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DMSO, Careful Smareful, Use It, Don't Fear Life, Live It
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Published: 7 years ago
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DMSO, Careful Smareful, Use It, Don't Fear Life, Live It

We have a mix of Cayenne Tincture and DMSO in our kitchen, ready for, insect stings, burns, cuts, abrasions, dental aches(just a dab), ect. This combo is first aid that often contributes to needing no more aid. (While many like Mr C have mentioned Clays remarkable and beneficial attributes, among them assisting with dental abscesses, I find clay too slow(and cumbersome), whereas the Cayenne/DMSO provokes recovery and relief much faster and often immediate. Since one's fast and one slower, they go together well as an overall treatment choice too for many ailments).

(always dilute DMSO to at least 90%, and Jacops found that often 50% DMSO and water was a good medium)

I was surprised when Jman, I think it was, mentioned a while ago, that there was no DMSO forum on CZ. Many people have mentioned it's use and benefits over the years here. While some, like AK(#461) haven't done quite enough investigation, (like her clinging to classic FDA propaganda rabbit study), and quickly write it off as a toxin, or like Mr C, some claim that we must be veeeeery careful, its daaaangerous stuff, while nothing could be further from the truth. (Sorry Mr C I cant help aiming at that bulls eye you wear).

It has many applications, while being the most powerful transporter by application. Poetic Justice.

We drink it and use it topically wout fear or any of the results predicted by the paranoid. And Heck if we are afraid of bacteria entering our systems thru our skin(we cant be much of an alternative health Doc) then we aren't being very aware of how bacteria, dirt and ect are everywhere and that we ingest far more microbes by breathing and from those on foods and utensils then ever from a swath of DMSO laced topical treatment on our skin. (Is this why the paranoid go around wiping surfaces and repeatedly washing their hands? Microbes? Dirt? While healthy hygiene is one thing, it is funny when we become phobic, cause if we don't get those elements in us to populate as beneficial bacteria and to provoke antibody creation from the pathogen type, we lose in the end with a sub par system, prone to repeating illnesses. More Poetic Justice).

Dr Jacops research: One that seems to always come to mind is from "The Most Persecuted Drug"

Oral DMSO daily in one tablespoon amounts to a 2 yr old girl with Down Syndome and by the age of 8 or so she was far beyond her Doctors prognosis, attending regular school and considered of normal abilities for her age.

There are so many examples of it's efficacy, because of it's natural principles, being an anti oxidant, (free radical scavenger), a very powerul and completely safe tissue transporting adjunct, as well as a sulfur analoge(?) with all of the remarkable benefits of that required substance.

Mr C mentions the Intestinal disorder

When we Fight our unreasonable fear(which may be caused by insufficient intestinal bacteria as well, hmmm) we find a much more open and inviting life. Say Bah (or welcome) to the microbes.

So restore bacteria using RESTORE and for many other needs don't forget DMSO.


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