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Re: Hi Plzchuckle...
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: Hi Plzchuckle...

PC, I see you going thru and trying to stay positive and occassionally going nuts. I KNOW THE FEELING!!!! I've had 2 MAJOR setbacks with the liver healing that I'm determined to get thru. I've had moments when I've thought I was gonna go crazy. Whatever I am battling has been painful, physically; yours seems to be an aggrevation, an embarrassment and emotionally draining. Everyting in me reaches out to you.

At some point in your life, something has gone into your body that set up this dis-ease. You might never know what that was, but that doesn't mean you can't get rid of it. To date, treating it as a skin dis-ease has not worked! Let's consider that your skin is reflecting a condition that is actually INSIDE your body. Here's a personal example:

In my 20s with 2 little girls and being the good mama, I used real diapers that I washed everyday ... I kept clorox in that diaper pail, pour the water in the toilet, wring them out by hand and then wash. My kitchen floor was light colored and my babies wore those white hightop baby shoes like they were suppose to and we spent most of our time in the kitchen during the daytime. I mopped that floor EVERYday ... with clorox; I had to kill the germs for my babies safety!!!! It wasn't long before I developed a severe case of exzema on my hands. Those babies are now 32 and 33. The exzema has waxed and wained over the years ... sometimes so bad that I looked like I had red skin gloves on, other times being clawed til they bled while I was sleeping. Right now, I've inspected, I've got one tiny little patch on my ring finger of left hand that is about 1/16" and under the skin ... now with this, I took medicines, I put creams on it for years, it relieved the symptoms, nothing ever cured it.

When my liver got sick and I started this journey, I literally started talking to my liver when I went to bed at night, thing is, it started talking to me too. As I learned to listen, I realized that my liver had that exact same burning itch feeling that my hands have. OK, so my liver has exzema ... what to do about it? I've continued cleansing, flushing, and supplementing and my hands and my liver are getting well!!! They 5 things that I get from MH that I will take until this job is done:
oregano oil
olive leaf tincture
Itch-Liver formula
Liver Cleanse - lecithin/evoo w/herbs

I'd like for you to find a holitic plan that gives you relief, something that you can see the evidence that it's working, like I have. readReadREADing, asking questions of MH here and of Docta Dennis is how I formulated the Plzchuckle Holistic Lifestyle plan. I KNEW I had to do the things recommended for the liver but I had to work on the whole body to get to the root of the problem. I was led to make some wise choices.

ALL of the cleanses are one step closer to health and since you've not made the progress you need, I'd recommend that you address each and everyone of them.

#1. no dental metals ... LUCKY YOU!

#2. colon cleansing - this is one of those you hear me scream about doing THOROUGHLY. It's not about taking a product for X number of days. You do it til you're well!!! You do it til you've removed every dang thing out of your body that it's YOU. Can't do this with a psyllium product, you will rub holes in your bowel lining with the dang stuff. If you're in the USA, have a look at MHs Lower Bowel Balance, it elsewhere on the planet, my 2nd choice would be Dr Christopher's Bowel Balance. (MH has combined Christopher's formulas with other things from European herbalist that he's studied).

#3. kidney cleansing - PC, these are organs of elimination and a must do. If your liver is in trouble and has swelling your right kidney is under the stress of being crowded. Liver flushing releases extra toxins that the kidneys have part of the responsibility of removing. There are times after flushing when my kidneys actually ache. 2 days of MHs 1 teaspoon at bedtimes on his Kidney Cleanse and my boat rights itself again. As soon as possible, I'd do a kidney cleanse ... again, MHs if in the USA, look at his product ingredients and find something similar if not in this country.

#4. parasite cleansing - WHO states there is a specific parasite related to every known dis-ease. I did MHs Dewormer in Sept last year for 30 days, that's one whole bottle. I've used up a 2nd bottle since then and started on a 3rd ... and yes, I still pass parasites on occassion, parasites that would be there growing and breeding had I not chosen to do the maintenance.

#5. liver cleansing - you're on target from what I know.

#6. lung cleansing - 1/4 of the proper elimination of toxins is done by your lungs and they deserve serious cleansing. MH makes Air Restore, it's a lobelia/mullein tincture.

#7. lymph cleansing - rebounding does keep the lymph fluids moving. I'd like to see you add 15 mins sitz bathing daily and train your body to dump the toxins in your bowels and kidneys. A good explanation can be found on MHs site, if it's not in the lil book 108, lemme know and I'll help you find it. You can find a good bit of reading on the internet on this subject also.

#8. heavy metals cleansing - I don't know enough about the chelation to speak intelligently here. It involves a needle, I see needles as invasive and that ends that for me. Ask MH and Docta Dennis about this form of metals cleansing and about the test results.

#9. candida cleansing - this is something that I'm not going to need even tho I was to the point of getting raging yeast infections if I drank ONE glass of apple juice. Now I can drink a gallon in 48 hours before flushing with NO problem.

#10. juice fasting - PC weight loss during a fast is a good thing, not a bad one. You're washing out only junk that ain't YOU. Keeping the toxins is to what advantage? Get rid of it and then your body will start to rebuild.

can our friendly flora get out of kilter? ab so lute ly!!!! If you have dis-ease, it probably one of the basic problems. I've never in my life taken a probiotic, and probably never will. I eat loads of fruit. Eating that fruit is the reason I won't need a candida cleanse. The friendly bacteria in the fruit has done the job of balancing the bad bacteria.
your oils are both omegas ... hemp has 3 and 6, the primrose has 9 ... they should be balanced but I don't know the actual ratios.

everybody on the planet needs PURE water and/or organic juice ... 1/2 oz per pound of weight daily ... PC, you have a dis-ease and you need MORE if what you're doing isn't working for you, start right here!!! DRINK MORE, DO IT LIKE IT'S GOING TO SAVE YOUR LIFE.

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