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Re:Water,Structuring,Charging and Effective Cellular Interface, Imprinting the Healthy Ghost

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vairagi Views: 2,424
Published: 7 years ago
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Re:Water,Structuring,Charging and Effective Cellular Interface, Imprinting the Healthy Ghost

How to add (or subtract) the ghost/spirit, now frequency, to a medium. (that consideration must be eons old) 

The simple but powerful component, vibration, used in homeopathy (succusing, percussing or potentiating), or as in treating water with a frequency application, seems to be elemental. (not to mention the rotating vortex action used by some water researchers, which may have a frequential basis as well) To achieve healthier or even theraputic water from successful structure remodeling appears to be a worth while endevor.

Increasing the advantaged state of a water molecule's charge, structured or not, should increase it's energy shareing or systems' activating role and perhaps also increase ease of cell interface.(see Ottto Warburg and water's oxygen content determined by its voltage)

The plant watering tests using multiple water types samples, and exposed to different EMF's samples, ect ect,  was interesting in that in one of the experiments the largest plant was the one which had been watered with a water which had been exposed to a wireless router. A seeming source of high frequency that many would consider inimical to biologic processing, but if we consider the routers EMF interfacing with the waters normally neutrally charged structure, adding electrons and making the treated water negatively charged (electron abundant) then the outcome of the experiement might be more specificly understood.

It appears now, tho some dispute it, that the water found in our cells has been transformed by body processing into H3O2, (another bit of data supporting the reasoning of UT) which would make it a negatively charged(electron donor) as opposed to H2O which is charge neutral or slightly negative, which may play into the symetricaly structured water molecules vs asymetricaly formed water molecules that are found to be differently charged and described as either ugly tap water(neutral charged H2O) or deep well water (slightly negatively charged H2O) or in audio/frequency structered or body systems processed water (strongly negatively charged H3O2) .   

Applying and manipulating audio frequencies, as shown in the YouTube examples, onto water, sand, pastes, ect is remarkable, with the shapes complexing as frequency increases. The Five toned Cymatic devices generate an even more aspected affect in that the shapes move from 2D to 3D, thus attempting to structure water by frequency inundation with multiple frequencies, as found in music and the Cymatic instrument, vs using one frequency (the digital and analog debate may find pertinence here too), should also be important in the investigation of structuring water molecules.

Spinning water into vortices is another structuring style which I figure may be inadvertantly generating and thus imputing frequencies into water. With the addition of gems, orgonite designs ect adding to the product.

Another idea worth mentioning re to the charge of a molecule, is the negative(electron abundant) states achieved using pyramid shapes as focusers or collectors. (Nubian or Gizan).

As the poet said of the sailor at sea

but we say now because of manifesting environmental immaturity

Water Water Everywhere 

But not a drop to drink (fluoride, chloramines, lead (my gawd) and the rain has Roundup in it)

Cause the water that comes out of the faucet 

Doeth Stink (and sometimes ignites into flame, thanks to frickin frackin)

Now about that Ghost.


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