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Re: PZ-3, and EFT
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: PZ-3, and EFT

Thanks PZ, I edited my post, adding how Ive purchased more than a few of your devices. I think the first one I bought was about $30. Ive always been pleased with your prices and quality.
Your new unit is impressive.
Ive noticed you posting the Youtube links but I hadnt checked them out till the post in the arguing thread some days ago, where you posted three videos. I went to one and it opened with his cat and after hearing about ten seconds, I was out. I hate being so dismisive but so many of the Youtube vids, things Im interested in investigating are filled with wasted time nonsense.
So I opened the one from your newer post and watched him talk about the My-3 and got the scoop. Lots of preprogamed freqs. lots of possibilities for helping people and testing the science. I still have one of your current adjustable models. Kind of a collectors item. And of course the story I posted some years ago of the SDPD blowing up my daughters Zapper after she had left it at work one day, and someone was convinced it was a bomb, was one of yours.

YourWellcome AK(back street kitty)
Yes since the begining, I have the original EFT book(doesnt surprise me, elisah says. I always seem to be mentioning books to her)
Its all quite unreal real, this vortexular frequencied world.

Heres a similar one, akin to eft subtlty.
I wonder how many here have heard of or remember the Gentle Wind instruments. These were a number of creations by a few channlers years ago. I had heard from friends, 'Have you seen the puck'. The what? The puck!' The puck was a hockey puck shaped piece of resin, colorful, non descript, healing instrument.

When I first had heard about the claims of the GW people I was critical. They claimed their pucks and posters had a magical like cleansing effect on peoples pent up emotional past or current trials and tribulations one might be under the weight of, ect ect. I was very doubtful and not really interested.

One day someone said, 'Hey the puck is here, try it. Take it and hold it in your palm upright, sit there for a few minutes.' So, i took the light weight hockey puck object into my hand, sat down and in a second noticed that an atmospheric quality was expanding out of my hand and slowely spreading up my arm, about three inches surronding my hand, my arm, then my shoulder. The etheric field awareness was being bloomed, provoked by this device. I sat still and experienced this field expanding and going up my arm, reaching my torso and slowely moveing lateraly across my body from my head to my feet, at about an inch a second, till it reached the other side and started flowing down my other arm till it came to my empty hand and I was in a superlative shock state, alivened as the etheric field naturally associated with the human body but not conventionaly noticed.(kinda like when my just dead friend came to visit me one night. On Fire! This is the living reality of succesful 'tapas')

They were a funny group, the GW people. I later met them and they were typically 'funny'. They later ran into lawsuits, indictments, the whole destructive story. While their creations were fairly pricey, the rule was that one could not charge for a treatment.

BTW M Forrest, your new friend Jaquar, has a nice mag pulsar also, its more powerful than Sota's and it was less expensive some time ago when I was looking.

electro/etheric technology, Gene Roddenberry only revealed the tip of the treasure with Dr McCoy's scanner.


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