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Re: False prophets

Turmeric Bowel Cleanse
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Turmeric Bowel Cleanse
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: False prophets

I follow Dr Clark's deparasiting protocol. I have not done anything else. I haven't needed to.

Cancer anyone?

BTW in case you weren't aware of what a cure vs endless treatment is: A cure is the end of a disease, whereas endless treatments be they zapping or pharma meds, or constant reliance on a substance chain you down and don't address root causes. So have fun on the gerbil-wheel of endlessly treating whatever it is in fact that you have.

So when you say you're cured or you beat this or that, anyone with half a brain can see clearly that you are lying.

If that sits poorly with your OCD-ness, sorry. Luckily, I can discern what is necessary instead of having to dogmatically do everything thing I'm told by any authority figure, like a mindless drone/zombie.

Says the woman who literally has to post in every thread in every forum, the same exact thing every time, no new information whatsoever, one single source from 20 years ago. Says the woman who literally is so compulsive that she has to post even when she has nothing to say and will even post that she has nothing to say. Classic ocd.

The mindless zombie is someone who draws from a single source of information. For whatever reason you have chosen to make Clark your authority and anyone who challenges gets barked at. bark bark.
Dogma is literally your specialty, mindlessly repeating Clark. The hypcrisy is astounding, or not if we accept your limitations.

Not to mention that you have completely misrepresented Clark with regard to Amalgam toxicity.

I'm truly sorry you can't think independently and obviously don't understand when you see it in action.

Says the woman who draws on a single source. I am drawing from scores and scores and scores of different sources. Againg your hypocrisy is legendary. To think independently qould require more than 2 sources of information from which to base decisions. Check in with us if you ever decide to up your knowedge base to more than one source.

And vested interest? Wow--just got to love hypocrisy. I want to help people, what a horrible 'vested' interest. Not only to regain their health as I have but to save them from wasting money supporting the bloated lying pharmaceutical cartel.

White knight much? You rail against people who try to help in their own way by accusing them of being white knights, then do the same thing yourself. Your posts literally define the word hypocrisy. Bottom line is you are intolerant of different viewpoints. I could 'almost' be more tolerant of that if you demonstrated that you were well-versed, but you aren't. All you do is repeat one source of information.

It's actually funny how NOW you care about Dr. Clark's informationl. Before I started challenging the excessive 'clean-up' stuff, you really weren't into Dr. Clark much. But threaten a source of income, apparently... of course with the benefit of a doubt.

Presumptive much? I read Clark 20 years ago. Then I read about 200 different authors. It's funny how now you care about amalgams.

I can't hold intelligent discourse with someone who has no experience outside of the Hulda Clark bubble. There is a whole world out there of information. It's your loss, not mine.

More hypocrisy from you:

You love to bathe in the RRRRRR praise from your supposed cancer cure, but when challenged you said the 'cancer' was no big deal. So on the one hand you claim that achieved this great feat but on the other hand the cancer was not advanced or serious? Also, I can't imagine someone like you actually going to a doctor for a diagnosis, so how did you even know you had cancer, or did you self-diagnose like you talk to Celeste.

Further, it's amazing that you can't see your logic flaw when you are telling people that all they have to do is zap and not worry about anything else. Clark was very clear in the reasons for the parasite proliferation were environmental toxins, mercury/amalgam being one of the most toxic. Did it ever occur to you that the reason you need to zap constantly is because you never followed her directions properly?

Irony at its most sublime, as you keep pestering people that they don't follow directions.

Keep 'em coming, I love debunking you hypocrisies.

And let me know if you ever read another book besides cure for all diseases.

Hulda Clark looked like death warmed over, even when she was supposedly healthy, drinking an eating uht milk and packaged peanut butter.

Her whole premise was based on the incorrect pasteur theory, which you know (hopefully?) that he recanted.


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