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CS Research Reports
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Published: 8 years ago
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CS Research Reports

Oh Griz, you started out by referencing 'experts'! What a confusion that can be, often a misnomer for self delusion, especially at online forum sites(and universities) where organised ignorance is the more common coin.

Experts?, sure Id agree there are a number of serious practicioners around, but experts? Anecdotal information is very informative but it can also lead to faulty extrapolation of incorrect suppositions, where often the louder the voice the more erroneous the message.

Oh well, like the sq wave zapper thread arguments, hashing and rehashing doesnt stop us from getting on the same page.

Remember previously the guy from Australia who had designed a unit that put the CS magnetic signature into water and had lab results verifying that, yet it was so disturbing to the more conventional among us that the thread generated into reactions rude and strongly negative, tho quite ignorant of the validating research thats been done in other forms of electro influenced healing, like homeopathy, sound and magnetic field research.(evan Dr Tennant is using magnetic field treatments to deal with traumatising memories)

Starting using CS at the beginning of the century. I bought two CS makers after using store bought and with all three types I found some success, enough to always keep it in mind when a need arose, but often with little or no results on use.

Then I read the data on the silveredge site and thought Id try their maker. It became evident after a short time that the CS from this new machine was working better, more succesfully, more effectivly than either of the two makers I had used. This experience seemed to back up what the researchers have to say about silvers efficacy being so powerfull and my previous lack luster success with the other CS makers. being due to their inability to produce the micro sized ionic particles that are the most affective. Comparing CS websites reveals that some are cheerleading like medicine salesmen hawking their products abilities and others are shareing documention for their claims.

As people in past centuries have used metalic silver in gross applications with noticable success than the confusion between refining the medicine's qualities is where the whole concept of an expert comes about. An expert has enough information, and in our era that includes scientific evidence of controlled studies proving and disproving anecdotal understanding, along with the ability to be unbiased by egoic propensities(money, prestige) on the subject

While all this consideration may be volatile, it would seem that evan the less effective CS machines can make a CS that is effective in killing, so the argument may continue for a while between some minds as to what is the best way to go about making and using Silver Water.(The ion, metalic and atomic seem to be extrpolations based on the atomic structure arrangement that had been designed with a few quandric faults so waiting for that to be cleared up may be th ebest way to actually resolve the arguing between the different silver waters attributes.
see: Maurice Cotterell, Future Science)

(The silveredge site is uniquely full of easily accesed information, but I dont appreciate their marketing or the owners tact on many issues, but I really really like the machine. Its been worth the money to me and Ive been using it for 7 or 8 years now).

On the GI flora situation. Our GI tract is designed to be physically isolated/insulated from the other body systems, so the anerobicly oriented bacteria that lives there can proliferate and do their job. Call it probiotic or friendly flora, these are bacterias acting in concert with our GI tract systems needs. They are hazardess bacterias all the same, potentially injurious, but in the right place, isolated from our other systems bt the intestinal structure, they act as symbiotic organisms. Their natural processing uses enzymes to procur their energy requirments, and our benefit is in the completion of food compounds destructering, aiding our processing, aiding elimination and other important body factors(see Peyers Patches).

If the digesting bacterias escape the GI system,(we now call them bad bugs!) they start digesting our tissue, excreting waste products and their destructive use of enzymes on our tissue, mixes and flows with our fluid systems doing damage elsewhere in the body, causing troublesome symptoms.(candida overgrowth is a common example)

To the degree our body is at a proper voltage and thus an adequate aerobic environment, they are noticed by our immune system and they are killed quickly and easily by being enveloped and mortally destructured by H2O2. Some species can go dormant and not produce the electron signature that activates immune response, and some hide in membrane styled, 'biofilm' constructions and some can burrough into red blood cells or any other low oxygen area of our body(like bone), to hide out from detection waiting for a low oxygen environment to appear and return to activity.(but if our system is running at a lowered voltage, our immune system will be unable to keepup with it's work and the invasive anerobic prefering organisms will have oportunity to proliferate, again as in the yeast candida albicans, which had been kept in check by other intestinal flora but with perhaps Antibiotic use the bacterias action is stunted and the everpresent candida yeast outgrows the intestinal environment spilling into extra cellular spaces and the blood stream.

