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In Summarization: Frequency in Electro Med: Field Form, Voltage, Frequency and Amplitude as Inseparable Constituents of Electro Medicine, Natural and Generated
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Published: 7 years ago

In Summarization: Frequency in Electro Med: Field Form, Voltage, Frequency and Amplitude as Inseparable Constituents of Electro Medicine, Natural and Generated

While all organisms have multiple frequencies associated with their structures, and no one frequency can be described as a structures frequency apart from others, an over all average of the frequencies seems to be functional for many protocols of frequency medicine, natural or generated.

An important part of the accuracy debate data on our use of particular frequencies is that the frequencies of electrical vortices as we use them, are modified by the strata they come into contact with and pass thru. Such that tissue and bone affect the driven frequencies, altering them to a degree determined by the substance interfaced with.

While Rife emphasized specific frequency and the increasing of amplitude as an avenue to provoking vibratory destruction, aka MOR, mortal oscillatory resonance, and tho we can see this resonance destruction actuality in many real time (Tacoma Narrows Bridge) and experimental in vitro examples, neither Rife nor anyone else has been able to successfully, consistently, reproduce his earlier 20th cent medical results. (see Aubrey Scoon)

Lahovski's (w Tesla) Multi Wave Oscillator (MWO) produced multiples of frequencies(radio sized) and while he held the frequencies as Antibiotics patents, he eventually equated the success of his healing device to be as an assistance or booster in the feeding and affecting back to normal, subpar biological frequency values found in degenerating states, by that wide spectrum of frequencies and harmonics generated by his device.(The Scenar and the Tennant Biomodulator both align with L's multiples of frequencies healing, non Antibiotic activation proposal, but using lower than radio freqs and also emphasizing the biphasic field form as being more in sympathy to body pathways in attempting to achieve successful cellular insertion).

Clark devices make use of one particular wave form and a choice (like Rife) of frequency concept for organism destruction, though she surmised that the non biological sq wave was the unique activating feature of her protocol, she also found a few different frequencies to be particularly applicable to her E Med Antibiotic approach.

Subsequent researchers have found the necessary importance of using a structures specific associated frequencies, (also lending credence to the choice of natural over synthetic essential oils in use as a natural electro med) actual or harmonic, singly averaged or in wider spectrum, in the protocol inducement of freq generating MOR, Zapper sq wave form or millivoltage inducement, to be necessary for achieving successful interactive association with the intended cellular structure. Without using some general specifics of a targets frequency resonance, the electro med protocol, be they as Antibiotic towards micro organisms or as electron field feeding to a body systems organ(s), will be diminished.

(see also the applicability of magnified magnetic fields PEMF in association and as similar protocol designs of E Med use)

(yes, old news to many on CZ but worth repeating especially with the E Med accuracy thread and A's(#461) previous posts attempting to incorrectly disassociate frequency from electrical fields(as in the erroneous claim that a Clark device can be strictly a field form device with no frequency).

(w apologies for my lack of knowledge of B Beck and his role in the deciphering and extrapolations of this subject)

PS Interesting and related to this topic is how the Turpentine forum has some activity recently and also apart from it's toxic affect on parasite (and host) tissue, it's frequency's are one of the reasons why it is still an important part of essential oil investigation literature and as a protocol itself.


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