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Colloidal Silver "Experts" have it wrong (Edited by Forum Moderator)
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Published: 9 years ago

Colloidal Silver "Experts" have it wrong (Edited by Forum Moderator)

The so called “Experts” have it wrong:

They assume because a solutions of Colloidal Silver that is not made with chemicals, and is clear as water is an Ionic colloidal solution.

Why? Because they read somewhere the “One size fits all” conclusion that if its not nano particle its ionic., and most other so called “experts” fell for it “hook, line and sinker”.

Each method of making nanoparticle Colloidal Silver can determine the output size of the nanoparticles, some methods require a catalyst of some kind to help the nanoparticles float in the solution, some people add a pinch of salt, or some other chemical, because it is impossible for the nanoparticles to stay suspended in the solution since they are too heavy to float by themselves.

Most producers require Non Refrigeration, non exposure to heat, or the sun’s Ultra Violate rays etc, if done the chemicals and the nanoparticles will coagulate and drop to the bottom rendering a useless Colloidal Silver .

On the other hand you have other producers claiming not to use chemicals and that they have Ionic Silver, just because they let the silver electrodes under the water and they get some kind of health result, here is where they are wrong:

It is impossible to make ionic silver without the use of chemicals.

Science dictates that in order for an Ion to be made there has to be a chemical process that removes or adds protons or neutrons, positive or negative but then the Ionic silver become unstable, because opposites attract this means that the ions get larger and larger, until they become the size of nano particles, then when you consider that most ionic colloidal silver have ugly colors due to the chemicals that MUST be used to create ions.

Is Ionic silver bad? Not really, it still works, but it has chemicals and maybe if they are lucky they also produced atoms that are the ones killing the pathogens.

So this leads to a question: If your colloidal silver is clear, and you did not use chemicals what did you make? Answer: Atoms. We have already ruled out ionic silver, so you must have a solution with Atoms!

Atoms are better since they penetrate right through the cellular walls of the pathogens, for colloidal intents and purposes nothing is smaller than an atom particle, in fact they are the most perfect particle size to destroy deadly viruses and bacteria.

I know it never rubs well that the so called "know it alls" but if you are making a clear solution of with no chemicals my conclusion is that you have 10 or 20 PPM of atoms and NOT ionic silver.


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