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Submitted for Consideration
vairagi Views: 991
Published: 9 years ago

Submitted for Consideration

On pathogen killing electro therapy:

I propose that it is possible that the activating principle in some of these Clark, Beck, and others, AC, DC, square and sine wave electrical applications are in the driveing of electrons, passing the skin thru meridian pathways and via the fascia and fluids, entering into our body systems and boosting cell and fluid systems voltages, thus changing anerobic states into aerobic states. Anerobic states being ameanable to pathogens and aerobic states being inemical.

Perhaps H Clark, using the snychrometer, noticed the absence of parasites after using the sq wave because they were morphing(not stunned or rendered resonant free) into an aerobic compliant dormant state and or retreating into available cells for protection, and thats also why she discerned them coming back so quickly because of the only short quenching of the anerobic state rather than an actual long lasting PH state change.

When we read H Clark's discussing her sq wave discovery we find that she is also only surmising and assuming the tecnical aspects of her choice of therapies, based on successes and failures rather than conventional proofs via controlled studies.

Dr Tennant has emphasized the importance of our body voltage to our health, for the ability to produce healthy cells and to quickly repair damaged cells.

He has shared in vitro microscopic scenes of reletivly normal appearing blood, where after waiting for a time, the oxygen has started to disolve out, and spirochetes start comming out of the red blood cells and seemingly detritic material is revealed as pathogenic forms starting to becoming active, yeasts ect.

So the hypothesis is that much of the pathogenic activity is related to our cellular and systems voltage state(PH). And that many of the positive results from electro therapies are not because of their injury to pathogens but instead caused by the added flow of electrons introduced by the units boosting cellular activity, and increasing the aerobic potential of the environment, because the ability of a fluid to utilize oxygen is based on its voltage. Which would also seem to fit with the higer success rates for those who use SQ wave units for longer periods of time vs those who dont.

While there are many stories of personel, in vivo, successes using sq wave units, they dont seem to be easily replicated in vitro. So the mechanism is still not exactly understood and up for "discussion".

Dr Tennant emphasizes that using simutaneously combined multiple frequencies(his is called an infinity set) is necessary to replicate how frequencies exist in nature so as to as closely as possible mimic bio electricity, which is also similar to Dr P G Manner's use of the five tone cymatic arrangment in his healing instrument.

Just for thought.


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