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The Age of Treason: 1958 Book Exposes Chemical Attack on Humanity




This book is being digitally archived in the Prison Planet Forum Library for the purposes of preservation of information.

It is an historical work, published in 1958, by Dr. R. Swinburne Clymer, M.D., who is since deceased.  In searching for this book, and others by Dr. Clymer, I discovered they are difficult to find. A few booksellers who advertised copies of the book, when contacted for purchase, responded that the book was "no longer in stock".  A search of local libraries, and state-wide libraries via the inter-library network yielded not a single copy of this or any of Dr. Clymer's books.  Since few copies remain in circulation, and the book is out-of-print, we can assume that it will become increasingly difficult to find.  It is therefore my intent that Dr. Clymer's work be preserved digitally so that anyone who is interested may have access to it, and benefit by the information he provides his readers.  Dr. Clymer devoted his life to naturopathic medicine, and became alarmed at what he saw as deliberate, planned attempt to make humanity mentally and morally sick, in order to enslave them. For this work, Dr. Clymer was called a fraud, a quack, and worse. He was discredited by the American Medical Association, and marginalized for bringing this information to public awareness.  

On the Denver Spiritual Community's website, in a 1976 quote from Dr. Clymer's successor as President of the Humanitarian Society, Emerson M. Clymer wrote:

    THE HUMANITARIAN SOCIETY was founded nearly fifty years ago (1926) by Dr. R.S. Clymer, the author of seventy some books dealing with the mental, physical and spiritual well-being of mankind. The motto of the Society - "In the Service of Humanity for Enlightenment and Reconstruction" - fully describes its purpose today as it did then.

    We believe that the body, if properly cared for, is its own best physician; That proper living, i.e., correct diet, exercise, breathing, bathing and thinking are all-important means of attaining and maintaining health. This book is part of our effort to acquaint the reader with basic instructions for attaining and maintaining health.

    The Humanitarian Society believes that Happiness is the Birthright of every man, and that if he does not find that happiness, he alone is to blame. All of Nature proclaims the possibility of joy, strength and the Happy life as the heritage of man if he will but follow Natural Laws.

Since good health is one of the first requisites to the Happy Life,
we offer this book as our contribution to the attainment of that goal.

Emerson M. Clymer, President
The Humanitarian Society
P.O. Box 220
Quakertown, PA 18951

In the spirit of advancing knowledge on the means to a happy life,
and with the permission of Dr. R. Swinburne Clymer's successor:


Your Health and Sanity
In The Age of Treason

© 1958
By Dr. R. Swinburne Clymer, M.D.
Published by the Humanitarian Society



Food and liquids used as a medium in deliberately and carefully planned
methods developed by the vicious element of humanity,
for the Mental deterioration and moral debasement of the masses
as a means toward their enslavement.

Based on their own admission and the methods already confessedly employed.

Destroy a man's Reason, and he is no longer a Human Being;
nothing remains important or sacred to him.




Chapter 1        A Planned Method for the Mental Degeneration of Mankind
     Section 1    More on the Subject of Meat-in-toxi-cation
     Section 2    Additives Kill Chickens. How Many Did You Eat?
     Section 3    Adulterated Foods in Restaurants
     Section 4    The Public's Reaction to the Non-Publication of Dr. W.G. Hueper's Report
     Section 5    Additives in Food Considered by Authorities to Be Causative of Cancer
     Section 6    The Food We Eat - The Manner in Which Processors Handle Food May Be the Cause of Cancer

 Chapter 2    The Agents of Death, the Decisions of the Food and Drug Administration
                  In Retrospect:  Parents and Legislators, Consider The Child

    Section 1    The Grains as Basic Foods, or Deterrents to Health and Well-Being
    Section 2    Explanations or Apologies by a Baker of Bread
    Section 3    Embalming Fluids in Cereals
    Section 4    Antibiotics in Milk Presents Problem to Dairy Industry
    Section 5    Candy, an Uncontrolled Concoction Much of a Toxic Nature
    Section 6    An Example of American Food Unconsciousness
    Section 7    Food Additives, Past and Present
    Section 8    Are Foods That Build Up Resistance without value?

Chapter 3    Fluoride - Muscular Atrophy The Children's Crippler

    Section 1    Sodium Fluoride Has The Power to Harden or Paralyze The Muscles
Chapter 4    Mass Water Medication to "Tame" American Minds andDestroy American Initiative

   Section 1    Dangers in Fluoridating Public Water Systems
   Section 2    Some Opinions of the Proponents For Fluoridation
   Section 3    The Menace of Fluorine to Health
   Section 4    Medical-Dental Ad Hoc Committee Findings on Fluoridation
   Section 5    Sodium Fluoride a Dangerous Drug - The Mass the Victims
   Section 6    Canada Bans Fluoridation and Protects Her People
   Section 7    American People Are Betrayed By Public Officials
   Addendum    Legislators Slowly Learning the Truth About Fluoridation

 Chapter 5   Addendum: Legislators Slowly Learning the Truth About Fluoridation

   Section 1    Congress Must Act On Food Additive
   Section 2    States Beginning to Become Conscious of the Need for Legislation
   Section 3    A New Manifestation of Disease
Epilogue    Condensed Dietetic Instructions

In Closing    The Age of Treason - Horrors of Our Modern Age

The Warning

You and your loved ones are at this very moment confronted by the greatest menace to health and sanity ever known to mankind.

Imagine yourself if you can, becoming conscious that you are gradually losing your manhood; that your mind is rapidly deteriorating so that you are no longer capable of thinking clearly; unable to plan your future actions.

Your resistance is becoming so weakened that you are no longer master of yourself. In short, you are rapidly developing into a m*o*o*n, a robot, a zombie, readily subject to the dictates of others and your family is faring no better.

"A madman's dream you say! The nightmare conjured up by fear mongers!" Is it?

Following directly after this WARNING there is reproduced page 50 of the 1953 edition of Betrand Russell's book: The Impact of Science on Society. Russell here offers Fitche's outline of methods to be followed to bring about this deterioration of man. He describes methods that have been employed, and are currently employed right here in America for the purpose stated. Neither Fitche nor Russell stated that they agreed with this procedure to reduce the race to a state lower than the animals of the field, but they did succinctly and in a few words outline the procedure that might be followed, methods now being employed.

Arouse yourself to a recognition of the fact that, according to those so engaged, these plans have actually been tried on millions of human beings, first in Europe and now in America.

At this very moment you and your family are actually filling your system with toxic drugs which have been placed into your food and water.

The plan to be followed, is that all but the few - more especially of the White Race - are to be made the victim.

Unquestionably many engaged in such infamous practices are wholly unaware of what they are doing. However, the American people are being made aware of the danger lurking in their food and water as indicated by the many articles appearing in newspapers and magazines and are demanding protective laws.

Who is the authority for the statements here made?

Not we, but mostly the men and women now actually engaged in one manner or another in these diabolical practices; those planing to become so engaged and, fortunately, by many widely recognized physicians who are becoming aware of the danger.

Inform yourself on how you may protect yourself, your family and your loved ones. Help us to arouse the people to their danger.

The following is page 50 of Bertrand Russell's book:
The Impact of Science on Society, p.50

Fichte laid it down that education should aim at destroying free will, so that, after pupils have left school, they shall be incapable, throughout the rest of their lives, of thinking or acting otherwise than as their schoolmasters would have wished. But in his day this was an unattainable ideal: what he regarded as the best system in existence produced Karl Marx. In the future such failures are not likely to occur where there is dictatorship. Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that will become psychologically impossible. Even if all are miserable, all will believe themselves happy, because the government will tell them that they are so.

A totalitarian government with a scientific bent might do things that to us would seem horrifying. The Nazis were more scientific than the present rulers of Russia, and were more inclined towards the sort of atrocities that I have in mind. They were said - I do not know with what truth - to use prisoners in concentration camps as material for all kinds of experiments, some involving death after much pain. If they had survived they would probably have soon taken to scientific breeding. Any nation which adopts this practice will, within a generation, secure great military advantages. The system, one may surmise, will be something like this: except possibly in the governing aristocracy, all but 5 per cent of males and 30 per cent of females will be sterilized. The 30 per cent of females will be expected to spend the years from eighteen to forty in reproduction, in order to secure adequate cannon fodder. As a rule, artificial insemination will be preferred to the natural method.
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Whether or not we like it, whether or not they deserve it, in order to save ourselves, we must help others to save themselves.


The outstanding reason for the preparation and publication of the first edition of The Age of Treason, as it is for the present volume, was the frank statement in Bertrand Russell's 1953 edition, of his The Impact of Science on Society.

In this volume he quoted Fitche, first visioning the methods to be pursued for Mental degeneration of the white race, as well as Russell and others who followed them.

It is extremely doubtful if Fitche, endorsed the idea or the methods to be pursued, and though Russell is a profound Socialist, it is questionable if he agreed with the methods outlined to bring about the demoralization of man in preparation for his enslavement. The kindest conclusion is that both foresaw the horrors to be visited upon mankind. Russel is taken more seriously than many other writers. He has been accepted by the Intelligentsia everywhere, largely because he was a winner of the Nobel prize, as also for his position in favored Universities.

There is another and important reason for publishing this work: the fact that we know from experience and investigation, the horrible things even now being visited upon thousands of helpless individuals here in the U.S. These are facts the public should know.

An ever increasing number of requests come to us from every section of the country urging a thorough investigation, plus the rendering of an unbiased opinion based on the knowledge gained by such an investigation, describing as accurately as possible, the destructive and debasing practices already in vogue, plus the plans for the future to be employed by certain cliques to assure compliance with the edicts of small but powerful groups to bring about the complete destruction of our society as it presently exists.

These requests, in general have one source:

During World War I, many patriotic men and women associated themselves into an organization known as The Humanitarian Society(1) for the purpose of human welfare, instructions in food substitutes, and aid wherever needed. This organization was later (following the passage of a Law for this purpose) registered in Pennsylvania.

(1) To convey an idea of the "body" of the Humanitarian Society, we compare its functional form, with high regard, to the Christopher Society. Though it possibly antedates that society, it is in almost every respect, comparable in organization - or lack of organization to that of the Christophers. Anyone who is in full harmony with the tenets of the Society and willing to aid in its work to inform and aid the mass, may become members, without obligation. There are no entrance fees, no dues. Cooperation is the only law.

Those who became associated with this group, though from every section of the country, were, by their very nature and inclinations, "grass root" Americans. That is, they were imbued with the original uncontaminated American Spirit: They believed in the American flag as the only flag symbolizing individual freedom.

They believed whole-heartedly in America. They were heart and Soul Nationalists.

They believed unquestionably in the American Constitution as spiritually and divinely inspired; as an instrument for human freedom, irrespective of race or creed, with every individual free as families are free, permitting no interference one with the other.

They believed in the educational system then in vogue as the most perfect in the world, basing their conclusions on the number of great men that were the fruit of the system.

They believed firmly and unquestionably in God, the Divine Law, and man's subjection to it.

Following the war, the association became more or less loosely knit, with contacts less regular. These men and women never gave up their ideals, and what is of as great importance, they raised their children in these basic principles so that the generations that followed continued as fundamentally, though by no means exclusively, Christian; Constitutional and Nationalistic Americans; and these, despite their silence, number millions today. Many of them are watching with mounting fear the ever-changing events and the constantly increasing encroachment upon their personal rights, which had its beginning even before the first world war. These Americans some years ago, as in the past when important issues arose, requested us to investigate and to help in the manner we did their parents.

The problem of greatest concern to them, as it should be to every American, is the clearly outlined plans for the subjugation by mental demoralization and degeneration of the mass (all but the few) by the demonic methods described by Bertrand Russell (see reproduction of page 50) in his The Impact of Science on Society, from which we quote, and repeat again and again, in order to make the reader conscious of the extreme seriousness of the practices and intentions of the enemies of man and God. To these practices have been added others more insidious (and as destructive) and the mass actually believe them to be for their benefit, and willingly accept them:

"Fitche laid it sown that education should aim at destroying free will, so that after pupils have left school, they would be incapable, throughout the rest of their lives, of thinking or acting otherwise than their schoolmasters would have wished...DIET,(2) injections and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the type of character and sort of belief that the authorities(3) consider desirable."

(2) In the first edition of The Age of Treason, all of the diabolical methods recounted by Russel on Page 50 and 51 of he book The Impact of Science on Society, were dealt with. Since then, the subject has become far too large to be properly considered in one volume. In the present volume: Your Health and Sanity in The Age of Treason, we will deal only with foods and liquids, the two things man must have to live, and the methods now being followed in adulterating both with Toxic, Cancer and other disease creating additives. Another volume to follow: The Age of Treason, will expose and deal exhaustively with the many methods now being practiced to degenerate the minds of men into those of m*o*o*ns and imbeciles, that the victims may be readily controlled.
(3) These "authorities" naturally, are those who, by one means or another have succeeded in gaining the power to force the mass to yield to their every wish.

The better informed public at large who had read much of the literature on the methods at the time in practice, was becoming panic stricken by the fear that these consciousless and Soulless agents would not be content with the methods they were using, but would discover other and perhaps more horrible means to carry out their plans.

Complying with the many requests to undertake the outlined investigation, we made numerous lengthy trips throughout America and the first volume of The Age of Treason was the result.

When we accepted the assignment, we did so with the expressed proviso:

That whatever the results of our investigations, we would not indulge in personal and individual recrimination, name calling, and/or defamation of character of any nature.

We did not, and do not, believe in this form of character assassination. We feel that this has become so common that when an intelligent, educated, reasoning person reads of the commission of an almost incomprehensible and treasonable action, coupled with all manner of vilification, his conclusion and reactions are: The writer has "an axe to grind." He is also conscious of the fact that those who do not belong to favored "cliques," but labor for the welfare of humanity, will be vilified and persecuted: hence it was agreed that however guilty of wrong any person might be, the act, NOT THE PERSON, would be exposed and condemned.

It was also understood that whenever possible, we would avoid offering our personal opinion or reaction of any occurrence, act, or affair. We would simply quote those who made reports, who had investigated or exposed methods practiced, giving them full credit. Our conclusions would be voiced only after a careful analysis, and full consideration based upon OUR OWN ACTUAL KNOWLEDGE AS A RESULT OF PERSONAL EXPERIENCE, and then leave it to the reader to STUDY, THINK, REASON, INVESTIGATE, AND ARRIVE AT THE TRUTH; AND ACT AS A MAN SHOULD.

Specifically, our desire from the very beginning of our efforts had, and still has, but one objective: THE WELFARE OF OUR FELLOW MAN. If we can succeed in awakening our true Americans to their great danger, our aim has been achieved, if not, it is recognized that every man has free Will, and the right and opportunity to either save or damn himself. This text is the medium to expose to all who read it, in unmistakable terms, the numerous means the enemies of men and God have THEMSELVES FRANKLY STATED THEY HAVE BEEN DOING TO THE TEEMING MILLIONS; WHAT THEY ARE NOW DOING, WHAT THEY PROPOSE TO DO, AND HOW THEY PLAN DOING IT, in their efforts to change the creature known and accepted, more especially by those who profess themselves as Christians, as "Gods noblest creation," into m*o*o*ns, Robots and Zombies; Imbeciles to be enslaved.

To guard against misunderstanding, and the charge of repetition, numerous statements, perhaps in different words or terms, WILL BE MADE TIME AND AGAIN THROUGHOUT THE TEXT, IN OUR ENDEAVOR TO IMPRESS THEM THE MORE FIRMLY ON THE MIND OF THE READER.

Some of the writers quoted and accepted as authorities throughout the world, are positive in their statements. As for ourselves, we prefer to imply, rather than to claim, that IT IS SO. We feel that by doing this we will avoid antagonism even among those who feel as we do, and our conclusions will be the more readily accepted.

It is our contention that he who knowingly permits another, even though that other be his enemy, to be misled, or harm to come upon him or upon those dear to him, is a traitor to his fellow man, his country and to his God. He is guilty of treason.

So great has become the momentum of treason to the American people that even many of those in the highest positions whose duty it is to protect the American people, and who by taking the oath of their office should be the intermediary between the citizens and God in dispensing justice, have flagrantly betrayed their trust, actually turning over the citizens to the enemy.

A correspondent, an attorney as well known in Washington as in his own city, after reading the text of the present volume, wrote us his impression. His conclusions are so vital to every American still filled with pride in his race, his manhood, and ideals for achievement, that we feel his statements should be included in this Introduction:

"The thing that bothers me in addition to the things you have mentioned is the general apathy on the part of the people....Also the fact that great masses of people are living the easy way which brings about lethargical conditions, but beyond this I wonder if there is not some condition created by a general lowering of the human race to the animal level, so that a mass-herd instincts seems to take control of them,"(4)

(4) This is unquestionably true, and is no more than a repetition of what has happened in all nations that achieved greatness in the past. This general lowering of the human mass to an almost animal level or even lower, always follows when life becomes too easy, too mechanical; hours of labor too short; labor itself made too easy, resulting in too much free time not devoted to constructive efforts.

The very basis of a man's nature helping him to keep natural is, that he labor so as to become tired, and in want of rest at the end of the day. The poet had the correct concept when he wrote: "For men must work (not play at work) and women must weep (that is, bear the burden of womanhood, motherhood and the labor connected therewith)."

Who, you question, desires this? Admittedly, comparatively few, but there are still many whose concepts of the founding fathers and personal achievement by effort remain their ideals, and whose faith in the prophecy of the seers of pre-Biblical times that America is to ultimately become the land of the truly free will in due time come true despite all the destructive efforts of the enemies of God and men. It is for these God-loving and true Americans, and at their request, that we have labored to prepare this text.

"Isn't there some evidence that as humans become more and more materialistic the draw away from the Spiritual impulse for individual development(5) and sink into the animal psyche? Is this not the ultimate result of the forces which reduce Spiritual manifestation to common mass level?"

(5) This has happened time and again throughout the ages, and marked the beginning of the decadence of the race. This was recognized throughout all time; hence the warning: "History repeats itself." Fortunately for humanity of the future, there were always groups of men, organized into close Fraternities, who recognized this, and drew to themselves others of like nature in preparation for the final phase of the Human Drama. Outstanding among such drama were those of Sodom and Gomorrah; Nineveh, Babylon, Greece's Saphoism and Romes debauchery. In each instance, history did repeat itself. The ultimate end of races, or nations, were, as a whole, foreseen by John as clearly indicated in his Revelation - yes, we still believe in a Ruling Power and a Divine Law that has the final word. John classified men into two categories: The "chaff" to be destroyed, and the "wheat" to be chosen;" i.e., to live and father a new and more advanced race. The question is ever the same: To which class do you wish to belong?

Our hope is that this book will be found to be basically different from all others because of our refusal to follow the usual recrimination route, and that the reader will recognize that wh have given those who have such great confidence in us, sufficient information to enable them to act as reasonable human beings and, above all, God-fearing Americans should.

Throughout uncounted centuries, morally and Spiritually-minded men were concerned more especially with one all-important edict as it concerned their destiny. This is simply stated:

"Fear not those who are able to destroy your body, but those who can destroy body and Soul."

The emphases is placed on the Soul of man, that being the only reality; the mental and physical being temporal.

This Divine edict has necessitated a change as the result of the machinations of an almost unbelievably vicious minority of human creatures to:

Fear those who by usurped power have the means to destroy mans reason and manhood, hereby making of man an unreasoning being, a robot or zombie, preventing him from fulfilling his Divine destiny by making the Soul's awakening impossible.

The methods employed for this purpose are now admittedly being pursued in America, the real American people generally being the victims. The procedures are the most vicious and diabolical the human mind could conceive. The express intent of our efforts is to expose some of the worst of these inhuman methods, that those who will may protect themselves and their families by means of sane, Divinely indicated methods at the command of all men and women.

Finally, who is at fault" Who is responsible for these hideous and inhuman practices with worse to follow?

How is it possible that among an intelligent and civilized people a single one of these evils has become possible? Let us, you and we, face the facts. It is because you, and YOU, not excusing ourselves, fail to assume our personal responsibilities by not voting into office men imbued with the true American spirit.

As we finish these final notes we are listening to Metropolitans rendition of Wagners "Twilight of the Gods" and cannot help but wonder whether we are not in the twilight of man, and as with Wagners "gods" we, by our own negligence, will fail to "husband the Divine inheritance."
Sincerely given,

R. Swinburne Clymer

First Edition
February 16, 1957
Second Edition
June 17, 1958
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Your Health and Sanity In The Age of Treason © 1958, R. Swinburne Clymer

A Vicious, Carefully Planned Method for the Mental Degeneration of Mankind,
Making of Men Human Zombies, Robots and Automation:

"Diet,(1) injections and inunctions will be combined from very early in life
to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable,
and serious criticism of the powers that be, will become psychologically impossible.

~ Bertrand Russell, The Impact of Science On Society, Page 50, 1953 edition.

**In compliance with the request of the many who subscribed for, and helped in the publication of the first edition of The Age of Treason, the original Chapters which appeared in that edition are entitled Chapters, while the additions to the volume will be called Sections. We do not wish it to be understood that we class this publication as literature. There is no continuity of thought, subject or procedure. Our intent is solely to convey information that will be of benefit to the reader, indicating to him how he may protect himself and loved ones.

1) In the present treatise - Chapter One of the text: Your Health and Sanity, we deal only with the subject of food and liquid consumed by the people, and some of the many Toxic (poisonous) substances used by the processors of these foods.

An "high priestess" of the Marxist cult, in detailing the methods for the debasement of all but a sellect few of mankind, was the notorious Ana Pauker of Poland, a Communist leader known the world over as the world's most inhuman butcher, gave the details of a well-laid plan to bring about the conquest of America by various methods, among them those outlined bu Bertrand Russel for the deterioration of the minds of men.

This scheme was outlined by Ana Pauker to Ilena, Princess of Romania, and quoted by her in her book, I Live Again, published by Rhinehart and Co., Inc., N.Y. Pages 288-89:

    "Ana Pauker explained to me quite brilliantly and - so far as I have been able to determine from Newspapers and magazines I have now read here - quite correctly, the industrial setup of the United States, and I remember that she stressed particularly its dependence on electric power. She had figures and statistics to prove that if electric power were destroyed, the entire country would be so completely disorganized that it could no recover before the government was taken over by those prepared to do so.(2)

    "Another easy method of attack, she explained was offered by the kind of water system(3) on which a high percentage of the population depended, and which could be destroyed or polluted simply and easily.

    "She explained that these and other similar possibilities existed not only because an urban population had forgotten the basic fundamentals of food raising and food preparation and conservation, but it was also because the system of food distribution itself was such that it could be seriously disarranged by only a few slight efforts, and completely destroyed by a little more.

    "Experience along this line
[especially food preparation], had already been carried out on a small scale in the United States, she assured me, so that information on over-all methods had been checked and made extremely accurate."[/list]

(2) It must not be erroneously supposed that these "so prepared" are entirely of foreign birth. On the contrary, perhaps today a majority of them are American born who have permitted themselves to be completely "brain washed" and thoroughly inoculated mentally with foreign ideologies and concepts or, are seeking the easiest and quickest way to gain riches or preference without the slightest consideration for their fellow men.
(3) This subject, equally important with that of food, is fully dealt with in The Age of Treason, companion work to the present volume.

Ana Pauker's information of the preparation of meat, or more properly, the preparation of cattle and poultry for food, and the methods employed to preserve them, as well as all too many other foods, was entirely correct.

Old-fashioned and long followed methods are frequently replaced by new and simpler ones, especially if greatly to the financial interest of those so engaged. These later methods may have a two-fold effect, one baneful, though the writer would not wish it understood that the methods employed and to be explained, were always with the intent for the purpose outlined by Bertrand Russell and Ana Pauker, though served their purpose admirably.

Who is not familiar with the old-fashioned practice of castrating male calves so that they would grow into steers whose meat is so much more tender and desirable than it would be if the calf were permitted to grow into a bull.

The secondary effect of this operation, and this is highly important in the plan followed by the destroyers of mankind, is that it will have a profound effect upon the nature of the animal; castration destroying its ferocity, hence, its power, or desire of resistance, the nature of the bull.

There was also the long practiced method of caponizing male chickens so that they become abnormal females in nature; the comb, most prominent male characteristic, failing to develop; the flesh becoming tender, with nothing left of the bird's natural "cockiness" of self-defending, or fighting qualities.(3)

(3) Profane science - the system and plan of science to work to the deterioration of man and his mass degeneracy to serfdom - has now mastered the means of transforming the male, the "he" characteristics of both the bull and the cockerel, as well as their flesh, by more direct methods; procedures detrimental to man's health and sanity.

Every vigilant human being should be concerned with several important factors involved: The methods or means by which it is possible to change man's characteristics as easily as the animal's. Man is a warrior by nature, the protector of his family, and his own rights and privileges; an individual, a free man, Biblically speaking: "A co-worker with God." A being who has wrought great things and who, if not interfered with, will do even greater things. This being is to be turned into a lesser female; unable, even unwilling, to defend himself, much less his family or country; becoming a slave; a nonenity, a human zombie; a robot, an automaton.

The first consideration must be the animal so treated and then sold as food to be consumed by men, women, youths and children, and secondly, the final effect such treated meats will have on those who consume these meats.

There is a Toxic chemical substance ling known to Endocrinologists and prescribed by them in the treatment of various specific diseases named "Diethylstilbestrol," more commonly known as Stilbestrol, substituted frequently by physicians for natural Estrogens.

Someone, not necessarily a foreign agent, but rather someone who, possibly without vicious intent, sought a means to greater profit, found that the same effect was possible with the use of Stilbestrol when used as an inoculation of birds or fed to animals, as resulted from the desexing of birds or the castrating of male animals; softening the flesh and destroying the male characteristics.

Stilbestrol is, as stated, a synthetic, a chemical product. It is far more Toxic than organic estrogen. It is safe to assume that no physician with actual experience with Endocrines, natural or synthetic, would prescribe it for children, youths, males or women unless he found it specifically indicated and then only under his close supervision.

Generally, by the cautious physician, it is prescribed only for women during the Menopause, or Change of Life, and in the treatment of certain tumors and cancers.

Many physicians with long experience, believe that the employment of synthetic Stilbestrol, if too long continued, will actually cause tumors of the breast and uterus, these in turn becoming malignant, turning into cancer. It is a dangerous medicinal agent in other than experienced hands.

At the present (1958) time it is estimated that more than half of all fowls sold are inoculated with pellets of Stilbestrol, but there is no accurate estimate of the number of beef cattle receiving it in their feed. This substance is not entirely eliminated from the flesh of the animals so fed before slaughtering, nor by the preparation of the meat for human consumption. It is stored more abundantly in the liver and is doubly dangerous to those suffering from anemia who use liver more abundantly in the belief that liver will build blood.

That there is real danger in the consumption of such meats by human beings was early recognized. It became so apparent that an investigating committee was formed in America, known as the Delaney Committee who, according to their reports, found that the amount of the substance in the bodies of chickens was 20 times the amount a reputable physician would prescribe for his patient, and only if under his constant supervision.

It was further found that when the offal of chickens composed mainly of the heads of chickens so treated, was fed to male minks, it caused them to become sterile.(4)

(4) It is to be noted that the Marxist or Communist plan is, at least in part, to castrate sterilize or otherwise make impotent, not incompetent, a certain class, and certain number, of all males. This subject well receive more detailed attention in the companion volume: The Age of Treason.

Even more alarming information as it concerns the human family, and in relation to this vicious practice, was the reported testimony of the witnesses before the committee, Dr. Robert K. Enders, Professor of Zoology at Swarthmore College, testified that a sufficient amount of the drug Stilbestrol is potent to retard the growth of children, cause cystic breasts,(5) cystic kidneys and suppress ovulation.

(5) tumors of the breast in women have increased alarmingly within the past few years. Physicians familiar with Stilbestrol believe that it has this property. Is it not possible that the large consumption of fowl and meats so treated are the cause of this horrible condition? Should not there be a thorough investigation for the sake of women? Would it not be wise for housewives to refuse to buy and serve such meats, protecting themselves and their families? At least until such time as it is shown for certain what effects such meats have on children, youths, women and men also.

Another of the methods employed by those planning world dominion, more especially the subjugation of the Anglo-Saxon race, is to inhibit ovulation so that only the selected females would bear children. This subject will have more complete consideration later. In the meantime, to avoid becoming a victim, it would be wise for women of child-bearing age to avoid such meats as well as all foods so treated, if for no other reason than this danger.

Dr. Enders, not being a practicing physician, without experience with this drug, hence lacking the knowledge actual practice would have given him, DE CLAREd he did not believe that eating the flessh might produce this result, but reportedly did admit that the drug becomes concentrated in the liver of such chickens and might produce this effect. He further admitted that the drug has Toxic effects when injected in small amounts over a period of time, and this apparently is just what happens by the continued consumption of such meat.

