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Neurological Associations, Glutamate exitotoxicity,
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Published: 7 years ago
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Neurological Associations, Glutamate exitotoxicity,

The molecular interplay flow chart of all the associations between Glutamate, manganese, mitochondrial(energy) dysfunction, neurological ailments, colon sterility, minimizing function of all the essential aromatic amino acids, numerous necessary molecules (Thyroid Hormone and TSH, melatonin, Q10, folate, thiamine, tyrosine, dopamine, seratonin ect ect ect ect ect ect), would be extremely intricate and just as interposed. And Iodine is involved at every stage because of it's intercellular function. So lots of analogies and considerations are possible on your experiences using it, in a system that is also acting/reacting such as you describe.

All these substances use the "Shikmate" pathway. Previously thought not to be present in 'animals', tho now known to be.

And every substance, or organ or hormonal activity which depends on the "shikimate" pathway is troubled and frustrated by, ta da-- "GLYPHOSATE" and its fellow ingredients found in the herbicide "RoundUp". And the reason why "RU" was thought to be safe for humans and other animals and so easily certified safe and introduced into our environment was because of 'scientists' missing the presence of the Shikmate pathway in our human systems.

The evidence is overwhelming that many of our ailments are directly related to this herbicide. Its a fascinating but terrible sad story. (celiac, leaky gut, neurological problems, body chemistry disruptions and inadequacies ect)

We take RESTORE to repopulate "body" and gut flora, correct digestion, eat, healthy fats, sulfer, Iodine, MSM ect ect(the few necessary supps), eat organic to avoid the RU chemicals, which are now being sprayed just before harvest as a ripening agent, insuring even more that people will ingest it. The continuing education of re-education.

BTW as you probably know, but worth mentioning, Glutamate processing is severely compromised by a Manganese deficiency, tho too much Mn creates severe problems as well, and of course Glyphosate damages this association too, as well as the circuitry involved as mentioned.

Since Glyphosate is an analog of the neurochem glycine, its ability to engage receptor sites designed for other neurochems is part of it's sinister effect. Furthermore Glyphosates analog chemical interactions appear, in studies to cause glutamate exitotoxicity, in the hippocampus, as well as reducing Glutamate uptake and metabolism in glial cells, ect ect ect ect.

In the same vein, Vit D defficiency is linked to Glyphosate by (super researcher) Dr S Seneff, such that supplementing w D will have less of an effect than desired, until the damage done by the Glyphosate is repaired.

(yeah Glutamate storm, all too common of a parlance.
Too bad the MDs aren't open to this current alternative research on Glyphosate to really help their patients a bit more).

Like I mentioned the flow chart of all these molecules and compounds processes, is like a very sophisticated Yantra gone crazy (and we can waste time supplementing one or more of a myriad of compounds, which help to a degree or another but rarely completely, until we find the real reason behind the malfunction) and at the root of a most all of these processes, in some way, is damaged processing and pathways and, again, the damaged by "modern living", work designed for our healthy, mega typed, Intestinal Flora (which cannot be adequately repopulated by modern Probiotic products even when we successfully remove Glyphosate from our intake(especialy chronic use of bovine bacillus creating monocultures of non human oriented gut flora, tho not to be ignored if we are very ill).

Such a topic. Its kinda like many biology topics which may seem simple from our wanting to be well standpoint, but rarely are on account of things as they are and how they interact.

Makes me feel sympathy for the MDs still in the dark cause they are too sidetracked by their lives, professional and personal to have to really get the "whole" thing well enough understood to handle all the dilemmas we bring to them(and they suffer from as well, eventually).

Course that's why they make the dollars and get the prestige. Perhaps their dreaming of ethical or aggrandizing lifestyle doomed them not to see what was happening in society and so they they never considered Petro driven Monsanto, Dow ect ect dollars influencing the, way too sophisticated for anything but the most simple healthy Wholistic approach, biology flow chart like they have.


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