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Re: Elimination issue
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Elimination issue

The reason why the kidney fluid had been considered to be sterile is because it is generated from our blood, which had itself been understood to be sterile, tho now we know different.

We think that the reason why bladder fluid has often been labled as waste, is because of unhealthy items from extremly unhealthy diet, or outright toxic environmental items ingested unwittingly, and or basic overloaded subpar body systems, causing system imballance, and thus waste products ideally intended for our perspiration and intestinal tract would also be found in urine.

Refined investigation techniques now reveal evan more clearly that our blood and thus also our urine can have unwanted micro organisms that are clearly precursors to illness, pleomorphic life forms aka L-Forms, perhaps always present, but nowadays often generated and multiplied by anti biotic usage.

Also in considering Dr Tennants shareing of how when a system's cellular life dips below appropriate voltage(PH), oxygen, evan if present in correct concentrations, becomes unavailable and the numerous dormant, everpresent, unwanted cell walled microbes come to life and start eating us w digestive action. Thus the foundation of sterility is questionable. Tho perhaps also not as serious a matter if our cellular life is running at the correct voltage.

Tho U can and will be asimulated in the mouth and throat tissues, what u are describing is not rare and would seem to infer, your recycling of particular elements, perhaps outright toxins, or perhaps your animal flesh diet, or possible problems with your basic digestive functioning.

If u arent producing gastric fluid properly due to lack of necessary elements, your blood stream will be contaminated and thus the bladder fluid may be. This is also another factor I have considered as a possible reason for differences in UT outcomes practiced in modern times vs past times when food stuffs have been more organic and organ health mightve been more commonly less subpar.

Our experience with UT is that the advised no greens no grains no dairy,(Animal flesh seems to be absent here because of its obvious missharmony and or irrelevance to need, respectfully dissagreeing with those who practice otherwise,) to be experientially right, and these healthy element refreshing, energy invigorating draughts, the lightening of our bodies struggle and the lessening of our mental load, are the evidence for the power of these diet choices, while practicing UT.

Do remember we all are being our own experiment and relying on others similar actions can be helpfull, quickening and powerfull, but we need to more than just try these protocols, since without real understanding we often experience unintended consequences of which wasted time is as crucial.

Rather than as a medicine (cause all it is, is blood stream elements, compounds and fluid, not required at one moment and thus sent to the bladder), I see U as an optimiser, and in using that optimisation it empowers the actual miracle, our body generated recovery and regeneration systems. So if we understand the elements that our body systems require and when we refrain from that which is contrary, it only leads to regaining the health we seek.

Post scrpt
In my travels with UT I have been persuaded, after studying DR Tennant's work, that another one of UT's prime advantages is in its reinstituting a voltage solution to our system. Where not only is the processed fluid's H2O more personaly compatable, but also the voltage laced compound influencing cellular asimulation immediatly, efficiently, ect ect, on that account.

Knowing that one great aspect of our body and organ structures are their electricly run platforms, reveals why UT would have another postive affect that might have not been so obvious to researchers previously.


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