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Waterpic use for Dental, Gum Health and more

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Published: 10 years ago

Waterpic use for Dental, Gum Health and more

I use 1/4 dropperfull or more of tincture of cayenne in the waterpic, because its more economical than Shultz' Dental Formula, and it works great. Many other therapies work but nothing Ive found is as quick, as efffective, and as easy.

A friend uses a couple of drops of Shultz' formula with a dab of castor oil on his sonic care toothrush for his dental routine.

Another outcome is that using the cayenne tincture w the waterpic will send it into the sinus cavaties and can relieve congestions and infections often unknown about, and that may have been present for a time, similar to the oil pulling results that can be most dramatic.

And of course also this therapy can assist other health regimins we are following by limiting or perhpas evan eliminating the dental areas genesis infections that are often directed onto nerve pathways going too and infecting other body systems.

Dr Schultz Interview:

BISER: Now let’s go to gum problems, You just helped a friend of mine cure an incurable gum condition. Let’s explain what happened and what you did, so readers could get identical cures themselves.

SCHULZE: Certainly Your friend, was scheduled to have all his upper teeth removed immediately.

For him, it was dangerous, because he was a diabetic and prone to uncontrolled bleeding. He took Vitamin C for his gums, but it was useless. His teeth wobbled up and down, and blood dripped down his throat from the infected gums.

His lifelong dentist was so afraid of a blood clot going to the brain, he sent the patient to a second dentist. He said he couldn’t live with himself if something went wrong, i.e. death.

You told me about the problem, and I sent by overnight express a mixture I made up. I instructed your friend to put 90 drops into a water pik, to drive the solution deep into the gums. Within a day the gums were 50% better. Within a week, 90% cured. Gums firm, pain gone. His dentist was baffled — because your friend didn’t tell about the herbs; he just told the dentist that he had “prayed.”

BISER: This just shows another way to use cayenne they’ve never thought of— and you don’t get it from a capsule.

SCHULZE: That’s right. Let me tell you what happened to my own gums, then I’ll tell your readers how to make the formula themselves.

One of the first mouth diseases I experienced myself was gingivitis: bleeding gums due to plaque buildup and inflammation. Well, I thought the first thing I would do is: “Let’s stop the bleeding.”

So I put cayenne on my gums to stop the bleeding. At the same time, I was investigating various exotic herbs I could use to tighten the gums. I looked at various herbs and barks that are used around the world. As I was investigating, I was continuing to use the cayenne to stop the bleeding.

What happened was that the cayenne healed all my problems with my teeth and gums. I thought it was just stopping the bleeding, but it was also increasing the blood flow to my teeth and to my gums — which helped my gums from not receding.

It also took the pockets in my mouth and brought them back up to normal. Then I started adding these other herbs, but I never took the cayenne out.

My family was very, very poor and I never had any dental care whatsoever I never saw a dentist before the age of 20, and I had not only gum disease, tooth decay but I had extremely deep pockets and. bone loss at an early age. I didn’t have a good genetic tooth history.

“Most of my relatives talked funny. I thought it was because they were German. But it was because they had no teeth.”

SCHULZE: I had some very deep gum pockets, and the dentist had suggested all types of procedures. But I had already healed my heart using herbs. So I said to him, “Give me some time and let me go to work with the herbs.”

BISER: How big were your gum pockets?

SCHULZE: I remember the deepest pocket that the dentist measured was 9 millimeters.

BISER: What do they consider a 9? Incurable?

SCHULZE: The depth of a pocket you want between your gum line and the root of the tooth is about 2mm. They are taught in dental school that a 4 is “iffey” — and anything from a 5 and beyond can’t ever come back.

You have too much bone loss, and even if you have what’s called root planing or root scraping, the gum will not adhere, so you have to have gum surgery to cut the gums away.

I had a 9 on one tooth, numerous 8’s, and the rest of my mouth was about a 7. It was suggested to me to have not only root planing but also gum surgery.

I used the formula I’m about to give your readers, and brought all my measurements up to between 2’s and 3’s. Numerous dentists have told me this is impossible and it is taught in dental school that it is impossible.

But again, we always have to remember what doctors mean by impossible really is, “As far as I know — and with the techniques that I have been taught.”

I’ve heard from., every patient I ever had that the healing they got was a miracle — or that it was impossible. But since then, I’ve had hundred’s of patients who were supposed to either lose their teeth, or who were setup for dental surgeries. By using this formula, they tightened their gums, grew bone, and reattached their gums.

BISER: You said, “Grow dental bone?”

SCHULZE: Absolutely It always cracks me up. People say they break their arm, and they have no problem realizing that they have bony growth to mend a bone, But why don’t people think they can get their dental bones to grow back?

I’ve seen people’s dental x-rays in which the tooth can get so soft that if you push on them with a pen you can dig right into the tooth. The bone is so soft and degenerated. The only thing dentists know how to do is use aluminum waste and fluoride to try to fill in the holes in your teeth, Well, the cayenne will cause the blood to get there, which will cause the bones to grow back.

BISER: What’s the formula for readers in case they want to try it on their own?

