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Naive Realism Struck Dumb by Frequency Healing pt2
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Published: 9 years ago
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Naive Realism Struck Dumb by Frequency Healing pt2

Dr Tennant's findings correlate w the importance of the Krebs cycle and also how mutiple harmonics are necessary for theraputic cellular interaction. Furthermore his study of essential oils and how he has considered and catalogued them resonates w this paper also.

This is from Shari Edwards:


Each note and frequency has a series of other frequencies that it "plays" with to create holistic balance within a system of the body. Each note and frequency also has a series of harmonics that it "plays" with to create the harmonics we observe throughout the systems of the body.

Harmonics can be used to nourish multiple systems that are in stress. For instance, the frequencies that can be used to normalize and cause "spontaneous remissions" in some types of cancer (a limited subject base) are the harmonics of the Krebs cycle (the citric acid cycle, a series of steps in the oxidation of carbohydrates). In studies, these frequencies were presented using specific patterns to achieve and maintain an harmonic "chord" that is a specific, recognizable mathematical matrix.

Normally these mathematical matrix frequency sets can be used for treating one system or one issue. However, many systems within the body use these chords. Interestingly, these have been emulated and written down in musical theory, without our necessarily realizing that these chords already exist within our cells as musical mass and frequency.

Each nutrient, biochemical substance, organ and emotion has a series of predictable relationships that are mathematical in nature. For example, the frequency equivalent of choline (a necessary nutrient of the B-vitamin family) has an opposite or balancing frequency equivalent. These two frequencies work together to harmonize the body and the energy conversion system. If you subtract the numeric frequency equivalent of choline from the 6th harmonic (180 degrees out of phase) frequency equivalent of choline, the result is the frequency equivalent of acetylcholine. This is exactly the process that the body goes through when these compounds are introduced.

In other words, what the body does with compounds can be predicted and shown mathematically.


The body is a mathematical matrix of frequency interactions. Biochemical relationships are frequency relationships.

Consider the following. The suggestion that the number 8 is the opposite of the number 11 is a foreign notion to most people. No such model is taught in school, but the reality is that our body knows this concept to be true and responds to numbers and frequencies in its attempt to conduct the normal processes of the body.

Actually, mathematical opposites are easily understood when one considers other forms of opposites recognized by both Science and the arts. Each color has an opposite, known as a pigment or light complement. Each color can be represented by a frequency. The frequency sets which represent complementary colors can also be considered frequency complements. BioAcoustics refers to these frequency complements as Frequency Equivalents.

Just as green and red are opposite or complementary colours, there are green frequencies (in the frequency range of 11) and red frequencies (in the frequency range of 8). Using this concept, an overabundance of the frequency of 11 can be equalized by using the frequency of 8, and vice-versa. By using 8 (or any frequency we choose as a base), we can begin to construct formulas that the body uses innately to provide balance to the body.

Using data from vocal analysis, it can be shown that every muscle, every compound, every process and structure of the body has a frequency equivalent that can be mathematically calculated. The body’s ability to heal itself originates as an interaction, biochemical and/or structural, which is a predictable mathematical frequency response.

For example, calcium and magnesium are used together in the body. When you combine the frequency equivalents of calcium and magnesium, the frequency equivalent of phosphorus is the result. Phosphorus is a compound that is required for calcium and magnesium to be synergistic. Frequency harmonics of the body matrix imitate the body’s reactions which Science has already discovered. Human biological reactions and the frequency equivalents of the mathematical matrix are the same.

One of the frequencies that has been shown to be able to strengthen the thumb is the note of C. By presenting the specific note within the range of C that is required, it can be shown that the thumb muscles become stronger. Giving the frequency complement of the same muscle will cause the muscle to weaken. Since the frequency equivalent of the thumb muscle happens to correspond to the frequency equivalent of zinc, the body will also accept the compound of zinc as a support for that muscle.

Our physical bodies are apparently built on, and correspond to, a blueprint created by thousands of these combinations. Each organ, muscle, nutrient or biochemical has a frequency equivalent and Harmonic Matrix™ that are interrelated via the central processing unit, the nervous system and the brain.

