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The Natural System's Synchronous Convergence or Consciousness's Dissection of Natural System Mimicry
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Published: 7 years ago
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The Natural System's Synchronous Convergence or Consciousness's Dissection of Natural System Mimicry

re: the thread question. How do we create a society that has more compassion, when we live in capitalism?

Whether it's our body or our society, uncontrolled parasitic activity contributes to a systems imbalance, and if unchecked, it's ultimate downfall. In our bodies, bacterial infection, virus and fungi affects. In a society, one or more peoples gaining and gaming for self serving advantage, control of one or more of the physical living necessities, land, food, water, air or fuel.(Whether by self agrandizing destructive dictatorship or by monopolic monetary driven privatization of these natural life structures). Unlike the natural beneficial symbiotic parasites like beneficial intestinal flora in our bodies, and especially contrary to the life transforming gifts such as, infants, children, the elderly, the disabled, gifts designed to teach us, correct us and highten living experience. The strictly egoic, self serving aberations rob and destroy the intended structural balance of both these naturally designed systems.

The dilemma of the general and particular economic form mentioned (capitalism and predatory capitalism), is that, in it's present manifestation, it has been modified beyond its philosophic and mechanisticly neutral, well intended viability, by acculturated avaristic tendencies. And it has incorporated the feudal principles of controlling the basic living necessities of the general population: land, shelter, food, fuel and water, such that the general population is required to acquiesce and participate with those particular control aspects and mechanisms, unless they design for their person some other routing mechanism for the factors needed to most easily live at the same semblance of living as the the general population.

In disassociating the feudal elements from this or any economic system, the negative arrangement outcome is modified to a large degree, thus debilitating the concept that a particular economic or governmental system is "the" basic problem.

Thus these economic arrangment attempts at mimicking the natural environment structures, are to a degree neutral, helpful or degrading to life, not by their basic orientations, but by how they are specifically practiced. With this discernment the challenge of fixing societal negatives is clairified, and in the complexity of that and in the promoting of such fixes, the evan larger systems compassion elements can become activated, and the advantgage of that more complete view becomes more apparent.

one take on the wage story:

course for every attempt to break the ineguity of the situation, the gamers work diligently to counter that attempt .

W re to thoughts related to this cross posted post at CZ consciousness forum:

To me the quandary is not so much societal as it is personal and not so much personal as it is elemental.
What I see is action's outcomes in play and the ultimate outcome in play from the inception:

While compassion is the root of freedom and wisdom, it is not controlled, limited or exasperated by any control system, natural or otherwise. Empathetic relation is found to be unavoidable when we stop fueling our own self oriented, self protecting delusion of self importance, and it is completed when we find the intersection of empathy and compassion and we transcend the lesser emotive qualities produced(infantile oriented pain avoidance). Where the delima of pain and suffering are resolved by the revealing of the synchronous and harmonic relationship of all things.

Any control impressed on a society or the personality is an imposition upon the (natural) order of things as an attempt to correct supposed deficiencies perceived in the presently accuating program, and any of these imposed ideations, governmental, economic, spiritual or interpersonal, will only blend well to the degree they accurately mimic the larger natural processing order of things.(The law of the jungle being a balanced synopsis of cosmic law, where hierarchal and symbiotic balanced relation healthily exists, and also where every'thing' is eventually equalized in being destructured, elementalized, eaten. Such that when living harmoniously in such a sub system, one's singular importance is muted and lived as basic beingness, beyond space and time constraints, thus freed, by that more accurate relation to actuality).

The ultimate evolving mechanism element, compassion (pain being an important but a lesser activation messaging code, eventually finding evolved purport in empathy), required for a societies or an entities growth into penultimate awareness, isn't based on the particulars of the larger controlling belief system(s) the person or society is living conjointly with(under). Rather it is the discovery by that growing awareness, that the bound separated personality, is also part of a material world structure endemicly designed to be synergistic at an interactive level more profuse and profound than the, still as yet separate immature considerer understands, and that that mechanistic discovery eventually impels the fruition of a natural non separate empathetic compassion, maintained not by mandated organization, societal or personal, but rather effortlessly by the realization and acquiescence to the grand balancing interaction and the insperable decisive complementary unity of all things.


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