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There are a couple of theories you'll come across when researching..
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Published: 8 years ago
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There are a couple of theories you'll come across when researching..

The mechanisms of action with Urine Therapy are still being 'officially re-discovered' today.

*You must not be on any prescription medication / pharmaceutical drugs when practicing Urine Therapy*

There are a couple of theories you'll come across when researching UT. ..One of them is.. That our urine contains trace amounts of whatever is causing us dis-'ease' individually. Our dis-ease comes out in tiny amounts in the urine so that by the act of drinking it, holding under the tongue & by rubbing it onto the body we may cure our bodies by providing it the 'antidote' that is exactly specific for each of us..This has been the theory for a long while now it seems. While this may in fact be true to an extent, there are still quite a few testimonials about a person seeing healing results after applying or drinking another more healthy or equally healthy persons urine.

Another theory is.. That the substances doing all this healing are the things that are found in everyone's urine, animal & human-animal alike. The basic composition of urine itself!
Urine contains Stem cells, Urea, hormones, minute amounts or traces of dis -eases we may have (antidote theory) & etc, depending on diet. Stem cells* (building blocks) may very likely be one of the things contributing to people healing by the urine of others. Studies have been done with only Urea alone and its had positive healing effects also.

If all urine is containing stem cells (plus whatever else could be helping) and you were to give some of your own to another person they would have much the same reaction as they would to their own..Healing..layer by layer until the body to itself reads- Healed.

taking the urine of a healthy individual of the same sex is recommended due to the differences in hormones. From the opposite sex is still okay for a shorter period of time.

*A stem cell is essentially the building block of the human body. Stem cells are capable of dividing for long periods of time, are unspecialized, but can develop into specialized cells. The earliest stem cells in the human body are those found in the human embryo. The stem cells inside an embryo will eventually give rise to every cell, tissue and organ in the fetus's body. Unlike a regular cell, which can only replicate to create more of its own kind of cell, a stem cell is pluripotent. When it divides, it can make any one of the 220 different cells in the human body. Stem cells also have the capability to self-renew -- they can reproduce themselves many times over.


Healing crisis/detox symptoms

When we are taking in a "low-medium" amount(varies) of this, our own healing liquid it in turn will cause the dis- eases to want to ---come out of you--- right away. Depending on the things the body has gathered throughout life it will come out different for everyone. Some may get headaches, rashes, pimples, herpes breakouts, diarrhea, strange aches and pains, pain in places that got hurt years ago, etc........... the possibilities with this are almost endless.. The body must find a way to get these to the surface for expelling root causes of the problem. Don't panic

Applying a "strong" amount of UT (varies) will get rid of the problem faster, yes, but sometimes the healing crisis is ((Too Much)) for the human-body to take all at once. One should take it easy if it feels like too much too fast when it comes to ut. Eat light and practice ut lighter until you feel ready for another wave of de tox.

Fasting is THE best mode of healing on any occasion. Fasting while going strong on UT will have much better quicker less dragging out of results when it comes to de toxing/cleans ing these dis-eases out of the system. For moments when fasting on Urine Therapy you may feel absolutely terrible but a short while after you feel absolutely wonderful.

When the body has to focus on digesting food at the same time as going strong on ut,, ut is still being processed it seems, while the body itself stops 'healing' in order to digest food. Fast if you want to Heal*

It is alright! One can practice lightly with morning urine and possibly getting to the point of Looping (drinking all or most passed during the day) too, when first beginning.. No need to rush everything. With this you will notice you don't get sick when everyone else does anymore, a lift and centered mood, better skin and other little things will become pleasantly 'fixed' by this lightly taking of urine, this is good surface healing- The more one practices urine therapy, drinking and applying to the skin, etc. the faster they will experience healing. It's up to you when / if you want to go further with this practice

*When looping the urine becomes clearer and clearer more pleasant with each pass. Alot of people overlook this and only drink the morning urine - morning urine is full of fabulous things and is wonderful for you, yet looping urine is another true gift

While in the womb we breathed in and out, drank and peed what's called (or is at least very similar to the composition of) blood plasma ultra filtrate - Which is another name for urine. The water running through our veins.