So yeah CS will kill all bacterias, virus' and yeasts it comes into contact with. There is no difference in basic structure between friendly flora organisms and bad organisms, its where they are found that determins that. So if the CS is ingested it will move thru our GI tract, it isnt really absorbed in quantity, as much as it passes thru to the colon where it then passes that intestinal wall and becomes available to our larger system. Ingesting of Antibiotics , CS, many herbs and oils will drasticly affect our small intestine organisms.

It may be that claims of CS not harming flora, is more likely to be that the CS molecule being used is too affected by stomach acid oe too large to injure the intestinal bacteria colony.

So nebulising may be the overall safest and most effective prefered protocol, barring IV, especially if larger quantities are to be used, to avoid intestinal flora negatives.

When Robert Becker started his research in the 50's, many Science researchers believed that silver was as inemical to us as it was to simpler organisms, but he found that not to be the case. he found silver was actually a component of our cellular tissue makeup and thus it was discovered that the silver ion had a destructive action on only the simpler organisms(the larger sized metalic form, as most all metals and minerals, still has negative affect if the concentrations are high enough). And his first research finding was in vivo not in vitro, so it has certain standing in the literature.

According to the FDAís National Center for Toxicological Research Annual Report for 2011, in animal studies only limited absorption of silver particles was observed when the silver particles were relatively large.

However, as the silver particle size decreased, absorption increased proportionately.

According to the FDA report:

ď ÖDuring FY 2011, Division investigators examined the effect of the size of silver nanoparticles on the bioavailability, tissue distribution, metabolism, and clearance in rats.

The results indicated that, after oral administration, only limited absorption occurs, with the extent of absorption increasing as the size of the [silver] particles decreased.Ē

the smaller the silver particles ingested, the easier it is for the body to absorb and utilize them.
-- FDA National Center for Toxicological Research Annual Report, 2011, page 19

another report:
"The most current research indicates that a silver product must have a low silver concentration and contain small silver particles that are charged (ions) for it to produce the most beneficial effects."

-- S.E. Foran, Therapeutic Properties of Silver: A Historic and Technical Review, Quanta, January 2009

From the 2015 Hebrew University report:

When silver comes into contact with a bacterium, silver ions begin attaching to the cell wall of the pathogen, releasing nascent oxygen, which in turn inactivates the pathogen through a process called catalytic oxidation.

Similar to the way hydrogen peroxide works, i.e., a burst of oxygen is transferred electro-chemically from the silver to the pathogen, stunning and partially disabling it.

Then, the catalytic oxidation causes a series of chemical changes to the cell wall of the pathogen. These chemical changes block the pathogenís energy transfer and respiration systems.

Next, the silver ruptures the weakened cell wall of the bacterium, and is absorbed into it, at which point it damages the pathogenís DNA, preventing it from replicating. Since the bacterium can no longer replicate, the infection can no longer spread.

Finally, with all of this damage, the bacterium eventually dies.

Hundreds of tiny silver micro-particles inside the bodies of dead bacteria are then leached to live bacteria in the same colony, killing them as well.
Once a bacterium is killed by silver it acts like a sponge, continuing to attract and absorb tiny silver particles from its surroundings.

The dead bacteria killed by the tiny silver particles ďinfectĒ the remaining live bacteria in the colony with the silver theyíve absorbed, thereby killing them as well.


While silver water manufacturers and home makers can create small size silver particles, often clusters are as large as 1,000 nm, a typical infectious microbe such as the one used in the clinical study(i.e., Pseudomonas aeruginosa) can also be as large as 1,000 nm, not to mention the ever increasing diminution of certain pathogen sizes. In such cases the infectious microorganisms would not be easily interfaced by larger sized silver particles, because theyíre essentially the same size as the microbe itself.

Such large silver particles 'may' attach to a pathogen and ultimately kill it. But it could not be absorbed into the pathogen to create the reservoir of tiny silver particles that stimulates the die off witnessed by the Hebrew University researchers.

Heres the page that shares why we pay so much for certain brands and how microscopic size CS was achieved using low voltage dc.

Heres a link to studies:


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