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Electrical Therapy Opus
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Published: 9 years ago

Electrical Therapy Opus

Theres no lack of information online, M Forrest has an involved site, (
and another with lots of data     (, and on Rife  ( probably the most succinct site on Royal Rife,
and many many more sites are dedicated to informing us on these alternative medical devices.

A small summation and analysis.

There are numerous electricly based therapy instruments available to researchers and the ill. Square wave units called zappers, magnetic field producers called Pulsed Electrical Magnetic Field units, Lahovski's Multi Wave Oscillator(perhaps the most ignored and succesful), frequency generators using modern extrapolations of Royal Rife's original technology of organism resonance (where in using low amplitude and non radio freqs make them a newer non-Rife thesis, which seems to have more benefit in certain body resonance factors as in H2O resonance and brain wave entrainment, than in pathogen or parasite ridding), J Tennant's micro voltage electron inducer the Bio Modulator, the Soviet era Lahovski influenced, Scenar(perhaps the most sophisticated), ect ect ect ect ect

Modern(sic) biology has known that organisms live at and as a multitude of frequencies. Royal Rife's tecnique used the, exclusive to each organism, MOR, mortal frequency measurement(mortal oscillatory rate), in a sine wave form, (not transposed lower harmonic equivilants or unnatural forms such as square waves) measured to be in the millions of hertz.

He found succesful pathogen destruction by provoking aggresive resonation using high amplitude as well as the organism specific radio frequency. Furthermore the sympathetic resonance he achieved exploded the organisim, exactly like the human voice can cause a glass to shatter.

In the 1950's Robert Becker (and Japanese researchers also), 'shocked' the scientific communitites certainty, showing how our body is working at a far lower voltage than had been previously believed possible. Furthermore he found that anything higher than the bodies normal voltage range created gross as well as subtle cellular damage, which he explained as cause for missunderstood healing responses in certain electrical, wound and bone mending treatment, protocols being tested at that time.

While skin resistence had been another issue used as evidence against the introduction of current, we now see that as a confusion of understanding and that the mammalian body sytems have not only a couple of very low resistent systems interwoven and throughout(facsia and fluid), but also entry points/avenues thru the dermal layers into that low resistence circuitry.

Among the problems encountered by early 19th cent and later electricity researchers was that they utilized such high non biologicaly compatable electrical voltages, that due to inconsistant and often damaging results, the research was neglected by many and deemed to be evidence for conventional, erroneous, assumptions about electricity and its involvment with our body systems.

Many think that it is an electrocution process that is a zappers action, but as evidenced by research, any current high enough to destruct a pathogenic or parasitic organism would also cause destruction to the subjects cellular tissue.

Furthermore if it is the man made square wave form that uniquely kills pathogens and parasites as H Clark surmized, then in vitro(in glass) experiments would be easy to produce. That this mechanism idea cannot be produced in vitro, as Clark considered, yet since so many have found results in using that reletivly simplier than most all other treatment protocols, there is obviously a mechanism not realised, understood or at least widely acknowledged, going on.

J Tennant's instrument, the Bio Modulator, is another of the available electrical medical devices. A remarkable copy and improvment of the Scenar, the Soviet Cosmonauts medical device. He found that in utilising a micro voltage, as Becker also found, the organism could be inundated with electrons, and as Lahovski also figured, fueling sub par cellular electrical functioning and our body systems batteries. Which Tennant has stressed plays the role in our ability to utilize oxygen or not, to procure a healthy reacting immune response and a ballanced PH(hydrogen potential) state.

Also it is theorised that if the voltage is too high it "tends" to shut down the pathway being assisted, tho the current may still have other noticable positive results. Further research has implied that if simultaneous multiple frequencies, as they are found in biological nature, are used then cellular interaction is enhanced and occurs readily(again as Lahovski(tesla) also considered and utilized.

At this point it seems clear that while some of these protocols are based on Rife science modifications, and that his original protocols on the use of radio frequency resonanating at MORs is an achievable and proven protocol, its particularities and limitations make it not the easiest or evan the best choice, unless the object is certain and money is not a concern.

Rife worked at proving his Science by numerous experiments with lab subjects till he had filtered out of cancer tumors and labeled as, "bacillus 'X'", the till then undiscovered microscopic agent(virus' hadnt been identified at that time yet) that was so connected with cancer tumors that he could cause a cancer in lab subjects, heal it with his protocol, remove the tumor and filter out the virus 'x', insert the virus 'x' into the same or another lab animal, where the cancerous growth would reappear and he would again, heal the condition by using the MOR principle protocol and he did it again and again and again. He used only his radio freq protocol, and he felt that he mainly was killing pathogen 'X'. He also only isolated a dozen or so specific pathogenic MORs.)

The Lahovski and Tesla MWO design may be truer to natural processes and it would seem that their protocol fits in more closely with recent succesful electrical utilizations in healing by Tennant and perhaps unknowingly H Clark.

While I have pursued this topic with regards to its affecting our bodies relation to our ready use of oxygen or not-

It seems to me that apart from Rife's elecrical but still generally allopathic protocol, and Clark's similar emphasis on agent killing tho certainly not allopathicly confined protocol, the introduction of electrical voltage field vortices seems to be effective in the activating of healing principles in our bodies.

While perhaps not exactly clear and still debatable as to the type and power of vortices used, the undeniable affect of most all electrical treatments is pertainant and should eventually reveal a more clear knowing of the processes involved.

 PS I have used zappers since the mid 90s. I have owned over half dozen models and more than a few I purchased from PZ. I have Sota's Mag Pulsar and BT7 frequency unit, a Tennant BioModulator and an original Cymatic frequency generator developed by Sir P Guy Manners. This device in many ways is  the most intriging to me not only because of its remarkable in vitro effects of moving a maleable viscous matter into one of the platonic solids when the unit's 5 tone sounds are inpinged onto that matter, but the overall affects from use and those implications. Edgar Cayce mentioned that sound would be the medicine of the future and we know now that the early Nile civilisation ran river water into large buildings to generate sounds for healing.   Ive had positive experiences with all these devices, tho Ive never had to use any one of them for parasites as they are experienced by some posting on CZ, Ive found them all to be effective in producing certain health oriented affects.    


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