A vocal print can show the combination of notes and the corresponding frequencies that can be used to create the coherent mathematical patterns that are required by our bodies. When these patterns become dissonant, disease is the result. How simple, then, to monitor and maintain our own health through a daily review of our vocal print?

Some frequencies are apparently more important to our states of health than others. The frequency of 16 is a very important internal frequency, since it can help release oxygen and calcium into the cells. In his book Cross Currents (Jeremy P. Tarcher, Inc., Los Angeles, 1990), Robert Becker, MD, substantiated that calcium, an invaluable nutrient in the body’s healing processes, is released by the frequency of 16 cycles per second.

The most compelling information concerning the number 16 as a frequency harmonic may change medicine and the way we treat disease. This is an expansion the concept of harmonics postulated by Pythagoras, the 6th century BC mathematician. He observed that if one of two strings, which have the same length and the same degree of tension, is then divided in half, the half string, when vibrated, creates an harmonic exactly one octave higher than the original full string. As Pythagoras continued to divide the string, he observed the harmonic principles that still govern much of the musical theory in use today.

The discovery of the mathematical relationships underlying the Science of sound clearly demonstrates that harmonics was not an abstract concept but adheres to strict and predictable mathematical principles. These precise harmonics, used in combination with the frequency equivalents, form an intricate harmonic synergy that maintains the sonostatis essential for optimal health.

Our body functions as a compilation of frequencies and frequency relationships. The brain functions through the use of brain waves which are measurable as frequency. The heart emits frequency to keep the heart beating in rhythm. Nerve transmission is accomplished through the use of frequency pathways. Organs, nerves, tissue and bone are themselves made up of substances which are, at their base, energy --measurable in cycles per second. The body is alive with frequencies that interact in cooperative resonance, in harmony.

All of the frequency equivalents that correspond to the use of nutrients and biochemicals that relate to a particular harmonic set can be used to evaluate the efficacy of the interactions involved. This mathematical matrix maps the crossroads of alchemy and cooperation between the different systems of the body. If a mineral, fatty acid, amino acid, biochemical and enzyme, for example, have similar frequencies, they may all participate as nearly interchangeable components performing the same work. Sulphur and palmitic acid are similar frequency equivalents. They can substitute for each other in the fight against invading pathogens. Other compounds that are found within the same harmonic set react in analogous fashion.

The body is adept at compensating, substituting and transmuting frequencies. If an enzyme isn’t available to help counter invading pathogens, fatty acids and minerals can be substituted.

Frequency-equivalent harmonic sets can be used to establish substitutes using mathematical matrix relationships. This means that if we construct an harmonic set for the frequency equivalents of vitamin C, we can use this listing to observe every other compound that interacts with vitamin C and, in addition, see the structural aspects most affected by vitamin C.

In the clinic, a frequency can be presented to a subject and the voice monitored to observe the frequency equivalents of compounds that are influenced. In a great many instances, many of the interactions were previously unknown. For example, in a study that was conducted to determine the originating factors of knee problem in tennis players, it was found that the knee was not the actual root cause; the base problem turned out to be in a foot muscle.

BioAcoustics research indicates that standardized, harmonic sets can be used to predict, depict and monitor the chemical and behavioral interactions and relationships of living systems.

When all of the frequency equivalents of compounds and physiology are known, every aspect of any one frequency can be studied. We will be able to understand frequency relationships and how they relate to all other structures, processes and biochemicals. In the not-too-distant future, then, we will be able to develop an elemental frequency grid similar to the periodic table of elements. Every compound has a frequency equivalent based on its molecular weight. Presenting a frequency equivalent in analog form to the body, allows the body to detect the presence of that compound. When an additional frequency, based on a mathematical formula of the frequency equivalent, is presented, the substance becomes functional.

A frequency equivalent that allows this awareness by the brain is called a Brain Wave Multiple (BWM). In disease, the body may not have the necessary BWMs to identify or stimulate a compound or muscle. A frequency equivalent can provide the BWMs that act to stimulate the detection and function of a compound or structure. From the data presented so far, it seems that the heart provides the actual rhythm of the frequency (the wave form), while the brain provides the actual frequency to be used.

Note that it is imperative that BWMs be presented in an analog (not digital) form. According to Robert O. Becker and many other researchers, the body’s input mechanisms are analog and respond most efficiently to analog input.)


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