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Self Education, Freedom Of choice, And Personal Responsibility
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Published: 16 years ago

Self Education, Freedom Of choice, And Personal Responsibility

I originally posted this on a debate forum, but it was suggested that it might be good to post here where more people are likely to see it:

There are a lot of "experts" on Curezone these days and they seem to be growing in popularity. However, no amount of "expert" advice will ever replace the individual's need to educate themselves, make the proper choices and be willing to take personal responsibility for the choices they make.

Any individual coming into the world of natural healing needs to know how the body works. There is plenty of information on-line, although a good, up-to-date reference book would be the best. Human physiology is a complicated mechanism with overlaying systems that rely on each other to function properly. One organ or system (example lymphatic or endocrine) that does not function as it should can throw the entire body into imbalance. One should never expect that one liver flush, bowel cleanse or other cleanse will bring the body into proper balance and create perfect health. Neither should one think taking a certain supplement or following a certain protocol will be all that is needed. Having an understanding of how the body is supposed to function will make it much easier to make the proper choices about what to do concerning cleanses and supplements.

For example, having alkaline saliva and urine does not insure the body is healthy, all is does is indicate alkaline producing foods were ingested. While that is a good start, it is hardly the whole story. A congested liver may prevent food from being properly digested, that in turn may result in the colon not functioning as it should. Excess stomach acid may begin a reflux reaction which will trigger the pancreas to release neutralizing minerals. (A healthy body does not leach minerals from the bones and teeth, it produces a bicarbonate to neutralize excess acids, when calcium from the bones and teeth is needed to neutralize acidic blood, then the body is probably so ill symptoms cannot be ignored). For people who have eaten a wrong diet for decades, some basic cleansing is an important way to jump start the healing process. Cleanses rarely, if ever, permanently cure problems, they just clear the path so the body can become self healing.

The second hurdle in natural healing is to determine your needs and make the proper choices of what is needed for you, at this point in your life. There is no such thing as a one size fits all supplement or cleanse. Fortunately there are still many forums on Curezone that do not dictate a single healing protocol. For those new to natural health (I prefer the word natural to "alternative", it seems like the "alternative" would be unnatural) it is important to research and study many protocols in both current and archived forums. Especially helpful is reading testimonies of people with similar problems as the ones you are dealing with. Many people are still in the healing stage, usually they are the most helpful and compassionate. Just because an individual is still dealing with health issues does not mean they are ignorant or have nothing helpful to share, they are still on their journey.

Set a list of priorities of what you need to deal with your specific problems. Try and avoid doing everything at once. Tackle problems one at a time for major cleanses like colon, kidney, liver and parasite. Some protocols can be used during any stage of cleansing like dry skin brushing, rebounding, EFT, Reiki and so many other options. Be patient about the healing process. It will take months, even years to naturally heal the body. But, we are talking about true healing, not just masking symptoms as many allopathic methods do.

Finally, be prepared to take personal responsibility for the choices you make. No one is going to force you to do anything. If something feels wrong or goes against your knowledge, then don't do it. If you try something, give it a chance, but do not allow yourself to become more ill or too weak to function. There will be occasions of healing crisis where symptoms may become worse; or "die off" when toxins, fungi, or parasites are creating an even more toxic environment in your body. These things are temporary. When things get too hard, its OK to ease up for a while; if you become much worse, the do not continue with that particular protocol. A good example of this is with
Colon Cleanses , there are many reasons to cleanse the colon, many different methods of doing so, and many different reactions. If one doesn't work, don't give up completely, just find something that will work.

Most of the "experts" here are not professionals. Some are better trained than others; but all of them tend to follow a pretty narrow focus on how to do things. Some get very offended when others disagree with them; others are more open to free discussion and exchange of ideas. The important thing to remember is that they are not responsible for your health-you are. It is your responsibility to research and learn if the "expert" way is scientifically sound, or based on hearsay. It is your responsibility to determine if methods, supplements or techniques they say to use are safe or are potentially dangerous. It is your responsibility to walk away if the "expert" treatment does not work for your needs. If the "expert" refuses to dialog with you, will not answer questions to your satisfaction, or appears to be uncaring or even abusive, it is your responsibility to seek help elsewhere.

For the best chances of having natural healing and health maintenance work for you, do not blindly follow any one person. Keep your eyes open, ask questions, keep working, and when you find your answers share them and become an expert in your own right. Getting and staying healthy is not for whimps, it takes dedication, hard work and plenty of knowledge and all that rests on your shoulders.



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