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Thinking it thru and acting accordingly, diatribe reaction to 'P' and 'T' and who's really making the money (Bait and Click may make more than retail sales for those w something enticing on the hook)
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Published: 7 years ago
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Thinking it thru and acting accordingly, diatribe reaction to 'P' and 'T' and who's really making the money (Bait and Click may make more than retail sales for those w something enticing on the hook)

The ingrained and continued CS misunderstandings and errors, by CS web site owners and serious and casual users, is found in the describing and use of elemental colloidal silver as being "particulate" silver. Not only thinking that that is an accurate description, when all colloidal silvers (all matter for that matter) are particulates, but that the only point in doing so is to create some illusion by using that name as opposed to its real descriptive label. And of course using the term 'True Colloidal' is the same. A fabricated term created to confuse, mislead, to influence away from truth.(We can hope the source was only ignorant instead of being selfserving or malicious).

These false notions came from somewhere and have been furthered and perpetuated by web sites and their readers, unwittingly.

It doesn't seem to be much of a contest if one position is relying on research papers and the other on what is found on a web site (our own opinion only goes in credibility as far as our own personal space. Ha! stabbed myself in the eye with that one).

While Griz did exaggerate when he described AG's antibiotic reality, it was probably for emphasis since the logic of his statement has some bearing, in comparison of the choices between a product costing multi dollars an oz vs a product costing pennies an oz,(and where one works right away and the other needs intended but not assured conversion).

His main point was influenced by current science research understanding that only AG+ have pathogenic ability, so why buy or make AG water at all, especially since one study found in their testing that the Ag wasn't producing many AG+'s (probably becasue of agglomeration or flocculation.)

Most posters commenting on this topic have continually mentioned, to assuage the sensitivities of the elemental silver water users, that since successes have been had using it, there's no real argument, excepting as to the why and how either works, so proper delination instead of erroneous upplaying and downplaying would cease. (I think as I said, Griz was excited since after working on this topic so seriously for a while, he was/is getting to the real truth of the matter.)

Some might claim that elemental silver is a better choice for certain problems or situations, erroneously thinking it "lasts longer", but the study by Altman doesn't bear that out. (Its one of the older studies on AG elimination).

Furthermore regular stable AG atoms aren't 'quickly'(meaning not at all in our body, and only slowly as tarnish in atmospheric environs) affected by Oxygen, but rather by the acids.

The 'O' introduced to CS by aeration doesn't directly assist the AG+ atoms antibiotic activity, the 'O'(O2 for a short debatable length of time) has oxidative abilities of it's own which itself causes ion exchange w gram positive membranes it interfaces with in our system, like with the popular oxidizer 'O3'.

As mentioned the inclusion of 'O' is to stave off agglom and flocc from forming by separating the particles, be they elemental or ionic.(probably be a good idea for the HVDC productions,(the color), but they might have to back down on what they have been promoting so officiously for some time now.

Web sites that promote CS conceptions and processing errors dont have to be in on the illusion of the original sources intentions to muddy the view. Just as most all anti CS, or pro vaccination MDs don't, they only have to be caught up in the situation enough to be promoting it, to have some avenue, either a web site or as a professional speaking to lay persons (the friendly town MD who unknowingly spreads what all his colleagues and respected advisors are telling him is the correct position on a topic that is currently controversial because, because hmmmmm ?????????) but none of them have the motivation(or time perhaps) to follow thru with a proper analysis.

Of course duh, (couldn't avoid that one), the simple CS web sites that promote converting ionic to natural form arent doing it to make more money. And they aren't using a false and misleading wording description (True C) to garner them anything(unless they are doing it out of some egoicly driven superior attitude need(probably more close to the point), and then the joke is on them.

No the source of the original misinformation is the recipient of the rewards for the monetary driven reasoning.

Like the Pharmaceutical Industries financial investors (far away from the pubic eye and powerful enough to mind cuff those in charge and hold the curtain up, blocking the real world from blinkered self important minions) driving the misinformation. Rather than Ad agencies or simple research techs or even high paid managers, people who oftentimes really need to be in with such a big organization because of egoic stress, all of these people are too beholden to their own simple needs to question and so they spread the company line(like a soldier in a war who knows little if any of the reason why, but still pushes ahead at the front, and that's who most of the opposite side will associate with as being evil when they are just dupes to the ploy run by people out of view.(Eisenhower was never in combat annnd I would be surprised if any of the HVDC or conversion promoters were ever seriously sick enough themselves to need something as far reaching as Colloidal Silver)


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