Dr. E. Malcolm Stokes, in an article published in the "Western Journal of Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, September 1948, wrote:

"Single large doses of natural estrogen substances are quickly excreted... Long continued, repeated administration in relatively small doses [as in daily consumption of meats permeated with Stilbestrol](6) may intensify tissue response to the hormone."

Another physician, Dr. Carl G. Hartman, of the Ortho Research Foundation, Stated:

" is widely believed among the medical profession that Estrogen(6) is a means of stimulation cancer. Estrogen given to a rat produced cancer in three months." Further... "We find that if you give a little and then discontinue a while, then give a little more and stop a while again, is more effective than giving it continuously."

(6) This Statement should be qualified. There are, as already stated, two types of Estrogen: The natural, made from gravid mare's urine, and the synthetic. Experience would indicate that the natural estrogen prescribed by an experienced physician will not cause cancer; while the synthetic, the type fed to cattle, does. Though not so stated, it seems that the indicated Estrogen is the synthetic type. In either case, it is a warning of how carefully this substance should be employed, and then only as a remedial agent by physicians. Parents who have regard for their own health and the welfare of their children, will not us such meats as articles of food.

According to medical literature on the subject(7) of both Estrogen and Stilbestrol, all agree that both are powerful drugs; Stilbestrol far more so than natural Estrogen. The Endocrinologist would be unable to successfully practice his profession without Estrogen. Experience during the past forty years has proven its efficiency and safety in competent hands, especially in the treatment of Menopause - the Change of Life in Women. Many physicians who are fully conversant with Stilbestrol will not use it in their practice except in special cases; sometimes in the treatment of certain types of cancer, mostly in the male.

(7) Literature by Pharmaceutical houses may at times make greater claims for a product than is justified; they seldom deal overstrongly on their dangers.

Both Estrogen, the Natural product and the synthetic, are powerful, and their tendency is not only in the direction of their therapeutic action, but more especially in their effect upon other endocrine functions, the reaction of which, when counter-indicated, may be terrifying, especially on the neuro-mental system.

The functional changes may come about slowly [usually do], or suddenly; and once started, no one can forecast the final results.(8) Infinite care is exercised by Endocrinologist in their use, in order to avoid the more apparent complications that follow in their wake; such as the various cysts on the productive organs of women; tumors; killing of the fetus, bringing about miscarriage or death in the uterine walls; weakening of the mentality and destroying fertility.(8) The employment of Stilbestrol in de-sexing chickens and as feed for cattle is undoubtedly more dangerous than the indiscriminate use of natural Estrogen by well-meaning but inexperienced physicians.

(8) All this is well known to the vicious element in our midst whose whole intent, and every effort, is to subjugate all but their sellect group; the easiest way being by means of those essentials which all must have in order to live: food and water.

Many physicians will remember that it was Dr. Henry R. Harrower, a pioneer in the prescribing of Glandular extracts in the treatment of disease, who stated that Stilbestrol is not decomposable in the body structure, hence, the natural protective activity of the bodily organs are ineffective in prohibiting harmful results. Natural Estrogen, on the other hand, is decomposed, and any of its possible harmful effects may be more or less made ineffective.

Physicians versed in the use of Endocrines (Glandular extracts) agree generally that stilbestrol is a dangerous drug in all except experienced hands.

It should be prescribed only by physicians after they have made a thorough examination of their patient and found what they believe to be a need for its use, and even then, to substitute natural Estrogen instead wherever indicated, in order to avoid the always possible harmful effects.

The employment of Stilbestrol by the laity with absolutely no knowledge of the dangerous agent they are employing, in conditioning chickens and meats, is mass medication without license, with a dangerous Toxic drug that may have universal disastrous results on all who eat such adulterated foods. This is especially true as it concerns children, youths, young women and men, resulting as it may, in their sterilization or cancer - something fervently hoped for by the enemies of mankind.

What is the remedy? There is but one safe way. Not to use the meats so treated as food. Under no circumstances give such meats to the family. Fathers and mothers of America, you are the guardians of your family. To betray your trust in any way, is to commit treason to them, to the State, to your God.

Stilbestrol is intended only as a remedial agent having a specific purpose in medical practice, it is certain that no reputable, experienced physician would prescribe it for a girl of four, eight, eleven, or even of sixteen, or for any male, or, for that matter, for any woman unless there was present a direct indication for its use. This being admittedly true of all physicians prescribing Stilbestrol, what right has the laity, without the slightest knowledge of its toxic potency, to permeate foods that practically all but strict vegetarians ingest daily, unpossessed as they are, of the slightest idea of what temporary or permanent injury it will have upon the consumer's physical, and especially his mental condition.

If a physician were to prescribe a Toxic drug of which he possessed little or no knowledge, such drug causing temporary or permanent physical injury to the patient, and it became known to the victim, he would be subject to suit for damage.

It is certain that no reputable, experienced physician would at anytime or in any instance, prescribe such a drug en masse, especially not for reasons of profit. Nevertheless the raisers of animal stock for food, and the processors of such foods are permitted, without a semblance of knowledge or license, to do so.

Such practice being almost universal now, what is to be the verdict for those who practice such mass medication with Toxic drugs by feeding such drugs to animals to be slaughtered for human consumption, by old and young, well or ill, where such drugs are as counter indicated as is Stilbestrol.

It is the duty, a sacred one of the physician, to protect the life and welfare of the people as a whole. If he does not, he is a traitor to his profession. It is also the duty of parents to protect the welfare of their children. It is equally the duty of the producer of food substances to make every effort that all food for the sole purpose of sustaining the consumer's physical and mental well-being shall be as wholesome as is possible. It is the duty of legislators to make certain that protective laws are placed on the statute books.

If any of these fail, or are guilty of an act which is not to the benefit of those they serve, or, are responsible for, are they not criminal by act, and guilty of treason as a result of harm done, and is this not a crime against humanity, the State, and God?

Having in view the welfare of the people, Stilbestrol is a dangerous drug in the hands of other than physicians, because it is only indicated in abnormal conditions, to which women principally are subject, as in the change of Life (menopause), and/or, from the physician's standpoint, in the treatment of cancer and some other diseases.(9) When given or injected where the indications for it are not present, it may cause cancer and other abnormal conditions of mind and bdy, and be especially detrimental to children and youths.

The Stilbestrol mixed with the feed for animals is synthetic and is far more potent than the natural made from gravid mare's urine. More and more experienced physicians are beginning to believe that this synthetic preparation, even when prescribed where it is indicated, is the cause of tumors of the breast and uterus, these tumors frequently turning into cancer.(9)

(9) Physicians generally, especially Endocrinologists, being fully aware of the dangers involved in the prescribing of Stilbestrol are constantly in search for agents less Toxic to replace comparatively new discovery which appears to offer good results without the undesirable reactions of Stilbestrol.

The author, as do the many who have appealed to medical men to investigate and give them their conclusions, feels this subject is so supremely important to humanity, that he considers himself duty bound to give the opinions of Endocrinologists accepted as authorities on the subject.

[the natural and less toxic] are contra-indicated in patients who have, or have had, malignant lesions of the breast or genital tract and in patients who have been radiated for excessive uterine bleeding.... The ill-advised use of Estrogen may lead to post-menopausal bleeding." ___G. W. Carnick Manufacturing Chemists.

"Stilbestrol is a potent drug and serious consequences may result unless it is used under constant medical supervision. Physicians who use this drug should be familiar with its indication, dosage, and precautions, and particularly the possible detrimental side effects. Extreme care should be taken to avoid over dosage. It is also desirable that the breast and pelvic organs be examined before treatment is instituted, as well asat frequent intervals during therapy. ___Dr. Henry R. Harrower(10)

"The most common immediate side effects of this therapy are nausea and vomiting,(11) less frequently noted are epigastric pains and discomfort, and diarrhea. Some reports mention lassitude and occasionally allergic reactions. In addition to the foregoing, anorexia, pareathesia, vertigo, thirst and even acute psychosis have been seen.(12)

"Although the side effects may be seen from both oral and parenteral administration, it seems that they are more likely to be produced by the oral medication. Since the cause and mechanism of the side effects of Stilbestrol are not clearly understood, it is advisable to stop this therapy as soon as these toxic reactions are noted."[/llist]

(10) Dr. Harrower may be considered as the father of Endocrinology in America. He did more than any other physician to make Glandular Therapy known to the Medical profession.
(11) J. Varangot. Lancet, February 4, 1939, CCXXXXVI P. 296
(12) Drs. E. Shorr and F.H. Robinson, and G.N. Papanicolaou, Journal American Medical Association, Dec. 23, 1939, CXIII, P. 2320.

In the universal consumption of meat and fowl permeated by this Toxic drug, who is there to stand on guard to note such symptoms as may follow the continued ingestion of these foods?

    "Among the less serious by-effects sometimes noted in menopausal patients, is an increase in the size of the breasts with tingling and a feeling of fullness; and in some cases an uncomfortable increased libido. Occasionally a marked pigmentation of the nipples and the areolae will be noted....

    "In effective oral dosage, Stilbestrol is more likely to interfere with the anterior pituitary of the ovarian function(13) than is natural estrogenic therapy. It should therefore, be used, if at all with great care in young women." ___Dr. Harrower.

    "Primary action of Stilbestrol is on the Genital system: endometrial and virginal epitheliums, myometris, endometrial and myometrial vascular systems, and the parenchyma of the breasts. Secondary effects are produced in the skin and its appendages, the peripheral bed and perhaps the osseous system." ___Author unknown.

This being true, it never having been contradicted, what will be the effect, the final result, when this Toxic substance is daily consumed by young girls whose generative system is as yet wholly dormant? Do mothers care to risk the future welfare of their daughters? (14)

(13) It was previously mentioned that the ingestion of Stilbestrol in any form or media may set up undesirable activity in other glands and bring about serious and even dangerous mental symptoms or conditions. The foregoing statement by a noted Endocrinologist confirms that conclusion.
(14) Within the past few years a new condition or disease has made itself manifest, something wholly unknown until recently, greatly worrying parents. Boys of fourteen, sexteen and even eighteen, developed large painful breasts exactly comparable to the condition in women for whom the drug Stilbestrol was prescribed, and requiring the same treatment. The only apparent causes are the Toxic drugs fed to animals or employed in processing food. It is too soon to give an opinion, but this may also act as a sterilization agent as it does in animals fed the offal from fowl fed with these agents.

    "In a letter to Dr. Harrower, editor of a house organ to physicians, Bishop agrees with Hawkins (P. M. F. Bishop -Brit. Medical Journal, London, Aug. 21, 1943, 11, P.244) in believing that about 75 persent of women in the menopause require estrogenic therapy. Further, he states that: ‘provided it is given in low dosage and with intervals of remission of treatment the results are most satisfactory and...undesirable by-effects seldom supervene and are of little account.'

    "Bishop points out that the matter of dosage is of great importance for at least three reasons: (1) High estrogen dosage renders the organism less sensitive to subsequent dosage, so what was previously a minimal effective dose produces no response if given soon after. (2) continued high dosage gives rise to endometrial changes, such as cystic glandular hyperplasia, troublesome uterine hemorrhages. (3) Prolonged inhibition of pituitary activity, such as is obtained with continuous high estrogenic therapy, is undesirable. Women vary considerably in their sensitivity to estrogens at different ages and under different conditions. In general, the menopausal woman is quite sensitive and small interrupted dosage suffices." __Dr. Harrower.

Here again the author carefully points out the dangers of even Estrogens - Stibestrol being far more toxic - unless carefully supervised. What happens when men, women and youths ingest this substance daily with no supervision whatever? What is to become of our race in the future of mass medication via foods is permitted to continue?

Let us suppose for the sake of argument, that not a particle of this Toxic drug remains in the flesh of the animal after it is killed, what has happened to the animal's flesh itself? We have considered the physiological effects on human beings, the physical man, even under careful supervision, What will the flesh of the animals so treated do to the human beings who ingest it daily? Man is physically and mentally what he eats, not to mention the effects the two have on the spiritual?

What is the reason for the use of this Toxic substance in the food of the steer or as an unction of fowl? Profit? Profit whether righteous. Formerly beef were conditioned for the market in Nature's way by the feeding of enriched by Nature vitamized-mineralized sun kissed yellow corn and properly seasoned alfalfa which became a part of the animal's flesh, making it a life-giving food.

Why feed so much of this golden substance to animals when, by the use of Toxic drugs, much less need be fed and the balance sold for hard cash? Presto! The change from the natural way of conditioning animals to the artificial? Let the people pay both the price and the penalty.

We have thus far given considerable space to the Toxic substance - Stilbestrol - first employed for conditioning animals for the market in place of its natural food - corn. Unfortunately, al in all human experience, one evil gives birth to others, and other agents, equally Toxic, but in a different manner and with different influences on the human system, where thought of, experimented with, found to serve the purpose intended, and producers began to use them generally. Unfortunately, widely read magazines, among them Reader's Digest June, 1951, edition gave wide publicity to such a plan, without a word of warning. Still more regrettably, the item had the wholly misleading pre-title":

"Here's good news, a promise of more meat, at lower cost to the farmer."

The Title of the Article: Drugs That Prod Animals To Grow Faster. Condensed from Science News Letter, by J. S. Radcliff.

The person who mailed us this copy marked: questions: "Is this actual modern science? I always understood that science had as its goal and motivating concept the good of humanity? Can this be said of such a method which employs Toxic drugs as animal conditioners such as should be most carefully and guardedly administered only by physicians of experience in the treatment of diseases. Drugs which may harmfully and permanently affect those who consume the meats of animals so fed."

There can be only one answer to this question: This is not the science of scientific minds; it is the profane science of minds brainwshed by the vicious concepts of Asiatics who have less regard for human welfare and life than they have for their animals. Let us give consideration to the article in question:

    "Less than a decade ago penicillin was a costly curiosity, often unobtainable even when a life was at stake. Today it is do cheap and plentiful that wise(?) Farmers use it in animal feed - with eye-opening results."

    Time offers opportunity for experience, experience changes practices and opinions. Referring to the November 1956 issue of the health magazine, Prevention, we are confronted with the following statements based on official findings:

Penicillin(15) in milk is another headache, for cheese producers, for doctors, for you and me. Dr. Henry Welch, chief of the Food and Drug Administration, Antibiotics Division, found traces of penicillin in some of the 474 quarts of milk he tested in 1955, so he ordered testing of this year's milk, too. According to a press release from the food and Drug Administration of February 22, 1956, traces of drug were found in 8% of some 1,700 milk samples from all sections of the country. No one could trace any ill effects to the antibiotic. But experts agree that they could create serious complications to milk drinkers who are already super-sensitive to the drug."

    "Dr. C. C. Beck, of Michigan State University, is quoted in an undated newspaper clipping as saying at a dairy field men's conference that the low level of antibiotics in milk is building up a sensitivity to the drug. In other words, if one of those people who do not have any adverse reaction from a dose of penicillin, is likely to develop sensitivity to the drug through milk-drinking, then, when given a dose of penicillin later, serious symptoms might develop. Medical Journals are continually pointing out the ever-present danger of serious or even fatal reactions for slight indispositions."

(15) In general, Penicillin is injected for the cure of mastitis in milking cows. This potent drug is not eliminated by the processing of the milk by dealers. This in itself is destructive enough to body and mind, but it does not stop there, some milk dealers even add Formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is well enough as a surgical dressing to prevent infection, or as an embalming fluid, but certainly not as a food adulterant.


Rather grave charges are made against penicillin by a physician who appears to have full knowledge of the subject he discusses in an item published in the Post-Standard, Syracuse, New York, November 13, 1957.

This is a condition no longer a secret to many, and we add his testimony to that of many other experienced physicians as a warning to the millions who consume a great deal of this valued basic protein food.

    "Milk Polluted by Penicillin Given to Cows"
    "Binghamton, Nov. 12 (AP) - Retail milk dealers have reported their supplies ‘contaminated' by penicillin that farmers use to treat their cows, a city-employed veterinarian said today.

    "Dr. John P. Ayres, who also is associated sanitarian in the city health bureau, said the amount of penicillin in some milk ‘has got to the point where it affects people who are allergic to penicillin - they are reacting to the milk itself.(16)

    "Dairymen can buy the antibiotic at feed stores and other retail outlets without prescription.(17)

    "So, Ayers said: ‘farmers use penicillin in massive quantities(18) to cure infections that cut down milk supply.' These include mastitis, and inflammation of the udder.

    "Ayers attacked the method of selling penicillin, and said a recent regulation of the food and drug administration - aimed at limiting sales - was inadequate.

    "He further stated it also affected the production of cottage cheese since penicillin kills the bacteria required in the fermentation process.(19)

(16) Unfortunately, this reaction does not generally manifest itself until the harm may have been done. This is especially regrettable because in numerous instances it has been fatal in the case of children.
(17) Long experienced physicians must sign prescriptions to obtain a supply of Toxic drugs for use in their practice. The laity has greater privileges than the man educated to use it.
(18) this is to the detriment of the millions who use milk as part of their daily diet of their families. These are at the mercy of those who use such Toxic drugs without control from any source.
(19) this bacteria is of great importance in clabbered milk and in buttermilk. The most beneficial agent in clabbered milk and buttermilk is lactic acid.

An English authority, the Commonwealth Director of Health in Queensland, Dr. D. A. Dowling, is quoted in the Intelligence digest, London, June 1955, as saying:

    "It is now possible that through indiscriminate(20) use of penicillin and other antibiotics the drugs will soon become completely useless in Australia... When penicillin was first introduced in Australia it had no harmful effects. Now, it headed the list of medical agencies causing uncontrollable allergies, and was frequently a killer."

    "Dr. Dowling also said a second dangerous result was the emergence of strains of diseases, resistant to antibiotics, which retain their immunity as they spread from person to person. He blamed their indiscriminate(20) use for petty ailments for the loss of effect."

(20) The statement in itself would be condemnatory of all serums, penicillin and all other such agents. This would be a biased opinion. If, however, consideration is given to the term "indiscriminate use," the opinion is clarified.

These excerpts are not from the writings and reports of those who are opposed to all inoculations, but from the statements made by men who have the welfare of all at heart. Men who are continually investigating methods of treatment; experimenting with drugs, condemning and discarding those they find to be more harmful than beneficial.

Even a casual investigation by anyone will quickly prove to him that parents today live under a constant state of fear and dread as to what the advocated "shots" will actually do to their children.

To continue with the article in Reader's Digest:

    "Penicillin, aureomycin, streptomycin, terramycin(21) and other antibiotics somehow help animals to grow faster and at the same time reduce mortality. They reach market size sooner and therefore consume less food. Result: more meat for the world's dinner table.

    "As little as $1.60 worth of drug per $100.00 worth of feed, a few grains in a ton, will hasten the growth of pigs as much as 30 percent, of turkeys 20 percent, and of chickens 10 percent.

    "For years farmers have known that pigs, chickens and turkeys must have, in addition to grain, a supplement of animal protein - skim milk(22), fish meal, (23) or meat scrap.(24) In 1948 this essential ‘animal factor' was identified as Vitamin B12. Crudely extracted from broths that had been used to produce antibiotics and fed to chicks and other animals, it gave growth a mighty kick forward. Three or four weeks after hatching, chicks might weigh 45 percent more than the usual average.

    "Almost every state agricultural experimental station in the country grasped at this promising lead. Dr. Damon Catron of Iowa State College reported that pigs fed aureomycin grew 15 to 31 percent faster than usual.(25) Dr. B. H. Schneider of the State College of Washington found that at the end of 84 days pigs on antibiotic feed weighed 94 pounds, whereas others weighed only 67 pounds. Further antibiotics made runt pigs frow to normal size - important since most litters contain at least one runt.

    "Antibiotics hold equally great promise for poultry men. It takes 11 to 12 weeks to produce a three pound broiler. Antibiotics have cut this to as little as none weeks. They have hastened the date of a pullet's first egg by as much as 15 days.

    "There are a number of theories as to how the antibiotics achieve their remarkable effects, none as yet proved. Will the drug stimulate growth of cows and sheep? It is too early to say, but the answer will probably(26) no.

    "These animals have pouch-like rumens, or stomachs, in which bacteria acts as goods to produce essential vitamins,(27) Antibiotics might kill off these valuable bacteria, thus doing more harm than good.(28)

(21) These three last named drugs are even more potent for harm to body and mind than Penicillin; like Penicillin, their employment should never be permitted except by the physician.
(22) Skim milk is rich in two highly important food elements in maintaining the health of not only animals whose feed does not contain them, but to human beings as well. These are organic Calcium and Casein; one a builder of bone, the other a protein highly essential to maintaining a healthy nervous system. No antibiotic, which is no more than a stimulant at best, can substitute for these natural food elements.
(23) Meat scraps are rich in iron and other minerals and supply the animal with such elements missing in its feed. If the feed were properly grown in undepleted soil no additions would be necessary. Antibiotics and additives cannot substitute for natural feed.
(24) The broths made from organic substances are rich in the elements missing in the animal's food. These elements cannot be successfully substituted. Antibiotics and other chemical substances work by artificial stimulation, whereas the organic substances are natural builders and build organic substances into the meat, making such meat a natural food.
(25) this might readily be compared to the feeding of an under-weight person on starches, sugars and liquid foods. His weight would be almost certain to increase; but, these foods lacking the necessary elements to increase his vital forces and resistance would almost certainly subject him to various ailments.
The Flesh of animals fed on feed that is artificial and possibly lacking in building and sustaining elements, cannot by any stretch of the imagination be recognized as able to supply the human system with these essential elements, nor may we forget for a moment the destructive effects the highly Toxic antibiotics have on the body and mind of man, except when wisely prescribed, and their reactions carefully watched by a competent physician.
(26) The answer may be anything but "no." what new disease in the human family may be the result? How many of the new diseases or symptoms have already afflicted the human family as the result of such experiments? Who will offer himself as the test tube? Nevertheless millions will be such unknowingly while the experiments take place. A certain class of physicians admittedly make countless experiments in their laboratories, but unless they are renegades to their profession, they do not experiment on human beings. Judging by the many questions people are asking, the mass in an ever-increasing number are beginning to believe that the experiments are also being made on human beings without their knowledge or consent.
(27) If these bacteria in the rumens act as producers of essential vitamins, who is there to say that they do not act in the same manner in the stomach of other animals and, if so, as there is every reason to believe they do, then these vitamin builders are not only destroyed, but must be absent in the meats consumed as food. Is it to be wondered that the human family (especially in America) though well supplied with food, is starving for want of vital essentials, vitamins and minerals?
(28) An admittance by these experimenters of what may actually be the result of using these potent drugs in the feed for animals.
(29) (illegible)

What do medical authorities of unquestioned reputation and ability say about some of these potent drugs? In the text Medicine of the Year, an authority on Internal Medicine, Hugh J. Morgan, M.D., Professor of Medicine, Vanderbilt University, states:

    "Since its introduction in 1944, streptomycin has proved to be a valuable cherotherapeutic agent in the treatment of many infectious diseases. Two serious disadvantages have attended its use: the damage to vestibular function and hearing, which it may cause and the rapid development of resistance by organisms exposed to it. Methods of clinical use have been developed which reduce the effect of these characteristics.(29) The fact that they cannot be eliminated has motivated investigators to examine related compounds for efficacy and toxicity. Dihydrostreptomycin is less toxic(30a) and may be equally effective.

    "The degree of injury to the vestibular and auditory components of the eighth caranial nerve is a function of the duration and rate of administration of streptomycin. Treatment schedules have been devised in which the daily dose is small enough or the duration of treatment short enough to reduce greatly the incidence of these manifestations.(30b)

(30a) The toxicity of this drug and others like it is here candidly admitted by the author because he, like all reputable and experienced physicians, has no desire to hide the truth. In fact, it is as much to the credit of these physicians as it is their duty and desire, to save humanity mentally and physically; not destroy them.
(30b) An indication of the extreme caution physicians exercise in prescribing this drug and their watchfulness of its action even where it is directly indicated. There is no such supervision over those who consume the meats. Old and young may become victims.

To further quote Dr. Morgan:

"These limits are sometimes exceeded in the treatment of patients with serious infections susceptible to no other treatment, bt even these patients are examined frequently for vestibular functory acuity. This problem becomes more serious in tuberculosis, meningitis in which one may have to accept deafness and severe ataxia in an attempt to save life."

Many of the editors andstaffs of our popular magazines are becoming conscious of what is taking place in the production of animal foods for consumption by the public. As yet, only a few have given thought to, and connected, the plans long prepared by the enemy master minds and their associates, such as Ana Pauker, for the degeneration of the mentality of the mass and their subjugation and enslavement. The majority of investigators and writers are conscious only of the damage drugged foods might do to the health of the people.

An increasing interest and consciousness is illustrated by an article entitled: Those "New Foods" Can Kill You, by Jack Denton Scott, which appeared in American Mercury, June 1956 issue:

    "America is the greatest food-producing country the world has ever known. We grow the fattest beef, biggest vegetables, juiciest fruit. But - along with the finest food in the world, we're serving liberal portions of disease.(31) We are putting poison on our plates every day.

    "Early this year, at a tax symposium on medicated cattle feed conducted by the U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare, and the Food and Drug Administration, four doctors got on their feet and warned the world against feeding meat animals Diethystilbestrol (Stilbestrol) a synthetic female sex hormone."

(31) This is not an entirely correct statement from the physician's point of view. We are not "serving liberal portions of disease," itself, but the additives in our foods (a fact admitted by the greatest authorities on the subject, those who have given much study to the use of additives) which not only cause disease of body, but mental deterioration as well.

One by one, these medical men said in substance: "This hormone has been known to induce cancer. We do not know what the cumulative effect will be on the human populace which consumes meats fed with this hormone."

Dr. Rigoberto Iglesias, of Chile testified that in the experiments conducted for over two decades he had proved that the continuing administratio of minute doses of the hormone is more effective in inciting cancer than intermittent injections in larger doses. The other doctors said that their tests proved that injections of the female sex hormone in mice, rats and guinea pigs had induced polyps, fibroids and tumors.

How does this affect you the reader and meat consumer? The doctors at the symposium pointed out that more than 30,000,000 chickens and half the beef cattle of the country are, at this moment, being fed Diethystilbestrol. Since the hormone stimulates growth and brings about a rapid increase in weight, the men who put meat n your table favor them but it is illogical and dangerous for you.

Cancer Is Traced to Food Additives
"Experts Symposium in Rome Lists many Dyes, Flavors, Preservatives as unsafe.

Asks Legislative Curb
"Appeals for International collaboration to Protect mankind from hazards.
"By Arnaldo Cortesi. (Special to the New York Times.)

Rome, Aug. 20th, 1956 - A number of food additives used in the United states and Europe as dyes, thickeners, sweeteners, preservatives and the like
were labeled cancer producing today by a symposium of the international uniion against cancer.

"Other food additives were put on a suspect list as unsafe until their properties had been more thoroughly tested.

The cancer experts meeting in Rome acknowledged that this created ‘a serious public health problem." They unanimously recognized the ‘urgent necessity of the international collaboration for the protection of mankind' against such hazards as cancer producing food additives.

"The participants in the symposium also acknowledged that food additives were only one part of the vast problem of environmental cancer, which includes occupational and lung cancers.

"The symposium was attended by forty-two cancer experts from twenty-one countries including seven Americans and four Russians. It was called by the congress of the International uniion against cancer held in Sao Paulo, Brazil.[/list]

Report Subject to Review

    "The joint report unanimously adopted by the symposium is subject to review by the executive committee of the International uniion Against cancer. It is, therefore, possible that some of its conclusions may be modified.

    "The report laid down the basic principle that no food additives should be used unless specifically permitted by legislation based on lists of substances that have been proved innocuous after stringent laboratory tests.

    "It went on to give the first lists of food preservatives and dyes that were found either acceptable, dubious, or definitely dangerous. Dubious preservatives requiring urgent retesting included, sulphureous acid and its derivatives and formic acid.

    "The dangerous preservatives condemned as ‘carcinogenous and to be avoided for human use' included thiourea, tiocetamide, eight-hydroxy, quinoline and hydroquinone. Most and perhaps all of these are used in the United states and Europe.

    "The report said certain mineral oils and paraffins used for coating milk containers(32) as fattening agents for poultry and meat animals. It issued a warning against food stuffs sterilized by radiation as potential cancer hazards and against the use of estrogens(33) as fattening agents for poultry and meat animals.

    "It said that several detergents had ‘co-carcinogenous and prompting effects' and that their use for cleaning food containers therefore required caution.

(32) To protect yourself and family, we suggest that you do not buy your milk or other food in such containers, but only in glass bottles or tin lined containers. This caution cannot be too frequently repeated.
(33) Stilbestrol is a synthetic preparation, i.e., a chemical. It is added t the feed for cattle and sometimes fowl. According to the best authorities it is not destroyed by heat in the preparation of meat or fowl. To properly impress this fact on the mind of the reader it is essential that this staement be repeated time and again.

