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Re: Question for the Experts
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: Question for the Experts

RE: I was shocked when Vairagi reported that his Silver Edge is a constant voltage generator at 18 Volts... I was equally amazed when I discovered this video testimonial showing what is inside the Silver Edge...  I am stumped by why this generator can make such perfect ionic silver... ... Also the silver edge laser beam test seems to confirm the photos...
Hi Grizz, I'd question the conclusiveness of facts drawn across independent sources. ie, coupling results of one unit with samples from another and so-on and so-forth, given the headroom for changes with respect to the end products. ie, how long did the solutions sit prior to testing, how was the repeatability etc.

Along these same line, I would also add that it is however possible to control an electrolytic cell with voltage alone. ie, when a typical Colloidal Silver process begins, the current draw is very low due to the limited voltage transmission across the electrodes. - one helpful way to visualize this is to think of the voltage as a bridge from which the cars(mA) are being transported over from. Therefore, if the bridge is very small, then only a few cars(mA) can pass at a time. Which in effect, regulates the current. That said, since the source(Power Supply) in most cases can provide several hundred, if not thousands of mA's. This only counts if the bridge(voltage) can carry the load. And so, in this way, it becomes possible to control the inherent current in a cell through voltage alone. - though for the most part, the requirements to so are likely be too difficult for anyone to carry out manually, and so the compromise is to pick a middle-ground to satisfy the need, or in this case, to make an effective Colloidal Silver solution.

Beyond this, I wouldn't underestimate the impact of a well timed process, in where a unit can effectively hold short of the point where particle size and shape are negatively affected.

RE: Compare above to this laser beam through Silver Mud made with a constant 12 Volt Supply...
On the topic of Tindall effects, I'd add that while silver ions are water soluble and do not contribute to the Tindall effect, that the presence of silver oxides(silver compound) will contribute so long as they are not in a dissolved state. To which I'd add, is the predominant component made in the production of LVDC Colloidal Silver generators. - safe those made using HVAC


RE: The only thing that makes sense is that the bubbler sitting between the electrodes REALLY stirs the water vigorously... So the take-away seems that stirring the water VIGOROUSLY is vital to making good ionic silver and even more important than current limited to 1 milliamp. - What are your thoughts? Any ideas?
I'm in agreement with the advantages of stirring in CS production. Which can be observed in the case of a mechanical stirrer(not bubbler), as the overall parameters of the cell will effectively change with stirring. ie, Applying vigorous stirring to an LVDC process at optimal potential(fully loaded mA and under voltage drop) will lower the readouts accordingly. Similarly, as the conductivity of the cell continues to rise, so-too will the effectiveness of the stirring on the electrolytic characteristics of the cell. And so in this way, I'd conclude that the admission of a stirrer significantly alters the inherent quality of the particulate and net distribution.

Hope this helps


PS. I wanted to add that I excluded bubblers from my observation as I've never used one personally. Since I realize you are fond of this method and wanted to clarify that this was not due to a personal bias or otherwise.


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