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Re: Rife Frequencies,Stafford, M.D. Inconsistencies and Myth

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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: Rife Frequencies,Stafford, M.D. Inconsistencies and Myth

The inconsistent outcomes, outright failures and yet also seeming successes of all of the electro med devices seems to indicate that the activating principles are still under discussion.

As I've posted tho, I find the healing/curative, metabolic balancing ideas of Lahovski (who's Antibiotic frequency patents Rife referred to in his trial) extrapolated upon by Tennant, to be the most obvious, easiest and helpful conception and perhaps the most concise reasoning for efficacy of electro med, excepting tissue damaging (ours or targeted organisms) Antibiotic treatments like electrocution(ionizing) which also can remove conditions or perhaps provoke the systems positive response via homeopathic like reaction.(see: snake bite spark plug voltage treatment from Brazil)

However, while R Rife is strongly associated with the Antibiotic frequency ideation and approach to healing, B. Lynes in his 1987 book that helped rekindle the Rife history, quotes Rife as saying:

"In reality, it is not the bacteria themselves that produce the disease, but the chemical constituents of these micro-organisms enacting upon the unbalanced cell metabolism of the human body that in actuality produce the disease. We also believe if the metabolism of the human body is perfectly balanced or poised, it is susceptible to no disease." Thus, if true, Rife's commonly considered concept of antibiotic electro med theory, was influenced by the concept of a healthy metabolic system as much as it was by the pathogen theories of the 19th and 20th centuries.

btw Dr Stafford never had access to the original Rife machine, because after the 1939 trial and subsequent bankruptcy, no one did, not even Rife, (due to their destruction by Government forces. Tho one was secretly hidden/walled into a house, and surprisingly found in the 1970's. This unit was tested by Aubrey Scoon, and while it could/did successfully perform as reputed, it was also found to have unreliable and contradicting outcomes. Causing bacteria growth at times and needing capacitance assistance for in vitro tests).

The 1950 attempt at replicating the original is another morphing of the complex and sadly fascinating story of Royal Rife.(even without the electro med chapter his life story is very interesting for his accomplishments. His microscope, his work at Timkin ect ect).

(Rife wanted only a single pure frequency, Hoyland, like Lahovski, wanted multiples. Hoyland found that Rife had used imperfect technique to measure frequencies and so he remeasured Rife's frequencies and installed them into a new version(maybe #4) of the Beam Ray portable machine(often considered Hoyland's machine, to Rife's dismay) in undetectable ways such that at the trial he (Hoyland) stated that no one would be able to reverse engineer his design and figure out what the working frequencies were. Such was the case when Rife, who's previously sharp acumen and memory had been affected by grief and alcohol, failed in his attempt to recreate a machine in 1950).

I have no problem with PZ's devices or claims, and to repeat, I think that the frequency importance lies in the resonant synchronization with either the intended malevolent organism or a mal functioning organ or organ system, to receive that freq or the freq underlying, or the over all electric field vortex, as either an antibiotic treatment or a (nutrition like)electron supplementation.

Dr. Rife, John Crane and John Marsh did not understand Philip Hoyland's (adapted) sideband method, (so) they did not realize that the higher audio frequencies needed to be re-calculated to work with the new 4.68 Megahertz carrier frequency, therefore the new 1950's instrument didn’t work correctly. For some unknown reason that we do not understand they decided to lower the higher audio frequencies by a factor of 10 times. They then changed the sinewave waveform of these lower audio frequencies to the squarewave waveform. The lowering of these frequencies made it so that the new lower audio frequencies would never work properly to create the sideband method developed by Philip Hoyland. By lowering the audio frequencies this made it so they were only using the squarewave audio frequency harmonics to treat the various organisms.

This change from high audio frequencies to even lower audio frequencies made it so the high RF frequency sideband method was no longer used. Because of these mistakes people have also been using these lower square wave audio frequencies for many years believing that they were Dr. Rife’s true frequencies. Today almost all the manufacturers of the many so called "Rife Machines" only use these lower audio frequencies. This is due to the fact that they do not know how the original instrument worked. Because they do not know how the original machines worked they are still giving these low audio frequencies to their customers not understanding they are not Dr. Rife's true frequencies. For this reason we have given this information on this page so that anyone reading it will know what frequencies are Dr. Rife's true original frequencies and which ones are not.

Until the 1950’s all of Dr. Rife’s machine frequencies were "based"(but not actual) on his “Original High Frequencies” shown in the first chart on this page. Even though Philip Hoyland based his higher harmonic frequencies on the use of a fixed carrier frequency in combination with high audio frequencies to create sidebands, the machines still worked on Dr. Rife’s principle of coordinative resonance. The low squarewave audio frequencies have never achieved the results that were attained in the 1934 clinic and do not work on the principle of coordinative resonance that Dr. Rife used with his high RF frequencies.

Dr. Robert P. Stafford M.D. was one of the first doctors to use the new 1950's instrument called the AZ-58 with these very low audio frequencies. His tests had varing results. Below are two of his statements.

DR. STAFFORD: “As yet, we have failed to “cure” any case of advanced, terminal malignancy. It appears in several instances that we may have impressed the disease favorably, temporarily. It is difficult to rule out the psychological, morale booster effect to the terminal patient when some definitive effort is made again in his behalf. However, several improvements have appeared to be more physical than emotional...All the patients in the series were treated with the same frequencies (e.g., 728 - 784 - 880 - 2008 - 2128). Perhaps these frequencies may be wrong, or only nearly correct.” (John Marsh Collection, Dr. Stafford’s Report on using the AZ-58, page 4).

DR. STAFFORD: “ ---- I am writing you at this time partially because John Marsh informs me in a recent letter that you may be somewhat disheartened or at least worried about your role in the experimentations with the Rife Machine. Believe me, Dr. Edward I know how you feel for I too have been through this same feeling with this matter. I have observed clinical results after treatments with this gadget which I can scarcely believe myself. Yet, despite these good results, I have been confused by some rather simple failures such as a recent experiment which I conducted at Good Samaritan Hospital where we used the machine to treat some cultures of Staph Aureus and Strept. Fecalis. In this work we failed to inhibit growth at all or influence the cultures with the Rife Rx. I sent the results to John Marsh and asked for clarification and to be very frank I am not satisfied with John’s excuse of the failure as described by Dr. Rife. I am afraid I’m not a very good apostle for I’m getting some ideas myself on how this thing may work. I really wonder if this ultrasonic kills bacteria and virus at all or does it work like other forms of ultrasonic and merely stimulate the tissue in some unusual manner thereby improving the circulation and secondarily enhancing the body’s defenses against infection…To summarize some of this rambling: I feel that the Rife Ultrasonic Therapy has a very definitely beneficial effect on the human (and canine) body...I furthermore feel that we, as doctors of medicine, using this machine must remain constantly alert to the condition of our patient and vary the Rx as indicated.” (Letter from Dr. Stafford to Dr. Edward Jeppson dated, April 1, 1958)

It is apparent from the above quotes that Dr. Stafford M.D., was questioning whether the audio frequencies were correct. It is evident that the low audio frequencies which were tested at the Good Samaritan Hospital did not work. In 1976 John Marsh had Brigham Young University's Microbiology Lab test these same low audio frequencies. This test produced the same negative results that Dr. Stafford experienced at Good Samaritan Hospital.


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