Food Dyes Condemned

    "Food dyes came in for particular severe condemnation from the symposium. Its report stated that no food dye at present met ‘agreed criteria or safety.' Twenty-nine dyes were listed as ‘unsuitable[‘ or ‘potentially dangerous' with the statement that they should on no account be added to food or drink for men and animals.

    "The fundamental paper that formed the basis of the symposium's recommendations was read by Dr. Wilhelm C. Hueper, German-born member of the United States delegation. He is chief of the environmental Cancer section of the National cancer Institute and is co-chairman of the symposium.

    "Dr. Heuper listed twenty groups of suspect food additives and seventeen groups of suspect food contaminants. Many of these agents, he said, have not been adequately investigated for carcinogenic qualities. The food additives included dyes, thickeners, synthetic sweeteners and flavors, preservatives, shortenings, bleaches, oils and fat substitutes. The food contaminants included antibiotics and estrogens for fattening animals, pesticide residues, soot chemical sterilizers, anti-sprouting agents, wrapping materials, radiation.

    "At the end of their labors the symposium and executive committee of the International uniion Against cancer were received in audience by the Pope at his summer residence of Castel Gandolfo. He delivered a brief address and imparted an apostolic blessing to them and their work." Quotations verbatim from New York Times, Tuesday, August 21, 1956.

Stilbestrol a Definite Cause of Cancer

Stilbestrol is widely recognized by other physicians than those thus far quoted as a possible cause of Cancer. We have here reference to an article in the magazine Prevention, June 1957 issue, pages 64, 69 and 70.

    "Dr. Steyn repeatedly expresses his concern over the children of the world, for it is they who are most susceptible to the effects of carcinogens. It is a sad fact to note that it is these little ones who most often consume the foods such as breads, cakes, sodas,(34) so saturated with dangerous additives.

(34) In maintaining health it is important that no food or drink be consumed which contains adulterants or preservatives. The Labels on all food and drink should be carefully studied before buying.
In medical schools we were taught that preservatives retard the beginning of the digestion of foods in which they are used. Retarding digestion causes gases to form. Gases may create acids. Acids may cause ulcers and from there on anything may happen. The writer of this statement is, as far as known, the oldest dietitian in America, and his experience has verified this.

"For some reason, it has been shown, the immature subjects in experiments show more pronounced harmful effects than older animals when they are fed foods which contain suspected or known carcinogens.

    "As a result of Dr. Steyn's work, two dyes, benzopurpurine and nigrosine have been taken from the approved list of dyes in the uniion of South Africa, after many years of unrestricted use. Both were found to cause loss of weight, retarded growth and general weakness.

    "The uniion of south Africa's vigilance in matters of food additives is further evidenced by its flat condemnation of Stilbestrol, in 1954. This hormone mixture was definitely found to be cancer-causing. In America these hormone products are in use for caponizing cockerels, and are often included in cosmetics for women. The use of Stilbestrol in cattle food is too well known to need added comment.

    "The use of antibiotics to preserve food is warned by Dr. Steyn. He sees in them an invitation to coronary thrombosis because they have been shown to increase the coagulability of the blood, which can lead to clots in the bloodstream. Also, continued ingestion of antibiotics can create a tolerance for them that will neutralize the effect of any antibiotic medication which might be needed in an emergency. Antibiotics in food kill organisms in the body which are there to combat minor infections as well as certain flora and fauna in the intestines which are necessary for health.(35) Quoted verbatim from the June,1957, issue of Prevention. Pages 64,69 and 70.

(35) The experienced reputable physician would never prescribe either natural or synthetic hormones unless his experience indicated the need of them, and for no longer a period than necessary. We consider mass medication by their use in food substances, nothing less than a crime, hence treason to man, the State and God.


After the foregoing reports have been linotyped and made ready for printing, Time magazine, in its September 8, 1958 issue, printed a report so important that it is here reproduced with our comment. Full credit is given Time:

    "Beef & the Man...

    "Readers of Rio de Janeiro's daily Ultima Hora (circ. 135,000) are no strangers to sensation, but even they were shaken to their gonads by the blaring headline: TERROR IN BRAZIL - MEN FEMINIZED.

    "Cause of the panic was the allegation that men had bee feminized by eating beef of steers fattened with the aid of a female hormonal substance, Stilbestrol. The Tribuna do Povo reported that husky Sebastião de Lima Serra of Araçatuba, 500 miles north of Rio, had suffered a ‘veritable metamorphosis, turning into a docile, falsetto-voiced creature of strange customs.' Serra blamed his plight on the hormone-treated beef. Rio's state government proclaimed: ‘The necessary measures will be taken to end this evil.'

    "Before competent authorities could decide whether there was any evil to end, cariocas had the jitters. Sales of beef dropped 40% in Rio, as much as 80% in other cities, and the price of tenderloin plummeted from 50¢ a pound to 3¢. Millions of Brazilians took to a fish diet.

    "Was there anything to it? Probably not, because only a minute proportion(1) of Brazil's beeves have been fattened with the aid of hormones. And when the job is done right, (2) by adding Stilbestrol (or a related synthetic, hormone-like substance) in doses of ten milligrams daily to each animal's feed, nearly(3) all the hormone is metabolized or passes through the digestive tract. Virtually none(4) can ever be found in the meat if the hormone feeding is stopped (as required under U.S. regulations) 48 hours before slaughter.(5)

    "But two Brazilian medical researchers, Drs. Jorge Vaitsman and Jefferson Andrade dos Santos, kept the steak furor sizzling by reporting that they had fed hormone-treated meat to animals with startling results: spayed females ent into heat again, and normal males became infertile or impotent.(6) The researchers forgot to mention how much free hormone was left in the feed. But there was another bogy: in an alternate method, hormone pellets are implanted in the steer's ear or neck for gradual absorption. From the neck, unabsorbed pellets might slip into an edible and thence into an unsuspecting customer.(7)

    "Desperate to put down the local alarm, authorities in rio insisted that there was no danger in Brazil but plenty in the U.S. where hormone fattening is standard practice.(8) Trouble with this argument: U.S. authorities have not turned up a single proven case of enough hormone getting through to have any detectable effect.(9) Last week Director Jayme Lins de Almeida of the Brazilian government's Institute of Animal Biology announced that he was starting ‘rigorous official experiments' to find out who is right."

(1) In the feeding of cattle, who is thereto make certain that only a minute proportion is allotted each animal? This is practically impossible in herd feeding.
(2) "When the job is done right." In how many instances is there supervision to make certain that the job is done right? Possibly not in one instance in a hundred.
(3) A most important statement meat eaters should remember: nearly all, but it is by no means ever certain that all this toxic substance is metabolized by the animal.
(4) Another important admission: "Virtually none is ever found in the meat after hormone feeding is stopped."
     This is pure guess work and is no assurance whatever to meat consumers. There is only one certainty: Do not consume such meat or serve it to the children.
(5) The same important question arises: Who is there to see to it that Toxic substance feeding is stopped 48 hours before slaughtering?
(6) This has been proven time and again to be true. Note the various examples given throughout book. Especially the findings of Wyoming Veterinarians.
(7) This should be sufficient warning to all who consume such meats. Who is to stand guard that this does not happen?
(8) This is freely admitted by competent American authorities whose opinions cannot be successfully contradicted.
(9) This, like the foregoing statement, is not, to say the least, based on fact.
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Your Health and Sanity In The Age of Treason © 1958, R. Swinburne Clymer
Chapter 1 - Section 1

More on the subject of Meat-in-toxi-cation

The copy for the first edition of The Age Of Treason(1) was completed in the early part of February, 1957. Publication was delayed several months due to the serious illness of the Author. The book finally came off the press the latter part of the year, as indicated by the Copyright notice.

(1) The first chapter of the book dealing almost wholly with various meats as foods, remains almost as it appeared in the first edition. This section, as well as other sections dealing with the same subject is added, not directly incorporated. This is done for emphasis.

In this first chapter we gave almost all of our consideration to a single highly Toxic and destructive additive.

That additive is Stilbestrol.

We quoted universally known physicians acquainted with the proper use of this substance, as well as with the danger of its use even in the hands of experienced physicians.

Now, a year later, we find that the National Police Gazette in its February, 1958 number, devotes an article to the same important subject from the standpoint of its danger to the health of those who consume the meat of animals fed this Toxic subject in the feed, or as in the case of fowl, inoculated with it.

This problem of health is important, but not by any means as important or serious as is the destruction of men's mentality, making them incompetent from every point of view. A man may be physically ill or weak, yet be a mental giant, John D. Rockefeller serving as an example.

Quoting the National Police Gazette:

    "There's danger in the meat you eat. Sounds like an advertising slogan you'd hear in a nightmare. But let the words sink in...digest the facts. When you eat that delicious, juicy lamb chop, porterhouse steak, or smoked ham, you may be opening the door of a death trap.

    "This is nothing wrong with eating meat. The danger lies only in how the animals are fed(2) and how the meat is prepared, processed and packaged.(2)

    "And that's where the food and Drug Administration has let the American people down in that it has failed - partly due to ineffective laws(3) - to prevent food manufacturers and meat producers from putting dangerous chemical agents into our food.

    The report by Dr. Hueper, which ... shows that many meats, such as chicken, fish, pork, beef and lamb may become contaminated with cancer-producing agents.

(2) The writer no doubt has in mind only the Toxic substances that are mixed with the feed for such animals. This, in itself offers a great danger to the health of mind and body. Health of mind and body are equally endangered by the fact that these animals are fed in great part with hybrid corn which is minus the most essential element for maintaining health and vitality - the vital life principle.
The Seed Germs - lack of which, according to our experience and the opinions of nationally know Biochemists, unbalances the vitamin and mineral elements which should be contained in the meat if it is to be a desirable food to maintain health and strength.
(3) Great effort is being made at the present writing to enact efficient legislation, though it has been openly said by competent authorities, that opposition by producers and processors of food is so strong due to self interest, that really efficient laws cannot be enacted at this time.

"Danger in Smoked Meats"

    "He pointed out that, in the case of smoked hams, bacon and fish, there is potential danger in the smoking process.(4) danger also lurks in the plastic casing for sausage.(5)

    "But probably the most sensational revelation deals with the careless (deliberate) - and almost criminal - use of female sex <hormones>(6) to fatten chickens and meat animals. Dr. Hueper said the use of these hormones poses a growing threat to the entire nation.

    "The Police Gazette hopes that by publishing these facts it may stimulate the public to protest to their Congressmen.(7) Only in this way will action be taken to tighten the laws restricting the use of dangerous chemicals in food, and in this way safeguard our most precious asset - our health.(8)

(4) Comparatively small portions of "smoked" meats such as ham and bacon is actually cured in the old-fashioned manner. Instead, these meats are injected with certain substances which help affect a "cure" in a few weeks, replacing the former natural method of "cure" which required many months in brine and then weeks in properly smoking. The present "cured" or "smoked" hams and bacon, when slice, will not keep eatable for weeks in ordinary refrigerators, while when properly cured and smoked in the old-fashioned manner a ham was cut, hung in the attic, slices cut off, as required, the rest keeping in perfect condition for months until finally consumed.
It is our opinion that hams ans bacon treated in the old-fashioned manner are not risks to health. We base our conclusions on the fact that for hundreds of years, while these hams and bacon were very liberally consumed, little was known of cancer, and untold families made these products their basic foods. On the contrary, due to the present manner of "curing" hams and bacon, they quickly become putrid, and unfit for human consumption.
(5) As a protection, the wise housewife will not buy any processed animal food in plastic casings.
(6) It is important that we point out again and again that the agents employed are not true sex hormones, but are synthetic chemical Toxic agents known as Stilbestrol. If true Estrogen, made from Gravid Mare's urine were employed, there would be a minimum of danger, the hormone being natural, would almost certainly be dissipated by boiling or roasting. This statement will be repeated time and again, that there may be a thorough understanding of the subject.
(7) Beginning with January of the present year (1958) special booklets comprising the first two chapters of the text on the subjects, have been circulated by the thousands and an untold number of letters written by an awakened public to their Senators and Congressmen requesting that they aid in the passage of protective Laws.
(8) the people's health is of prime importance, but there is a much greater problem involved - and thisis clearly stated by the enemies of mankind - the determined effort to bring about the deterioration of the minds of men, women and children so as to become little more than m*o*o*ns.

    "Doctor warns recent observations indicate that foodstuffs when exposed to wood smoke, such as used in smoking meats and fishes, may become contaminated with cancer-producing agents.(9)

    "Pointing out that certain plastics have produced cancers when implanted into rats and mice, Dr. Hueper said that these plastics are being ‘employed on an increasing scale in the manufacture of good containers, as inner linings in cans(10) and as wrappings and coating materials(10) of foodstuffs, including sausage casings which are apt to be eaten."(10)

(9) Considering the fact that, as previously stated, comparatively few meats are cured in the old-fashioned way, this need receive only slight consideration. It is certain, that the present method of "curing" by chemical agents, is much more to be feared, even though there may be some danger in the former procedure, though never manifest during all the years of its consumption.
(10) The only safety lies in refusing to by any canned goods unless the cans are guaranteed to be tin lined, use no utensils unless tin or copper lined, iron or steel, and eat no such "encased" food.

Dangers in Hormones

    "One of the most shocking chapters dealing with the ineptitude of the Food and Drug Administration to protect our health covers the use of female sex hormones."(11)

    "These hormones(11) or estrogens(11) are chemicals used to speed up the fattening of fowl, hogs, cattle and sheep. The hormones are given to animals either in the form of pellets implanted under the skin(12) or added to the feed.

    "Estrogens are recognized carcinogens for several species causing, upon prolonged administration, cancer of the breast, uterus, bladder and tissues, usually starting as tumors.

    "Practical experience has shown that farmers and poultry men do not always follow the instructions regulating the commercial use of the biologically highly potent substances.

    "They do not always insert the pellets in parts of the animal's neck which are usually discarded, but in parts which are eaten. They implant more than one pellet of 15 mg. of estrogenic chemical, and sell their animals for human consumption before the safety period (if there were any such thing) of six weeks following transplantation has elapsed.

    "Meanwhile the general public continues to eat meat which contains dangerous sex pellets (toxic chemical pellets, not actual sex pellets). You must remember that over 100,000,000 broilers are estrogen (Toxic substance) fed as well as 50 percent of beef cattle. Dr. Christian Hamburger of Copenhagen who, if anyone, should be fully informed on the subject, warns against the use of such chemicals.

    "The Danish doctor said that some male scientists doing laboratory work with female hormones developed womanly breasts, lost their beards and became impotent. All the effects were caused by just breathing in tiny particles of female hormones.

In America, Dr. Robert E. Endres, professor of Zoology at Swarthmore College, said that ‘any use of hormones to fatten food animals is against the public interest."

    "Dr. Hueper, shocked by what he knew, said:

    "It is rather remarkable that biologically potent chemicals, which are obtainable for medical purposes only by licensed physicians, can be used freely in large quantity by individuals without any proper training of the potential health hazards. Especially since such practices are difficult to control adequately on a nation-wide basis in foodstuffs, handled by thousands of individual producers'."

(11) As frequently pointed out, Stilbestrol is the Toxic substance used. According to Endocrinologists, this is in no sense a sex hormone. It is a synthetic chemical product known to every experienced endocrinologist as a producer of tumors of the breast and womb when carelessly prescribed by inexperienced physicians, and the results not carefully watched.
(12) this is the Inunction method spoken of by Bertrand Russell and advocated by that inhuman Russian agent, Ana Pauker, now almost universally employed by poultry men.
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Your Health and Sanity In The Age of Treason © 1958, R. Swinburne Clymer
Chapter 1 - Section 2

Additives Kill a Million Collars worth of Chickens.
How Many of These Diseased chickens did You Eat?

"Truth crushed to earth will rise again" is an old proverb. In the present instance, this version should be: Truth hidden or denied will reveal itself. This has special reference to the fact that it has been vehemently denied that additives are injurious. On the contrary, it has been claimed time and again that they are beneficial to animals fed with them, and have no effect on those consuming the meat.

Our reference is to a news item published in "The Washington Post" and "Times Herald, April 30, 1958, under the heading:

"Costly Chicken Losses Told by Food Officials"
Reported by Jerry Laudauer, Staff Reporter

"An epidemic caused by mixing black tar with poultry feed cost the Maryland and virginia broiler industry nearly $1 million from October, 1957, to February, 1958, Federal Food and Drug commissioner George P. Larrick said yesterday.

Larrick made the disclosure after an address to the Animal Health Institute at the Shoreham Hotel, in which he appealed for legislation to plug loopholes(1) in the Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act."

(1) It is seldom, indeed, that officials will admit either that the public is in need of protection against food adulteration, or that such additives are harmful to animal or man. Here we have a frank statement that such protection is necessary to the welfare of the people who consume the meats of animals fed with Toxic substances.

"‘The Law seriously fails(2) to give you, or the grower, or the ultimate consumer of meats and poultry(2) the protection you deserve,' he said.

The law does not require any feed additives exept new drugs and antibiotics to be tested for safety before feeding the animals(3) he said. Neither does it require testing additives to human food.

A law requiring proper testing of animal feeds, Larrick said, would have avoided the epidemic which felled ‘several million chickens'(4) in 10 states."

(2) An admission of two things of vital importance to the public. First: that the laws at present are wholly inadequate for the protection of the public, and the control of feed adulterated with Toxic substances. This statement should convince the public who have sneered at those who claimed harmful additives were used, believing as they did, that the food and drug act protected them. Secondly: that not only poultry, but all meats as well, need controlling legislation. It is not cranks, fools and charlatans who make this claim, but finally the authorities themselves.
(3) This should warn the consumer of poultry and meats, that the additives to the feed has not been proven unharmful and that they, the consumers, take the risk. This is again not the opinion of agitators, but the statement of an official of authority in the Food and Drug Administration.
(4) In this instance, poultrymen have no one to blame but themselves for their loss. Any six-year-old boy rased on the farm could have told them that black tar is not a proper food for chickens. In fact, has no actual food value such as grain, or greens, the natural food of fowl of every type. Any additive is a foreign substance that may poison but does not nourish.

These are the revised figures of the probable number of chickens treated with the synthetic Toxic substance. The poultrymen were elated with the results and the added profit, but were unprepared for what followed. In less than three months after the first edition of Age Of Treason was published, reports were beginning to be received from various parts of the country. "Chickens were beginning to come home to roost," profits beginning to turn into loss.

Profit being the motive for the use of this Toxic substance with no consideration of the welfare of the people, we are not concerned with the loss to the poultrymen, but there is a question of mighty importance to the people who consumed, still consume, chickens so treated: How many hundreds of thousands of chickens so treated and beginning to be afflicted, perhaps unknown to the poultrymen, were killed and sold to the public? What effect did these poisons: Stilbestrol, coal tar and other additives and disease, have on the men, women and children who consumed them? Whatever the results to the people, the "dance goes merrily on" and there is no apparent let-up on the use of such substance except perhaps by the poultrymen in the many States who suffered monetary losses.

"The winter epidemic, he said, ‘was caused by poison in the form of black tar accumulated' by a manufacturer of glycerin and fatty acids. The tar was sold to a chemical company, where it was mixed with mormal fat and sold to a number of large feed firms.

"Following his address, Larrick said he understood Maryland broiler raisers along the Eastern Shore lost $500,000 in the epidemic. Virginia growers were equally hard hit, he said.

"Larrick said it was not known yet whether any consumers of the sick broilers had been affected(5), but a spokesman for the Maryland State Board of agriculture said no illnesses in the state were traced to the stricken broilers.(5)

(5) This is a superficial conclusion. It is more than probable that all but a few of the chickens that survived were shipped outside of the producing centers. In order to be positive that no sickness was caused by the consuming of them it, would be necessary to trace the shipments and then consult with those who bought and consumed them.
Even though this were done it might be found that many who consumed them became ill, but, was such illness the result of eating the diseased chickens, or might it have happened anyway? This will never be known. The question is: Did you, the reader, or your family, indulge in this diseased food?

Chickens, Guaranteed Fresh

At the time the material for the first edition of The Age of Treason was published, the buyers of fowl for food were confronted with only one grave evil: Stilbestrol. Now there are numerous preservatives to be considered. Among the latest is something called "acronizing." The New York Herald Tribune, January 20, 1958, under the heading:

"Food Briefs: Bites and Bits, Subject: Guaranteed Fresh

"About half the chickens sold today bearing the ‘acronized' label are small cut-up broiler fryers, all ready for use in a favorite recipe. The pieces come sanitarily prepackaged in a bag easy-to-store until cooking time.

"What does acronized mean? To acronize is to retard bacterial growth, a major step in getting perishable foods to the consumer before they begin to deteriorate and so lose their ‘really fresh taste.'(6) Minute quantities of acronize, derived from the antibiotic aureomycin,(7) is added to fresh-killed poultry in processing plants. The small amount of acronize remaining on the poultry after processing is destroyed in cooking.(8) The flavor of acronized chicken is no different than other fresh birds.

(6) The person who mailed us this item for an opinion has posed the question: What has become of refrigeration? Has this method for keeping food fresh, failed all of a sudden? Is there some other, perhaps sinister reason, for such methods? What is the answer? To say that it keeps chickens or another food "fresh" is not a sufficient answer. What is the process capable of doing this, if it is not a form of "inoculation" or adulteration?
(7) Aureomycin is a Toxic chemical substance that even experienced chemists handle with the greatest care in their practice, and will not prescribe it unless it is clearly indicated in an illness and stop its use immediately after the symptoms no longer indicate its use. No physician would agree to mass medication and what is this but mass medication on an enormous scale by men who know nothing about the dangers of such Toxic drugs. Why must physicians have a license to prescribe it, whole processors are free to obtain and use it on food that will be fed to the youngest children?
(8) It is doubtful if physicians, certainly not dieticians and nutritionists, will agree that the drug, being a chemical and therefore inorganic, is eliminated by cooking. Even suppose it is by careful preparation, what of the millions of people who give little or no attention to the preparation of their food?
Has "acronize" been tested? Will the processors guarantee that it will not have deleterious effect on the consumer? Refer to previous sections as to what has happened, and will happen time and again until there are protective laws which will not permit additives or preservatives to be used until after the manufacturers and processors have proven the substance used to be absolutely harmless.
The questioner asks: Is there any protection? There is. Do not buy any fowl that bears a label of any preservative used. Buy your fowl from dealers you know to be honest and who would tell you if any additives or preservatives were used. At the moment the New York Herald Tribune printed the item, the New York Legislature was attempting to pass a protective food bill, admitting that the people are becoming "food conscious" and beginning to refuse to buy any food other than such as naturally processed, demanding protective Laws.
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Your Health and Sanity In The Age of Treason © 1958, R. Swinburne Clymer
Chapter 1 - Section 3

Adulterated Food in Restaurants

Perhaps the spot most sensitive in the processing and preparation of food for consumption by the public, are the restaurants.

It is estimated that more than two-thirds of the working people in America eat in restaurants. Comparatively few of them give any thought to the food they consume so long as it appeals to the taste. Few are aware of how greatly the foods are adulterated with additives and preservatives, or how it is prepared.

It is said that it requires a brave or a foolish person to expose the adulteration of foods by the processors. It is certain that it requires even more self-assurance to deal frankly with the preparation of foods as served in restaurants. The National Police Gazette, April 1958, "entered where angels fear to tread," and our quotations are from that magazine's article:

By George McGrath
That Tasty Hamburger, French Fries, Even Milk May Contain Hidden Killers

"When you go to your favorite restaurant and sit down to a juicy steak, French fries, and a refreshing glass of milk, you may be doing your stomach more harm than good.

"There are probably hidden killers in that food.

Many profit-hungry restaurants in America today are getting away with murder(1) and you could by the victim.

Because of lax food and drug laws(2) these restaurants are recklessly serving dangerous chemical preservatives in their foods - and some of those chemicals can kill you.

An embalming liquid, a photographic developing fluid, a deadly soldering chemical and an anti-freeze solution are just a few of the poisons you may be served when you order your meat and vegetables, of an innocent looking glass of milk, in a public eating place.

The wholesale adulteration of food in America to say is destroying the nation's health. Deaths may be attributed to cancer, bleeding ulcers or cirrhosis of the liver - but the real cause is the accumulation of poisons in the food we eat.

Restaurants where food is treated with chemicals to prevent spoiling are responsible for many cases of sickness and even deaths.(3)

Unscrupulous restauranteurs are able to get away with this flagrant misuse of Toxic additives because in some states there are no laws to regulate the handling of food.

Federal Food and Drug Administration laws only cover interstate shipments of food, but restaurants are regulated by local and state authorities.

This leaves the public at the mercy of restaurant owners who take advantage of ineffective regulations, and corrupt local authorities. Often there are no controls at all."

(1) To be fair and just in our conclusions and judgments, this statement should be modified. It is entirely possible that many of those engaged in the restaurant business, or in the preparation of food for the public, actually are not aware of the additives and preservatives in the food they serve, and have no knowledge of health cookery; simply following a routine they have been taught, under the impression: "It was good enough for my fathers, it must be good enough for those not to be serves."
(2) Up to the present time, legislation for the control of the preparation of food, and the additives made use of, has been so worded that any attempt in the enforcement of such Laws has served no good purpose, for the reason that the government has had to prove that the additives and preservatives so universally used in the processing of foods and drinks are detrimental. Until that has been done, the processors may continue to sue them without being held responsible. The people who consume these foods become the victims, whether this leads to cancer, the various forms of muscular dystrophies or mental deterioration. "Let the buyer beware" should be printed on all labels of foods not guaranteed pure by the producers or processors.
(3) If the purchasers of package foods were to make it a practice to examine the labels of such foods they would be astonished at the number of preservatives used.
The majority of children are served one or the other of the many breakfast foods. Their immature system is extremely sensitive to everything in foods detrimental to the normal development of mind and body. Many of these preservatives interfere with digestion and the assimilation. This may bring about malnutrition and the improper functioning of the vital organs. Should anyone wonder why so many children become afflicted with polio and the various other muscular and mental diseases?

Embalming Fluid in Food

"Although the Food and Drug Administration has outlawed the use of Formaldehyde it is still widely used in restaurants where there are no local regulations to enforce the ban.

Formaldehyde(4) is an embalming fluid. Taken internally, this chemical is extremely irritating to mucous membranes that line the stomach and intestines, and can cause internal bleeding, suppressed urine, dizziness and coma.

But although formaldehyde may be deadly to your health it can save restauranteurs money by preserving milk and other foods from deteriorating.

Whether through ignorance of the harm it can cause, or from a ruthless profit motive, it is a fact that in many restaurants this embalming fluid is added to breakfast cereals in order to keep them "fresh" for several days.

There is another aspect of this shameful adulteration of food sold in restaurants, and in this case dairy producers are the culprits.

Formaldehyde is added to inferior milk to conceal its poor quality, and to preserve it when it is sold in bulk.

Because they know that the milk will be stored for several days, many dairymen add the chemical to milk sold to restaurants.

Milk treated with Formaldehyde is also sold to ice cream manufacturers, who in turn sell their adulterated produce to restaurants where it remains ‘fresh' for long periods.

So if you and your family eat in restaurants where there is no responsible supervision, you may be dosed with Formaldehyde in cereals, milk and ice cream.(5)

This is only one of the dangerous chemicals that you expose your family to when you take them out to dine.

The reckless use of Benzoate of Soda(6) is another facet of this deplorable food scandal.

Medical authorities warn that this chemical can "cause nausea and it has been reported fatal in a sensitive individual.

But although it contains dangerous Toxic properties, the Food and Drug Administration permits the use of benzoate of soda in the interstate food industry, limiting the amount to not more than one part in1,000.(7)

However, itis an alarming fact that many state and local health authorities(8) have given restaurant owners a free hand in the use of this chemical."

(4) This has been dealt with in former sections of this Chapter.
(5) All who have become "health conscious," especially parents, should heed the warning: "Let the buyer beware," and not permit their children to drink milk, or east cereals (these are now nearly all to be had in individual packages) without first examining the labels. In doing so many doctor bills might be saved, not to mention the long hours of worry when avoidable sickness strikes.
(6) This is an adulterant almost universally employed in practically all but the best restaurants. It is used in making mashed potatoes and in almost all fresh (?) vegetables, especially those it will "freshen" up. In almost all instances, the taste is readily recognized. The safest method to pursue is to order only baked potatoes instead of mashed or French fries, and to sidestep all boiled vegetables and order salads instead. Stale vegetables are quickly recognized when served as salads.
(7) The smallest amount is undesirable. Its harmfulness is not as quickly manifest in physical ailments as interference with digestion. Think of the logic! Interstate it may be harmful, possible even dangerous to health, but in your own state!!!!
(8) Such health authorities are, from an actual health standpoint, recreant to their duties and, responsibilities to their constituents.

