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Re: Does oregano oil kill good gut bacteria?/PW/E formula question
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Does oregano oil kill good gut bacteria?/PW/E formula question

Sorry, but that is totally false to say Oregano Oil and other Strong substance like that won't kill also GOOD BACTERIA. I've concluded this myself by putting a few drops of Oregano Oil into a tsp.. of my Good Bacteria from my Fermented Homemade Sauerkraut. And in 1 tsp.. of my my Sauerkraut Liquid there is TRILLIONS of GOOD BACTERIA in it. When I put just one drop of my Sauerkraut Juice under my microscope you can see an abundance of good little bacteria jumping around and having fun. But when I tested on putting a few drops of Oregano Oil into a 1 tsp.. of my Sauerkraut Juice and then put it under my microscope...... It took no more than 30 minutes to KILL 90% OF THEM. They are right now trying to still survive. I'm sure I can give it a few more hours and the other 10% will be dead also.

Now this helps me conclude on why taking this Oregano Oil back in 2012 didn't help me at all on getting my health better because this oregano oil was killing more and more of my gut flora..... good bacteria......probiotics. It was almost the same as doing toxic chemo therapy. Now I'm not going to give Oregano Oil all thumbs down.... but if a person does try it for a short period of time, make sure they increase their GOOD BACTERIA in their GUT after they stop taking the oregano oil . I recommend to buy a 10 strain 30 billion probiotic and put one capsule into a 3 quart crock pot made of diced raw cabbage, with 1 tsp. of sea salt and some DISTILLED WATER to juice up the mix. Then cover the top of the diced cabbage with a small plate. Then put the crockpot lid on.Then allow to fermentate for 3-5 days in a dark closet, and then jar it , then eat it. Don't put it in the fridge unless you want to stop the growth of good bacteria / probiotics. And when I put my batch of 3 day old Sauerkraut under my microscope it is JAMMED PACKED with jumping around and happy good bacteria just waiting to enter your stomach and intestines to WIPE all the bad bacteria little punks.

Now another thing I learned that was causing me to have digestive problems and also epileptic seizures for 10 years growing up is my toxic mercury tooth fillings that I got when I was in the 4th grade up. A few months after getting my toxic mercury tooth fillings I used to tell my parents I was having funny feelings in my head and thinking. Well, to make a long story short, I had seizures for 10 long years that ruined my adolescent life, I was drugged up by the Toxice Drug Dealer Doctors who love to make money. I then had a successful brain operation in 1989 and havent had a seizure since. And my hypothesis is on the reason I had seizures is because the toxic metal mercury was accumulating in my left hempishere brain and it caused brain wave distortion that ignited a seizure. Now to fast forward the story...... 2011 my Health started declining pretty much for some odd reason . I Had bad heart palpitations , bloatness in the stomach, couldn't think straight, anxiety, hot flashes, ringing in my ears and the list goes on. Well, in December 2010 I was outside shoveling snow and all at once I crunched on something in my mouth. I thought it was left over food. But later found out it was one of my toxic mercury tooth fillings ( I didn't know at that time they was toxic ) came out for the first time. I most likely swallowed it because I thought it was food. Thats when all the listed up above health problems ignited. Now to fast forward to the present, I had my toxic mercury tooth fillings, I had 5 of them, taken out by a Holistic Dentist ( Who knows all the Saftey Precautions no Mercury Removal ) and the my health started getting better a few months later. And then in 2014 I learned about Good Bacteria in the Gut and started taking Probiotics and then saved money by making my Sauerkraut that has WAY WAY MORE good bacteria in it than the supplement. And I will say I have at least 90% of all my good health back with me. I recommend to get all toxic mercury tooth fillings taken out of your mouth and have replaced with white composite. And make sure to find a Holistic Dentist who knows the truth about Toxic Mercury and it's Hazards to Health . And also....... DON'T GET A ROOT CANAL by your dentist. It makes it a dead tooth where bad toxic bacteria will it as a hiding place and spread in your body. I had my first and only one extracted last December 2014. I got the Root Canal in 2012, the tooth that the toxic mercury tooth filling came out of. Do research on Root Canals. They are ticking time bombs too.

It's just sad how the devil is working in the medical industry. I used to think all those Doctors and Nurses were really Loving and Caring and Wanting you to be Cured and Healthy. Boy was I wrong. Yes , they are brain washed by the Pharmacia Controlled Medical Schools to think they are trying to help people, but the GOD-JESUS Honest truth is , they are all Wolves in White Sheep Clothing. And many of them don't even know they are serving the devil to go out and Kill, Steal $$$, and Destroy with their Toxic Drugs and Radiation Devices........ But I forgive them, because I have to in the name of my Saviour JESUS CHRIST........ JESUS says to even forgive and love our Enemies......So I do.... But I won't HIDE TRUTH. Amen.

Hope and Pray this information helps.

GOD-JESUS Bless, Greg in Ohio :)

John 8:32 JESUS Said ,And ye shall know the TRUTH, and the TRUTH shall make you free.

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