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Not my kind either! Truth about FDA
asdfgh_is_me Views: 4,015
Published: 19 years ago
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Not my kind either! Truth about FDA

I totally understand what you mean!

I was interested too, but this fanaticism is scary on some level. Makes me wonder what is REALLY going on, especially with this whole religious thing tied in. And this is coming from an open-minded athiest!

And even if the soap was really blessed and worked because of some 'spiritual magic' I'd be wary of the wrong kind of magic considering the reaction it seems to be arousing in users.

I mean, look at this page! Practically this whole page is devoted to this unholy Miracle soap!

All I can say is something is just not right with this, it doesn't jibe with me.

As for the FDA thing, the product is not marketed as something to be ingested. It's like saying Nivea is meant for skin care, but it's up to you to ingest it. Just because the consumer chooses to drink it doesn't make the product fit for consumption, if you know what I mean? That's why FDA wouldn't require the ingredients for that purpose.

On the flip side, I do find it puzzling that the FDA doesn't ask for the ingredients as a SOAP. I do know for a fact that skin care products including soap are supposed to list ingredients, especially since many people have many allergies nowdays.

I had this discussion with some health/skin care experts couple months back on another site. We were discussing that imported products don't list all the 'chemical' elements in even the so-called natural products, since FDA doesn't apply to imported products. Innocuous imported products that listed only rosewater and glycerin actually contained unlisted chemicals and were found to mess up thyroid function.

On the other hand, you'll always find ingredients listed on all skin care product made in USA, even though manufacturers try to hide names wherever possible like 'surfectants', 'humectants', and 'foaming agent'. Do you think these big conglomerates would voluntarily list 'known poisons' out of the goodness of their heart? hell no. They're forced to do it.

Which everything considering, is why I find this whole Miracle Soap fiasco even more perplexing.

God knows what these poor ignorant people are gulping, hoping it saves their lives. Just because it doesn't make them feel bad doesn't mean it's not harming them.

Even more reason I find this whole situation distasteful. I first of all don't understand why a miracle of god is so sercretive and shady.

But even supposing this soap guy had some obscure reason for secrecy (probably stretching it here though), beyond that he actually allows people to ingest it, and still his conscience doesn't feel the need to list ingredients.

I find this not only disturbing, but also irresponsible and morally reprehensible. How can a self-proclaimed man of god actually allow another human to ignorantly drink unknown chemicals all in the name of God? Doesn't that strike everyone as WRONG on every single level????

How can people place so much trust in a STRANGER, however nice and humble he appears? Does nobody watch the news to realize that even nice looking people can be not-so-nice? Either you have to be self-destructive or just plain dumb.

There are only two explanations for this soap issue.

One is he IS a shady fake.

The second is god told him 'Thou shalt not divulge the composition of this chemical sludge, and thou shalt makes millions of dollars in my name.'

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