The Dangerous Chemicals

"In some restaurants, this is what happens:

Sacks of potatoes are peeled and sliced and put into large barrels of water, in preparation for French fries the moment an order is placed. Sometimes enough potatoes are prepared to last two or three days.[/i]

To keep the potatoes from turning black and spoiling, large doses of benzoate of soda are added.(9)

The same process is followed in the preparation of other fresh vegetables. Many big restaurants work days ahead, and to keep peas, turnips, spinach and other vegetables deceptively ‘fresh' they are soaked in this Toxic preservative.(9)

So, if you unwittingly go into a restaurant which uses these chemical preservatives, you may consume large doses of benzoate of soda in various dishes at one sitting.(10)

Most state administrators admit that, as their laws now stand, supervision of restaurants and the food industry is haphazard or non-existent. Many states have no staffs or laboratory equipment to test the food or to prevent the poisoning of the public.

Some of the disgraceful aspects of the nation's food scandal were brought out when Congressman John J. Delaney(11) of New York, conducted his House robe into the use of chemical additives in food.

Health officials voiced dissatisfaction with the laws in their state and urged speedy action on new regulations to cover restaurants and the whole food industry.

The director of the Arizona Department of Health reported:

 ‘Actually we have no program of lack of funds or facilities and certainly we have no research.(12) Our pure food laws need revamping and must be brought up to date.(13) However, without additional facilities such laws are of no use.'

The director of health of West Virginia bluntly admitted:

 ‘While the state law prohibits the introduction of chemicals into foods, the amount of food control work done in the state is very limited and the addition of adulterants, preservatives, etc., in many cases go undetected.(14)

 ‘A health official in Mississippi made the shocking admission:

 ‘Mississippi has no modern food, drug and cosmetics act. Our old stature ... was fashioned after the federal act of 1906. No many was appropriated for the enforcement of this act in Mississippi for many, many years.'

From these statements it is obvious that the public is at the mercy of the food industry.(15)

Even the meat you eat is not always safe. A few restaurants, out for a quick dollar, but the cheapest meat, and then dress it up to look like the best."

(9) The wise diner will order baked potatoes. If these cannot be had, then a legume such as lima beans, or a vegetable salad.
(10) Even if we accepted the idea of a "permitted" amount, when consumed in a number of foods at the same meal, as it often is, it distributes digestion and assimilation, interferes with the proper functioning of the vial organs, and frequently results in the beginning of an illness which may become permanent.
(11) A repeat: As will be noted through the text, Congressman Delaney prepared a protective bill, but up to the present moment the profit interests have been too strong to permit the passage of the Bill and though the people are awakening to their danger,, they have been lax in their demands to their congressmen and senators to legislate such a measure into Law. This, we fervently hope, will shortly be corrected.
(12) There are no funds for the purpose of protecting the men, women and children of America from the dangers of becoming victims of the most vicious of diseases, but there are billions made available by our Senators and Congressmen to donate to the drones of decadent nations. Who is at fault? The people who vote men into office to represent their interests, but make little or no effort to make certain they fulfil their sacred duty.
(13) A frank admission by a Health Department of the vital need for protective legislation.
(14) An admission that West Virginia does have protective laws. Though perhaps weak, they are not enforced. Evidence that officials are recreant in their duties.
(15) A frank statement that the proponents for restrictive legislation would hesitate to make for fear of either libel suits, or accused of being maladjusted - mentally ill, and in danger of the mad house.

Disease Creative Additives

"For this purpose the meat is treated with Asafetida.(16) this chemical will give your meat a tangy taste - but medicinally it is used as a sedative in hysteria and to cure spasms.

Here are a few preservatives that are used in meats:

Hydroquinone - Used as an antioxidant, it is so poisonous it can cause nausea, vomiting, sense of suffocation, shortness of breath, coma and death. Industrially this substance is used as a photographic reducer and developer.

Borates - These derivatives of the sodium of borate family, used industrially for soldering metals and fireproofing fabrics and wood, are extremely dangerous and a 15 to 30 gram dose of the chemical can cause death.

These chemicals, consumed in small doses, have no immediate effect - but over a period of time they have a cumulative effect upon the human body.

(16) This is one of the less dangerous additives. It has long been used in medicine in the treatment of digestive disturbances - in the relief of ailments already existing - under the supervision of the physician.

Link to Cancer

"The build-up of chemicals in the system begins damage that is reflected in the increasing cases of heart attacks, ulcers and cancer taking toll of the American public.

The only precaution you can take is to be alert. You must be sure of the reputation and integrity of the restaurant in which you eat.(17) If you are traveling check the state regulations on food and sanitation. You can't afford to be too careful.

And you must keep on guard. It is imperative that the public demand action from state and local officials for the necessary safeguards."

(17) There is another and a safe way for the millions of workers who eat their lunch in restaurants and who cannot afford to patronize the more expensive restaurants with excellent reputations.
Those who have more or less investigated the problem, and decided to follow protective measures, invested in a small lunch carrier, a covered dish with smaller covered dish in the larger and a pint thermos bottle. In the morning, before leaving for work, they prepare a fresh vegetable salad, changing from day to day. This is placed in the larger covered dish. In the smaller, they place a salad dressing of cottage cheese (unadulterated) made into a thin paste with either sweet or sour cream. This dressing is not added until time of consuming, otherwise the salad would become soggy.
The thermos bottle is for the purpose of either a hot soup of choice, or milk. Usually this is changed from day to day for variety. Such a lunch guarantees all of the necessary elements: protein, vitamins and minerals, for health, vitality and strength, and at a cost less than lunch in even the cheapest restaurant.
When a change, or a greater amount of protein is desired, then there may be added: egg custard made with eggs and milk, natural sugar and desired flavoring; or, rice pudding made with brown rice, milk, natural sugar and flavoring; or, a gelatin made with Knox gelatin, and flavoring. All flavors must be natural, not synthetic.
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Your Health and Sanity In The Age of Treason © 1958, R. Swinburne Clymer
Chapter 1 - Section 4

The Public's Reaction to the Non-Publication of Dr. W. C. Hueper's Report

That the people's resentment was aroused after they red the exposures made in the Police Gazette, and our widely circulated booklet: Cancer, The Destroyer, is clearly apparent by the fact that newspapers which generally fight shy of all such matters, are calling attention to it, is a clear indication of this resentment.

Having circulated Dr. Hueper's report throughout the United states and receiving many letters commending us for doing so, with the request for further information, we feel it a duty on our part to include at least one of the items which appeared in the Allentown Morning Call, April 19, 1958, under the heading:

"Medical Information Restriction"


"Washington, (AP) - House investigators are checking to determine whether a government scientist's paper on cancer hazards in consumer food was suppressed for nonscientific reasons.(1)

Rep. Moss (D-Calif.), chairman of the Government Information subcommittee, wrote Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare Folsome about "a restriction on medical information" which Moss said was imposed against cancer specialist William C. Hueper.(2)

Moss and the surgeon general's office denied publication of a Hueper document after an edict by Dr. James A. Shannon, director of the National Institute of Health against spreading "inflammatory" opinions.(3)

The congressman also quoted the deputy commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, as voicing concern that a scientific paper might be used by newsmen(4) ‘to confuse and alarm the consuming public....'(5)

Harvey interpreted Hueper's paper asa criticism of FDA, Moss said.

Moss wrote to Folsom because the latter is head of the various health agencies. Moss asked in a March 31 letter made available Wednesday:

 ‘Is the department's policy to suppress scientific information which may reflect adversely on past activities of the department?

Does the department sanction the apparent feelings of Dr. Shannon that if a paper is controversial it should be suppressed?(6)

Folsom was out of town, but his department issued a statement:

The department encourages and stimulates the full and free flow of scientific information, for this is the life blood of scientific research.

As a member of the staff of the National Cancer Institute, Dr. Hueper's scientific observations and opinions have been published widely, including 34 papers during the past three years.(7)

The particular paper cited, however, was found by the scientific Editorial Committee of the National Cancer Institute not to warrant publication on the basis of its scientific merits.(8)

'Policy considerations, including the views of other agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration, were not a factor in this determination.'

At issue is a lengthy paper by Hueper on Consumer goods and cancer hazards. Hueper had asked clearance of the document for publication last year.

The paper went into a long list of chemical and physical agents found in food and elsewhere. Hueper said ‘some may create cancer hazards to the general population'."

This subject has been more fully dealt with in the several chapter on the subject and conclusions based on the opinion of experiences by physicians who have made the subject their life work.

(1) Even if there had been scientific reasons - what ever that might mean to the people, is it to be taken for granted that the American public has become so m*o*o*nic - something ardently hoped for by the enemies of the people - that it is no longer to be trusted with facts that are of utmost concern to them? Has the public become so mentally weak that it is to be entrusted by its government only with good news - if there is any - relative to the grave dangers of food adulteration with Toxic and cancer producing substances?
Are the American people really to be considered in their dotage - except when voting its"servants" into office - so that they must be fed "pap" instead of "strong meat?" If so, then why not label poisons as soothing syrup" and avoid shocking their sensibilities? Is this not being done by officials relative to the poisons and cancer creating additives in the foods they consume? The people want the answer. If they did not, would the House of Representatives undertake an investigation? Would newspapers publish the item?
(2) In our various publications, even when quoting other writers and published reports, we most carefully avoided making such a charge against the Pure Food and Drug Administration, or against any of its officials. The charge having been made openly and as openly published, there is no further need of such hesitation, nevertheless, in harmony with our policy, we will continue to avoid being personal.
(3) Has it at last come to pass that anything which is unsavory, though of utmost importance to the people, is to be considered as "inflammatory" by certain public officials? If so, is this not an "iron curtain" such as exists in certain other countries?
(4) What of the much vaunted "free press"? Are newsmen no longer considered possessed of good judgment as to whether or not information which concerns the public should be released to their readers. Is this not an "iron curtain" over newspapers? Does it not class them as m*o*o*nic as the mass? Is the press no longer to possess any freedom of what news is "fit to print:" If not, why should the public buy and read newspapers?
(5) Under this theory, if there is unsavory news, even though it is of the utmost importance to the people in order that they may protect themselves, it must not be released to them. The public must, by every means possible, be kept in the dark. If ignorance is bliss, though it means death, why convey knowledge?
(6) Can any subject be considered as "controversial" if it is concerned with the welfare of the people? Is it not the duty of all public officials to convey a warning to the people if there is even a possibility of danger to them, even though such danger nay not be generally realized? If we are aware that a friend is in danger of his life and fail to warn him, are we not traitors to him? Knowing of such a danger, should we "pat him on the back" and utter platitudes instead of making an effort to save him" We feel that Dr. Hueper's sole intent was to warn the people of their danger. We repeat the question asked by many: "Is the public to be kept in ignorance instead of being warned of the possibility of danger?"
(7) If this is true, why all the controversy about a "suppressed" report? Why is there need of a Congressional investigation? Is such a report (uncensored) to be had by the public? Is there not a contradiction in the next paragraph?
(8) Every statement made on footnote(1) of this chapter is pertinent here. Is the public to be kept in the dark even though the information is vital to their welfare?
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Your Health and Sanity In The Age of Treason © 1958, R. Swinburne Clymer
Chapter 1 - Section 5

Additives in Food Considered by Authorities to Be Causative of Cancer, The Destroyer

In the February 1958 issue of the magazine Consumer, there appeared an article on How Safe Are Chemicals In Out Food. Rather than giving our opinion on the subject we quote therefrom, adding the results of our investigation and observations in comments and footnotes.

In our booklet Cancer, The Destroyer, now Chapter Two of this volume, we used a considerable portion of an article printed in the January issue of Consumer. We, and the statements quoted have been severely criticized. We et al, have been called crackpots and dough heads. Then, in another paragraph by these critics, it was admitted that there may be poison dyes in foods, but not in the proportion we mentioned. They wholly forgot the fact that anything, especially if both profitable and uncontrolled, is certain to be abused.

This one statement, that there may be poison dyes in foods completely vindicates "crackpots" and "dough heads," especially when it is, as it should be, borne in mind, that in every instance we make an effort to accept the opinions of the experienced physician, and not only state positively that he, as a physician, has the right, in fact, is morally bound to use many of the Toxic substances in his practice, because each individual case is under his direct supervision. That his experience indicates to him when such agents should be discontinued. That the laity has no such right, and morally, should be considered criminally guilty if harm results from the use of Toxic substances.

When using these Toxic agents in the feeding of livestock it is a continuous procedure, and the ingestion of these agents in food is both continuous and accumulative. This statement may be a repetition, but is made necessary by the fact of criticism by some physicians who feel we accuse them of misuse, which is not true in any instance. It is further to be remembered that in most instances when we quote writers, we modify statements made by them to avoid accusing any one personally; our purpose being to convey information which we feel based on truth.

    The problem of chemicals in food is the problem of preventing potential chronic, toxic and carcinogenic effects on human beings from the hundreds of chemicals consumed in common foodstuffs and having their effects throughout life. True, the prevention of cancer in humans requires a comprehensive attack on all possible carcinogens in modern man's environment - from polluted atmosphere and water, occupational exposures, heavy cigarette smoking and over exposer or too frequent exposure, X-Rays - as well as an attack on whatever carcinogens be present in our daily foods.

All of these causes for developing cancer are occurrences. One most important item, probably more so than all others as indicated by immediate present experiments, is the denaturing of food, laying the system wide open to the effects of these enemies. It is now becoming an accepted fact by physicians making experiments, that generally cancer can make its onslaught only if there are cells in the body which are not properly and fully fed - that is, if the system does not receive the vital elements in the food ingested, these more especially including organic Vitamin E, Vitamin B -12, Vitamin C Complex, together with sufficient bile extracts - if the liver is not sufficiently active, it being believed that bile is essential to the proper use by the system of Vitamin C.

Furthermore, that even where cancer has already made an inroad, vital substances may stop the invasion and neutralize it. This statement will no doubt be questioned, possibly called the cream of a "crackpot," nevertheless, we are so informed by physicians of unquestionable experience and reputation: Moreover, one thing is certain. Not one of these vital agents can be harmful to the system.

    "CU has reported on these ... problems throughout the years and up to the present. As for chemical additives, leading psychologists and cancer investigators have for years warned about their possible long term effects. The American Medical association, the American Public Health Association, and the American Cancer Society, have urged Congress repeatedly to amend food and drug laws to require proof of safety for chemicals used in food.(1)"

(1) Now that a concerted nationwide incited effort is being made, will these Societies actually and actively encourage Congress to pass stringent and workable Laws? How many of the nation's physicians are still of the opinion that the fight against additives is made only by crackpots and dough-heads? In a letter from a physician in active practice, received the day this is written and after calling of names, accusations and condemnation, he lays himself wide open by concluding his letter:
"I do not deny there may be poison dyes in foods, but not in the proportion you mention." Admitting the main contention but denying the findings of trained investigators.

Admitting that such Toxic substances are used and wholly unguarded and uncontrolled, by perhaps hundreds of producers and processors, many of them hungry for profits, who is to control the amount of Toxic substances and additives used. Certainly no one will deny that any substances that can be used to increase profits and sales will be abused.

    "The International uniion Against Cancer Organization(2) representing the pooled knowledge and experience of many nations, also have warned of the actual and potential hazards in chemical additives.

    The problem of the safety of additives involves both old and new chemicals. More than three years ago, Health Association's Committee on Chemicals Introduced in Foods, warned:

    ‘In my opinion ... the maintenance of the integrity of foods involves not only consideration of new chemical additives but ... also requires a re-examination of some of the ingredients commonly used in foods for years. In 1953, the manufacturers of Coumarin, a flavoring agent widely used in beverages, ice cream and many foods, discovered that it caused serious liver damages to animals when used in quantities comparable to what may occur in the human diet.(4) To their credit as responsible producers of ingredients that go to almost every home in the land, they decided to withdraw Coumarin from the market for food use ... and requested the FDA to endorse their action.(5) The fact that Coumarin had been used in foods for 75 years before this scientific fact was discovered, brings the disquieting thought that we may yet be only on the threshold of knowledge about the potentialities of chemical additives to our foods, the old as well as the new.'(6)

    ... any legislative proposal to require pretesting of chemicals to be used, including the testing of those already in use, and to prohibit their use until fully tested, is of the utmost importance to the welfare of the people ... in this connection, it is disquieting to read statements by FDA officials to the effect that the chemical additives currently in use pretty well may be assumed safe(7) because foods containing them have been eaten for many years without evidence that they have caused cancer in man.)(8)

    ... Cancer experts emphasize that the absence of incriminating evidence is not a guarantee that a suspected chemical is safe.(9) Dr. W. C. Hueper,(10) a world renowned expert on environmental cancer, in a discussion by a scientific panel on chemical additives held last summer before the Sub-committee on Health and Science on Interstate and Foreign Commerce, had this to say:

     ‘The observations and considerations so far presented provide adequate justification for subjecting all presently used and permitted food additives and contaminants to ... screening procedures by experimental methods for carcinogenic properties.'

(2) Refer to Chapter One, First Section, present volume.
(3) Will these critics claim that Dr. Bing belongs to the group they call "the lowest crackpot ... and unscientific dough heads?" If so, we feel highly honored by being one of them.
(4) Who is there to say how many thousands, perhaps millions, became afflicted with serious liver affliction during these 75 years? How many millions of children who drank the soft drinks, and ate the ice cream so adulterated, became afflicted with liver ailment which cut short their lives in their youth? Might this not well be called manslaughter? What of those who admit that poisons are in foods, but not in proportions claimed?
(5) The manufacturers of Coumarin are certainly to be commended for withdrawing the substance when they became aware of what it was doing to humanity, but in all seriousness, how many other manufacturers are doing likewise, and how many such substances are now used in foods to later become known as active Toxic agents.
(6) Who is to expose the use of these Toxic substances and dangerous additives but crackpots and dough heads?
(7) Was it not assumed for 75 years of disease dealing that Coumarin was pretty safe? Who did the suffering? Was it not the mass sacrifice to the profits made by the comparative few?
What would be the thought of the physician who assumed that the medicines he prescribed were safe, and continued to prescribe them without checking on the results of his treatment? Fortunately, no responsible, experienced physician would do so.
(8) Cancer is not the only killing disease. At the worst, cancer victims suffer for only a comparatively short time, while there are many other chemically induced diseases which incapacitate the victim to years of unproductiveness, and often extreme suffering both a burden and expense to the family or to the state.
(9) There is but one simple and single method for preventing becoming the victim of Toxic substances and additive poisons: Not to purchase or consume foods until after examination has proven it to be free from all adulteration. If the many will fo this, producers and processors will quickly learn that it is not profitable to use such Toxic substances. There is much accumulating evidence that large groups, perhaps mostly of religious persuasion are associating themselves for the production of natural processed foods.
(10) In a letter, one of the very few received from physicians, we feel our efforts are not entirely in vain.


In the case of a new drug about which there may be a question, if prescribed by a physician of standing and reputation, the patient may be willing to take a calculated risk, and take it because the drug's possible preventive, curative or relieving effects outweigh the possible Toxic side-effects. Also, there is the consideration that the drug will be taken for a relative short time and under the watchful eye of the prescribing physician. But chemical agent additives may be taken during a lifetime, without any supervision whatever, and offering no benefits whatever to the consumer.(a)

CU's opinion as a result of both research, reflection and tests, in consultation with physicians and health authorities, the principles to be incorporated in new legislation should include:

1. A chemical to be added to a food or to be employed in the packaging of a food, must be proved safe from the standpoint of long-term as well as short-term Toxic, allergic and carcinogenic effects. Pretesting especially for carcinogenic properties should be specifically made part of such a bill.

2. Substances or processes that produce any chemical in the food itself should be considered as chemical additives and subject to proof of safety. Thus, it should be mandatory that ionization radiation, (11) which is being suggested for sterilizing food, must be subjected to extensive and prolonged pretesting processes.

3. ... the setting up by FDA of so-called tolerance or stipulated Safe Doses(b) of potential carcinogens [the effects of which are cumulative, in a way in which toxic substances may not be], represents a practice which is wholly unjustifiable unless there is a guarantee by the processors of compensation for any damage done to the consumer.

4. The so-called "grandfather clause,"(c) by which additives "generally known [thought] to be safe" be exempt from testing, advocated by the processors, should receive no consideration whatever except under the same conditions as tolerance and safe doses additives .... All additives and Toxic substances already in use, whether approved or not approved by the FDA, should be made subject to appropriate testing. In view of the work required for this backlog effort and in fairness to processors of food, a reasonable time should be allowed manufacturers to meet the necessary safety clearance procedure.

5. The safety of any additive should not be based on its use in a single foodstuff, but also its presence in any foodstuff and all consumer goods. Any additive which is carcinogenic to man or animals when tested by any method, dose or route should not be permitted in food.

6. The proposed chemical should have nutritional value(d) for the consumer in addition to its intrinsic value to the manufacturer. This criterion should exclude all chemicals which merely serve deceptive [which are in fact, fraudulent], such as increasing bulk or altering consistency, color, flavor or other enticing quality, but of no value to the consumer.

7. In accordance with honest business procedure, the evidence to establish the safety and usefulness of a chemical of any nature must be provided by the processor. Disputed or doubtful problems should be referred to special committees. The cost of procedures necessary to be borne by the manufacture or processor.

8. Although in accordance with true American procedure, there should be adequate revisions for appeals to the Courts due to an adverse governmental decision, the final authority of the safety of any Toxic substance or additive must rest with the decision of the technical experts, with the proviso that the user of any chemical or additive be held responsible for any harm resulting to the consumer.

Quotation marks are not used for the reason that quotations are not verbatim, but full credit is given to the consumer. We are responsible for all interpolations.


After the copy for the present volume had been placed into the hands of the printer and while we were on an 8000-mile trip through the mid-West, far West and South for the purpose of further investigation and consultations, we received the information that while the Delaney bull favored by the public because it was for their protection, had received little or no consideration, another bull, known as the Harris Bill, had been passed and signed.

This bill was said to have been opposed by John W. Gwynne, Chairman of the Federal Trades Commission, by the Department of Justice, American Farm Bureau Federation, National Association of Consumer Organizations and others, because it favored processors of foods and offered little or no protection to the consumers.

The a. b. c. notes to follow, in addition to our footnotes are considered essential to our concept of the contents of the article just quoted.

(a) That this point is well taken is indicated by a statement in a release by the U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, food and Drug Administration, September 10, 1958.

    "Mr. Fleming pointed out that the new amendment would have the effect of removing unnecessary restrictions on many useful chemicals which are perfectly safe if properly used."

This statement should have the most careful consideration of all consumers. It is little less than an excuse for the continued use of many additives admittedly detrimental to health in the statement indicated by the phrase: "If properly used."

Who is to stand guard over the many processors to see to it that no more than the permitted amount of such additives are added. Who is to watch over the consumers to see to it that they do not consume more than a proper proportion of such adulterated foods? When the physician prescribes an agent he is fully aware may be detrimental if too much is taken, or for too long a time, he is dealing with an individual and not a mass, and he is in constant touch with the patient (consumer), and able to stop the drug or chemical at a moment's notice. There is no such thing as perfect safety if properly used of any drug or chemical in the hands of the mass.

(b) This matter of tolerance and safe doses of any additive which is in itself dangerous to health in too large a proportion is a myth, and a dangerous one as far as the public is concerned.
Who is to watch over the millions of consumers and tell them when they have consumed foods filled with additives to the point of tolerance and safety? If every one consumed the same amount of the same foods, then this might be possible. This doctrine/or concept of safety and tolerance is misleading and dangerous to the people's health and sanity.

(c) The "grandfather clause" is evident in the statement contained in the "release":

    " For substances already in use prior to January 1, 1958, but which may not be generally recognized by experts as safe, industry will have eighteen months
[note this] from the date of enactment of the law to present the necessary safety data, provided there is no evidence that the substance is unsafe."[/list]

This item of time is of extreme importance to the consumer for two reasons: First, in the meantime millions of consumers will continue to ingest the many additives condemned as cancer and other incurable disease producers. How many victims will there be as a result of this eighteen months indulgence? Secondly, because in all past statements by the various authorities, it was made clear that it would take from two to seven years to definitely discover whether or not an additive was, or was not, disease creating; and, that there was no money available for the purpose of so vast a scale of tests and investigation. What is the answer? Is it that the consumers must console themselves as best they can and continue to ingest poisonous substances detrimental to their health and sanity until such time, God only knows when, such tests have been made.

Acceptance that there is such a thing as tolerance or a safe dose of any Toxic substance without ultimate physical, mental harm, is based on a dangerous delusion. There is no such possibility of tolerance or safe dosage in a Toxic substance constantly ingested, and in many instances accumulating.

(c) Experienced Dietitians and Nutritionists will agree that any chemical which is not of the nature of the body has no nutritional value, hence has no place in the foods to be consumed for the nourishment of the body. Such agents may have value in medical practice because the physician deals with abnormal conditions to begin with, and he continues their use only until the abnormal condition has been removed or eliminated.

Wherein does safety lie? In as far as humanly possible the people refuse to buy and consume adulterated foods.

Natural Preservatives

Broadly speaking, there are possibly only two natural preservatives (additives): Unrefined sugar and pure apple cider vinegar. Both are from natural sources, hence can be metabolized by the system.

Natural sugar - this includes honey - is the ideal preservative for fruit as well as to add taste to many foods. Natural vinegar is a preservative of vegetables and meats. It also serves a good purpose moderately used, on vegetable salads with oils as part of meals when protein foods are served, especially meats and seafood, helping to prevent intestinal putrification.
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Your Health and Sanity In The Age of Treason © 1958, R. Swinburne Clymer
Chapter 1 - Section 6

The Food We Eat - The Manner in Which Processors Handle Food
May Be The Cause of Cancer, or Help Prevent It

The present section is devoted to an article that appeared in September, 1957 [after the publication of the first edition of The Age of Treason], Consumer Bulletin, to whom we give full credit for quotations.

This article treats of the adulteration of food in a somewhat different than the usual manner, and for this reason is important to all seeking the truth in dealing with this vital subject.

    "Food dyes(1) are a special class. They are derived from a class of chemical(2) substances which from the periods of toxicological research were known to produce cancerous growths in dye-plant workers.(3) Use of food dye (butter yellow), formerly widely used, was discontinued after it was found by investigators in Japan (not in the U.S.)(4) to produce malignant tumors in rats and mice. Several other food dyes used in candies, soft drinks, sausages, and the skin of oranges have been "de-certified"(5) recently, because after many years they were discovered to have poisonous properties, and some others, FD&C Yellow Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, are expected to be unless manufacturers prevent his by legal action or pressure on the food administration. Two of these are in extensive use to color butter and oleomargarine. A surprisingly large number of dyes thought to be entirely safe were found in recent years to have carcinogenic properties,(6) when tested on rats and mice.

    The only practical solution for these grave problems is to prevent the contamination, beginning now, in 1957,(7) with substances of unknown, untested, or uncertain safety, and to prevent the use of foods of in relation to foods of all materials that have been exposed to contamination, Toxic or uncertain chemical substances.

    It is well to bear in mind that not a single one of the accepted dyes is know to have been sufficiently studied to satisfy the agreed criteria of safety set forth by an International symposium held in Tome in August, 1956.(8)

    An important and ever-present possibility of cancer-causing substances in our foods is in the modifications produced in fatty materials by carbonaceous matter produced on meats, fish and poultry that are grilled or roasted at too high temperatures or for too long a time, and on bread or biscuits which are browned excessively in toasting, or even baking.(9) All cooking oils or butter if over-heated or browned by heat should be discarded, never used. The beginning of cancer may be in an overheated frying pan.

    Dr. William E. Smith of Englewood, New Jersey, a well-qualified cancer researcher, has said: ‘It is simply not in the public interest to expose consumers to the unforeseeable risks of a host of biologically foreign(10) food additives that may provide eye-appeal or advertising values, but offer no nutritive benefit.'"

    Referring to the cancer-inciting drug Diethystilbestrol,(11) used in the artificial caponizing of poultry, he reports that marketed poultry contained per bird up to 342,000(12) tomes the amount of the sufficed, as a daily dose, to induce cancer in mice.

    "Dr. Smith noted that a cancer causing dye formerly used in foods and drugs did not induce cancer in well-fed(13) animals, but would induce cancer in animals on less adequate diets,(14) and he observed that the purveyors of foods containing a carcinogenic substance cannot control the diet of those consuming their products.

    In one striking case which he (Dr. Smith) had brought to public attention, the Food and Drug Administration attempted to prevent contamination of food by a certain pesticide. A manufacturer of the chemical filed a petition asking that his substance be permitted to be present to a small extent in food materials on the ground that while tumors had been caused by the chemical in rats, the substance might be safe(15) if fed in smaller amounts.