Sensors under the tongue & in back of the throat

If one wishes to practice urine therapy they must not use a straw!.. Discoveries by Dr. Nakao show that, while he treated many people with urine therapy and it cured many dis-eases, some people wanted to try the practice without having to taste it.. With these people he bypassed the taste buds and gave urine to them through a tube. These people though getting it into their stomach did not notice any healing taking place...! Even for a month of trying this.

Then with one week of practicing Urine Therapy the usual way, they noticed usual results of healing.

It is thought that there are sensors under the tongue and in the back of the throat that activate something somehow making it become 'recognized'......more to be discovered soon....

Keeping a healthy plant based diet while practicing UT will let it be much more pleasant

A great video about Urine Therapy - interview with Andrew Norton Webber

Interview with Dr. Nakao

Fasting On Urine

Fasting alone on water only can have profound eaffects spiritually & healing the body. Fasting on urine - drinking all that one passes, doing daily rubbings (massaging with fresh or aged urine) into the skin, -additionally for mouthwash, eye, ear, nose drops, in hair/scalp, in belly button, in and around vagina/penis, as enema, and to soak the hands and feet in; seems to speed up the processes of regular fasting even exceeding them greatly to an unbelievable extent.(!) This is saying that, while the body does know how to heal itself through fasting, it can do better at it with the practice of Shivambu (Urine Therapy)included.

One of the best books on the subject

How to age Urine

Aging urine is simple to do.
You Always want to cover the urine but still let a little bit of air get in. Never sealing it closed completely, as it is the air that turns the Urea into Ammonia - another of the very important healing aspects of shivambu.

Using some breathable fabric or a lid that is only a tiny bit uncovered works great to keep a little bit of air flow going and getting the ammonia content to build up.

Urine ages like fine wine, it just keeps getting better

Use old urine for external use "only". Though drinking small amounts of aged urine has seen to it that parasites are easily expelled. You do not want to consume too much aged urine at once, and not urine that is incredibly old. Dilute it and use at your own risk, (I have had positive eaffects taking small amounts, of 3weekold "like a sip..") If you have any troubles with the skin old urine may be more effective than fresh urine.

If the glass bottle is closed completely and forgotten about "(pressure will suck oxygen from the glass bottle turning any oxygen left into ammonia thereby sucking the glass in, and breaking." Don't know how long that would take.. & don't use plastic..

I assure you it's as wonderful as Sacred. A Secret, that keeps itself - filed under many different descriptions today than in the past. It may have once been referred to as 'the elixir of life'. It is now referred to here on WASTE, some VILE solution, NOT TO BE OF ANY USE! .....When well, every aspect of Nature says that this is not true & cannot be so! As old leaves, the once vibrant leaves of trees fall to the ground they are not wasted, but converted/ recycled into nutrients. Giving the Forest floor in areas where they land the natural components for ::Balance:: found everywhere in healthy Nature, & this is just what the Forests need! By the peculiar act of peeing into a clear glass jar, beholding it..., and drinking it in (best to be well hydrated & on good healthy plant based diet) you are not only giving your body the opportunity to examine it's own profile from a different perspective [urine as a hologram] but cleaning the blood aswell by adding different molecules made especially for the urine, it's own 'care package' if you will, of extra ingredients which were not in the blood just previously but added somewhere in the process of kidneys filtering out blood cells creating serum - urine and transporting the serum to the bladder, Urea is one of these. this care package which lovingly favors healing from the inside out, is practiced everywhere in nature- humans, animals and plants can do it just the same. *The practice of Looping is in essence drinking again and again the same and ever purer sample of your blood serum & it saves a ton of water while keeping you hydrated & being the cleanest water! While giving some of the most precious gifts of health, stamina, conscious awareness, longevity, stress relieving, hormone balancing,… and much MORE . every time you take your waters into your body they are filtered better and better become clearer and clearer until it is the most beautiful structured water drink you have ever beheld . you would not be able to find a more pure healing drink better for ((you)) anywhere on the Planet Spiritually, Mentally & physically .. unless your friends practice shivambu too, a close 2nd but I digress..

There is so much more info out there.. Specific uses which I will let you look to find testimonials of & find what will work best for you. Enjoy Researching UT! follow your intuition, always & let healing come from within

*Please, if there have been any mistakes feel free to correct them, just trying to present the most upto date information possible. Be Well!


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