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Re: Question on Pneumonia Treatment
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Question on Pneumonia Treatment

With regard to allopathy's actions and results, and Holisticly oriented medical choices

Some modern Antibiotics work on causing a malfunction in a pathogen's dna code. While others are general structure destroying oxidizers. The first type's action will cause a pathogen's dna or natural reproduction cycling to adapt and eventually if succesful become immune (or resistant) to the medicine. The second type of medicine, which thru a non genetic mechanism, either lead to pathogenic death, or immediately physically destroy the pathogen, depending on their oxidative ability. H2O2(hydrogen peroxide, our immune systems leukocyte(white blood cell) oxydation chemical) being very high, silver being in the middle of the scale and chlorine dioxide being less than half as oxidativly powerfull as hydrogen peroxide.(this may be why the lesser powerull oxidizors, if taken in lesser than larger amounts orally, dont seem to seriously affect intestinal flora)

So silver's action on pathogens is as a non dna oriented oxidizer, initially destroying a pathogen's membrane, and after other potential affects, lead to eventual if not outright death.(see the 2015 Hebrew university research)

Obviously we've seen how the dna affecting medicines have serious complications from protocol missuse and from overuse(not detailing the serious negatives also derived from their fungal source creation, in its sourcing non cell walled organisms(known as L-Forms. Which are invisible to most commonly used microscopic views and thus many states of illness are missdiagnosed and thus misstreated ect ect), as medicine resistant strains of pathogens reveal.

The oxidizing medicines dont have such problems and while people often try to 'warn' others of the seriousness of oxidative stress, this comes about if the patient is seriously ignoring available info and also ignoring their obvious body systems processing signals.(it's like the implications of a jogger who runs for health, but for some reason doesnt ever stop running)

So taking other oxidizers along with any oxidizer shouldnt affect either's oxidizing ability(we just need to be cognisant of our bodie's ability to generate healthy cells and our ability to eliminate systemicly and cellularly.

The intestinal bacteria comprimisation from oral use of oxidizers (and from the DNA destructors) is an important subject that has been noted on by more than a few posters in recent and past threads, with certain conflictions between them. So while the oxidative action of ingested known oxidizers is unquestionable, the interested may need to consider the known elements of a particular oxidator's power rating to make a personel judgment and decision.

My point has been that all organisms that do not need a strong oxygen environment to fullfill their energy requirments, find our, insulated from an excesive oxygen processing environment, small intestinal tract, to be ideal, and that their normal living behavior is used by our intestinal processing to our advantage, and that colloquiely thay may be refered to as friendly, they are only that if they stay there. Our colon is a bit different in that its structural permeability, which allows for fluid removal, has different consequences for those organisms found there, which is ultimately determined by our bodies overall immune response abilities.(also, most dont consider that the apendix is known, in alternative health, as a nursery for the large intestine's (friendly)organisms).

So as nebulising adds a medicine directly to the bloodstream, the silver water daily should only be positive but we should always look to find the source and origin of any continuing infection or tissue inflamation.

Remember most illness comes from our immune systems oxidizing inefficiency at dealing with a found, blooming and growing pathogenic situation, whether because of rapid severe congestion, genetics or a subpar system influenced by diet and or environmental factors.

The concept of staying healthy and not taking silver type oxidating supplments daily is the ideal but untill we cease suffering we will be using whatever (intelligent) protocol works for us and hopefuly learning why relying on educating rather than medicating is the step by step process of reaching that ideal.

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