    Accordingly the Food and Drug Administration issued an order toleration residues of the insecticide in a large number of fruits and vegetables; it did, however, require that none of the substance should be present in forage to be consumed by animals. This as Dr. Smith aptly remarks, the regulations mean that we consumers can be obliged to eat the cancer-causing substance, but a cow - decidedly must not.(16)

    One of the major causes for the wide inclusion of chemical agents in today's foods has been the enormous popularity of foods which are ready-prepared, or require a minimum of preparation and processing in the kitchen.(17)

    "Many cakes, cookies, candies and ready-prepared or ready to heat-and-serve foods wold no exist, and remain salable for weeks or months except for the newer chemical additives.(18)

    The chemical industry has been most active and ingenious at devising and supplying every sort of additive substances to "improve" and maintain the saleability and good appearance (at the expense of nutriment and benefit to the consumer) of commercial and packaged food products.(19) Especially to be questioned are those additives that keep the product from becoming stale in flavor, or losing its good appearance with time or lack of refrigeration, to permit it to have a longer life on the shelf or in the freezer or refrigerator, before off-tastes and odors develop.(20)

    Many consider the wide use of such foods to be an element of modern scientific and industrial progress, but it may be questioned whether it is progress when 600 to 700 persons die every day from cancer, and when one person in every four may expect to contract cancer at some time of his life and the expectation of a case of cancer in about two out of every three families.(21)

    It is known that diet is an important factor in preventing the development of bodily conditions that tend to favor the beginnings of a cancerous condition, and with care and a willingness to go to a little extra trouble, we can modify our eating habits in ways that will tend to reduce the likelihood of cancer striking us and our family.(22)

    For the consumer who wishes to avoid needless risks in his diet, we may give the advice that one should avoid: oranges and white and sweet potatoes and nuts that have been dyed or colored; margarine colored by anything other than carotin (which is a natural substance or a manufactured one close to a natural substance contained in certain foods).

    One should avoid all caponized poultry, and especially avoid the use of any part of the necks of chickens and turkeys; all dyed goods, which includes many highly colored desserts and bakery products, particularly those sold in packages in groceries, chain stores, and supermarkets, for these also contain various substances of uncertain safety intended to give the product a very long shelf life.

    Avoid all burned fats and fatty foods, especially over toasted bread and buns, over broiled steaks, hamburgers, and chickens, and especially, remove carefully, before the food is eaten, any charred or tarry carbonaceous matter that may be in evidence.

    Drinking and obesity both increase the tendency to cancer. The habit of using too much of fat, starchy and sugary foods (a diet high in calories) instead of the high-quality protein foods, meat, fish, eggs, and natural cheese, also tends toward producing conditions favorable to development of cancerous growths.

    It is well to bear in mind that not a single one of the accepted dyes is known to have been sufficiently studied to satisfy the agreed criteria of safety"(23) set forth by an International Symposium held in Rome in August 1956. (An adequate test of a single dye suspected of having cancer-causing properties requires no less than seven years' work.)

    In General, the consumer will find it best to stick as closely as possible to food products that have had a minimum of factory processing and contain the fewest possible adulterants of the sort used to delay staling, add color, enhance flavor, improve consistency, etc."

Get in the habit of reading labels, and when the food or beverage label contains a list of substances of which perhaps several are known to you or are obviously the product of a chemical laboratory [rather than the kind of substance that would be used in the home kitchen], it would be well to do without that product, so far as practicable.

In its place, one would be wise to choose a less "sophisticated" food, that is closer to nature. This point of view greatly annoys some food manufacturers who think, in spite of the bad history of a score or more of food additives, that one should trust manufacturers completely for the safety of everything their chemists may think of in the way of preservative, color, texture modifier, artificial flavor, flavor improver, or what not.

"Since so many uncertainties exist, and so many food additives employed are employed for appearance or convenience in manufacture, or for durability, and do not add nutritive values, the reasonable procedure is to avoid foods containing them whenever possible, and to tell your state and federal food agencies and your Congressman(25) that you wish much tighter, more consumer-minded control of food processing and prepared-food ingredients.

You may wish to tell the manufacturers, too, what you think of the unfamiliar chemical ingredients, dyes flavors, and preservatives that they use, and if you care to send a copy of your letter and the manufacturer's reply to Consumers' Research, we shall be glad to have it.

One final word - since out of six who contract cancer four will die of the disease, cancer is clearly not a disease to be trifled with, and if there are steps that can be taken to prevent it in some or in many cases, there is ever reason to go to any amount of trouble to that end.

People should not regard the use of foods containing new and unfamiliar additives as a mere harmless experiment to be accepted as one accepts a change of the weather or in the colors of this year's cars."

(1) These dyes though known to be Toxic, are employed far more extensively in the processing of foods, more especially those consumed largely by children, than generally known or believed. If you see a food colored, suspect the presence of one or more of these dyes unless it is marked "fruit or vegetable coloring."

(2) These dyes have absolutely no part in nutrition. They are neither metabolized, nor made use of by any part of the human body. Their sole purpose is appearance; might be compared to the beautiful coloring in the skin of the rattlesnake; perhaps more deadly.

(3) Though known to be the cause of cancerous growth in those merely handling them, they continue to be used in coloring food products and drinks consumed by the millions, with deadly effect on the cells of the body.

(4) Canada, Germany especially, England and "heather" Japan have either outlawed many of these additives or restricted their use. In free America - free at least in this one aspect - they continue to be used with practically not restriction.

(5) Being "de-certified" may indicate that they are a calculated risk; Those consuming food so adulterated, taking the risk.

(6) The physician must make certain that he is fully informed on the usefulness or danger of the drugs he prescribes, or is held accountable, but the processor of foods and drinks, use a "large number" thought to be safe, with no knowledge, the certainly little care as to whether or not they are safe.

(7) "To prevent the contamination, beginning now, in 1957." If the mass were awakened to the extent of the present day - 1957 -contamination, or adulteration of almost all of their processed foods, this prevention would not be such a herculean task. However, it is certain that less than five percent are aware of the danger the additives in foods are to their health. While National legislation lags, various States are passing their own protective laws. Word has just been received that the State of Washington, or its State Agriculture Department has banned the use of Sodium Benzoate as well as other chemical preservatives on fresh meats to color them.

(8) Despite this lack of study, and the necessary test to prove whether or not any dye really is safe, they are being used with little or no restrictions, and against the opinion of the members of the International Symposium, whose opinion is fully quoted in another section of the present text.

(9) The wise, careful housewife can prevent and avoid this danger by making certain that no food, however prepared, is overly browned. It is most wise to avoid whenever possible, the preparation of food by frying. Boiling, baking and roasting are by far the better, and certainly safer methods to follow.

(10) Agents not natural to the food for man as created or developed by Nature, and of no nutritive value, the digestive fluid having no power to digest it for metabolizing. Actually a "dead" substance in so far as nourishment is concerned, and wasting vital forces to eliminate it.

(11) Fully treated in the first section of Chapter One this volume.

(12) Ask your physician about the maximum dosage he dare prescribe with safety of this synthetic Toxic drug.

(13) this is an indication that if the body is provided with natural, undevitalized, unadulterated foods containing all the necessary elements of minerals and vitamins in their naturally combined, harmonious state, the system is able to build up a resistance to cancer, and other muscle, nerve and brain destroying diseases.

(14) This is true even in the feeding of animals. The food of animals so fed is superior as a vital food by an hundred fold.

(15) The theory of "calculated risk."

(16) This is akin to the Law which punishes attempted suicide, but permits with impunity anyone who decides to do it. Considering such a ruling reminds one of the remarks by a national railroad builder when informed of the public protest of his methods, he remarked: "Let the public ..." After all, man is expendable, but cows sell for good money.

(17) The demand for these ready prepared "meals" has become enormous, being built up by advertising, radio and television, and appealing to a low human instinct - to live with as little effort, especially labor - as possible. There is no mention in this advertising that preservatives dangerous to health are necessary to keep the prepared "food" fresh. Many articles of food so prepared in time become almost indigestible and lose their nourishing qualities. No experienced Nutritionist would prescribe these prepared, preserved foods. The wise housewife will not accept most of these foods free if compelled to feed them to her loved ones. Only foods freshly prepared are capable of maintaining the health of body and mind. This is a nutritive law not yet generally recognized.

(18) The experienced Dietitian cannot conceive how a rational mind can entertain the idea that any preserved food which, due to the additives employed in its preparation and kept beyond a certain short period, can possibly be a nourishing food. The natural procedure is to prepare food, boiled, roasted, or fried, and serve while still warm. Few foods have any real value if retained for even a short period and then rew rebaked or reheated. One of our associates has named these many pre-prepared and partly baked preparations "the embalmed foods." the term is applicable and descriptive.

(19) In our opinion, there is but one way of safety. If health is to be maintained: Do not consume these pre-prepared "foods." A fresh vegetable salad with cottage cheese dressing and a glass of milk, is goth safe and nourishing for lunch or all secondary meals. Its actual food value, unquestioned as to purity, is far beyond an "embalmed" prepared food; while a baked apple and almonds, to which may be added milk, will furnish the body with all the minerals and vitamins it requires for proper functioning.

(20) If an off-taste and odor develops, as we have found among foods experimented with, this should be proof in itself of the undesirability of ingesting such foods, and prevent the housewife from serving them to her family.

(21) Many physicians have come to believe that cancer is due in many instances to cell starvation. This is a logical conclusion when we consider the large number of foods that have been denatured of their most important vital elements and the almost equal number of "doctored" foods consumed by the public. The two together spell C-A-N-C-E-R, or some other equally destructive disease.

(22) Our efforts are always to point out to our co-workers and those interested in maintaining health, foods necessary for this purpose, and warn against those foods which do not contain the necessary vital health sustaining elements.

(23) This is admittedly a very grave charge but we feel that it is amply borne out by the facts. Refer to the report of the International symposium quoted in the first chapter of the present volume.

(24) Trust nothing but your own ability to question, analyze, and use the reason god gave you. Advertisements are for the purpose of selling products. Remember, the simpler and fresher the food you eat the better for your well-being.

(25) Uncounted thousands wrote to their Congressmen and Senators pleading for the passage of a genuine protective Law. Were their prayers answered? Refer to Postscript, chapter One, Section Five.
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Your Health and Sanity In The Age of Treason © 1958, R. Swinburne Clymer
Chapter 2

The Agents of Death:
the Decision of the Food and Drug Administration,
and the Testimony of Experienced, Reputable Medical Men

"The Food and Drug Administration cracked down on food and drug stores
promoting dietary products "to build up the resistance against Asiatic Flu."

- The Philadelphia Inquirer, December 21, 1957[/b]

If vital foods - a correct and nutritional regime, cannot build up resistance to disease - help the sick recover from illness - then there is no greater charlatanry than the dieticians employed in hospitals throughout the nation.  If it is admitted that a correct dietary composed of vital foods is inefficient to build up resistance to disease, then man may eat whatever he desires, even though there is not a single unit of either vitamins or minerals in the food he ingests, and retain his health and strength, despite ignoring all dietary laws.

Why then recommend liver and iron for anemia? Why all the other compounds running into billions of dollars each year, prescribed by the experienced physicians? Why not just eat, drink and be merry, and live a full life? Will experienced physicians agree to this?

How does this ruling compare with other acts and rulings, or lack of rulings and information, by the Food and Drug Administration? Let us consider an article by George McGrath, published in the National Police Gazette, January 1958 edition, in which is included a report made by W. C. Hueper, M. D., chief of Environment Cancer section of the United States Health Service, National Cancer Institute,(1) is included the following:

    "It is a well established fact that an appreciable and growing number of chemicals, of which a few are known to enter the human food supply, are capable of causing cancer in man under proper conditions of exposure.

    This disconcerting situation is aggravated by the observation that many additional chemicals, some of which are incorporated into consumer goods including foodstuffs, elicit cancers in experimental animals were introduced in proper amounts and under suitable conditions."(2)

    On the basis of information available on carcinogenic properties of presently used or permitted food additives and contaminants the following chemicals must be considered carcinogenic according to the widely accepted definition that carcinogens are agents which when applied under certain conditions to man or animal elicit the subsequent development of cancers which would not have appeared otherwise.

(1) It is currently reported that there is an effort on foot to oust Dr. Hueper from his position as Chief of the Environment Cancer section of the United States Health Service. Dr. Hueper is efficient and has served well and honestly. Every effort should be made urging his retention in that section.
(2) Despite the fact that during the past few years physicians, scientists, investigators and biochemists of the highest authority and reputation have made similar statements, it was quickly learned, following the publication of The Age of Treason, that a considerable number who read the book reacted to the information given by expressing their opinion that the system can adjust itself to these poisons.

It is true that in many instances this may be so, but investigators have found that when this happens man's entire personality may be seriously changed. To how great a degree is not yet fully established, but it is certain that in some instances it is a reversion to a Mongoloid or some form of idiocy, rapid loss of memory, loss of coordination.(3) How far such retrogression may progress only time will tell.

    "A competent examination of paraffins and waxes used for medical and commercial purposes, including food containers and wrapping material, is indicated because of recent observations on tumor-causing action of presumably purified paraffin when implanted into the bladders of rodents."

    Dr. Hueper is further quoted as stating in substance:

    "Several food and cosmetic dyes can probably cause cancer in humans, others are potential cancer-producing agents and many additional ones have not been adequately investigated.

    Potential cancer hazards are the tripheylmethane dyes, light green SF and fast green used to color candies, essences, cordials, biscuits, cakes, jellies, maraschino cherries and frozen desserts. Brilliant blue is also a cancer hazard. This is used as a coloring in icing, jellies, ice cream, ice cream toppings, milk bar syrups, candies, cake decorations, froxen desserts, soft drinks, puddings and bakery goods.

    Another group of suspect cancer producers are the betanaphthylamine azo benzyl dyes such as yellow AM and yellow OB used for coloring butter, margarine and baked goods.

    Chemicals known as surfactants, used in foodstuffs as anti-foaming agents, emulsifiers and dispersants, have shown cancer producing effects in experiments with animals.

    The cancer experts said that these agents may also be introduced unintentionally into food as residues or detergents.

    Among the foods in which these chemicals are used are: candies, soft drinks, dill pickles, vitamin preparations, ice cream, cream whip, cakes, bread and rolls.

    Dr. Hueper warned that a definite amount of caution should be used in the choice of the surfactants and in the amounts which may be permitted in food."

(3) Reference is to the numerous muscular atrophies of a completely disabling nature.

"Dangerous Food Containers"

"Another group of chemicals that Sr. Hueper warned against were the humectants. These are incorporated in marshmallows, pastilles, shredded cocoanut, confections, ice cream, chocolates and jelly-like candies as well as cigarette tobacco.

The U.S. scientist said that diethylene glycol, a humectant formerly used in tobacco, caused cancer of the bladder when fed to rats.

There is also a food preservative, 8-Hyroxyquioline, That showed cancer-producing agents for mice when implanted into the bladder.

It has also been noted that when a contraceptive containing this chemical is fed or put into the reproductive organs of a female rat kept on a protein diet, it caused cancers of different types and in several organs including the uterus.

This chemical is used in cottage cheese as a coagulator and is also present in contraceptive and rectal suppositories.

Paraffin and petrolatum-like material has been incriminated as the cause of various cancers. Foodstuffs such as milk, cream, cheese, butter, margarine and citrus fruits come in contact with paraffin and petroleum waxes used for impregnation of food containers and wrapping paper.

The report expresses particular concern that no studies have been undertaken on the safety of these food containers."


"Before you swallow that spoonful of ice cream or eat that delicious tasting, innocent looking pastry, read what Dr. Hueper has revealed and your indignation may be greater than your desire for it.

"Dr. Hueper's story is that the Government [i.e., the Food and Drug administration apparently] was afraid to tell [make know to the people it is obligated to protect]. It is the story of a threat against our life because our every day foods contain cancer-producing agents.

"The truth as reported by Dr. Hueper and others reveals the staggering information that the vicious killer, cancer, lurks dormantly in such foods as candies, soft drinks, vitamins, bread, rolls, puddings and many other edibles.

"But what makes this story even more shocking and even frightening is that the Government's Food and Drug Administration, the policeman who is supposed to guard our food, has ordered this information suppressed so that the American people wouldn't know the bitter - and deadly - truth.


"Consider how huge and terrifying this threat of cancer through the food we eat is, the irresponsible action of the Food and Drug Agency is permitting the making not only guinea pigs out of the American people, but worse yet, is making suc***s out of us.

"In terms that can be understood by even a half-brained bureaucrat, Dr. W. C. Hueper, chief of the Environmental cancer Section of the United States Health Service National cancer Institute, further stated:

"With this damning evidence before it and knowing full well that many of the foods mentioned in the report were being eaten daily by millions of Americans, did the Food and Drug office act? Certainly it did." But how?

According to their information, The Food and Drug Administration is charged by the Police Gazette with having suppressed the findings. Legislators have the means at their command to learn whether or not this is true.


"Further cancer-producing properties in wax products have been reported by independent medical researchers who have found a direct relationship with these products and gastrointestinal cancers of test animals.

"The disgraceful weakness in our food and drug laws, permitting the wholesale poisoning of Americans before a chemical used in food is fully tested, was dramatically exposed in the suppressed report. The tragic case of the sweetening agent, dulcin, was presented.

"It was available for many years and millions of Americans, assuming it was perfectly safe because it was openly sold and used in many food products, became potential cancer victims by using it.

"It was recently found to case cirrhosis and tumors of the liver in rats given this chemical by the mouth. Authorities quietly withdrew it from the open market. The public was never told why. Why did the Food and Drug Administration permit this chemical to be sold before it was adjudged completely safe? This is a tragic example of the agency's [the Law's] inadequacy.

"And now many more chemicals are on the market.

"Dr. Hueper wanted to release his findings on these cancer-producing drugs before a medical group in Wichita, Kansas. In routine procedure [it was stated his report was sent to superiors who passed it around the other agencies within the U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare.


"When the top brass of the Food and Drug Administration saw it they quivered and broke out in hysterics. The Government officials realized that the report contained damaging evidence against chemicals now commonly used in food. The report also poured salt on some of the Food and Drug Administration's wounds regarding their previous follies.

"Of course the Food and Drug Administration has a pat excuse. It blames the weakness in the laws for allowing loopholes through which untested chemicals can be added to food.(4)

"But this is buck-passing. The Food and Drug Administration went so far as to refuse to OK a highly damaging report made by a medical authority who works for the same parent organization.

"It appears everyone is afraid to reveal the naked truth,(5) regardless of how damaging it might be and regardless of who will be hurt."

More and more of the actual facts relative to the grave dangers of Toxic food additives are becoming known as well as the increasing demand for stringent protective legislation.

No less than such a conservative publication as Chemical Processing, June 1958 issue, under the heading Watching Washington, printed the following:


"The big push to get things wrapped up is coming from various States' Legislatures, which in effect are reflecting public restlessness. Agitation is growing over the delay in getting federal legislation in the works. Any further delays will only add grist to the mill of the food faddists, and as more people hop on the faddist bandwagon, the urgency to get something done increases - or both industry and FDA will suffer.

"The push from the states comes from New York which is considering food additive legislation of the ‘licensing' variety. New York City has under consideration santary code revisions to include food additive measures."

It is regrettable that the writer could not resist the impulse to deal a "slap" to those demanding proper legislation, forgetting, or being unaware, that some of the most experienced biochemists and nutritionists are now among the supplicants for such legislation.

(4) Admittedly this is true, hence the desperate need for practical, applicable legislation. However, this hardly excuses the Administration for not releasing the report.
(5) There is good reason for such fear. It is doubtful if there is one person who has dared to reveal the truth and the danger of the many Toxic chemicals used in the preparation of various foods, whose life has not been threatened. It is generally only the foolish young, the utterly fearless, or the old who no longer value life, who are bold enough to do so.
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Your Health and Sanity In The Age of Treason © 1958, R. Swinburne Clymer
Chapter 2: In Retrospect


Is the Child of Lesser Importance Than Man's Best Friend, the Dog?

At first thought, it would appear that such a question is not only ridiculous, but idiotic? Is it? For years it has been known, and is now becoming general knowledge, that the greater part of our foods are adulterated with more or less poisonous substances, some of them cancer creating. For some years such men as Congressmen Delaney have been trying to have protective laws enacted. To what extent have these efforts been successful? As a result of present agitation, will present laws be enforced? Refer to Chapter One, Section Five.

It is said that "comparisons are odious." No doubt this is generally true. However, in giving consideration to a subject of far greater importance than any other conceivable by the mind of man - The Welfare of the Child, it can be wisely used to drive home facts generally ignored.

As already stated, although the demand for protective legislation against Toxic substances in the food for man is becoming nation-wide, practically no attention has been given it by our Legislators. Now consider the comparison:

The Veterinarians' Association of Wyoming, alarmed at the effects on canine patients resulting from exposure to dangerous anti-biotics and chemicals found in table scraps (we request all readers to study this statement several times that the truth may sink in), has taken decisive protective action.

Ye parents and Legislators, consider this statement for a moment. If the scraps left from various of the foods consumed at a meal contain toxic additives so dangerous as to be unfit for dogs, what of the foods consumed by the family in so much larger quantities, and especially by sensitive children? Remember! These scraps are only from basic foods consumed at the meal; not to many in number. Consider the many other things consumed frequently during the day, such as soft drinks, candies, cakes and what not, all, or nearly all, more or less adulterated with equally Toxic substances.

Say these Wyoming Legislators, "Man's best friend must be protected against such hazards at all costs." We agree with them, but what of the children. In Wyoming measures have been taken - So it is reported - to prohibit the use of these Known carcinogens in meat animals to protect the dogs. Again we question: Are dogs of greater importance than children? Main at the mercy of adulterators? Judged by the action thus far taken by our Lawmakers, and to use slang: "What should they care?" Who is at fault? You who read this. The voters, mothers and fathers.

Is the child, God's most beautiful handiwork, to remain at the mercy of denaturers and adulterators? Let us give impartial consideration to its food and Drink for one day.


  • Fruit or fruit juice. If processed, much of vitamin content destroyed. If fresh, possibly colored by Nigrosine or Benzopurpirine. Both Toxic and banned in some countries.
  • Milk: Possibly containing Penicillin, Formaldehyde and poisons used in spraying. Milk contained in paraffin or petrolatum-like substances as containers. Carcinogenic.
  • Eggs: Possibly infertile eggs lacking nature's vital food principle.
  • Bread: Containing at least one, possibly three or more Toxic additives. Ammonium Chloride, to help ferment the dough. Ammonium Sulfate, to help in fermentation. This substance is employed in galvanizing iron and fireproofing fabrics. Sodium Chloride, to give bread fine texture. Used in manufacturing soaps and dyes, also in glazing pottery and curing hides. Chlorine, bleaching, a violent irritant, used in detinning and dezincing iron. Ammonium Bicarbonate, a decomposer, used also in fire extinguishers, dyes, etc. Acetic Acid, a preservative, used also to cure skin irritations. The usual preservatives. This, friends, made out of denatured flour, is its daily bread. Or perhaps one of the many sorts of cakes made out of bread dough.
  • Butter: Some spreads flavored with butyric acid to taste more like butter, dye colorings. Margarine, some with Hydrogenated fat and Dextrose and dye.
  • Chocolate: Perhaps containing Diethylene Glycol.
  • Cereals: Many cereals or so-called breakfast foods are said to be highly adulterated with additives and dyes. These have not been tabulated. In passing: for years we were very fond of a certain breakfast food with cream. We now find it contains Butylated Hydroxytoluene and an emulsifier. Parents should write to manufacturers of their choice cereal and demand to know contents.
  • Soft drinks, ice cream and cream whips: May contain - many of them do - triphenylmethane dyes and artificial flavors, such as vanilla with Coumarin, ice cream with boric acid.
  • Milk Drinks: During the summer months, millions of children as well as adults, indulge in milk drinks, unaware that the milk may contain Penicillin, Formaldehyde and the syrups, Triphenylmethand dyes.
  • Vitamins: There are probably few families in the United States who, due to much advertising in every form and medium, now firmly believe their children should be given vitamins regularly to make up for deficiencies in the diet; even the elders take them. The worst feature of this is the fact that it is generally true. Now it is officially revealed that at least some makers of vitamins - but which, is the question- adulterate them with Toxic substances. Can Human creatures fall lower than this?
  • Lunch: In many families lunch is a secondary meal, but even so, it may consist of bread, butter and perhaps jellies, already analyzed. Perhaps the fine food cottage cheese, now frequently adulterated with 8-Hyroxyquinoline, a chief remedy in Hemorrhoid suppositories, and perhaps vegetables that have been treated with Nigrosine, or Benzo-purpidine to make them look fresh and appetizing. Perhaps pecans dyed in a coal tar are added to the meal. This simple meal can be a safe on if baked potatoes are substituted for the bread; vegetables, carefully selected, for the salad, and a soup of known purity added; or, in place of soup, milk from a source known for its purity and unadulteration.
  • The Evening Meal: No matter how wise and careful, here the housewife is almost certain to meet with difficulties. Unless she is fully informed of the source of her meats, she may sellect chicken which is almost certain to have been inoculated with Stilbestrol, possibly diseased, and dipped in a Toxic substance such as Chlortetracycline; or meats from animals fed with Stilbestrol and/or additives equally Toxic; or perhaps fish that have been dipped in some preservative or other. Added to this almost certainly bread or biscuits, and finally dessert, all of which are, as indicated, highly adulterated.
She may sellect one of the now widely advertised "prepared" dinners, and as a result, fare less well than head she selected fowl, meat or fish, because these are no less adulterated and there is an added, and a great risk. Fred C. Othman, in The Capital Science, June 17, 1958 reports that George P. Lerreck of the Food and Drug Administrator, when requesting an appropriation of over $9,000,000, stated that:

"It is most difficult to discover unfit foods when sealed in frozen packages. Among such foods were chicken a La King, Chop Suey, Lobster Newburg, Crab Cakes, Deviled Crab and most certainly all ready prepared frozen dinners. That these make ideal spots for bacterial growths."

Parents and Legislators, make a not of the various foods and drinks enumerated, you, or you and your family partake of during any one day and then count the number of Toxic substances, many of them denounced as Carcinogenic by experts, you, or your family consume each day and question yourself; That will this do to me, to them, and to the American people? Then Act.


It is safe to say that beginning at the age of twelve months, certainly at sixteen, one of the principal foods consumed by the child is bread, or other items of food made from flour. This may, in addition, be in the form of cakes, pies, cookies and many other eye-appealing types of food.

Then, as soon as the child is old enough to be hypnotized or brain washed, full page advertisements in magazines, glaring television broadcasts urge children to eat more and more bread, white bread of course, that it may deep healthy and grow strong. The child and youth, even the adult, is generally incompetent to judge whether or not such statements are based on facts; But accepts them as true. Thus millions of children are fed one to five pieces of bread, with perhaps jellies or preserves sweetened with white sugar, or white sugar substitutes, plus color or flavor additives pronounced cancer producers by competent authorities.

Some time ago, E.E. Pfeiffer, M.D., one of the greatest Biochemists in America, prepared an article for Bio-Dynamics - published in volume III. No. 2, 1945. This was later printed in booklet form under the title: "Does Bread Nourish?" Copyrighted 1945. Every adult person in America should possess full knowledge of the contents of this article.

That at least the readers of this text may be fully informed, the author quotes from it at length, together with interpolations and footnotes, in an attempt to add further details. The title could be:


    "On the outside of the grain of wheat there is a protective covering, a membrane of cellulose. This is a hard skin with a certain content of salicic acid, and according to experts on nutrition, is very hard to digest and may be dispensed with..

    "The next layer is that of the aleuron cell. Rows of cells shaped like honeycomb are filled with the most valuable foodstuffs: protein, mineral salts and vitamins, especially vitamin B, which withstands heat. This layer contains what is needed to build up energy in the human organism.

    "The white kernel of the wheat consists essentially of starch that is used to produce warmth calories and to build up fat and flesh in the organism.(6)

    "The germ.(7) This is rich in aromatic vegetable oils, fats, vitamin and organic salts, particularly phosphates,(8) In totals 1/2 per cent of the grain, contains 36 per cent albumen as against 8/9 per cent in the kernel, and 12 per cent fat with Lecithin.(9) This last is an important substance for nourishing and building up the nerves and brain."(10)

It has 7 per cent mineral matter as against 1-1/2 per cent in the rest of the grain of wheat and it contains the total dynamic energy for the building up of a new plant.

What more does modern milling do to what has always been considered Nature's perfect food?

"The germ is oily. When stored for any length of time, this oil may become rancid, so it is removed at the beginning. The two outer layers, those of the cellulose skin and the aleuron, are not white and are eliminated. The starch layer then remains. Because of its composition starch has a ‘fuel' value, but it is lacking in all the essential mineral [organic] salts, vitamins, and proteins. It does make a beautiful white bread or cake. However, it provides an extremely unbalanced food.

"Let us consider what the eminent specialist and German investigator of vitamins, professor A. Scheunert, has to say:(11) "The germ [besides the Lecithin and Vital Life element] contains some Vitamin A.... ‘Because the germ is eliminated with the bran during the milling process, the flours generally supplied by the trade, are not to be regarded as sources of Vitamin A, but must be counted practically free from it.'

