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Re: New to urine therapy- information please
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: New to urine therapy- information please

Look for UT info at Shirley's Wellness Cafe
and also sites with downloadable UT texts by Armstrong and Thakur. Lots of RRs on the CZ and other sites UT forums, should help one decide if UT strikes a chord and is worth the effort.

Regarding your notes desire for information here.
Like the post on our body systems reaction to the odor of wheatgrass juice(new mown lawn smell), how if we are systemicly congested the odor causes revulsion and the drinking makes us nauseous, but if we are not the odor is sweet and the taste is delicious and revivifying.

Likewise the comment that fasting neednt be deprivation to be succesful, tho most experience it that way due to their internal state and their lack of knowledge as to how to practice it. UT is a practice often appraised incorrectly, ridiculed and easily ignored because our system's body fluids are commonly toxified due to diet and thus we equate that as normal, substantiated by the common acceptance of ignorant mentality by our immature uninformed society.

It may seem obvious, but with our neuroticly driven impatient, and magic bullet era mentality, UT like all medical protocols, are often best practiced, when we are correctly informed on the workings of our bodies systems. So as not to contraffect healing action with incorrect suppositional actions and rather than blindly adhering to only the proposed ability of a therapy.

So as with all simple non invasive but powerfull therapies, imature grass juice(still one of the best around in my experience), UT, fasting, Herbal treatments, involved vitamin or element supplementation, diet protocols, using oxidators like ozone, C Silver or mms, ect, to the degree we are systemicly congested, or toxified, or have infection(s), or we are still unaware of what a truely healthy diet really is, we will work harder at healing than if we were more aware of how our cellular organ systems work, often no matter the power of the alternative practice.(there are always exceptions of course, and these can be the loudest in the conversation, but most often unique personely activated success stories more than universaly so)

Dr Tennants understanding due to his mentality and his illness have produced a more complete awareness of what is going on in our bodies, than had been commonly known. Why we become ill and how we can particularly assist our incredably powerfull systems to rejuvenate properly, completly.

His first book Healing is Voltage is full of insights on how we missunderstand, missfeed and thus frustate our cellular reality.
His newest book shares how our muscle systems are organ specific storage batteries for those electro chemicaly run cellular systems, is another insightful advantage for us.
Tho it is mainly an atlas of pictures of our anatomy for treatment information, he has also added, along with some corrections on his original thesis, proofs of concept that have come out of his and other's clinic work.

Also in this new text he advises making a homeopathic remedy of our urine as being a great assist in healing.

Since he is advising the ill to take items not inline with the classic concept of proper UT diet,(high saturated fat, thyroid or other powerful meds, ect), I propose that similar to others on CZ UT forum, creating the powerfull etheric system homeopathic remedy, multiple dilutions w multiple percussings, of our urine, is extremely helpfull w out being rough to use, less conflicting while following other protocols at the same time, and adding the unique and subtle power of homeopathy to our treatment.

UTs function as Ive understood and experienced it, is in a generous resuplying of the bloodstream derived, kidney directed, nutriants, minerals, high quality H2O, numerous HORMONES and other personel factors that feed and inform our systems as soon as they are interfaced w our mucosal membranes.

Thus w UT we are assisting and optimizing our inborn healing mechanisms, particulaly powerfull and also like many correctly understood and practiced alternative therapies, far more holistic than the mimicing attempts of allopathic treatment creations.

With some this can be so dramatic that it is all they need to turn the corner from suffering and to them it is like magic. To others it may be they notice an ease of delima, an impressive clearing and this is enough to propell them further and deeper into the healing their body has been subpar in actuating.



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