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C Silver notes: according to S Barwick
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Published: 7 years ago

C Silver notes: according to S Barwick

Re Griz's idea of  S Barwick as arbiter (I was surprized at this) in the discussion of differences in understandings on C Silver and it's protocols:

In G's "The Truth About---" link, there are some less important and some more important statements in opposition to understandings being presently discussed:

in      Barwick states:

on the meaning and use of 'Colloidal' and Particle:"

 "In spite of what's been said on the internet, both 'metallic" (or non-ionic) silver-- and ionic silver-- are (by definition), "colloidal silver".--they're both composed of tiny particles of silver suspended homogenously and indefinitely in a liquid solution." 

"The-- difference-- is that the 'metallic' colloidal silver is composed of (electricaly balanced atoms),  while -- ionic colloidal silver is composed positively-charged (unbalanced) atoms -- ."

"--both forms –- have been universally called "colloidal silver" for the past 100-plus years, --."  

"Both have powerful antimicrobial qualities.---, but there's no way for  (non-ionic/'metallic') to kill pathogens except to convert to the ionic form--. It has to shed silver ions -----, or it's otherwise benign."

"-- ALL reputable experts agree that silver ions are the biologically active, infection-fighting "specie" of silver, while (non-ionic/'metal') silver particles have almost no infection-fighting qualities of their own except to the extent that they shed silver ions when they (experience deconstruction or oxidation from) coming into contact with acidic bodily fluids or highly-oxygenated body tissues. --- a far slower and less effective process than simply ingesting silver ions."

on Silver's pathogenic actions:

"--gram positive bacteria carry a negative electrical charge on their cell walls thanks to the presence of teichoic acids linked to either the eptidoglycan or to the underlying plasma membrane. These teichoic acids are negatively charged because of presence of phosphate in their structure".

"And gram negative bacteria have an outer covering of phospholipids and lipopolysaccharides, with the lipopolysaccharides imparting a strongly negative charge to the surface of the bacterial cell wall".

"--(with) the positive electrical charge on silver ions, a very strong affinity exists between them and gram positive and gram negative forms of bacteria. In short, the silver ions are strongly attracted to bacteria. But metallic silver does not (have) this same electrical (unbalanced) charge attraction,----.  So --- (there is no attraction) , to bind with and destroy pathogens like ionic silver has. It can only destroy pathogens to the extent that it converts to the ionic form of silver in the human body, which generally happens on a very gradual basis in the presence of acidic bodily fluids or highly oxygenated tissues – a much slower and less effective process".

on stomach acids:

"--when you ingest ionic silver, your body will immediately begin to produce metalloproteins such as metallothionein to (protect) those silver ions from the (protein deconstructing) chemical environment of the stomach, and (while traversing) the deeper reaches of the body".

"--when you ingest metallic silver, the same things happens, but far more slowly. As the metallic silver particles come into contact with acidic bodily fluids beginning in the GI tract, (deconstruction occurs) and the metal particles begin shedding silver ions--. And it's at that point the body will start producing the metalloproteins needed to (protect) those silver ions---".

"When using-- ionic-- colloidal silver, the metalloprotein  process starts immediately, because it's the silver ion that stimulates the body to produce metalloproteins--".

"-- when using-- metallic-- colloidal silver, the process is far more gradual due to the fact that (the deconstructing)-- takes --(time before)--- (producing) silver ions--."

"This is why some clinical studies have demonstrated that it takes significantly longer for metallic silver to kill pathogens than it does for ionic silver." see:

on the need to convert ionic w heat or additives:

"If--- people were correct in their assertions--- that ionic silver "can't work in the human body (and would need to be converted ) ---that ions can’t exist in the presence of stomach acid for "more than a few seconds" (as rebuttled above),  then it follows that human body could not absorb and utilize minerals from food plants at all, for the simple reason nature has those plants convert all minerals-- to the ionic form."

"---the--- claim that ionic silver is not effective inside the human body unless you first add a reducing agent to it, --- in order to turn it into "true colloidal silver" (i.e., metallic silver) before drinking it (is false)."

"--- to convert ionic silver back into metallic silver before drinking it, knowing that your body is just going to have to convert it back to ionic silver for it to be effective against pathogens, ( is counterproductive)."





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