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Re: MS - Alternatives

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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: MS - Alternatives

I mention the Zapper only because its so inexpensive and that it might be producing enough of a similar electron field to the style that our systems normally use, to have good benefits. (too many people, including myself, report successes using the zapper sq wave treatments, evan if the activating Science or effects, can not yet be accurately described).

The Scenar or the Biomodulator, two of the of electron inducing devices,(using micro voltaged Bi-Phasic Sine Forms, which mimic our bodies running voltage well) would be even better choices for upgrading our system to recover its presently diseased ability, compromised by the low oxygen affect due to the low voltage condition, but for their expense if that is an issue.

You understand HBOT since you have been in the medical field and the added info is that Tennant found that the length of treatment time for success, is only as much as it takes to raise the functioning of the system, not for the much longer lengths of time often prescribed.

Rife technology is a different tact all together and one that is commonly misrepresented. It is an Antibiotic methodology and isn't based on the bodies electricity or in feeding the body electricity as the Scenar and the Biomodulator are.

As you may know, it uses a Radio Frequency carrier sine wave, combined with a particular to the organism MOR (mortal oscillatory rate) sine wave, which isn't as widely applicable as many surmise, since Rife only found and used a dozen or so.

The oft quoted Rife audio harmonics frequencies, are also quite questionable, and the idea that Rife used them knowingly doesn't bear out in an investigation of the topic.

Tho R Rife surmised and tried a number of supposed and very possibly "healthy frequencies", the evidence of their being efficacious cant be based oh his research, since soon after the loss of legally using the high hertz radio frequency format and the disillusion with people working with him, he retired from researching.

Insufficient alternative diets and protocols aren't usually enough to quell the power of the enzymatic action buried deep in the nerve sheaths ands many who find relief of general symptoms often don't have the exacting symptomology that is the diagnosis of MS.

Its so hard to reverse that many conventional and alternative Docs think it is a systemic disease, since they aren't yet aware of the voltage, oxygen and L-Forms relationship.

I think the gold standard is a wholistic protocol, where we combine finding what has lowered the voltage of the powerful body systems, working in eliminating that(assuring detox and elimination and investigating any possible hidden dental area infections that powerfully lower our immune system's ability), feeding the body the necessary nutriants, minerals, elements and compounds, while feeding the over all body and specific organs if determined, voltage, from a device of which ever variety that can be most quickly and easily obtained. Thus ultimately freeing up the powerful and natural immune power ability to be successful in eradicating the nerve sheath destruction factors.

Certainly healthy raw food is a good source of voltage but if our systems are too compromised, no food can be evan better, using juices of chlorophyll, or strictly water.

As you know, the magic elixir is the system we all ready inhabit. So the real gold standard is getting it back in order.


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