Full home instructions on making the dental ‘formula from heaven.’

SCHULZE: Let’s see, this is to make about 4 ½ oz formula. It’s a very interesting formula. I discovered, something about cayenne that no one knows. I will explain it as we go through the formula.

The formula is:

2/2 oz. of echinacea root tincture (these are all tinctures or oils)
8 dropperfuls of tea tree oil,
1 oz. of bayberry tincture (make it yourself)
1/2 oz. oak gall tincture (make it yourse1~)
4 dropperfuls of cayenne tincture (only the hottest tincture)
20 drops of peppermint oil (get the best you can find.)

The echinacea tincture deadens the pain immediately — when you get it down into your gum line. It also is a surface disinfectant and stimulates your immune system to start working against bacteria that are down in there. The bayberry is one of the stronger astringents, so it will take that gum tissue and literally tighten it right up in front of your eyes.

BISER: They can just find gall from an oak tree, can’t they?

SCHULZE: That’s right! You go out to an oak tree and look where the insects have infested it, or whatever, and you will see these big swollen knots.

BISER: And you cut that off right?

SCHULZE: Yes, oak galls are the highest source of tannin found in nature, and so it is much stronger than oak leaves.

BISER: And you cut the bark off?

SCHULZE: No, you can actually just pound it up. You’re going to need a big hammer, if not a sledge hammer. Pound the heck out of that gall. It’s like a big woody knot, and it really won’t have any bark on it, or very little, just pound that whole thing up, and tincture it. It’ll take a few days for it to soften up. It may be even a week.

BISER: And if you can’t get oak gall?

SCHULZE: Then you can get oak bark instead.

BISER: But it’s not as good?

SCHULZE: Yes, the oak gall is stronger. The oak gall comes up with two to four times more tannin than the oak bark.

BISER: So if they had to use oak bark that would be from a really good source, they’d have to use 2 to 4 times as much.

SCHULZE: That’s right.

Most people say oak bark is much stronger as an astringent for the gums than bayberry because oak bark has more tannin.

All I can say is: They never tried it, because bayberry has shown me it tightens up the gums much better than oak bark or oak gall, but oak gall works welt too. That’s why I put double the amount of bayberry in the formula.

I put oak tincture into my mouth and it’s an astringent. You put bayberry tincture into your mouth and it feels like it is going to glue your tongue to the top of your mouth. It’s much more astringent.

Now here is an amazing thing. Normally in a 4 oz. bottle, one to four drops of a 250,000-heat unit cayenne tincture would make it very hot. About a drop an ounce is all you need of 250,000 heat-unit cayenne. Three drops an ounce, and you almost can’t put it in your mouth.

I put 120 drops, or 4 dropperfuls of cayenne into this mixture. What’s amazing is that tea tree oil neutralizes the taste of cayenne burning. I don’t know why that is. I don’t have any explanation for it. So when you take this formula, you’ll go, “Well, it’s a little bit hot.”

With 120 drops, you should be crying on the floor for an hour I’ve put as much as I think I can put in the formula without burning your mouth off.

It is amazing how the tea tree oil neutralizes the burn. It is the greatest oral disinfectant, but it also allows you to take about 100 times more cayenne pepper than you could normally handle and get it down into those gums.

The formula also contains peppermint oil, a disinfectant and circulatory stimulant. This oil helps with the blood in the mouth area. It also makes the whole formula kind of taste nice and more palatable, and it freshens your breath.

Why not do that at the same time, if we are talking about digging out food you ate three years ago from under your gums? Why have the person you live with suffer from that?

BISER: Peppermint oil is a disinfectant? I never heard that.

SCHULZE: Oh yes, a very strong disinfectant, and it’s a very strong circulatory stimulant. Dr. Christopher even listed it next to cayenne in his School of Natural Healing under circulation stimulants. Peppermint also reduces inflammation, so it’s a great one for curing dental diseases.

BISER: Where can readers find peppermint oil?

SCHIULZE: Peppermint oil is available almost in most stores; herb companies sell it, and so it’s available. What is impossible to get is the organic peppermint oil. I can get it for my own use, but it would he good if more companies could make this available to the public.

“I’ve never seen anybody go longer than 2 or 3 days with the dental formula and not have their gum bleeding stop.”

BISER: How do readers use this formula?

SCHULZE: Put it in a water pik. A water pik is the greatest way to introduce herbal extracts into your teeth and gums.

Buy a water pik, fill it with distilled water, put two, four, six, or even eight dropperfuls of this tooth and gum mixture into the water pik. Start it off on the low setting, but then work over weeks to raise it to its highest setting. Do this twice a day. Anybody who has bleeding gums: do this for two days, and your gums will stop bleeding.

Also, when you’re done, rinse about 10 seconds of clear water through the water pick, because the tea tree and peppermint oil will burn out all the gaskets in the machine.

No one else will tell you that — because they have no practical experience with herbs. If you don’t rinse it out in two weeks, you won’t have an $80 machine anymore, because it’s all leaking and falling apart. That’s because these oils disintegrate rubber — and the gaskets in the machine are rubber


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