   2/15/2008 10:35:24 AM ( 15 years ago ago)
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I really feel I must speak up. I first heard of Wickey from my cousin whose daughter in her mid 20's had been diagnosed withe fourth stage. someone had told her about Wickey and she went.

She spoke very highly of him and so far has continued to be alive for four years. My cousin raved about him saying she had some friends get better but those who were skeptics or had no faith did not get cured.

I have been extremely interested in alternative health for 30 years studying that nutrition and herbs. I am an extreme believer in natural healing and generally use that over drugs. I am not that big on doctors generally.

After unsuccessfully trying to get my mom to change her diet and take herbs and essentially do Dr Richard Schulze's incurable program without success for 10 years, my mom started thinking maybe she would try Wickey. I was thrilled. I read somewhere he had heard of the late Dr John R christopher who was Schulze's teacher and mentor and originator of the incurables program which Richard Schulze intensified.

I heard how Solomon was persecuted by the authorities for practicing without a license. He had moved and I believe the reason he charges nothing is if he does, he risks arrests, He does sell honey, books, and many herbal and nutritional supplements, candles and so forth and makes a living that way and via donations as his waiting room is jammed with people. No problem with that at all but that is the reason he does not charge I am most sure.

My mom had either through the metal poisoning of the effects of stepping on a land mine during world war 11 lying over her kidneys or due to taking Motrin for arthritis had many health problems and wound up on dialysis which really messed her up. About a year ago, we drove to Wickey's twice about 400 miles or so, I am grateful as at least I had some good memories from the trip and a visit to the conservatory as she died about 6 months ago.

I was impressed with his books many of which I had. I had prepared a long list of every medial problems I could think of I had and my mom had her lit. Wickey was solemn and not that friendly but warmed up some to us when my mom told him about Italy and such. When he worked on her which consisted of no medical history and something like laying on of hands or faith healing or something, he then pronounced my mom totally cured of advanced kidney disease. I think she only at that point had 5% function in one and zero in the other. Stop taking dialysis he told her, you are fixed now and also of some others things she was pronounced cured by
Wickey..we both went in with a lot of faith especially me as a big believer and in light of glowing testimonials on a web site that his patients told of him helping them and my own belief in alternative health. However, I did note that anyone who said the least negative thing or that they did not get cured was bashed by the believers and told they had no faith etc.

I was a little alarmed and told Wickey that the doctors said if my mom stopped dialysis she would die within a week. He had said some garbage about something blocking the kidneys or something but back then I still had hope he was not a charlatan. He then immediately retracted it and said no don't stop dialysis just cut back on it graduating stopping it. My mom thought she was healed and after she left so did I. When we stopped to eat, she told me that she had peed and that she never did that or just a drop but she urinated better than she had all year. I was greatly excited. Also her first test showed her creatinine level was down..a sign of improvement.

We decided to go back even though neither of these two improvements happened except once. I was also feeling some skepticism as Wickey pronounced me curd of maybe over a dozen things after his weird hand movements he did over you. But every single one of them continued and none were healed. I was very disappointed. But still had hope but after our second visit, I started thinking he was a fake. He kept ZERO records..not even ones contact info or anything about your medical condition, so unless you go all the time, it is likely he would not remember you. Then, too, only the people who continue to go are giving this impression of help as all those who go in great faith an die..he never even knows may others did he give dangerous advice too..had my mom listened within a week she would have was only when he seemed alarmed he could be charged for such careless advise and the panic in my word that he changed what he had said. Both of us continued to have every single problems he said was fixed after going.

Also I had started contacting every person on the long list of comments on the site (over a hundred people I bet)which is now gone as I had a lot of knowledge about how to fix cancer and I saw this as a place I could get this information to people who really needed it and were suffering. I thought it would at least supplement what they got from him.

What my cousin's daughter had gotten from him was his cancer diet (primarily antral foods vegan diet plus other good advice). Many people wrote back thanking me and a large number of them told me their loved ones had died of cancer despite following his recommendations.

shortly after we returned my cousin's daughter got the news she had discovered that her cancer had spread throughout her body. The daughter had great faith in wickey..but he did not help. She was not open to hearing about Schulze and the many other things I knew about and said (after saying to me the daughter followed the diet to the letter that she was lax and was returning to Wickey...By this time I had concluded that although the man loved God and was genuinely trying to help people, he was a charlton.

I do not think totally. I think he had a lot of knowledge and that any thing that he recommended specific hers and treatment for and the diet were the parts that were successful, but I sadly concluded in his case, they were right to not allow him to practice medicine as he was not even aware of if his patients died or not as he did no followup or record keeping so perhaps he thought his cure rate was higher than it actually was as it only included the successes and left out the many who died..

I would not recommend anyone go to him other than to get his take on what herbs or diet or lifestyle changes might help..but not thinking he is a so many sadly wrote me how their loved ones died despite going their many driving 2000 or more miles.

If you are ill with anything and incurable instead do the incurables program of Richard Schulze and other things with high anecdotal testimonies of cure. My mom was not cured as he said...he also said her heart was cured (dialysis makes you 30 times more likely to suffer heart attacks. She had 9 the last year of her life..a good number since Wickey did some laying on of hands or something on her chest..It walked in n number 7 and 8 in progress and was able to stop one within 1 minute using what I learned from Schulze..the four nitros my brother had given her (as she refused to go to the hospital due to them making her worst)had zero effect. The 8th heart attacks took longer but this was because my brother got scared and would not let me do it as prescribed and also his not being able to stop previous heart attacks worsened the damage.

I hoped this would show them first hand this knowledge I learned worked and a few days before she died, she took some tinctures I left her and called all excited saying for the first time in two years, she did not get sick from dialysis treatment. She finally decided she would do the program..we were going to buy the formulas and I was going to stay their a month, go on it with her and train my brothers..unfortunately, on her last heart attack no-one did what I left to stop it (organic cayenne tincture and hawthorne and heated washcloth on chest..)I will get direction and post after this as I know first hand this mom was in horrific pain and vomiting and it stopped within one minute of taking the cayenne..I also saw it raise her very very low blood pressure in the hospital, the one time the nurses left to normal. But anyway, no one did it and they did not call me for 5 hours and then stupidly went to the hospital who four of us feel killed her.

But I wanted to let people know not everyone believes in Wickey's success. He did forestall the cancer due to the diet and he did give me a good recommendation for one thing but other than that none of his many things (at least 20 or 25) he said was totally cured was. My cousin's daughter's cancer got worst and spread and he really advised my mom poorly..had she listened and believed him and stopped dialysis, she would have died immediately and obviously she was not cured since she died.

Please do not put your hopes in this only good testimonies seemed to be allowed on the website..anyone posturing saying they were disappointed were bashed o the point I think hew were brae enough to be honest as many were acting like Wickey was a God or something. It seemed to use very strong peer pressure and guilt to make people only post good testimonies with no bad allowed..Please use caution..I am not saying some were not cured but the website as slanted in only posting the good as was his cases as he kept no record of the failures.

Natural healing works..I believe in it dearly but Wickey lack of any semblance of a record for anyone shows he was blindly following his own beliefs in his gifts but not following up with anyone to see if they were healed or if they lived or died..since he only saw patients that came back,. he really does not know how many people were helped and how many harmed or not cured so please use caution..

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