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Red Repost and Edit (thks Red): Uric Acid, Still a Mystery (What? How Dare You, this is the Age of Science)
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Published: 7 years ago

Red Repost and Edit (thks Red): Uric Acid, Still a Mystery (What? How Dare You, this is the Age of Science)

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(Urine)-- blood plasma ultrafiltrate.
Don't Fear the Uric.

"In another mystery of nature and biology it has been shown that (while) too much uric acid can cause problems for the body, it is at the same time, required and very beneficial---".

"Uric acid is produced when the kidneys process purines. Purines are a natural element found in almost all food types. Purines are --- an essential element for life-- a part of the chemical structure of all plants and animals.
When Purines are -- (deconstructed), the result-- is uric acid".

"Purines perform many important functions in the cell, the formation of the monomeric precursors of nucleic acids DNA and RNA being perhaps the most relevant one. Purines which also contribute to modulate energy metabolism and signal transduction, are structural components of some coenzymes and have been shown to play important roles in the physiology of platelets, muscles and neurotransmission. All cells require a balanced quantity of purines for growth, proliferation and survival.--In humans the final compound of purines catabolism is uric acid. All other mammals possess the enzyme uricase that converts uric acid to allantoin that is easily eliminated through urine. (While)overproduction of uric acid, generated from the metabolism of purines, has been proven to play emerging roles in human disease. ---the increase of serum uric acid is inversely associated with disease severity and especially with cardiovascular disease states".

"Uric acid is an anti-oxidants that is responsible for maintaining the health of our blood vessels linings". (as UT forum poster WaterofLife's MD noticed)

"When it comes to purines, not all foods are equal. --Purines from meat products and fish will lead to gout more quickly than Purines from vegetables. Vegetable consumption, ""surprisingly"", actually neither increases nor decreases gout risk, while Purines obtained from dairy products may Decrease gout risk. So it may be important to include more dairy products in our diet to maintain our daily average of 600mgs of uric acid a day" (Amaroli therapist Thakur advised practicing UT with (raw) dairy)

Both uric acid and ascorbic acid are strong reducing agents (electron donors) (thus) potent antioxidants. In humans, over half the antioxidant capacity of blood plasma comes from uric acid.


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