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Re: MS - Alternatives
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: MS - Alternatives

MS: "According to the AMA while the cause is not clear, the underlying mechanism is thought to be either destruction by the immune system(aka incorrectly described, autoimmune disease) or failure of the myelin-producing cells".

According to recent theories,(aside from the common lyme illness diagnosis for similar conditions) contrary to the established understanding, this is an example of the proliferation and destructive actions of the L-Form varient organisms aka mycoplasma aka non cell walled organisms. Since they have no membrane or a quite different membrane structure, they cannot be discovered by the often used conventional lab testing means, thus, conventionally their deleterious actions have been mislabeled (autoimmune disease), as being caused by the bodies immune system's destructive capabilities acting on the structures it is intended(designed) to protect (ignore).

(and in analysing many conventional Antibiotic treatments lack of success or in the worsening of conditions in similar and different diagnoses, treating with many conventional Antibiotics can increase this and other untargeted organism's populations)

They are relatively everpresent, (this is the Science of pleomorphism) but in healthy circumstances normally dormant, becoming active from a lowered systems voltage(infection(w unpainful dental infections being an often missed source of serious trouble), radiation,toxins,system congestion,circuitry damage ect) causing depletion of oxygen, thus the affected systems proper and efficient functioning is compromised from the lowered oxygen availability and utilization, and the anaerobic state increases and allows the dormant organisms to become active and w re to the multiple sclerosis diagnosis the organisms in using their enzymatic processing, destroy the nervous system.

(Another bit of important data is that people who have high levels of the metabolite Uric Acid, do not seem to be susceptible to MS. Even gout conditions of very high blood concentrations of UA seem to prevent MS actions)

Perhaps hyperbaric oxygen would be the easiest quickest therapy but the overall situation would need to be investigated. Hidden infections, toxins, any of the factors that lead to the low voltage in the area experiencing the tissue destruction.

This may also be a case where the sq wave zapper would be an easy inexpensive treatment, not for its particularly considered but unproven Antibiotic ability (tho that action may be true there is little evidence of it yet), but for its voltage infusing possibilities. The regular voltage infusing devices are much more expensive $2500 and up. There are also the natural electron donor sources, which tho may not be quick enough to rely on exclusivly, like physical activity, sunlight, earthing, water fasting, diet upgrading ect ect while working to find the culprit causing the lowered voltage condition.

Part of the delima in nervous system nerve circuitry diseases is that these structures are not easily interfaced with. Many viruses, like HSV and lyme, hide within them, and when a treatment seems succesfull, the organism may be retreating into specificly congenial spaces and or morphing into a dormant state. Since these nerve systems, because they are not as actively aerobic or part of the active systems immune behavior because of their design, are conventient locations for the organisms, so once this type of destruction is creating symptoms, we need to work quickly and efficiently with appropriate methodology to reverse the breakdown, due to the specifics of the disease conditions.


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