(6) It is highly important to note that there is nothing whatever in this flour to build the vitality and health for which white bread is so widely advertised.
(7) This germ of the wheat which contains the living, vital principle of life is wholly eliminated. The exact truth would be, that in eating white bread we eat the "husk" after eliminating that which is actually the staff of life. This germ with its vital reproducing the power or ability, is the most important of all that man can ingest as food.
(8) As a result of modern milling processes practically all of these organic mineral elements are eliminated. To be sure, the claim is made that bread is fortified or enriched. However, the elements used are inorganic, and even if they were organic, they would in great part fail of the desired objective. They have been disorganized by the process of "tearing them apart from each other" as developed in the grain by Nature and intended for consumption by man as a whole, not as an emasculated food.
(9) Lecithin is rich in Chlorine and Insitol, two organic chemicals forming part of many formulas physicians prescribe in the treatment for cholesterol deposits in the liver and widely accepted as the cause of hardening of the arteries and high blood pressure. Only one food is richer in Lecithin than wheat germ - the Soy bean from which a cold pressed, fat free Lecithin is made. It is admitted that thirty years ago very few men of forty and fifty died of heart disease as a result of hardening of the arteries. May it not be possible to trace the increased deaths to the elimination of this substance from the flour almost universally used in baking bread, pies, cakes, etc.
(10) This Lecithin which is one of the most valuable nerve and brain foods, is also eliminated by the milling process. Is it any wonder that since this refined milling process has been employed in making flour, and the denaturing of other foods, the memories of millions at 35 and 40 years of age are not nearly as good as were the memories of men and women in earlier days?
(11) "Vitamin Experiments in German Foods" Part 11,Flour and Bread, 1930 p.7.

"The germ also contains a considerable amount of Vitamin B. If it is removed as it is in modern milling, this portion of that vitamin is lacking in the flour. As Scheunert says ‘as we can prove in the case of rats starved of Vitamin B that even 0.5 gramme of the germ of wheat and rye is enough to start growth of the germ of wheat and rye is enough to start growth, and in addition of 1 gramme of the germ produced the best growth. According to this, the germ is among the best source of vitamin B that we possess.' ...

"Whole meal flours are the best. Flours of 75 per cent of the original grain is meal, are lessened in value, and ... in 60 per cent ground of wheat flour, no anti-neurotic vitamin(12) at all could be discovered in tests with pigeons."(13)

"No snow-white flour can be obtained by natural means. To make it white, it must be bleached. Trichloride of nitrogen is the favorite means for doing this. If new bread made of quite fresh flour is smelled, a good nose can detect the sweetish-stuffy smell, although this substance is very finely diluted when used. Flours of inferior quality can be [are frequently] ‘improved' and ‘prepared' for human use ... Baker's help [to make bread of such inferior flour appear as perfect as though made from first quality flour] with salts, such as potassium bomate, persulphate of ammonia and others, and make quick and even rising and baking possible. No thought is given to what such breads do to the people's health.

"Artificial ‘improvements' of flour are forbidden in France, Italy, Belgium, Hungry and other countries.

"That something is radically wrong with our modern bread is admitted in the advertising of reinforced, vitaminized flour and bread. The U.S. Department of Agriculture not only permits this but requests the addition of vitamin preparations to the flour in order to ‘restore' that which has been robbed of the flour. Reason demands: Why remove nature's organic minerals and vitamins and then add inorganic and disorganized substances at considerable expense?

"White bread is counter indicated as food for two specific reasons: The first is, that with most yeast in commercial bread making, there are used ‘yeast foods' - potassium bromate, and various other chemicals. The second count against present white bread is because of the poisonous chemicals used for bleaching the flour from which almost all American white bread is made.

"We frequently hear it stated that whole wheat bread is difficult to digest. Yet, according to tests by modern Nutritionists, this is true only in the case of those suffering from nervous indigestion or neurotics."

Forty or fifty years ago, wheat was ground under that was generally known as "Holland stones," the coarse outer covering of the wheat was sifted out. It is true that since the present generation has known little if any other than denatured white bread, there are many whose digestion has so weakened and degenerated that they would find great difficulty in digesting this coarse outer coating.

(12) Considering the amount of bread and other white flour foods daily consumed, especially by women and children, is there any wonder Americans are becoming a nation of Neurotics.
(13) Scheunert. P. 15.


In an article published under the above title in the Changing Times, The Kiplinger Magazine, October, 1957 issue, the author of the article attempts to be fair, but many of his statements indicate that he has little or no knowledge of Nutrition and Biochemistry. We quote, with comments:

..."Ten years ago a large grocery store carried perhaps 1,000 items from which to plan a menu. Today there are at least 6,000 items, thanks mainly to advances in food technology (more properly: Food Adulteration.)

"Take as an example, the evolution of shrimp. A generation ago you didn't eat shrimp unless you lived near the sea. Then came frozen shrimp, then breaded frozen shrimp,(14) and finally breaded frozen cooked shrimp.(14)

Commissioner George P. Larrick, head of the Food and Drug Administration, recently estimated that some 700(15) chemicals are now being used in our foods. Of these, 150 have not even been tested hence no one can know the harm they may do to the human system."

(14) According to eminent dieticians and nutritionists, frozen shrimp, even present day breaded and cooked shrimp, if free from preservatives and additives and consumed shortly after their preparation, may be considered as nourishing food, though not nearly as desirable as when freshly prepared, but when shipped and remaining on dealer shelves for any length of time, are no longer desirable as food, but have become health destroyers. Much of the value of prepared food is destroyed in their preparation, also by not consuming them directly after cooking, and finally, the last shred of value, by the process of reheating.
This preparation of food may be a convenience, made necessary by the fact that there are so few housewives willing to prepare good foods properly, but these processed and pre-cooked foods are in no sense real health builders, and mothers with a knowledge of the preparation of foods for health will not touch them.
(15) Refer to the statements of W.C. Heuper previously quoted.

"Without the chemical additive sodium propionate, bread would mold before it could be eaten.(16) Without sodium benzoate, preserves, jams and jellies would not keep.(17) Various sulfides keep fruit in prepared pie mixes from turning brown.(18)

(16) We question whether this is a deliberate misstatement or the result of ignorance. We have lived through the years when our grandmothers, our mothers, and finally the mother of our own family, baked their own bread without preservative additives and throughout all those years we have no knowledge of bread spoiling before it could be eagerly consumed by the family, whether this was within a week or ten days.
(17) We, during our childhood, youth and even as head of our own family, watched grandmother, mother and wife make jellies f every kind without preservative additives and have never known any to spoil. This is poor propaganda for chemical warfare on human health.
(18) It would be infinitely better if the prepared mixes turned brown than having such pies retard digestion, as all deterrents are believed to do; causing the formation of gas during digestion, the gas liable to bring about inflammation, and possibly ulcers which ultimately turn into cancer. No metallic substance can be metabolized, hence all of them are liable to be causative of disease.


"Broadly speaking, these chemicals in your food present two types of peril.(19) Many of them are Toxic, and if allowed in a food in sufficient quantities or for a sufficient time(20) could slowly poison you.(21)

"The problem is a long-standing one. Back in 1906 when the Food and Drug Act was firs passed, there was concern about the use of formaldehyde as a preservative.(21)

"The other danger hasn't recognized so long. It is the possibility(21) that some of the chemicals used in food might have [does have](21) carcinogenic properties that over the years cause cancer. Poisons in many instances have their antidotes and cures, but carcinogenic damage to cells is irreversible.

"These dangers exist mainly because of a defect in the federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Law. Under the present law, the food industry is not required to prove chemical additives to be safe.(22) The FDA must do this after the product is already on the market. Since it takes a minimum of two years to prove the lack of Toxicity(23) and seven years to prove that a product in not cancer-inducing, the public could be (is) in a serious jeopardy.

"Hormones are used to fatten and tenderize poultry and livestock. Although the FDA says that Stilbestrol, the hormone most often used, is safe(24) because no trace can be found by delicate tests in the meat of the animals,(25) critics, such as Congressman James J. Delaney and others both in congress and out, point to evidence that improper injection of the drug or consumption of meat to soon after dosing might cause sterility in man.

"Clearly established that the enormously expanded use of a constantly growing number of new chemical additives in foods constitute a definite hazard to public health and that new legislation is needed to bring the situation under control"

The testimony from inspectors of Food and Drug Administration indicate that:

    "... the residues of a cancer-inciting drug, Diethystilbestrol are commonly found in marketed poultry to which this drug is now commonly administered.

    My colleagues and I have assembled data to show that this drug is not destroyed by cooking and that marketed poultry have contained per bird up to 324,000 times the amount of this drug sufficing as a daily dose to induce cancer in mice. We have forwarded this exhibit for review to National Cancer Institute, United Health service. It has been reviewed by the National cancer Institute, with endorsement of our view that administration of this drug to food animals constitutes a hazard to consumers.

    "The need to assure protection of consumers against substances found to induce cancer in animals is attested by the facts that the cancer-causing actions of certain tars, oils, dye intermediates, metallic and radioactive compounds were discovered through exposure of human beings and only later confirmed by tests on animals. Tumors induced in animals by a proposed food additive must disqualify that additive. Although some compounds have induced cancer in one species but not in another, any substance that induces cancer in any species, if used as food additive, requires consumers to participate without consent, in the experiment of exposure to learn if man is or is not a susceptible species, or what percentage of human beings respond to the dose involved"(25)

(19) An admission that such dangers do exist; hence no one, no human being, has the right to prepare and sell food preparations unless he is certain that no danger lurks in them. No true American physician would ever risk prescribing a medicine the action and reaction of which he did not possess a full knowledge and he should be an example to processors of food, as he is in medicine.
(20) Nutritionists believe that all pre-cooked "foods", shipped and sold in food stores, may be carriers of self-developing Toxins, and that no food partly cooked or baked, held for a time, and then recooked or baked, can be considered a safe or nourishing food.
(21) Mothers with infants to feed should constantly bear in mind the fact that many farmers feed their cows with feeds mixed with Penicillin, so strongly condemned by many authorities; that this milk is then frequently adulterated by the use of formaldehyde and/or various additives. To avoid this danger, when at all possible, mothers who love their babies should make every effort to procure their supply direct from producers who do not use additives or adulterants.
(22) Refer to the revelations made by W.C. Hueper, M.S., a most grave admission on the part of an apparent apologist for adulteration.
(23) If Toxicity must be proven, how was it possible for the Food and Drug Administration to proceed to "crack down" on dietary products, such as vitamins, minerals, and natural foods which build up vitality and resistance to the invasion of disease, these products being non-Toxic? Are products for the welfare of the people to be banned, while hundreds of so-called foods adulterated with Toxic Chemicals may be sold freely to people? What is the answer?
(24) Government investigators, according to published reports, have found to the contrary. So have physicians of highest authority on the subject.
(25) In reports released it is clearly shown that this Toxic drug has been found in the heads, entrails and livers of animals fed with it. Refer and study the conclusions and actions taken by Wyoming Veterinarians.

Within a few miles of where this is being written minks fed with poultry by-products became sterile.(26)

"Coal tars as food colorings. The FDA recently removed from its certified list of safe dyes two red and orange coal tar colors that had caused illness among children eating tinted popcorn."

(26) fortunately this, one of the worst of Toxic chemicals fed to animals and then ingested by men, women, youths and children, may shortly be replaced. Experiments in process indicate that a natural hormone - Estrogen - can be derived from some types of clover, such as that known as Ladino clover, and from other plants. It is said to be many times more active than the inorganic chemical Stilbestrol, which is actually not a hormone but that it is less understandable. Being a natural part of plant life, it is less of a shock to the animal's vital forces and being metabolizable [digested], there should be no residue as with the Toxic Stilbestrol.

The question naturally arises: "What of the millions of children and adults who are such poisoned popcorn and other food products on which these dyes were used? After How many times, and after how many illnesses and even deaths, will many of these additives be prohibited? Who will compensate the victims for such illness and suffering?


Up until only a very short time ago it was the current opinion that only "mud-rakers," "cranks," "food faddists," "charlatans" in the healing professions and "Yellow" sheets were condemning and making much out of the use of additives in the feed for animals, together with preservatives in the various food preparations for mankind.

So firmly was this erroneous opinion impressed upon the mass that very few sincere physicians, dietitians and biochemists dared to raise their voice against this practice so destructive to physical health and mentality, which has become so universal, that though ten bills were reported to have been presented in Congress in 1957 to correct these evils, none passed,

and this despite the known fact that more than 700 chemicals are now in use in some form or manner in feeding animals and processing foods, some 150 kinds of which have not been tested though many of these are known to reputable physicians of vast experience to be Cancer creating.

The January 1958 edition of Consumer Reports published a "matter of fact" article under the title How Safe Are the Chemicals in Our Foods, which clearly indicates the awakening of the people to the danger of these additives. If there were no such awakening, a magazine of this nature would not undertake to print such an article. In order to further inform Humanitarians throughout the country, and especially our Legislators, we quote from this article, with comments. Almost all of this information was published in the first edition of The Age of Treason, though this may not have as wide a circulation as will this present edition, and the information is so important and necessary in fully awakening the people as well as our Lawmakers, that it is well worth while repeating:

From "How Safe Are the Chemicals in Our Foods", Consumer Reports, January 1958

    "... Another group of chemicals used in food production are the growth stimulants. Antibiotics are used in animal feed, and estrogens (female sex hormones)(27) as pellets implanted into fowl."

    "The feeding of low levels of penicillin and ‘low spectrum antibiotics, aureomycin and terramycin, to animals does not result in the deposition of a significant(28) residue of antibiotics in the tissues of these animals."

    "... but the use of penicillin in close to 10% of samples of milk(29) tested by the FDA. According to a committee of medical experts, the amount of penicillin in mild could induce penicillin reactions in the form of skin eruptions and other disorders in children(29) and adults highly allergic to penicillin(30)."

    "Aureomycin and similar antibiotics are also used as a soak for frozen chicken to preserve the fowl. The FDA has established a tolerance(31) for antibiotics not to exceed seven parts per million. All the antibiotic is destroyed when the bird is cooked or roasted.(32)"

    "Another, even more important, aspect of the food safety problem appears when one turns to the hundreds of chemicals used in processing and packaging foods. In processing, foods may receive preservatives, antioxidants, bleaches, colors, flavors, deodorizers, moisteners, drying agents, thickeners, sweeteners, stabilizers, emulsifiers, neutralizers, acidifiers, and anticaking and antifoaming agents. The finished food is distributed in packing materials which contain synthetic resins, plasticizers, stabilizers, pigments paraffin, and other materials, all of which may contribute chemicals to food."

(27) There is a misuse of the words "Estrogens"and "female sex hormones." If it were true that Estrogen [natural product] were used much of the danger would be removed because this would be dissipated by the preparation, under heat, of fowl and other meats, but it is not. It is the synthetic, the chemical Stilbestrol that is used in feeds, and, according to the most competent biochemists, this is not dissipated. It is this additive that the greatest authorities agree is cancer producing.
(28) This statement admits that there is a possibility that there may be some residue in the meats of animals so fed. Many competent authorities state frankly there is, and if there is, then the literature of antibiotics should be consulted for information of the danger of these antibiotics; so much so that physicians prescribe them only with utmost care and in cases receiving frequent attention.
(29) The use of Penicillin in the treatment for mastitis in cows is legitimate, but milk from cows being so treated, should then not be sold for food. Since there is no control and milk is produced for profit, it is all too frequently sold and consumed by children and adults alike.
(30) While generally the Penicillin is injected into the udder of affected cows, there is evidence that some farmers mix it with their feed with the hope of preventing mastitis in their cows. The number of diseases caused by this, and the suffering and expense of treatment, is beyond estimation. It is admitted that many never fully recover from this penicillin reaction.
Adults, like children are affected by penicillin, but in a different manner. Here again it is impossible to estimate the number of adults incapacitated by the constant use of milk from cows penicillin fed.
(31) If antibiotics are destroyed by cooking or roasting, why then the caution and and the necessity of establishing a tolerance. The antibiotic being destroyed, no control is necessary. The seekers for food facts would like the answer.
(32) Even if it had been proven that cooking and roasting are capable of destroying antibiotics, which it has not, being aware of the carelessness of the majority of those who prepare food for consumption, there still would be great danger to the young, and should not be imposed upon innocent children, the future citizens of a Great Nation.

The best and most complete answer to these statements is to refer the reader to the expositions made by W.C. Hueper, M.D. A careful study of the report will quickly indicate to the reader and investigator the reason why fear prevented the publication of Dr. Hueper's report.

"Some of these chemicals are derived from natural sources; many are synthetic [inorganic], although the safety or harmfulness of a chemical does not always rest on whether it is a natural or synthetic product."

Biochemists and nutritionists will not agree with this statement. As an example, if natural Estrogen is used or fed to animals, it would be dissipated in the preparation of the meat by cooking or roasting. The synthetic Stilbestrol would not. This is true of many other chemicals. It is to be constantly borne in mind that an additive need not be a poison used in, or on a food product to make it harmful. Though not a poison in itself, it may destroy the vitamins in the food, or seriously retard digestion.

    "Some harmful or potentially harmful chemicals are used simply because they achieve a competitive advantage for the processor."(33)

    "The polyxethylene sorbitan chemical emulsifiers are one example of a type of chemical whose safety is questionable but which is in wide use. The Food and Drug board lists its use in candies, soft drinks, dill pickles, multi-vitamin(34) drops, ice cream, cream whips, cakes and cake mixes, sweet rolls and doughnuts. It is not permitted as an ingredient in standardized breads and rolls, i.e., breads and rolls sold in interstate commerce."(35)

    "The amount of sorbitan chemicals in any one food may not be dangerous, but when it is added up in the many foods in which they appear, there is good reason to believe that consumers are receiving more than is good for them."

(33) An incriminating admission: Poison for Profit. Humanity! What of it? Humans are dispensables. They be concerned with their welfare?
(34) If the food and Drug Administration is really concerned with the welfare of the people then here is an instance where all of their authority should be rigidly employed. Literally uncounted millions daily take multivitamin tablets under the belief that because they contain vitamins they will supply food elements mission in their foods. Instead, with these vitamins they are also ingesting a substance which is considered so questionable as to be prohibited in foods in interstate commerce.
(35) If this substance is considered or accepted as a possible additive with harmful results in foods for interstate commerce, why is it not equally potent for harm when sold within the state? Where is there logic or common sense in such application of a directive?

It is to be noted that in not a single instance in the employment of the more than 700 or more additives is there even a hint that any single one of them has the slightest possibility of either serving as food or medicine to the consumer. Would any reputable experienced physician prescribe for his patients any chemical substance to be taken regularly and in ever increasing amount with the intent of Keeping them well?

Foods, yes, because the body needs them, but chemicals which have no part in metabolism, emphatically no. What right then have the manufacturers of food to add these additives to foods for daily human consumption, and especially to the foods for babies and children. Why is it done? This is what the people who have awakened to the danger, want to know. Is it solely for profit, or are many of the processors of foods working hand in hand with the enemies of mankind to destroy the masses by deteriorating their minds and bodies? What is the answer? We are continually asked these questions. We are unable to answer them, except to tell the questioners that many of these substances are decidedly harmful, some dangerous to mind and body.

"According to an expert committee of the International uniion Against Cancer, meeting in Rome, August, 1956. ‘The recent observation of co-carcinogenic and cancer-promoting effects exerted by ... surface active agents [Emulsifiers] calls for caution in the use of such chemicals in foodstuffs.'(36)

"This caution is not being observed in the United States with respect to certain emulsifiers and other chemicals added to food or present in the packaging. In addition to the cumulative effect of a single chemical in different foods, the effect of the synergistic interaction of different chemicals must be considered.(37) Unfortunately very little investigative work has been done on this problem.

"Another important group of chemicals whose safety is in grave doubt is the group of coloring agents. Many of the do-called ‘certified dyes' used for many years to color candies, icings, pie-fillings, cakes, cookies, carbonated beverages, meat products [such as frankfurters], popcorn, and other foods are now considered as unsafe. Only recently, about a hundred children in Massachusetts were made ill by eating colored popcorn."

(36) the report as published was far more explicit and condemnatory. Hot to repeat, we refer the reader to the statements made by W.C. Hueper, M.S., in the Police Gazette, and quoted in forepart of this chapter.
(37) The experienced physician is ever careful in the combination of the drugs he prescribes for a patient really in need of medication, and will no prescribe drugs incompatible one to another. Processors of foods have no compunction in using numerous ones of the 700 additives in their products, and it is certain that in many families even the youngest children eat foods containing as many as 5 to 10 different additives during the day. What will be the ultimate result? Who will pay for the suffering, damage, expense incurred, for what? Which is it to be? The welfare of humanity or - profit? What is the answer?

Let our legislators give this a moment's thought! Who are the greatest consumers of these items - most of them are not actually foods? Is it not the young children, the youths, those who are in greatest need for the most perfect vitality and health building foods; foods free from all contamination.

There being more than 700 of various chemicals now used in some manner in the preparation of foods consumed by the American people, we have not reached the A.B.C. of adulteration, and barely hinted at the danger to the health of body and mind lurking in these foods so-called, especially to babies in arms, children and youths.

A constant and ever-increasing danger to the health of the people is the fact that a great many vegetables are raised in, or at least, packed in, districts where there is fluoridation of water and necessarily, the water used in the preparation and canning vegetables in this "doctored" water. In buying canned vegetables the buyer should make certain that no fluoridated water is used in the canning. Among the large canneries not using such water, are Heinz.

Numerous canneries, especially beyond the mid-West, frankly state that they don not use and adulterations or additives in the preparation of articles of diet. Examine labels on all canned goods, or write to the processor for full information.

Protect yourself and your family.
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Your Health and Sanity In The Age of Treason © 1958, R. Swinburne Clymer
Chapter 2 - Section 1

The Grains as Basic Foods, or Deterrents to Health and Well-Being

Perhaps the most denatured and adulterated of all food substances today is our daily Bread.(1) From the time of Egypt, perhaps before that, bread made of the whole wheat was the staff of life. In America, the native Americans - the Indians whom the white man dispossessed unceremoniously, knew nothing of wheat and made their bread out of corn. In both instances the whole grain was used as developed by nature through eons of time.

Even today in many countries, or parts of the countries where men live primitively, in south America for instance, an unknown number of people have little to eat other than "black" bread containing all of its elements, including the germ - the vital, living, life-giving principle, beans with such few vegetables they can garner, and perhaps some grapes and other fruits.

Today all breads, with few exceptions, both of corn and wheat, are made of denatured flour. The flour is denuded of its most valuable component: The germ that is life; and then adulterated with various additives; some dangerous to health.

The most important element to man's well-being, both physical and mental, in both corn and wheat, in fact all grains, is the germ. In good time, investigators, all dieticians, nutritionists and physicians will become conscious of the fact that the elimination of this health essential from the grains is actually in great part the cause of the 10,000 babies born each year with cerebral palsy; 7,000 with cystic fibrosis; the 500,000 cases of multiple sclerosis; the 200,000 cases of muscular dystrophy of those between the ages of 3 and 13 (cause inherited from the mother lacking in proper food elements and Toxicelements in food and drink) and many other diseases.(2)

(1) Whoever wrote the Lord's Prayer knew bread as bread should be, and had not the slightest inkling of what man might later do to the grain in making the flour for bread. In the earlier days it was indeed the staff of life; Natural, unadulterated, life giving.
(2) this will be generally denied by all but the few who have any experiences with these diseases. Time will convince all concerned that this is true, and the popular demand now rapidly increasing will be for the restoration of the wheat germ in grain foods, and the elimination of all Toxic substances, especially such substances as Sodium Fluoride in processed foods and liquids.

The wheat germ - it is a germ in the true sense - contains an element actually recognized by a very few. This element is a vital, living, actual life-giving substance. In its nature it is akin, and of the same principle, as the human Spermatozoon. It is the vital, living (having reproductive power), life-giving element, or principle conveyed to man and animal in whole grain and other seed-containing foods.

Fifty years ago, we and an Associate named this undefinable something as "Nuclein," just as the basis of atomic energy is called Nuclear, for the reason that it is a nucleus or source of life, in the germ of the grain. To repeat:

the germs in grains contain living substances akin to the human Spermatozoon, capable of reproducing itself, giving rise to germination; growth and continuation of life, conveying this something to that, or those, that consume it.

One specific structure contained in the cell (the germ or the wheat) is the nucleus which contains a specific type of protein,(3) the so-called nucleic acid,(3) a combination of protein(3) with ribose and phosphates.(3) These nucleo-proteins have the peculiar property that they can duplicate themselves as cells do in cell division.

(3) this is the chemist's and biochemist's definition, or analysis, of the grain germ. These are the natural, physical-chemical properties of the seed (reproductive) sperm, but not the actual life principle of the germ or sperm. Give the chemist all of these named elements as obtained from the seed, let him combine them in the proportions he finds them in the sperm, and see if this combination will reproduce itself. It will not, because in the tearing apart of these elements the spirit which is life, is lost, but when the seed itself, not having been interfered with, is planted, it will germinate, because all its elements are as Nature developed them intact; cohering and forming an harmonious balanced whole. One great secret recognized by only a few of the Life Biochemists, is that when in any manner, by any process, either the vitamins, and especially the organic minerals contained in any substance used as a food, are separated, they can never again be combined as nature had done, making reproduction possible.
When such separation takes place, the balance is lost, and though single vitamins obtained from various substances do have vitalizing properties, it is less than one-third as when it its primitive natural combination. The "enriching" of foods with specific vitamins is a delusion, because such added vitamins are actually "Orphans" among other vitamins. They are interlopers and their action is such. Vitamins as in Nature were, and are, balanced by Nature, and work in harmony. Remove a single one of them and there is an unbalance. Thinking of this process of unbalancing recalls to mind the childhood nursery rhyme:
"Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall,
All the King's horses,
And all the King's men,
Cannot put Humpty Dumpty together again."
And certainly, science can do no better.

If grains are consumed as a whole by man, the natural, physical-chemical elements will be digested and metabolized, while the life principle, the spirit that is Life,(4) will be absorbed.

These are the reasons why so-called foods made of flours denuded of the germ permit, or cause, the development of the many crippling diseases to which man has become subject these past forty years.(4) We are perfectly willing to be sneered at, condemned, perhaps thought "peculiar" if not worse, because of our contentions. Time will prove whether we are right or wrong.

(4) Fifty years ago in our text Dietetics, we named this substance "vital." We still call it vital or "spiritual" because the spirit that is Life cannot be analyzed by the chemist or Bio-chemist, and when attempted, it is lost, wafted away by the air, seemingly into nothingness.

If the denuding of the grains in making flour failed to do sufficient harm to those eating the foodstuffs made from it, processors - bakers and others - now use numerous additives both to the flour and in the process of food production. Some of these additives, later to be named more in detail, are Toxic in themselves, while others are destructive to the vitamins, enzymes and other nutriments still remaining. Beginning earlier, it was agene, trade name for nitrogen trichloride to bleach the flour, because housewives demanded white bread and cakes not realizing the harm lurking in them. The British, more alert to the interest and welfare of their people, experimented by feeding such bread to dogs, and found it caused them to suffer with what is commonly called canine hysteria. They quickly outlawed its use. The Food and Drug Administration in Washington followed suit. However, in the meantime, and for a decade and a half, millions of people had consumed this Toxic substance perhaps three times daily in their bread, and God alone knows the number of sufferers that may have resulted as a consequence.

With the discontinuation of the use of nitrogen trichloride, did flour adulteration with Toxic substances end? I did not. Chloride dioxide was substituted for it. Today numerous other additives(5) are used in one way or another in the production of flour and the making of bread, cakes, biscuits, buns and the many other baked foods.

Many plead: Is there no mention whereby one may obtain all the elements of the wheat to supply the system with them? There is. A method long followed(5) by Russian peasants much as we do with barley and oats. We have reports that this is now being done by children in some American schools, and that the children delight in eating these sprouts when about one inch long. No food can be more nourishing or furnish vitamins and minerals in more perfect form.

In a widely circulated reprint of an article written by Dr. M.S. Branden of Loraine, Ohio, and published in the National Police Gazette, May 1957, issue under the title:

Guard Your Health in a Poisonous World

Death Lurks on the Dinner Plate, If You Don't Watch Out!
Here Are Foods To Eat That Are Appetizing, Nourishing and, Most Important, Safe

The writer offers considerable desirable information but, in our opinion how grain foods should be prepared and in what combination with other food for balance and to maintain health. We quote more or less verbatim.

    "Corn has been for centuries the basic food of the Indian population of North, Central and South America. The Indians have not been hospitalized in wholesale fashion with cancer, paralysis, poisoning of various kinds, and the myriads of diseases affecting the "modern" white population in England and the United States."

