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Re: essential oils frequency and voltage

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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: essential oils frequency and voltage

From Dr Tennants site

Once one determines that the voltage of an organ is low, you will want to correct it. One does that by inserting electrons into one of the wires that carries voltage to that organ by drinking water that contains electrons (alkaline water), by eating foods that contain electrons (unprocessed foods), by getting into the sun, putting your feet in the dirt, hugging other living things, or by using devices designed to supply electrons like the Tennant Biomodulator, low-level lasers, etc.

Correcting frequency is not as commonly understood. For the transfer of electrons to the cell, the electrons must have a frequency (distance between rotations of the vortex of energy) that is the same of the cell. A perfect example of this problem is rose oil. Much is made of the fact that rose oil has the highest frequency of any essential oil. Its frequency is about 320 megahertz. The problem is that no organ in the human is known to operate at 320 megahertz. It can only be effective if a harmonic of 320 megahertz corresponds to the frequency of some organ. Its harmonics include 160 megahertz and 80 megahertz. The human brain operates at 70-78 megahertz. (These numbers are not that precise, so a small variation in numbers is okay.) Thus rose oil can transfer its energy to the brain since 80 megahertz is very close to the 78 megahertz that the brain will accept. So rose oil is not effective in helping brains work better because it has the highest frequency of any oil but because one of its harmonics will transfer energy to the cells of the brain. Peppermint running at 78 megahertz will have a similar effect on the brain as rose oil whose harmonic is 80 megahertz, and peppermint is much more affordable than rose!

Another problem is that, although we might say that peppermint emits a frequency of 78 megahertz, that is the average frequency it emits. Peppermint will actually be emitting hundreds of frequencies that average out to 78 megahertz. The brain will also be running at hundreds of different frequencies that average out to 78 megahertz. Thus a synthetic oil made to smell like peppermint will be emitting one frequency that may or may not be close to 78 megahertz, but it will certainly not be emitting the same hundreds of frequencies that real peppermint oil will emit. Thus it wonít work the same.

Look at the table. Note that the harmonic of lavender is 59 MHz. This is very close to the resonate frequency of many of the organs. Thus we understand why lavender is considered the universal essential oil, i.e., it is useful for many different things because it resonates with many different organs, particularly lungs, liver, stomach, spleen and colon!

We have the same problem with frequency generators and lasers. Frequency machines like most Rife machines will be emitting a single frequency. Low-level lasers will also be emitting one frequency. Lasers come in specific frequencies. They are usually 380 nanometers, 410 nM, 640 nM, 780 nM, etc. The actual frequency any laser puts out can vary by 20% from the frequency on the label. Again, these are single frequency devices and whether or not that frequency will transfer its energy to the cell is determined by whether it resonates with the cell.

Now you can understand why I created the Infinity Frequency Set in the Tennant Biomodulator. It emits a wide range of frequencies and each frequency series it emits is different from the previous one. Thus it is an effort to duplicate what is found in nature---a wide range of frequencies that will be able to transfer energy to the cells by having the frequencies that will resonate with the various types of cells in the body. Thus it is an effort to have the same effect as applying numerous different essential oils and not having to figure out which oils are needed.

When I began to use essential oils, I found it difficult to memorize the hundreds of oils that are available and figure out which to use for any individual patient. I started out by going through an encyclopedia of essential oils. Under each oil, it would describe the uses for each oil. I put all of these into a database. It took months for me to complete this task. However, then I could sort the database for any illness and find the oils recommended for it. This was only a partial help because now it might list 15 oils for a given illness. Which one should I use?

I then read in a book about the chemistry of essential oils that the terpenes contained in each oil tended to have different effects. The effects described were fairly non-specific and I wondered how they came to those conclusions. However, I decided to add the chemistry to my database. After completing that, I could now sort my database by the chemical constituents. When I did so, I found that one of the terpenes gave effects that were primarily killing infections and detoxification! Now I had something I could use. I found that another of the terpene family was primarily anti-inflammatory and another was primarily for metabolic problems and brain function. This made a lot more sense than what was in the chemistry book!

I knew that to get the energy to transfer to the cells, I needed the correct frequencies for each type of cell. Since there is no clinical way to measure this, it occurred to me that the more of each type of terpene there was in an oil, the more likely it was to have additional frequencies present in that oil. I sorted by database and found the combinations of oils that had the highest percentages of each type of terpenes. I made blends based on this content rather than the usual method of making blends based on octaves or some other method. I then figured out which blends work for each BioTerminal. Using Essential Oils to correct the frequencies of cell (software) and then using the BioTransducer driven by the BioModulator is the most effective therapy I have discovered.

Of course there are certain conditions that cause me to go directly to a single oil. If there is a skin problem, I use lavender. For headaches or brain fog, I will go directly to peppermint.


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