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Re: Neem leaves as substitute in parasite cleanse??
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Published: 18 years ago
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Re: Neem leaves as substitute in parasite cleanse??

Hi! do not worry if you don't have Black Walnut Hull leaves or Wormwood over there in India. I always believe that out of compassion to all humans- God provides herbs and anti-parasite things in your own area that are different than those in another area.

I read that Neem does have strong anti-parasite properties, which is why I bought a bottle. If you have it grown naturally there, then it is way more stronger and better quality than what we buy in America! That is great news for you! So please do use the Neem that you have there- it will help greatly in purging the worms. Many in America even use it against Ticks on dogs with success.

I recently read that Neem is so strong against bugs, that many who farm use Neem to ward off pests as a natural pesticide. It works just as good as garlic.

Do you have Onions over there in India? If you grow onions, then cut up a whole onion and soak in a jug of water for 24 hours. Do a fast of nothing but this onion juice for 4 days. This has been known to expel worms.

Also grapefruit seeds eaten with Grapefruit will expel many worms.

Seaweed- such as Kelp, or any you can buy in India is a great thing to take to expel worms.

Turmeric Spice is great in expelling worms. According to the book, "The Green pharmacy". Tumeric contains four compounds with anti-parasite action. Individually, these compounds are ineffective, but when mixed together, they have strong worm killing properties. The best way to take Turmeric is in Curry dishes.

Ginger Root is great in expelling worms. Even pickled Ginger does great work in killing worms. Ginger is effective in killing the aniskas worm found in raw fish. Many Japanese people make sure they eat their ginger when eating raw sushi for this reason. However, I'd eat the ginger, and make sure the fish is cooked!

Can you grow Pumpkins in India? I think they would be able to grow very well in almost any Country if you can get the seeds to grow them in your garden. They are one of the most hard-to-kill plants and grow by accident in almost any climate.

Eating raw pumpkin seeds, or even getting pumpkin seed oil will paralize intestinal worms, so that they can't move- and the other anti-parasite herbs will be able to finish them off.

Papaya- especially eating Papaya seeds, does a good job getting rid of parasites. The Choco Indians for over 30 years have used papaya in expelling worms in their people. Many just eat the papaya seeds and that does a super job-- though i'd also enjoy eating the delicious fruit- which has great digestive enzymes that worms also hate.-- as well as eat the
seeds that kill off the worms.

Pineapple- pineapple has bromelian in it- When you eat a ripe pineapple cut up throughout the week, you really aggravate and kill off many worms. According to the book I mentioned before, they say that you can rid yourself of tapeworms by just eating nothing but pineapple for three days. The tapeworms get a full shock of bromelian and enzymes to much for them to handle- and it is undiluted by other foods, because you are eating nothing but that for three days.-- it's too much for the worms, and many find they expel dead tapeworms after the pineapple fast.

While you are using these things- make sure that you eat no meat for a while or dairy- and limit your grains to the most primitive of wholegrains-- do not eat anything processed or fast foods from places like Mcdonalds or Burger King,etc.. Stay away from refined sugars added to your foods. Some may disagree with me, but I firmly believe the natural balance of sugars in raw fruits will not encourage more worms- unless you buy processed fruit juices with an unnatural amount of fruit sugars from refining.

I'd eat the fruit whole and raw- not juice it. and eat the skins and seeds also of the fruit that has edible skins-- after washing it, of course.

Eating a raw apple gives you a far better balance of natural sugar than eating apple sauce or apple juice. The digestive juices get a chance to break down the natural sugars in our mouths by our chewing the Whole apple. By the time we are done eating the apple, the body has had time to assimilate the natural fruit sugars, and we find that it doenst spike the blood sugar.

However, if you drink refined apple juice or apple sauce, it is too broken down so that the fruit sugar is taken into the body too quickly, shocking the system with too much fruit sugar. That is why raw and unrefined is best.

Worms love it when we overdose on sugar-- so that is good to keep in mind.

When we eat a little fruit along with the bitter worm killing seeds or spices in one meal--, the worms actually get attracted at first to the sugar from the fruit , then get 'tricked" into realizing they are suddenly being attacked by the anti-parasite herbs soon after. I always find I get more worms out in my bowel movements anymore, when making sure to add a little fruit juice or fruit along with the anti-parasite herbs. It's like baiting fish. They get drawn to the sugar and then the herbs do thier work. If i just take the bitter herbs alone with water, the worms dont touch the herbs and I see less dead worms in my bowel movements the next day.

Keep your body's ph balance alkaline instead of acid based by eating raw fruits and vegetables. Purge your colon often to keep the cleansing channels open so that the dead worms and their toxins will flush out into your bowel movements. In constipated people, they find that some worms live and make homes right in the colon because of the decaying fecal matter fermenting in there.

Worms love the Western diet- which is why so many Americans are walking around infected with worms but have no clue they are even infected.- And then they experience symptoms, and buy medications to deal with the symptoms, without realizing it is caused by worms.


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