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Response to Trust2009 on Freqs:Ultra,Audio,Photo and Anti vs Pro Approaches to Healing
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Published: 7 years ago

Response to Trust2009 on Freqs:Ultra,Audio,Photo and Anti vs Pro Approaches to Healing

So much of "this world living" revolves around our relationship to wanting a fast and easy way vs acquiescing and working with the more difficult way. (I'm not soley referring to modern vs alternative medicine but rather personal choices driven by either shallow or indepth considerations.)

How about both. Relaxing amongst difficulty. Kinda like how successful atheletes learn to balance the terms of their activities by control and release. Actuation and acquiescence. Choosing when to swing, but letting the bat do the real work. Like physicists and spiritualist pursuits successfully intermingling, when egos allow, in your various youtube links.

Some say let go and let god,
Some say give space to the pain,
Either way it's us(our attachments)
who must get out of the way
for the universe to fully display
all it's attributes and possibilities for healing, inventiveness and play

Here's another audio healing/resonance link, like the one you posted:

The resonant principles of audio frequencies shared by Chladni, investigated by Jenny and promoted to therapy with clinical work done by Sir Peter Manners are fascinating as some of the links you've posted share.

One aspect of interest in your YouTube studies is that some healing therapies are trying to work as Antibiotics do, by killing the unwanted, and some use the presence of the unwanted as a guide and sign of our present state, and approach by trying to assist in the regaining of our systems health by procedures intended to provide missing elements, gross or subtle, to our systems subpar state.

Theres also the work of Dr Tennant and others who promote the idea that many of the frequency inducing treatments are unrealizedly efficacious by their electrical/magnetic fields(everything has them) feeding our cells, organs ect, deficient electro/chem state of natural processing when ill.

One thing I find that ties these atmospheric layers of fields related investigations and therapies together, is analogized in the attributes of a Hologram. Where any bit contains the whole.
And many simply rely on this as universal principle, by considering and living as 'everything being one'.
Such that while differences appear they are all sourced from one source, and in a way that makes them inextricable unified even in their most seemingly divergent states of existence.(such that any ensuing fight to eliminate bits from bits only results in more frustration).

So we can choose any bit or group or we can choose the source. We can isolate the differentiated bits into mimics of the sources abilities and inventiveness and actually provoke healing change or we can simple allow(by our actions and inactions) the Source in every bit to be resonated by its own dominance and create what it is we are trying to achieve.

The wonders and the frustrations never cease since we are caught up in the hologram like existence and enterprise. Light, sound, matter, ideas, emotions, identity (all a bunch of bits, embodying the Whole with a big bite).

Hm Ive not noticed your mentioned particular illnesses previously but now you mention skin. Have you tried fasting with juices or a fruit diet for a couple of weeks? That's a good simple, hard, allowing our systems full recourse teaching, effective treatment for many ailments physical, mental and spiritual.

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