Unfortunately, Dr. Branden failed to make it clear as to whether the corn he had in mind was as nature created it and moulded into a perfectly balanced food for man and beast through a period of millions of years, or the modern hybridized product which does not contain the reproductive germ with is spirit of Life.(6) and therefore is wholly unbalanced according to Nature's plan. The products made from it further denatured by being deprived of many of their most important elements, i.e., minerals and vitamins. Even vitamin C so essential to life, is of little value because it is no longer associated with its native vitamins and minerals.

This has reference, of course, to the corn raised from actual hybridized corn and not the hybridized corn from which other corn can be raised.

Quoting Dr. E.E. Pfeiffer:

"Most corn which is nowadays sold as hybrid is in fact a cross between cross breeds which still germinate. Only a few are of the type of proper hybrids(6) which are sterile. True hybrids have been produced by inbreeding and line breeding. Even of those types which will germinate a gradual decline of fertility is observed."

(6) Our reference throughout has in mind the true hybrid corn with is sterile.

    "Examples of three inbred lines are published in Handbook of Biological Data, edited by Wm. S. Spector, W. B. Sounders Company. 1956

    "These tables reveal that of one line after 26 to 30 generations of inbreeding the average height of plants was reduced from 117" to 92", of another line from 117" to 80", of the third line from 117" to 77". The yield in bushels per acre was reduced from 81 to24, 81 to18, 81 to 9 respectively.

    "To the contrary heterozygosity (open pollinated cross breeding) yielded between 81.9 to 84.9 bushel as against sibbed inbred lines of 41.5.

    "These facts more than anything else indicate the loss of nature's inheritance in a production which is only aimed at temporary quantity gains. While following nature's paths the fertility of the seed of plants had preserved itself over thousands of years, the modern practice of hybridization has succeeded to reduce the natural inheritance to about one-third to one-forth in 30 generations.

    "This degeneration of the viability of seed was already so alarming in the early twenties that an International Congress of seed breeders urded in a resolution all governments to take urgent steps to counteract it. Nothing has ever happened since. Quality production was the only cry one cold hear." Dr. Braden continues:

    "In the Andes certain tribes live almost exclusively on a corn diet,(7) which provides their only source of protein.(8) Such a diet has proven very satisfactory, since corn is a balanced food(9) which provides proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, together with some(10) minerals and vitamins.

    "Experiments on cows have shown that when they are fed on acid-forming grains such as whole wheat, whole rye, whole oats, their urine is acid and they give birth to still-born off-spring,(11) whereas when fed on corn their urine is alkaline and they produce healthy calves. Corn is the only grain with a high fat content, being a source of lecithin(12) and other fats.

    "A good way to use corn is in the form of an unleavened corn bread made from stone-ground cornmeal. It is best to use cornmeal that is organically grown,(13)
[that is, grown without chemical fertilizers], at present generally unavailable.[/list]

This statement might be highly misleading and a means to ill-health. Hybridized corn might be grown in virgin soil, or in soil built up to its maximum productive potentiality, yet such corn might be as inimical to health and well-being as corn grown in the poorest soil, because the spark element - the Vital Spark, the Seed Germ, the Nucleus, which balances and gives life-giving qualities to the corn, would be missing.

(7) The modern white man could not maintain nourishment and health on corn alone even though it was native, naturally, undemineralized and sexed, (i.e., unhybridized). Why not, if these Indians can? Because the Indians have subsisted on it for uncounted generations, were born into such a diet, and their digestive and assimilative system adjusted itself from the beginning of time to such a diet. The white man adjusted himself to a mixed diet, and consequently requires the elements found only in a mixed diet to maintain health. It should be noted in passing, that the Indians did not subsist altogether on corn. They also ate various wild berries and numerous herbs which substituted for vegetables, just as we have new sassafras shoots and the "wild seeds and grasses" in Spring to prepare as we do later asparagus and other cultivated vegetables.
(8) Corn is a balanced food in so far as corn is concerned, but it soes not contain the many vitamins and minerals modern (white) men must have - because the system through time became in need of them to maintain a balanced state of health.
(9) Protein is only one component of a normal, natural diet. Many other elements are essential for health, strength and vitality.
(10) Just "some" minerals are not sufficient. It is essential for health and well-being that man live on a mixed diet sufficiently varied to contain all of the necessary minerals and vitamins.
(11) We question whether Dr. Braden based his statement on actual experience with cattle. No cattleman would so feed his cows. Their feed is a carefully selected combination of grains, mostly the discarded - the bran and middlings - the richest portion discarded in making denatured flour, a large portion of hay which serves the cattle the same substances vegetables do man, and especially alfalfa and soybean hay, rich in minerals and balancing elements. This statement is based on actual experience.
(12) The highest form of Lecithin is obtained from soybeans, Milk producers and raisers of pedigreed cattle depend heavily on soybean hay, sugar beet pulp, and sugar beet tops from a certain kind of sugar beets, containing the vitamins, minerals and neutralizers of acids. This statement also is based on actual experience.
(13) In our opinion, distilled water is a detriment, not an asset, in maintaining physical well-being, It is of utmost importance to the physician and the chemist but not in diet.


"... To make such a corn bread, mix stone ground cornmeal with distilled(13) water, and add some grated coconut(14) and bake on a Pyrex(15) pie-pan until done. Such an unleavened corn bread is far superior to the wheat bread,(16) regardless of whether the wheat bread is white or whole wheat.

(14) Instead of coconuts, experiments have proven to us that better and more edible corn bread is made with coconut oil, peanut oil, or sun flower seed oil. These are the purest of all baking fats.
(15) The suspicion is rapidly growing that no aluminum should be used in the preparation of foods; that no food should come into contact with it; that it is cancer producing. Thousands , perhaps millions of people are discarding all aluminum ware, replacing it with (a) iron like our forefathers used; (b) copper lined utensils - rather difficult to keep clean; (c) steel ware; (d) Agate ware, and, or, (e) Pyrex.
(16) We take exception to this statement for the reason that the Vital principle - as yet not collocated by the chemists - in the wheat germ, is of the utmost importance to health of mind, body, and potency. If corn bread is to serve the same purpose in the diet as bread made of wheat, it must be well combined with fresh and boiled vegetables.

The purest of water for human consumption is either rain or snow water. Next to this is spring water as it comes out of the earth uncontaminated and unadulterated. In this water when examined by the microscope, will be seen millions of living creatures. These are not bacteria - not disease germs - but considered by many who have given serious consideration to the subject, to have the same object in water for drinking purposes, as does the wheat germ in wheat. That they contain a vital, life-spiritual principle that in turn gives life to the Spermatozoon in man. Naturally, this concept will be sneered at on the bases of the present state of knowledge regarding Life Chemistry, and perhaps even Biochemists will deny this, but that does not disprove that such may be the fact.

The Biochemists, among them Dr. Pheiffer, have their own explanation:

    "The water is penetrated by the principle of life and light as seen in its contents of oxygen and the minerals - phosphate and magnesium as carriers of the light so essential for the enzymes which support photosynthesis. Man's life germ and the germs in water are vital forces, though they are not germs in the sense of bacteria.

    "White and whole wheat bread are both acid-forming.(17) white bread, made from devitalized and demineralized white flour, is little short of being a poison which sets up a chain of cumulative poisoning; whole wheat bread, on the other hand is even more acid forming.

    "Whole buckwheat, known as Kasha" among the Russians, who use it as a basic food,while not equal to corn or millet, and slightly more acid-forming, is less acid forming and superior to the whole wheat, oats,(18) and rye, the three grains most commonly used. Buckwheat is cooked like a cereal by first toasting the grain and then pouring the whole roasted buckwheat into boiling water.(19)

    "Wild rice(20) is an excellent food free from chemical fertilizer, since it grows in water. Brown rice can also be used occasionally, though more acid-forming.(21)

    "Whole barley is a basic food among Indians of the Andes,(22) who use it cracked and then cooked in soups ...or in the form of toasted barley flour .... Farley has been found best for babies, who appear to tolerate it better than most other grains."(23)

(17) Even in their most natural state, many foods are acid forming. Most proteins are. This is essential to health. The danger is in not combining neutralizing foods with them. This is readily accomplished. In arranging a meal containing acid forming foods, the addition of a baked potato, or even better, a baked potato and fresh vegetable salad with cottage cheese as a dressing, are ideal in all instances, and under almost any condition. Such salads should always be freshly made.
(18) Oats is a superior food in many respects. Very few of the millions who have been consuming their morning oatmeal, are aware that oats, if undenatured, contains an active vital principle known in medicine as Avena Sativa and used in medical practice asa natural stimulant. However, it is equally certain that few of these millions are aware that the full value of whole undenatured oatmeal, and even of the denatured, cannot be obtained unless it is cooked very slowly and for a long time. This is true even of those varieties supposed to require only a few minutes to cook. The cells of oatmeal must be combusted by slow and long boiling. Overnight on a warm stove is best.
To make this statement that oats contains such a vital principle more impressive, we need only recall the old "saw" in referring to a vitally alive horse: "He is feeling his oats," having reference to the vitality building element in oats.
(19) The most common method for making use of buckwheat flour is in baking buckwheat cakes and muffins, or mixing it with various other flours in the preparation of bread and cakes. An always delightful and nourishing breakfast is that of buckwheat cakes with a small amount of honey.
(20) Wild rice is an excellent grain food, perhaps richer in mineral elements than all other grains with the exception of oats. It was as basic in Indian food as corn. It can be prepared in many different ways.
(21) Referring again to acid forming foods, those who are sensitive to such foods, as well as the invalid and those troubled with nervous indigestion, or lack of nerve force, will help themselves greatly by soaking barley for six to eight hours drinking the barley water, and using the barley in making vegetable soups; or by adding okra, fresh or powdered, to their vegetable soups, and on their salads. These are acid neutralizing foods and soothe the lining of the stomach. We have known of many instances where this cured ulcers of the stomach caused by eating too much acid foods, alcoholic drinks, or mental-nerve reactions. Citrus fruits and berries also are neutralizing agents except when consumed beyond the capacity to fully digest them.
(22) Many Americans made use of barley as a food in one way or another, generally by first soaking it for a long time and then cooking it with soups. It is much easier to digest than when toasted.
(23) During the years we have instructed mothers to mix both barley and okra flour with milk, or in puddings, and begin feeding this when weaning time arrives. Only the best results followed. This is readily accepted because they re practically tasteless. Okra flour is best because it eases the cramps in children when due to acidity, and it is a highly nourishing natural food.

We have dealt largely with the fact - it is a fact - that the spirit of the germ is missing in hybrid corn because knowing this is of utmost importance. Experiments painstakingly made have established the fact that other elements of great value also are missing in such con as fed to the cattle and fowl, and in the flour made from it. Among these experimenters are Ernest M. Halbert of McNabb, Illinois, who as early as 1950 appeared before the Federal Food and Drug Administration to make known the results of their experiments. Among other things, he states:

    "We found Hybrid short of nine minerals (mostly trace elements formerly thought of little value) and as usual this Hybrid failed to pick up cobalt, and eight other trace minerals, although the soil tests showed that the plots where corn was grown containing it.

    "The reason I mentioned cobalt is that we found that in the 16 farms in the test no Hybrid picked up cobalt, and in all the tests, the Hybrid was short 7 to 9 minerals, always including the failure to pick up cobalt.

    "... we know that the core of Vitamin B-12 is composed of cobalt. So just what does that mean to your children and livestock? ... Dr. Allison and others found that lack of cobalt is instrumental in the cause of Brucellosis and Undulant Fever, and cobalt is named as a cure."

This lack in the corn fed to milk cattle is also lacking in the milk from such cows and though such milk is pasteurized, it remains, because of this lack, a prime cause of this disease in children in addition to the millions of cases of anemia, especially in children.

According to reports it would appear that scientists in John Hopkins University have learned that which Dietitians - now generally known as Nutritionists - knew fifty years ago, i.e., that these trace minerals were associated by nature throughout the centuries for the purpose of balancing and harmonizing the other minerals to maintain health and strength in man and animal, and that any one of these elements removed will disturb the balance in nature, i.e., foods and result in unbalancing the physical, mental structure in man. Disease - unbalance, is inevitable. Trace elements once separated from associate elements but will never again work in harmony with them.

    "... Every time a natural substance is removed from a food,(24) every time an adulterant is added to a food, the balance of nature(25) is disturbed.

    "... The chemical and cellular processes within the body cells cannot react to the whims of the chemist without disturbing its function. It takes thousands of years(26) for the body to adjust itself to changing environmental conditions. When these conditions are suddenly altered by the actions
[interferences] of men, the cells cannot make the adjustments - disease is the result. Dr. Edward J. Ryan, Editor, Dental Digest.[/list]

(24) When the wheat germ is taken out of the wheat in making flour, the most vital of all elements is removed. This upsets the chemical balance of food prepared from this denatured flour, with the results that it upsets the entire digestive and assimilative system of those eating it. When corn is hybridized, then the corn raised from such hybridized seed has the most vital elements removed and the same results must follow. This is equally true when the vital germ is not contained in the egg.
(25) The entire system is thrown out of equilibrium, and abnormality is established which directly affects body, mind and nervous system.
(26) Perhaps millions of years, during which primitive man changed from a purely meat diet to a mixed diet, were required to change the entire intestinal tract. Equally so, in conjunction with mans change, it took millions of years for Nature to develop the wheat seed that it would contain all the elements for man's requirements, including the Vital Life elements, the wheat germ -germ of life.

Tom Douglas Spies, M.D. made this clear when, before the American Medical Association, Atlantic City, 1957, he said:

    "All diseases are caused by chemicals,(27) and all diseases can be cured by chemicals. All the chemicals used by the body - except for oxygen - which we breathe and the water which we drink, are taken in through food. If only we knew enough, all diseases could be prevented, and Could be cured, through proper nutrition."

    "... As tissue becomes damaged because they lack the chemicals of good nutrition,(26) they tend to become old. They lack what I call ‘tissue integrity.' There are people of 40 whose brains and arteries are senile.(29) If we can help the tissues repair themselves by correcting nutritional deficiencies, we can make old age wait."

(27) Just as the properly selected chemicals missing in the body when supplied, will cure diseases, just so will both the denaturing of food substances of its chemicals, and the addition of unindicated chemicals, cause diseases. The true physician will make every effort that the ill be supplied with the proper remedies and vital substances, thus helping his patients to avoid ingesting chemicals that would gradually destroy the balance of the system.
(28) Denatured foods, balanced by Nature throughout the ages and then unbalanced by denaturing processes, cannot furnish the chemical balances which assure good nutrition, hence the universality of physical-mental weakness from which America as a nation suffers.
(29) the addition of Toxic chemicals to our foods which can properly be prescribed only by experienced physicians, in abnormal conditions we know as disease, are even more potent to cause diseases of mind and body, than the lack of natural chemicals and vital elements in food. The two in combination sound the death knell of the health of the nation.
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Your Health and Sanity In The Age of Treason © 1958, R. Swinburne Clymer
Chapter 2 - Section 2

Explanations or Apologies by a Baker of Bread

One of the Associates of the Humanitarian Society sincerely interested in natural foods, wrote to one of the largest bakers in America, recognized generally as producing a superior bread. It is enlightening to quote from the letter he received in answer. We offer our comments on the explanations made; statements that are excuses rather than facts.

    "Sodium or Calcium propionate has been recognized by the Pure Food and Drug Administration and standardized as an optional ingredient in bread. Bread, along with many other foods, is susceptible to mold growth.(1) This mold develops irrespective of the purity of the ingredients or baking practices,(1) as mold spores are airborne and are found practically everywhere.(1)

(1) We have already dwelt somewhat on this subject in other chapters of the book, but feel it highly desirable to give more specific consideration to this additive and the excuses for its use.
It is true that bread is subject to mold after a certain period, but we question this writer (apologist) as to what happened, or did not happen, when our grandmothers and mothers baked their own bread for the family, using the undenatured flour, and kept this bread free from mold for a week to ten days, and as sweet, though possibly not as soft, as the day they baked it?

What other ingredients should enter into the baking of bread - real bread - other than flour, yeast and possibly milk or boiled potatoes? Is the molding in present day bread due solely to the denaturing of the flour, taking the life - vital spark out of the wheat - or to ingredients added? Are bakers less capable of producing a staple food, than were our grandmothers and mothers?

Did these "airborne spores" not exist during the days of our grandmothers and mothers, or has Nature given them birth since then for the devilment of men so that now, it is necessary that in addition to eliminating the life in the wheat, it is also essential to add additives that the bread may keep "fresh" i.e., preserved, or "embalmed" for a longer period of time; additives may not be Toxic but retard digestion, creating gas and possibly stomach irritations.

    "Propionates are natural constituents of some food(2) In a good Swiss cheese, for instance, the concentration of propionate placed there by Nature is considerably higher than that which we place in our bread.(2)

    "We make the finest bread being made today, using only the highest grade ingredients,(3) and the very fact that ... contains such a rich mixture of food ingredients(4) makes it more susceptible to mold growth than if it were a ‘leaner' loaf.

    "From the time it leaves our ovens to the time it is consumed, we feel that it is in the interest of our customers that this natural(5) mold inhibitor be used.(6)

    "Our brand of sodium propionate is ... (7), and bears the seal of ... I feel sure that were ... harmful in any way, the Government would not permit its use in food products.(8)

    Postscript: Proofreading this copy we have received information that one of the largest bakeries in the Midwest labels their products thus:

    "We use the best of ingredients - Fresh creamery butter, golden honey, non-fat milk ... White loaf, unbleached flour ... Wheat loaf, 100% whole wheat flour. No preservatives added."

(2) If, and when, propionates are found naturally in some foods, then it is natural, i.e., organic, and part of the nature of the food, but when it is placed into foods in preparation, it is neither natural nor organic. The writer inadvertently acknowledges this when he (or she) makes the statement that in Swiss cheese the propionate is placed there by nature. It is then part of the nature, or constituents of that food, just as are the vitamins and minerals originally contained therein.
(3) We must repeat, what other ingredients should be used in making "Bread," not a conglomeration of items called bread. We, in our youth, watched the making of flour in a large custom family mill, and all we ever saw was the grinding of the wheat, taking this wheat flour to the kitchen, preparing it with yeast and boiled potatoes, baking it and consuming it, and in all our seventy-nine years we have never tasted a fabricated baker's bread that tasted as sweet, or kept as well.
(4) what possibly can be the "rich mixtures" in baking a real bread other than the whole of the wheat, with the possible exemption of the coarse outer cover? A bread that is to give life and vitality to the body, energy to the brain, and stability to the nervous system? What is the answer?
(5) Is it "natural/" If it is, why is it any more necessary to "manufacture" it than it is to manufacture the wheat from which the flour is made?
(6) It may be of "interest" to the customers who buy and eat this bread, but is it to his health benefit?
(7) We have started that it is our desire to investigate, to make research or have Biochemists do it for us, but not to act as accusers of persons, hence we avoid using names whenever possible.
(8) this is a "stock phrase." The Government, as so frequently pointed out, is without authority until after complete test have been made. There are hundreds of additives, some decidedly Toxic, in use by food producers because the Government has not had the time to test them and the processors are not forced to prove them harmful.
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Your Health and Sanity In The Age of Treason © 1958, R. Swinburne Clymer
Chapter 2 - Section 3


As with bread and several other staple foods, both Children and Adults are the Victims of Poisonous additives in their Cereals

Under the title of "Embalming Fluids in Cereals," the National Police Gazette in its June 1957 edition, printed an article exposing the adulteration of the almost universally daily consumed cereals. We quote from said article, giving full credit to the Gazette, adding comments in footnotes:

    "Health officials in most of America's 48 states are alarmed at the threat to the nation's health from the increasing use of dangerous and untested chemicals in foods.(1)

    "This grave concern has been expressed in confidential letters written to a Congressional Committee, urging a strengthening of the Federal food and drug laws. The state health officials admit that they are powerless to stop the widespread contamination of America's food supply with dangerous chemical additives.(1)

Formaldehyde(2) is a chemical used in embalming fluids - and you would not expect to find it in food. But it is widely used in many parts of the country to conceal decomposition in dairy products. It is used in many restaurants, for instance, to preserve breakfast cereals. There is evidence, too, that it may be finding its way into the packaged cereals that are sold to the public.

(1) The "grave concern" by the people is fully justified by the fact that although Congress passed a bill during the last session, it contains a "grandfathers" clause relative to the additives now being used. Moreover, there are what are generally known as "but" and "if" clauses which do not entirely prohibit additives even if known to be Toxic. These additives are supposed to be "controlled"in their use. If this were to be done effectively, it would require an army of inspectors.
(2) While it has long been known that formaldehyde has been extensively used in milk processing, we believe that McGrath, the writer of the Gazette article, is the first to show that this embalming fluid and surgical dressing, is also used in cereals. This exposure is of especial importance because it is questionable if there isa family in America in which at least some members do not have cereals for their breakfast.

It is highly important for the reader to bear in mind that in countless instances children have cereals with milk for breakfast. The milk may contain the allotted amount of formaldehyde and the cereals likewise contain the permitted amount. The Result: a double amount of this poisonous substance is consumed, possibly daily, by millions of children.

    "Just how serious the situation is can best be seen from the written evidence given by State officials themselves. Many of the "bargain" steaks sold in restaurants today are soaked in water, dextrose, a glumatic chemical and flavoring. Labels listing these chemicals on the shipping crates are never seen by the public.

A Director's Report

    "Here is what the Director of the Division of food and Drug Control of the Arkansas Board of Health stated in his confidential report to the Congressional Committee:

    "In carrying out the responsibilities with which we are charged, we have found that it has been a common practice to add chemicals to such food items as ground meat and some others in an attempt to preserve them. Also, we have found that milk producers sometimes add chemicals to their milk in an attempt to remedy poor sanitation and inadequate refrigeration. We feel that chemicals should never be used in food products for these purposes.

    "‘Our laboratory facilities have not been such that we could carry on any appreciable amount of research on toxicity of chemicals and we have had to rely entirely upon cooperative agencies for this information. We have followed the work of the Federal Food and Drug administration and other agencies in this field and sincerely believe that Federal legislation should be enacted requiring that chemicals introduced in foods shipped in interstate commerce should first be demonstrated to be safe to the satisfaction of the Federal Food and Drug Administration.'

    "Many health officials admitted that, in addition to the chemicals already in use in our food, there is a constant supply of new chemicals being put into food - and the toxic effects of these additives is never thoroughly investigated before use.

    "The Executive Director of the Colorado Department of Public Health reported:

    "‘Today many new insecticides, rodenticides, and fungicides are being used which are definitely toxic and their toxicity levels in the end products have not been ascertained.

    "‘Colorado has no definite legislation yet on this matter.'

Need to Experiment

    "From Connecticut, the Supervisor of the Food Division of the Food and Drug Commission, made this comment:

    " ‘Here in Connecticut we have not done any research on the toxicity of chemicals, but do feel there is a wide field that should be experimented in. The modern trend is towards more and more chemical substitutes and imitations in foods, with little or no information as to the immediate effects they may have on humans or the effects of continued use.' And from the Bureau of Foods and Chemistry in Pennsylvania:

    " ‘We believe that some form of control should be worked out so as to require satisfactory proof as to non-toxicity before(3) new chemicals may be added to foods'

    "We do not(4) have any specific requirements as to satisfactory proof being established that new products are not deleterious before being used.

    "Just how little consideration is given to the health of the general public is revealed in this letter, from the Director of the Industrial Hygiene Division of the public Health Department of Georgia.

    "We have been greatly concerned with some of the newer insecticides and the manner in which they are used. Of course ... we are primarily interested in protecting the people who formulate the insecticides and those who apply them. We have not done any work on the residual effects as they pertain to foodstuffs.

    "From coast to coast it is the same story of inadequate laws and - in some cases - no controls at all over the poisonous substances that are being put into our foods."

(3) This will receive full consideration in the later Section,
(4) While this is a repetition of what many have said, it is further proof by an official that there are no adequate protective Laws despite all that has been claimed to the contrary.
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Your Health and Sanity In The Age of Treason © 1958, R. Swinburne Clymer
Chapter 2 - Section 4

Antibiotics in Milk Presents Problem to Dairy Industry

Under the above caption the Seattle time, April 6, 1958, published an article of great interest to all seeking for the truth in relation to food additives. While there is possibly nothing in this article which we have not already said, it does add substance thereto and should help to awaken the people to the constant danger to their physical health and mental balance.

    "Antibiotics are becoming as commonly used in control of dairy-animal diseases as in human ills.

    "Most dairymen are aware that even a trace(1) of these drugs in the milk either reduces or destroys bacterial growth(2) necessary in the making of cheddar and cottage cheese, cultured cream and cultured buttermilk.(2)

    "Apparently, however, dairymen are not aware that a lot of milk that goes for use in these products contains these drugs. With the more widespread use of antibiotics, the problem is becoming more pronounced - so much so that it is causing major concern in the manufacturing milk industry and among dairy scientists.

    "It is emphasized, however, that the presence of antibiotics in milk is at present no problem from the stand point of the consumer.(3)

    "Lyle searing, chief of the milk-sanitation section, Seattle, King County department of Public Health, said: ‘The dilution of antibiotics of milk in this market is so great that no possible harmful effects(4) could come to consumers, but a mere trace destroys the cheese-making value of the product.'

    "Dr. H. A. Bendixen, Washington State College dairy scientist, who recently headed the State College Institute of Dairying, reports that the problem of antibiotics in milk is causing major losses to Washington dairy plants.

    "The situation is not peculiar to this area. Dairy scientists from Minnesota, Iowa, otther states ans Washington, D.C., report the same trouble.

    " ‘Losses from milk adulterated with antibiotics are high because of the difficulty of detection," Benedict said.

    "Dairy plants have no quick way of determining the presence of antibiotic in milk.(5) Detection requires several hours. Milk from animals treated with penicillin and other antibiotic drugs for mastitis and other bovine diseases must be withheld from shipment for three days following treatment.(6)

    "Some dairymen are not doing this. When this happens the entire lot of milk into which the adulterated product has been mixed is spoiled for use in cultured dairy products.(7) Because this problem has been growing, it now represents high losses for some dairy plants. State and federal laws now DE CLARE milk containing antibiotics to be adulterated.(8)

    "One facet of the efforts to overcome this problem is extensive research on developing a quick test for the presence of antibiotics in milk.

    "Progress is being made toward such a method. Dr. Ralph P. Tittsler, dairy research scientist for the United States department of agriculture in Washington, D.C., reported recently that a fast fluorescent test for antibiotics in milk(9) is now in the experimental stage.

    "Dr. Tittsler said the process would include addition of a fluorescent marker or dye to antibiotic preparations used to treat mastitis and other problems.

    "The mixture colors the milk from treated cows for at least 48 hours and can be detected with ultraviolet light for 96 hours.

    " ‘Presence of an antibiotic in milk after 48 hours(10) shows up by the luminous flow of the fluorescent dye when an ultraviolet light is flashed on the milk,' Dr. Tittsler said.

    "In the investigations to date, conducted by H. E. Hargrove of the U.S.D.A., the dye has not reduced the effectiveness of antibiotics for treatment, nor has it been toxic or irritating to treated cows.

    "Dr. Tittsler also said many of the undesirable weed or feed flavors in dairy products soon should be a thing of the past.

