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Have fun with topical steroids!
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Published: 7 years ago
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Have fun with topical steroids!

You wrote:

"she's been on a whole foods diet for 2 months and nothing"

What exactly was she eating during those 2 months?

Can you write down a list, even if some of the foods and drinks consumed were consumed just once a week.

Elimination Diet is not the same as whole foods diet.

Whole milk is a whole food, but if milk was a part of her diet, and if milk was one of the triggers of her intolerance, there was absolutely no way "the whole foods diet" she was on was going to cure her.

Whole wheat is a whole food, but if Whole wheat was a part of her diet, and if Whole wheat was one of the triggers of her intolerance, it was wrong diet for her.

Whole tomatoes are a whole food.
Whole lemons are a whole food.
Whole nuts are a whole food.

EVERY SINGLE TRIGGER MUST BE ELIMINATED to eliminate itch, including steroids!

Not just one out of 5 foods.

Was she consuming any of the next "foods" during those 2 months:

- milk
- cheese
- gluten
- wheat
- strawberries
- raspberries
- blueberries
- blackberries
- tomatoes
- potatoes
- peppers
- eggplant
- citrus fruit (lemon, orange, lime, mandarin)
- gluten
- nuts
- refined oils
- refined salt
- sulfites
- sorbates
- benzoates
- citrates , citric acid
- nitrates
- nitrites
- coca-cola
- red-bull
- sugar
- vinegar
- pasteurized fruit juices
- any processed foods
- hot dogs

If the answer is yes, and if just one of those foods or one ingredient in those foods is a trigger for her, there is no way that diet was going to cure her eczema.

About steroids.

Once you start using steroids, healing time extends from days to weeks.

If you use steroids for years, healing time extends from months to years.

You are not only healing Eczema, you are healing a syndrome caused by steroids!

Once you discontinue using topical steroids, it can take months to cure "Red Skin Syndrome" caused by topical steroids.

Symptoms of the "Red Skin Syndrome" are very similar to Eczema or Seborrheic Dermatitis .
Red skin, itching, inflammation.

But it is not eczema!

Red Skin Syndrome is not eczema, it is a Syndrome caused by topical steroids, and to cure it takes months of correct diet and staying away from all steroids, oral or topical!

If you as mother have used hormonal contraception or Antibiotics or steroids before your pregnancy, that can be a trigger for eczema in your kids.

Women who never used prescription medications or hormonal contraception or steroids prior to getting pregnant, have 1 in 1000 chance of having a child with eczema or dermatitis.

Women who used prescription medications or hormonal contraception or steroids, have 1 in 10 chance of having a child with eczema.

Your daughter using steroids or Antibiotics is like "eczema-life-sentence" to her future children!

Think about that!

Have a lot of fun with topical steroids!

And, do not worry about the bill, your children and your grandchildren will pay the bill!


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