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Unregulated Cell Growth
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Published: 8 years ago

Unregulated Cell Growth

Heres some interesting info.(no need to argue about it. Either it resonates with us or it doesnt. Course it seems pretty apparant to me and AKat).

In 1850 or so Dr Beauchamp posed the theory that cancer was caused by the actions of fungi on our system. He was debated by other prominant MDs of that time. But eventually ridiculed evan tho advanced micro biology was just blooming and fungi as cause of different common diseases was becoming evident. (The unique and very powerfull fungal toxins are pertainant to this post).
Since then about every 50 years the idea has been put forward and soon forgotten.

from the link:
"Fungal theories of infectious disease were popular in the 1840s and the best known was the ‘cholera fungus’. In a paper read to the Microscopical Committee of the Bristol Literary and Philosophical Institution in 1849, ‘fungoid’ bodies were reported in the faeces of cholera sufferers. The authors emphasised analogies between the growth and decay of fungi, and the rise and fall of zymotic diseases in individuals and in populations over epidemic periods. However, given that contemporaries thought that fungi were the ‘appointed executioners and nimble scavengers of nature’, any such organisms were understood by contemporary doctors to be the consequences rather than the causes of cholera. Medical views on the causal role of living organisms in disease waxed and waned from the 1840s to the 1880s, until bacterial germs were accepted as major pathogens. At this time, bacteria were termed as the ‘Schizomycetes’, literally the splitting fungi, so named because they reproduced by the division of cells, and were believed to be a type of fungi because of their microscopic form and physiological function as saprophytes".

Part of the reason for the extreme toxicity of fungal toxins is in their use of powerfull enzymes in their deconstructing food(our tissue in this instance) for ingestion for energy procurement and the elimination compounds created.

Over 60 years ago, Dr Bjorn Nordenstrom (thanks illys)
discovered that if he put a needle into a tumor and another needle just off to the side of it and administered his particular electrical current protocol, the tumor growth stopped and it was quickly absorbed by the immune system.(see Bohr's effect on the relation of fluids and electricity. Oxygen and PH in this instance)

From the link: "If you study the career of Dr. Nordenström you will see that after he lectured in the U.S.A. about his research with cancer, he was ignored by the American cancer industry. He announced his discovery of the charge difference in cancer tumors and told doctors and researchers in the U.S. how he was able to make tumors disappear when he hooked up an electrical current and reversed the charge in the tumor. Eventually he went to China and they immediately understood the value of his discovery and began applying it to treating cancer patients".

And as sidenote: Previous to R Nixon's 1972 trip to China, accupuncture study was strictly forbidden by the US Gov medical agencies. Nixon, upon viewing and being seriously impressed with the accupuncture being practiced in a Beijing hospital(anesthesia), immediately ordered the Gov to study accupuncture.

Dr Nordenstrom:

Then Dr Simonichi found the baking soda treatment (raising the PH aka Electrical State), and thus increasing the oxygen availabiity. (While nitric oxide is the important compound most required (lost as we age) for circulation system availabilty of that oxygented blood). Dr Simonichi increased our understanding of tumors and what we can do, other than toxic and ineffective mainstream treatments, to make them die:

However in 2012, Thomas N. Seyfried phd published a groundbreaking treatise entitled, Cancer as a Metabolic Disease: On the Origin, Management, and Prevention of Cancer (Wiley, 1st ed., 2012).

To put it simply he found that after removing the nucleus of a healthy cell and replacing it with the nucleus of a cancerous cell, the cell did not become cancerous. He then replaced the healthy cell nucleus with one from a cancer cell and that cell also did not become cancerous.
And of course he did it numerous times and six different research institutions replicated his experiments findings.
So genes were determined not to be the causative factor in cancer and thus any gene related protocol would be ineffective.

Upon further investigation he found that the cancer cells were all ATP deficient and that they all had lost their ability to use the secondary fueling(energy) system that all human cells have. The first being Glucose as fuel and the second being Ketones as fuel.
He also found severly damaged mitochondria.

He proceeded with cancerous lab animal studies, where he put them on a water only diet, and in a matter of days the animals cancerous cells recovered their normal functioning.
He then used the protocol on humans and had the same positive results with the caveat that the glucose levels had to be lower than 65 and the blood ketones level had to be at least 2.
(so 461 your turn to remind us why the cancer institutions didnt start this simple protocol immediately)

So the further research has concluded that a low system voltage, tissue, organ or otherwise, is the reason why that system starts to degrade and can be caused by a number of things. Like, radiation, petrochemicals, pesticides, and infections often found in the dental area.

The voltage switch is a full polarity deviation, and that causes the oxygen to dissipate from the cells(Bohrs Effect) causing an anerobic environment where the normally dormant pleomorphic forms, yeasts, fungus ect proliferate, including very toxic compounds producing cell wall deficient forms, which are difficult to detect,(this is why many diseases are termed autoimmune because lacking a membrane they cant be seen or cultured easily without certain uncommon procedures, so often the only signs are symptoms).

The activated and increasing fungal form's powerfull toxins(like mustard gas!) severly damage the mitochondria in the inner cellular environment and eventually damage the genes and mutation occurs. (So again, its not the genes that we need to be concerned with, its the cells voltaged environments oxygen utilisation capability).

Unless we find and stop the causative oxygen loss by the electron depriving condition, any cure will most often be temporary no matter the conventional or alternative sophistication of the protocol.

A Kentucky MD found that one root canal infection can take out 65% of our immune system's ability. Dental infections produce extremely powerfull toxins, and they inturn act as circuit breakers or blown fuses in which ever circuit they are in (each tooth being in a seperate voltage circuit to organs ect).

Dedicated to those who are ready to resonate with the higher voltage of self directed educated living, to Trust2009, to all the CZ cancer forumers, to all the people who have this dignosis and their concerned people and #461.



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