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Re:Posting Fruition
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re:Posting Fruition

Maurice Cotterell: Ive mentioned his ideas before. All his books are unconventional looks at history and science(he is credited with discovering some of the sun's particularities. His new book Future Science is very interesting as well as unconventional and he put some of it online and so I have a link on the post in the physics forum here}

Yeah PZ has an idea on the common environment possibilities

Since many illness/diseases are named and described w re to their symptoms, its also not far fetched to consider if the diagnosis is correct and exacting.

Ive had more than a few good friends who suffered from nerve symptom disorders and the general medicine of choice was steroids(tho one had some x rays too). The most recent was prescribed a much lower dose of steroids and it did relieve the symptoms, tho his body started to be affected by the meds after a time.(and these are people who trust MDs and are "leery" of alternative approaches so Ive had no luck there)

That's partly why I thought of the HBOT because it will pump up all our body systems, like a super B12 shot, but its oxygen, which of course is so important to our systems breakdown and in the causing the invasive organisms to either go dormant or to be destroyed by our now fired up by oxygen, lymph action.

Of course if its actually the myelin breaking down then since its environment is such and its rebuilding capabilities are such, the progression of the damage is very unusual to reverse.

Furthermore since continually(its been studied for so many years) MS has been decoded to be an auto immune problem. Which we all should know by now is a western medicine catch phrase diagnosis that isn't proven in the way they want us to think it is. And when that diagnosis is used it means that its the world of L Forms.

So that the real agent destroying the nerve sheath is the non cell walled organisms eating the myelin using enzymes to deconstruct the structure and then they take it in for their energy requirments. And the system oriented way to deal with them is to rectify any anaerobic environment in our body, tho the nerve sheaths, as stated, because of their makeup and function are very difficult to interface with. So as I keep thinking about this, now original Rife tech would be a great idea and if that wasn't doable, the lower harmoincs frequencies would certainly be worth trying. At least try finding someone who has tried either of these.

Not the first time Ive been associated with the idea that English is not my first language, but it is and the reality is that that's how the discursive runs in this unit. Tho one good friend decided it was because Ive only been a westerner this once after living in Asia for a number.
This body is as anglo saxon welsh irish dutch as can be, tho my brain is a different story.

I like the long sentences and especially the one sentence paragraphs. They demand our concentration and concentration provokes on its own sooooooooooo.

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