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Re: Frequencied Field Sizes, Theraputic Imputation and Beyond Quandryic Experience(gonna have to move this out of E Med support too)
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: Frequencied Field Sizes, Theraputic Imputation and Beyond Quandryic Experience(gonna have to move this out of E Med support too)

I moved that post to Consciousness Forum cause it got off track from your Elec Med thread topic.

Yes this whole topic is valuable but apparantly beyond conventional societies mind set presently. I dont think we need to focus or specifically put the blame on people.
I see it as more the basic present system (beyond any person's or groups contrivance) that is the genesis for the complaint. The system being that of predators and the predated. Pretty normal and to be expected if we look at the elements and the environment here.
Oh but thats the gist of this post soo-----

That J Harney youtube interview is refering to using 'Radionics' as the imputing drive source. Quite unaccepted by conventional society and considered to have been invalidated by them many years ago also. The 'Radionics' idea and instruments, never the less, have not gone away and are popular still in some circles.

Similar but not at the level of subtelty of the Radionics, is the way that J Beneviste impinged H2O with the EMF signature of a particular item and then administered that emf impregnated H2O to a subject where the therapy produced effect. Remarkable evan without going into the further protocol and subtelty of his experiement.
So a bit more concrete than using a Radionics device for treatment, tho very similar also.

(of course the detractors argue about the ability to affect water w an EMF signature, yet Beneviste has shown otherwise)

Either way this is what got me going off on an analysis in the previous post.

Because while I see all of these understandings and tecniques as having specific validities in certain ways, ultimately I find that isolating and unifying material and 'aetheric' structure has delima because, while it is all dissectable and understandable. The differences found in the more complete dissection, because the feature(s) being viewed react like an observed hologramatic image does, we will find it difficult to discern definitivly, because the image(realities structural qualities) is ever compounding(reflecting) on itself.

So untill this aspect is realised and added to the analysis, the computation, and the desired focus of our instrumentations, will be thwarted by that hall of mirrors effect.

In other words, there is no end to wavelength discernment. Discovering the different longer, shorter, skinnier, fatter, pulsing, ect, reletive to the 'physical' allows for manipulation, but that manipulation is eventually, as it's design principle becomes more sophisticated, affected by the unrealised etheric fields subtle wave designs, which are then incorporated into ideas and instrumentation design(like Homeopathy or Radionics), which work successfully untill they are in need of including another aspect of the 'design structure' not realised in the etheric qualities compilation with the 'physical', which is commonly termed, the 'causal' frequential reality.

And so on it goes, with each deliniating description' being more subtle than the previous, like matter compared to EMF vorteces and then evan more subtle radiations and then the mental ect ect.

So that unitll we discover the frequential boundary and understand its basic quality irrespective of all differences internally mutated, we will be successful only to the degree we are dealing with circumstances aligning domanantly with the orientation driven and created tecnique and arent too out of snyc with the next more subtle or grand, principle not accounted for in that tecnology being utilized.

Healing Herb Science works completly, untill we pervert the oriented biologicaly organistic with emotional elemental missarrangments or finer oriented than strictly physical EMF toxifying circumstances.

Likewise EMF signature transference for affecting effect, works but is caveated by the degree we incorporate all of the, evan more refined, etheric reality attributes, into the design parameters, and yet evan that more complete and more powerfull, at dealing with physical perversions, technique is controlled/affected by the 'causal'(in the spiritual Science vernacular) principle, where, for one example, the almost intangable power of the assumed identity, can override and confuse the transmission of the, (considered from the (errant)Quantum(stepped) view), more subtle than physical, etheric technology, thus revealing that an ever increasing investigation reveals, analgously, only more hologramticly mirrored effects subtle or grand, depending on the description choice in the orientation of any present perspective placment.

At each focus point of our awarness we find a universe as manipulatable as we need. However each orientation becomes more problematic as that awarensss expands and attempts to be considered complete and either improperly incorporate more expansive realities then it is due or in the perversion of the presently focused orientation beyond its original specific differences within design orientation, fail to achieve any desired sophisticated tech initiative.

Untill we find the elements and boundary of all our focused orientation(s), we will be lost in a hologram like hall of mirrors, with herbology, chemistry, physical technology, emf vortex affectation, and as in the purposed R Coil's attributes, longitudinal/scalar wave length harmonics assisting technology, then a Radiaonics styled technology, then a non-non form styled wave length technology(extrapolated by physical mentality to have numerous topologies), and on it goes in the hall of reflected insubstantial impermanantly existing 'things' gross or subtle, refined or non existantly existant.

To consider that any one technological advantage is being suppressed by the lesser completeing technolgy adherants is actually an egoic stabilising avoidance tecnique for the identities lack of awareness to the depth of the illusion system perpetuation, and the depths still as yet undiscovered and incorporated by the deeply confused and dissatisfied egoic orientation. (this is why the "free" educate their immediate environment as to it's maleable environment and identity, rather than deliniating systems refined or less than so or energy stealing systems 'per se').

To missunderstand how the hall of mirrors is confusing to all who identify as being in any hall in the hall of mirrors, no matter 'our' perspective of the refinment of 'our hall', is the way to the product we seek, but still are caught up in because the source of our need is the lessening of the concantenation that creates and allows seperate identity, thus eventually revealing the author of the hologram like creation egos live in and with and 'as'.

Its easier to disspute and deconstruct ideas than it is to create and utilize them, no matter their completness, so my argument is to be taken for what it is. A discernment to be constructive rather then to be eliminative. A perspective orientation that stretches boundaries. Incorporating all ideas and using them as the needs are manifesting in each orientation life view.

For me the answer is all of the above, limited by the peversion, and valuably utilised to the degree of non perversion, by the perspective presently seen and considered as 'real'.

As I said, herbology gives way to the need for surgery and surgeries limits give way to ect ect till as you asked re the R Coil and expanded that Science quest with the links on Radionics, "is this the 'field machine of life?', and the extrapolation of that query is answered by how each newly discovered technology of life transcends the previous and is boundaried by another. Such that all deliniations are complete yet eventualy found to be also eventually circumstantially ineffective, till we discover the source beyond sources, sourcing or outletting everything, subtle, grand, formed, formless, beyond form ect ect.

Beyond the hall of mirrors.

Conventionally speaking, because like herbology(and our basic bio systems) being enough to affect needed healing when we as strictly bio beings (course as an ideal example) become imballanced or infected and experience suffering, the deeper answer has a simplicity too, and to the degree we havent been caught up by the subtlety of the 'hall of mirrors', the truth and the answer we seek is in the aquiesence to our lostness and need of rescue so that the finding of the boundaries of that illusory qualitiy apart from our created egoic identities considered needs, becomes paramount.

It is said when in doubt on any subject, ask an expert. And in asking the experts of life, the master craftspeople, answers commonly given are to bear the search till we realise that more than for ourselves, we will be most effective in realizing the answers, if we live for (all) others, and that the completion of that living for others will produce the discovering of the elements and their deliniated boundary and the eternal limitations of time and all spaces, and eventually the creating source of the egoicily sophisticated mirror life illusion. Where words and actions are not, where differences and needs are not. Where understanding and completing joy are the basic qualities most easily described from facsimilied examples in the previous perception and the mystery of how to relate to how all things are and how being becomes lost is finally resolved.

Yeah at the moment I like the unusually wound toroid coil and it's affects of current magentic field limiting and harmonic vorteces, scalarly accentuated.

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