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Re: My skin is horrible!
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: My skin is horrible!


You don't have to stop exercising; you just need to understand the message that your body is sending so that you can respond with wisdom. The words dermatitis and eczema are interchangeable. They refer to skin conditions where inflammation is the key feature. Some of the other symptomatic conditions of the skin disorder, besides inflammation, are redness (erythema), rash (dry flaky skin w/small blisters), itch (pruritus), and oozing puss-like skin when seriously infected. Your skin doesn't have to manifest all of these symptoms, (in your case, the itching), in order to be classified as eczema or dermatitis; since skin inflammation is the key symptom of the disorder. Therefore, your atopic dermatitis classification is probably correct. The problem that you've had has been treatment of the disease once you were diagnosed. You can change all that by addressing the nutritional needs of your body.

We have generations of eczema suffering in my family. The information that I'm giving you is coming both from research and personal experience. My mother has suffered with eczema for over 30 years. Her suffering has been longterm due to the treatment received by her physicians: steroid use being the main instigating factor of the longterm damage. My nieces (her granddaughters) were diagnosed with atopic dermatitis (hereditary eczema) in their infancy. They suffered with severe (total body) eczema flareups that manifested when they were about three months old. Because I didn't want my nieces to suffer the longterm damage that I've seen my mother endure and because the medical community had clearly stated that they didn't have a cure, I took my nieces health into my own hands. I addressed the issues (nutrition/allergens) that I knew were never addressed with my mother by the medical community, researched the function of the skin, and found healing for my nieces without the use of harmful medications. It took approximately two weeks for my nieces skin to fully heal from a severe (total body/oozing & infected skin) eczema flareup. The oldest niece has been eczema free for five years; and the middle niece, for three years.

The message the body is trying to relay to an individual through an eczema flareup is that the immune system is being overwhelmed by an allergen/irritant. In other words, the immune health is not good; therefore, the immune health needs to be restored (balance to amend the unbalance) so that true healing can be achieved. You have to address three areas in order to ensure complete success with eczema healing; they are, internal (immune health), external (skin care/rehydration), and foreign (identification of the allergen/irritants). When one of these areas is left opened (not addressed), healing is compromised and the suffering becomes a longterm, frustrating process. You seem to have identified your allergen/irritants and somewhat addressed your skin care (I don't have enough information to determine that); however, the most important thing (your internal health) has not been addressed. Addressing your immune health will radically change your skin health, and reveal the beautiful skin that lies beneath the suffering.

When the medical community tells laymen that the immune system is attacking itself, it brings a sense of hopelessness to a sufferer. Not understanding the human body; in particular, the immune/lymphatic systems, cells, and good and bad bacteria, it is easy to see how laymen can be overwhelmed by that statement. Once I went deeper into what that actually meant, that statement didn't overwhelm me at all. I simply addressed the deficiencies that brought about that imbalance and the immune system (speaking of my nieces) began to function as it was created to do. The cure for eczema suffering is a healthy functioning immune system. You can restore health to your immune system by addressing the nutritional needs of your immune system. The deficiencies that an eczema flareup signal are beta carotene (releases/converts stored vitamin A in the liver for function throughout the body), zinc, quercetin, essential fatty acids (omega-3, omega-6, and GLA/gamma linolenic acid), and vitamins C & E. I have also observed a need for magnesium with eczema sufferers as well. This, a magnesium deficiency, is one of the reasons that I believe dairy is a problem for many sufferers.

You're seventeen and are soon starting on your journey into adulthood. I'm speaking to you at that level. You are starting to take charge of your health; and as a result, you are going to finally achieve the success that should have been given to you years ago. Take the wisdom that I've gained and use it wisely. I expect you to examine my words (as you should with all information) and judge them with wisdom (common sense). One of the most beneficial doctors to you, would be a good nutritionist. He or she could help you in the process of restoring health to your immune system nutritionally. You can also educate yourself on the nutrition needed for eczema sufferers by visiting the website. They have an extensive and easy to read, detailed outline of the foods that contain the nutritional deficiencies that eczema represent. I want to encourage you to get healthy with foods and water (a major need for eczema sufferers). Soft drinks and sugars cause major damage to your immune health; therefore I'd rather see people supplement their deficiencies with good nutrition, rather than popping multiple vitamins while consuming a poor (unhealthy diet). An overconsumption of vitamin A can cause serious disease as well. This is why I suggest the safer means of getting a healthy use of vitamin A through vegetables that contain beta carotene. I'm aware of the fact that we live in a society of pill-poppers; thus I try to address the temptation of those who would tend to go out and overconsume this vitamin supplement in pill form, once it is discovered that skin conditions such as eczema and Acne represent vitamin A deficiencies. This is also one of the reasons I suggest working with a nutritionist for those who wouldn't spend the time to thoroughly research (or don't have the time) before blindly supplementing those deficiencies. The website that I've referred you to has done all the hard work (research, study, documentation) and makes it easy for you to gain the additional wisdom needed to successfully heal the skin of eczema. In particular, take a look at the "healing disease with food" section.

Your manifestation also seems to manifest a high candida concentration in your body. In simple terms, candida is a yeast/ parasite that attacks the weak areas of the body (the repeated flareups in the same area seem to indicate this). parasites in the body is something that is not understood amongst most laymen; however that is changing. This is why it is so important to do a cleanse. Although many doctors know the importance of cleansing for their own bodies, they rarely share that information with their patients. For a simple analogy as to why cleansing the body is so important, I refer to an automobile and an oil change. After so many miles, the oil has to be changed in a car because it gets dirty; thus impeding the good function of the vehicle. The human body has to be cleansed as well after "so many miles": ie, years of abuse through poor food consumption or environmental toxins. I've done several cleansings and have been most impressed and satisfied with a 3-step system (Internal Klenz/Paranix/Klenz tea) that can be found at the website.

I've given you a lot of information and would be more than willing to go through any steps with you or answer any further questions that you may have. I have some questions for you; but have spent the time upfront explaining the condition and the process in case you don't want to be bothered with answering any more questions. In the process of responding to so many postings, I have learned that some people don't want to be bothered with further questioning. This is why I've anticipated questions and answers in the posting to address any issues that I think you may not have considered. Speaking of things you haven't considered, there are also natural household cleansers/detergents that you may want to take a look at as well. You can do a search on the internet for Bi-O-Kleen products, which should address your allergen sensitivities to the toxic household cleansers and detergents.

My purpose has been to give you understanding; so that the fear of eczema can be eliminated. Toxins exit the body through the bowel, urine (kidneys), and the skin. An eczema manifestation on the skin is the bodies way of eliminating toxins out of the body that have found their way into the blood stream. The medications that you were prescribed suppressed that release; in essence pushing the toxins back underneath the surface of the skin. Because the toxins aren't addressed, the eczema resurfaces. I'm pointing you to healing of the skin, not suppression. Restoring your immune health will promote the healing process to its completion; meaning the toxins will be eliminated, vitamins & minerals replenished, the skin rehydrated, healthy skin cells regenerated, and healing achieved.

I have no doubt that you can achieve and enjoy the same success that my nieces enjoyed for most of their lives now.


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