    "Many dairy plants are installing equipment to eliminate these volatile flavors. These plants report a marked improvement in the flavor of cheese and other dairy products, the scientist said. The equipment is attached to the pasteurizer and uses live steam or a vacuum to pull off the undesirable flavors.(11)

(1) It is highly important that it be noted that "even a trace" of these drugs, antibiotics or additives in the milk, has the potency to destroy the bacteria which would, by orderly and natural process, age, cure or prepare the milk for the making of certain kinds of cheese, cream for certain purposes, and the processing of milk in which lactic acid should have developed. Old time buttermilk is impossible without the formation of lactic acid.
(2) If these drugs, antibiotics and additives, are powerful enough to destroy the bacteria necessary for the orderly manufacturing process of milk, how much more so are they capable of destroying the health of the people who consciously in unconsciously consume them, bearing in mind that "bacteria" of many kinds are an absolute essential in these foods to maintain health, and the normal functioning of body and mind?
(3) This is an entirely erroneous statement. Men of experience and universal recognition engaged in making experiments, have time and again warned against the danger of penicillin and formaldehyde in a large number of milks tested. Moreover, it is known that many processors of milk either for sale as milk, or for food products, finding that the milk contains antibiotics so that it is impossible to use it in a normal, natural manner, use additives to offset the change antibiotics have brought about, and these additives interfere with the normal digestion of the foods so prepared. There is therefore, actually a double danger present in such foods if indeed they may be honestly called "foods."
(4) This is certainly a highly contradictory statement. It is admitted that the antibiotic content is so small that no harm can come to consumers, but that an infinitesimal amount is capable of ruining the mild for manufacturing purposes. This statement by an accepted authority is in contradiction to finding of those engaged in various investigations and experiments. Moreover, and in further contradiction of this "no harm" theory, no physician, as we have pointed out time and again, would prescribe some of these antibiotics or drugs except under his personal and constant supervision.
(5) Here is a frank admission that as of now, the processors of milk have no way of destroying the presence of either small or large amounts of Antibiotics, among them penicillin, found so dangerous to health if unwisely ingested. It is also admitted that in general they have no knowledge of their presence unless they attempt to use the milk for processed cream or cheese, and that the milk bottled as milk, and sold as milk for human consumption, carries no protection against the dangers it contains.
(6) This is a further admission that in practically all instances there is absolutely no supervision over the milk producers other than their own conscience as to whether they will, or will not, us the milk of treated cows for a certain time. Human nature being what it is, and the milk producers profits generally not too great, just how much protection is that? Those who make use of these antibiotics need not even sign for those he buys and uses in his business.
(7) This frankly states "cultured dairy products" or processed milk in the form of certain cream and cheese, but does not include the milk sold to the trade. The consumer has neither warning nor protection.
(8) The law so DE CLAREs, but in how many instances where it has been necessary for the dairyman to use antibiotics was there at hand anyone to test that milk for the presence of antibiotics? The only answer to this is found in the number of instances where milk was tested and such antibiotics found present. It is not human for processors of milk who receive a mixture of milk from many producers to discard the entire shipment because of its antibiotic content, the fact being that possibly only one or tow out of a collection of fifty producers, used the antibiotics. What is the answer? Is there one?
(9) This would appear to be the answer if the system, once perfected, were enforceable. However, here again there is a gross weakness. This would require the constant presence at every plant of an honest inspector to test all milk. A hoped for solution might be found if processors refused to pay producers for milk containing antibiotics.
(10) The time element is a weakness in this method. Considering the time of milking, the long distances covered in collecting the milk, and the additional time required before test can be successfully made, nullifies the value of the method, and at the same time reduces the value of the milk as a food. Milk, like all as foods containing essential vitamins, is at its best when consumed as fresh as possible, preferably when still warm.
(11) Since practically all coal tar dyes have been found to be possible cancer, or other disease causatives, will the use of these dyes not be as detrimental to health as the antibiotics?

One of our readers mailed us a clipping containing much common sense. The date of the editorial is April 16, 1958, but unfortunately the name of the Newspaper is not given. We credit wherever credit is due:

"Prove It First"

    "A major principle of law in the United States is that a person is innocent until proven guilty. It is a good principle, as to persons.

    "As to food, the idea is unsound. We want food tried and found innocent of harm before it is put on the market.

    "Otherwise the trial sometimes comes too late, as shown in articles published this week from The commercial appeal Washington bureau. About 150 chemicals are being added to food without waiting for laboratory tests and medical testimony to establish that they can be taken into the body safely.

    "Most of the big companies processing food get the proof before they add the chemicals,(12) and there are many more unproven chemicals than there were a few years ago. But taking a new preparation to the Federal Food and Drug Administration and waiting for the testing is only a voluntary precaution.(13)

    "For the uncautious and for the unscrupulous, who continue to use a product after the FDA has found it poisonous, a law to protect the public is necessary. A House investigating committee has recommended such a law. Representative James J. Delaney (D., N.Y.) wrote one. The food and Drug administration staff wrote a milder law.(14)

    "Both rest, under six years of dust, in a congressional pigeonhole. Is action waiting for a few sensational deaths?(15)

(12) This statement is in gross error. The present Pure Food Laws as so frequently repeated, does not require the processors to either know, or prove, whether or not an additive is wholesome or harmful and, in passing, that no known additive is really of value to the human body. It is because of this laxity in the Law that so many harmful additives are being used.
(13) This is only a precaution on the part of the processors to protect themselves, not the public. As of the moment, the Federal Food and Drug Administration has neither the time nor the facilities to make such tests except in a very few instances, and except in an emergency, may require years before the test will be made.
(14) Such a milder law, the Hill act, was passed at the last session of Congress. It is considered as of little value for the actual protection of the people who feel they have been betrayed, and who we are led to believe, will demand the enactment of a stronger law at the next session of Congress.
(15) The number of fatal diseases and deaths continually mounting may cost the processors of food who oppose a protective Law very dearly. Past incidences clearly indicate that when the rights of the people were unjustly infringed upon to their detriment, the penalty to the aggressor was great.
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Your Health and Sanity In The Age of Treason © 1958, R. Swinburne Clymer
Chapter 2 - Section 5

Candy, an Uncontrolled Concoction Much of a Toxic Nature

If the question were asked: What do Children up to the age of adolescence consume most, Bread, cakes, pies and other foods made with denatured flour, or candies and other sweets, containing very few natural substances that can be classed as "food," few would be able to answer factually.

One thing is certain, when you want to please your sweetheart, wife or children, and you hand them a box of that luscious looking candy, you will delight them. Unfortunately, you are almost certain to hand them a toxic concoction that , though a delight to the eyes and most pleasant to taste, is all too frequently poisonous to body and mind.

Instead of offering our own conclusions, the result of experiences, our recourse is to an article which appeared in The Police Gazette, December 1957, prepared by bob Hartford, and a statement of non-food elements, drugs described by Merck, used in making various candies. Quotation marks are used when we quote verbatim:

    "When you give someone candy with the thought to please them, you may be giving someone a free ride to the hospital or worse.

    "For the terrifying fact is - as Government medical experts have proven and pointed out - that a substantial portion of all the candy manufactured in America contains chemical additives that may be damaging the health of the consumer - and even be cancer producing.

    "Candies look more appetizing than ever, but no longer do they contain, except in minute quantity, the natural ingredients that formerly made them both delicious and normally healthy.

    "Most candy today - in fact all sweets - are filled with artificial flavorings, colorings and preservatives. As much as 90 percent of some candy is a concoction of preservatives, anti-oxidants, stabilizers, thickeners, buffers, acids, synthetic coloring, flavoring and other chemical agents many of them toxic.

    "As stated numerous times before, and requires repeating to impress the facts on the minds of the people, under the present laws, Food and Drug Administration officials can do nothing to stop(1) the use of these chemicals.

Following closely on the heels of this episode, it was discovered that certain hair sprays were potentially dangerous. Again the Pure food and Drug Administration took action. The Tuscon Daily Citizen, March 14, 1958, under the heading:

"Is Your Hair Spray Potentially Dangerous?
By Delos Smith

    "New York - UP - Chest X-rays of two young women caused some scientific hair to stand on end. Both sets of lings showed an extensive ‘infiltration process' which meant that something was being breathed into them but was not being breathed out.

    "That isn't good, as you will see, and so three doctors investigated the young women with a who-done-it thoroughness. Neither worked with chemicals not in places where there were fumes of any sort. There seemed no clue until it was found that both used hair sprayers.

    "As Drs. Martin Bergman, Jerome Flanck and Herman T. Blumenthal of Jewish Hospital, St. Louis, remarked in their report: ‘Hair spray is currently one of the most widely used cosmetic preparations.' Offhand you might not think users inhaled much of the stuff, they added.

    "But the residue of a hair spray was injected into guinea pigs and afer the passage of enough time to permit ‘transportation,' the scientists found clear changes in certain cells of liver spleen. They were characteristic of changes known to go with substantial infiltration of foreign substances with large molecules into human chemistry. Among these substances are natural and synthetic resins such as those used in hair sprays.

    "In body chemistry, these substances are very slowly broken down and disposed of. While this is going on, they're kept in storage in fat depots. The extent of the harm which could come from this is not yet thoroughly understood - it might be extreme or slight.

    "In all too many instances the officials of the Food and Drug Administration are not even aware of all the chemicals that are being used in candy, or how harmful they are, and remain ignorant of it until some serious poisoning occurs and the public is aroused."

According to reports, the Food and Drug administration again acted with admirable speed.

(1) This statement is basically true if the letter of the law is followed. However, it is not always true in action. A late instance proving this is illustrated by an act of the Pure Food and Drug administration when it was found that certain widely advertised polishes were deforming the finger nails of many women using them. Following the publication of the danger in various newspapers the public reaction ws such that, Law or no Law, the Pure Food and Drug Administration acted with vigor, and the manufacturers quickly withdrew the offending, deforming article.

To return to the Police Gazette article and the subject of candy:

    "When the Police Gazette asked why titanium dioxide, which is a derivative of a metal, is used in making candy and what nutritional value it possessed, an FDA spokesman replied:

    " ‘I don't know. I don't even know if it is used in candy. We have no standard for candy. We cannot always tell what goes into it.'(2)

(2) You parents, with a family of lovely children, do not even know what deadly substances, possibly cancer producing, they are consuming when they are eating candy and other sweets. No one knows excepting the manufacturers and they do not appear concerned.

Even the FDA, appointed to guard the health of the people, do not always know because there is no Law for the protection of the mass, and is empowered to do little or nothing except in emergencies. Wake up before it is too late and you find a loved one becoming seriously afflicted. This is an instance where the officials of the FDA are not responsible. You are, for not demanding the enactment of enforceable protective Laws.

    "According to one of the government's research councils, titanium dioxide is employed in the making of some candy to give it a white pigment. This chemical, ‘the reader will note,' is also used to make enamels, lacquer, rubber plastics and shoe creme'." You and your children ingest it as candy. No physician has yet said, or been able to say what it does to the human stomach.

    "An epidemic of food poisoning broke out in a mid-Western town after children had eaten some appetizingly colored hard candy. One mother was suspicious enough to send a sample to the Food and Drug Laboratory to be tested.

    "The test was made by Dr. Bert J. Vos, assistant chief of the Division of Pharmacology of the FDA. Reported Dr. Vos:

    " ‘Wh en the candy was tested on human volunteers, of which I was one, the result was a marked abdominal griping and diarrhea. In may case the effects were produced by six pieces of the candy. Other volunteers had only one piece with the same results.'

    "Further tests traced the poison to coal-tar dyes in the candy. When these artificial coloring were fed to animals they caused serious liver damage.

Poison in Flavors
Again the curse of unholy profits

    "Let's examine the flavor in the candy you and your family consume. Natural flavors are easily obtainable, but are rarely used because they are expensive and the soon deteriorate.

    "In their place, cheap artificial (synthetic) flavors are substituted, despite the fact that many of them are derived from dangerous poisons.

    "Among the flavoring chemicals used are aldehydes, esters and ethers. These impart cherry, walnut, pineapple, banana, vanilla and other flavors to candy."

Other Additives

Acetaldehyde - one of the aldhydes - is a flammable liquid with a pungent odor. Medical literature warns that it is irritation to mucous membranes and in large doses may cause death.

Esters - are used industrially to make enamels, paints and water-proof varnishes.

Ethers - are used to make matches, dyes and photographic films. They can cause respiratory damage and can be harmful to the kidneys.
To prevent the ingredients in candy from drying and becoming brittle, humectants are used. In this class of chemicals are mannitol, propylene glycol and sorbitol.

Mannitol - as well as going into candy, is used in the manufacture of dry electrolytic condensers.

Sorbitol - is used in anti-freeze mixtures

These are just a few of the strange substances you may be putting into your stomach when you eat a piece of candy.

The important thing to the candy manufacturer is to preserve his products for long periods, so that they may be months old before consumed.

"Here are two of the chemical preservatives used:

Sodium Benzoate - listed in medical books as poisonous; it can cause nausea and has been fatal. When used as a food preservative only minute quantities are permitted - because an overdose can bring the doctor to your bedside.

Sulphur Dioxide - is increasingly being used in various foods as well as candy. It is colorless, non-inflammable gas with a suffocating odor used industrially as a disinfectant.

Although htese substances have been mentioned before as additives in various food preparations, and are warnings to be repeated, it was considered highly important to do so in connection with candy, because of its almost universal consumption by young and old.[/list]


In the consumption of the various candies and other concoctions, you and yours may be ingesting one or all of these synthetic substances, some p 0 r nounced cancer producing by experts, as mentioned in other chapters.
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Your Health and Sanity In The Age of Treason © 1958, R. Swinburne Clymer
Chapter 2 - Section 6

An Example of American Food Unconsciousness

Perhaps next to candy, the orange is the food (it is a food because it is ingested as a source of nourishment) most consumed by the Amercan people, especially the children who are most sensitive to the inception of disease, hence the orange should be subject to the most thorough supervision. Is this being done?

Sunday, March 16, 1958, The Indianapolis Star published an article on the subject of oranges and the poisonous, possibly cancer-producing coloring matter used on them. It is so important that every American adult should give careful study to it:

"Canada Bans Eating of Colored Oranges"

    "New York - How was that orange you had for breakfast - Tangy in taste and colorful as sunshine?

    "Sounds great - but if you live in Canada, eating that delicious, golden fruit may have been a violation of a new law aimed at protecting you from cancer.(1)

The United States Lacking in Protective Legislation

    "In the United States, on the other hand, an equally new law makes that same colored orange perfectly legal - even if a bit dangerous. Somebody's got to be wrong. These appear to be the facts:

    "President Eisenhower recently signed into law a bill permitting orange growers to color their fruit with dye made from coal tar. At almost exactly the same time, Canada outlawed the use of this same coloring on oranges. Health Minister Paul Martin told the Canadian Parliament the dye had been found poisonous and might even be a contributing factor in cancer.

    "That the coal-tar dye is dangerous is well known to health officials of both nations. In 1955 the U.S. Food and Drug administration banned its use for coloring oranges, stating it was not harmless. The FDA declined to list it among the dyes ‘suitable for use in food.'

    "In fact, the orange dye was reported to have caused sickness in hundreds of children who ate popcorn and candy that had been tinted with it. And small doses proved deadly to dogs on which it was tested.

    "But the orange growers of Florida and Texas DE CLAREd that use of this dye to color their oranges was indispensable to their business.(2) and on this basis they managed to push through Federal legislation that has suspended the FDA ban on coloring.

    "Even the Law lifting the ban admits the dye might be poisonous.(3) It specifies that fruit so dyed must be clearly labeled ‘color added'(4) and it gives the citrus industry until next year (1959) to find a substitute dye that is not poisonous.

    "The citrus industry itself concedes that the controversial coloring in no way improves the flavor or food value of the fruit. It is purely for appearance's sake. What the orange coloring does is give the frit more eye appeal, thus protecting the retailer's profit margin..."

(1) The Legislators of Canada are far more health conscious than our American Legislators and have, throughout the past years, made great effort to protect their people against Toxic substances on, or in, their food.
(2) the age-old story. If there must be a choice between profit, or the health of the people, (even if it subjects the people to the danger of contracting cancer) then profits must be protected. Can there be any other conclusion?
(3) Can it be denied that selling such poisoned oranges to children or to parents for children to eat, is not on a par with selling any other poison to whoever will buy it, though poisons may only kill outright, while anything that will cause cancer also includes years of suffering and an expense so great few people are in a position to meet it. Is this not a form of wholesale poisoning? Is ti not actually similar, though far more serious than the acts of those who in former years poisoned the water where cattle were watered, or of those who poisoned the water that their enemies must drink, acts considered as crimes by all civilized people?
(4) Even though the fruit is labeled, is this not in substance permission to dispense poison, a producer of a universally dreaded disease. Compare this privilege to the Laws compelling the long experienced, licensed physician who must sign for every drug that is under a certain classification, though it may not actually be in any sense dangerous. The fruit grower has greater rights and privileges than the physician.

Those who eat the poisoned fruit or foods, are friends, fellow Americans, and not enemies.

    "Some oranges, it seems, remain green after they are fully ripened. Others reach full color before ripening.

    "In other words, the color on the outside of an orange tells little about the degree of ripeness inside. But green or unevenly colored fruit are a problem to dealers, because they do not sell as well as the perfectly colored varieties.

    "The United States requires that a drug be thoroughly tested before it is approved for general consumption. But, oddly enough, this prior testing is not mandatory for chemicals used on food - and sometimes tragedy results.

    "Not so long ago, a chemical called Lithium Chloride was sold asa salt substitute for persons on saltless diets. Several persons were killed before it finally was removed from the market.

    "In the meantime, it is perhaps wise to go easy on licking or sucking the skin of an orange if it is labeled ‘color added.' The skin you save may be your own."

Is there no remedy, no protection? There is. Help to see to it that your Legislators pass protective Laws as they did in Canada, in the meantime to not buy fruit marked "color added."
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Your Health and Sanity In The Age of Treason © 1958, R. Swinburne Clymer
Chapter 2 -Section 7

Food Additives, Past and Present

More and more the alarm is being spread against the dangers to health and mind by the constantly increasing number of additives being used in the processing of foods for human consumption. It is doubtful if a single one f these additives has in mind either the improvement of such processed foods, or to make them a greater benefit. The purpose, apparently, is solely, basically, a matter of profit - the prevention of quick spoilage normal to natural foods - or their less expense in shipping and retaining their appearance for sale.

One of the latest of newspapers to warn its readers against these additives, was the Memphis Commercial Appeal, April 14, 1958, under the descriptive head:

Some Progress Made

    "Washington, April 14, - When a housewife visits a market these days, she has no sure way of knowing whether some of the foods she selects contain chemical additives.(1)

    "The practice of adding chemicals to foods has grown tremendously in the past 10 years and authorities are divided on the Toxic or non-toxic(2) properties of many of them.

    "As early as 1952, the Rederal food and Drug Administration, in collaboration with the United States Public Health Service, estimated that 704 different chemicals were being used in foods.

    "And of this total, it was estimated that only 428 were definitely known to be safe for continued human consumption.

(1) As so frequently pointed out throughout the text, the careful housewife is more or less enabled to protect herself by a careful scrutiny of the label. Even when only preservatives are used, these are supposed to be named. If ne of the various dyes are used, the dye is mentioned, though possibly not named. It will be sufficient reason to discard any food product in which preservatives, dyes, or additives are used, no matter what their name. On investigating, we find that when even one housewife who is a good customer, begins to question the dealer, he becomes apprehensive, and starts a search for processed foods without additives, and such that have not been denatured.
(2) the careful housewife should not permit herself to be confused or misled by this contention. If there is a preservative, additive, or dye used, even if claimed non-toxic, do not buy the product.

276 Untested Additives

    "Thus, as a House investigating committee observed at the time, there are approximately 276 chemicals being in food today, the safety of which has not been established to the satisfaction of many groups concerned with the health and safety of the public.'(3)

    "Apparently some progress has been made since then. But only recently FDA Commissioner George P. Larrick advised there are about 150 chemical additives which are in a scientific no man's land.'(4)

    "Yet these chemicals are being used in foods.(4)

    "The House investigating committee said, ‘the public is in need of protection gainst small, irresponsible elements, as well as against the possible inadvertent mistakes of reputable food processors and enthusiasms of chemical manufacturers.(5)

(3) This statement is misleading. There may be only 276 questionable additives, but it must never be forgotten that there are many additives which have been "O.K.'d" as calculated risks." that is, it is "supposed" that within certain restrictions they are not Toxic, or a danger to health. Beyond a stated proportion it is admitted they may be. Consuming processed goods containing such additives means that the consumer takes the risk; someone else reaps the profit.
(4) This is an admission tht the Government, those in authority, or those who have accepted a position of responsibility, are permitting millions of human beings, American citizens, to be fed with foods containing, for all anyone knows, Toxic substances that may undermine their health and sanity. If the physician, knowingly, and known to the public, were to prescribe Toxic drugs of which he admittedly had no knowledge of their possible danger, he would possibly be held criminally responsible. Nevertheless, the processors of foods, and the sellers of foods so treated, are not only free to do so, but cannot be held responsible.
(5) This need, a dire one, if the welfare of the people is considered, or being considered, why have our representatives neglected, or refused to act by passing protective Laws? Is it not their sworn duty, and are men not elected for the express duty to protect the people? Is this failure to act on a Known Need, not to be considered as a Gross Neglect of Duty? Is it not, in fact, the betrayal of the interests ofthe people - hence treason to the people? What is the answer? Why this neglect of duty? Who is at fault, or what is the underlying cause?

Bill Endorsed

    "The committee endorsed a bill by Representative James J. Delaney (D-N.Y.) which would require pretesting and assurance of safety before chemicals could be added to foods moved in interstate commerce.

    "This bill, as well as less strict proposals by the Food and Drug Administration, and by the food industry, are still pending before congress. None has ever received the approval of a sub-committee in the past six years.(6)

    "To bolster support for new legislation, the House committee in 1952 sought to indicate what could happen by citing examples of what has happened in the past.

    "Here are some of the cases, involving specific chemicals, which the committee cited:

    "1. In 1946, a chemical known as thiourea was proposed for use on citrus fruit to prevent a certain type of mold. Fortunately, the persons proposing its use first consulted the FDA. Experiments were conducted which showed that thiourea, in addition to being very poisonous, penetrated the skin of citrus fruits and found its way into the juice. As a result thiourea was never used on citrus fruits.(7)

    "2. Para-phenetyl urea is a sweetening agent which was used for more than 50 years as a sugar substitute for diabetics and others. An FDA study several years ago showed that paraphenetyl urea is poisonous under certain conditions. Yet one firm continued to use it in its food products even after being warned of its toxicity.

    "3. A salt substitute containing lithium chloride was marketed several years ago for persons required to be on a low salt diet.(8) Subsequently, it was discovered that the substance is extremely poisonous for persons who have been on such a diet for some time, so that the salt content of the body has been reduced. It was removed from the market, but several deaths had occurred.

    A good and natural substitute is vegetable salt. This is organic. It is not harmful, but those who suffer from certain diseases where a salt-free diet is indicated, should use it sparingly.

    "4. Mineral oil(9) was ling regarded as harmless. It had been used in a variety of special dietary foods, particularly salad dressing, as a substitute for food oils. Between 1941 and 1945, it was shown that mineral oil, when taken with food, interferes with the absorption of various vitamins. Mineral oil is no longer permitted as a food ingredient.

(6) This, together with our comment, was written and printed before Congress finally acted. The legislation passed is not at all satisfactory to the people who have become health conscious and have given time to investigation. The question: "What force, or power, is there sufficiently strong to prohibit legislators from passing legislation that would be really protective?" Many opinions have been advanced, none of them flattering. There is no proof that there has been any unlawful interference.
(7) As already mentined, Canada and, according to reports, some other countries, have outlawed all dyes to be used to color citrus fruit, thus protecting her people against this form of poisoning.
(8) There are today possibly millions of people who did not approve the use of rock salt and began using salt substitutes, with the result that infinitely more harm was done to their health than had they continued the sue of salt.
(9) Mineral oil, though considered as an additive because it substitutes for digestible fats, is not Toxic. The undesirability for its use is, commonly speaking, that being undigestible, it clogs up the absorbtive pores so that much of the foods, together with their vial principle contents, cannot be absorbed, and malnutrition may result even though the diet is perfect in selection. Mineral oils have no part in human nutrition.
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Your Health and Sanity In The Age of Treason © 1958, R. Swinburne Clymer
Chapter 2 - Section 8

Are Foods That Build Up Resistance Without Value?

Sometimes it happens that one of the laity universally known to the public, enters wholeheartedly into an investigation of the subjects of denatured, adulterated foods, and improper nourishment and their influence in causing delinquency, and find him - or herself, in full agreement with others who have been active in the same field of investigation. According to published reports, a great actress - Gloria Swanson - is such a person and we take pleasure in quoting from a speech reportedly made by her before the Advertising Club of Washington, D.C., on the occasion of the Annual "Big Brothers Luncheon," her subject being "Juvenile Delinquency."

    "Most of us think of a ‘delinquent' as a maladjusted youngster,(1) but in my opinion, the fault lies not with children, but with the adult delinquents(2) - parents, law-makers, of some special groups devoted to selfish interests. The crimes committed by juvenile delinquents, without passion or jealousy - killing merely for the thrill' of it - must be conceived and committed by sick, demented(3) minds; or perhaps no mind(4) at all.

    "How come these boys and girls are so mentally sick? Let me read what on authority has to say under the heading: ‘Is Mental Illness, Mental?' This nutritional expert from the University of Southern California, presents a list of mental disorders induced by an insufficient intake of specific and known vitamins:(5) (A) Lack of thiamin results in ideas of persecution, mental confusion, and loss of memory. (B) Lack of riboflavin causes depression, visual disturbances, disorderly thinking, inability to concentrate or perform mental work.(6) (C) Lack of niacin causes depression, anxiety, irritation, loss of memory, mania, hallucinations, and dementia.(7)

    "From the book entitled ‘Vitamin Deficiencies in Mental Illness," by George Walson and David Robinowitz, M.D., I quote:

    "Both psychoneuroses and psychoses apparently can be induced experimentally by dietary restrictions.(8) Emotional illnesses, which is thought to have no organic basis(9) may be the result of nutritional deficiencies. Furthermore ... multiple vitamin and mineral deficiencies seem to be involved in the origin of some mental illness that hitherto has been considered to be entirely psychogenic. Experimental neurosis, as well as experimental psychoses apparently can be induced in normal subjects(10) by restricting their nutritional intake.'

    "Doesn't this give you an entirely different picture of a juvenile delinquent? Since the average person now accepts the fact that rickets, pellagra and scurvy, and ever so many other ills, are being eliminated by proper nutrition - can (will) they accept the idea that the mind also might be made healthy (normalized if not too far deteriorated) by adequate nutrition? If my theory, - that malnutrition (11) is the first cause of mental illness, bears any truth, we are going to have with each generation more mental weaknesses and consequently more juvenile delinquents, unless remedial steps are taken."

(1) This would imply a mental unbalance per se. Full consideration and investigation does not agree with this. It is admittedly true that the thinking and reasoning capacity, including the feelings, are at fault, but this is secondary. It is, in almost all instances due to three things: shattering of the nervous system, having its direct influence on the mind; hardening of the muscles, interfering with proper coordination of the physical with the mental, and, lastly, worst of all, the deterioration of the mind. And the cause of all this? In all too many instances, denatured foods, adulterated, chemically processed foods, poorly combined foods, and most serious of all, improperly prepared foods; the basic foods meats from fowls and animals fed with Toxic additives.

(2) This is unquestionably true, but there is a "but" and a big one. The parents may, and in most cases, are wholly unaware of the cause, or the manner in which they are ignorantly destroying the health of their children. This ignorance is mostly due to the fact that parents are so largely guided in their selection of food by newspaper, magazine, radio and TV advertising.

(3) These juvenile delinquents and the millions of adults who are as guilty of criminal acts, are mentally sick. They are mentally ill because their bodies; nerves, muscles and minds, are starved for lack of the essentials of health, and from Toxic substances they consume; not in their foods, but in the substances they believe to be foods; and which poison mind and body, and dethrone reason.

(4) Youth and men who are no longer in fact, youths of men, but robots, automatons, and as one authority frankly states - vegetation.
(5) While millions of people take the various vitamins to reinforce their diet, more millions do not, with the result that these millions try to live normally on an almost completely devitalized and demineralized diet. This is universally admitted even by Physicians, hence their constant prescribing of vitamins and minerals. In addition to this lack which is inducive of the diseases named, there is the addition of Toxic additives and preservatives which would themselves reduce vitality and bring about mental retrogression. Hitler, Stalin, et al., proved this.

(6) What has been said in footnote 5 is equally true here. The inducing causes are the same: Denatured foods; toxidized foods; adulterated foods - an almost total lack of organized vitamins and minerals as found in Nature.

(7) Anyone who has studied the reports of the agents employed by Hitler, Stalin, et. al. will be fully informed that these illnesses are readily induced even without withholding vitamins and minerals, by means of the Toxic agents employed in the feeding and watering of food animals, and in the processing of foods for human consumption. the two together, lack of vitamins and minerals and the Toxic agents so almost universally made use of complete the armament for the debasement and deterioration of the mass of the human family, and all known medication will be unable to cure them.

(8) If these various diseases can be brought about by withholding these various vital elements, then it is certain that such ailments can be eliminated or "cured" by prescribing foods rich in such elements.

(9)True insanity has an organic cause. the many mental ailments which border on insanity and designated by various more of less confusing names, are not organic, but are due to either the deterioration of the nervous system and the mind, or their starvation for want of the vital elements, missing in, or destroyed by the processing of foods. all the hospitals and asylums in the world cannot cure these victims of ignorance or viciousness, once the actual deterioration has been completed.

(10) It being admitted by experienced physicians that these psychoses may be induced by improper nutrition - the ingestion of lifeless substances thought to be food. It is equally true a change to the proper diet together with associate treatment, would restore them to health.

(11) This is only part of the cause. Proper nutrition must proceed hand in hand with the elimination of all foods which contain Toxic substances fed to animals for human consumption, and all denatured or processed foods in which preservatives or additives are used. It is the duty of our legislators to see to it that these evils are eliminated.

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Your Health and Sanity In The Age of Treason © 1958, R. Swinburne Clymer
Chapter 3

Muscular Atrophy
The Children's Crippler

"I know fluoridation to be a very secret(1)
Russian revolutionary technique to deaden our minds (2),
slow our reflexes (3),
and gradually kill our Will to resist aggression."

- USAF Major George Lacey Jordan

(1) Major Jordan Diaries, American Mercury, July, 1957. Page 33.
(2) Softening of the mind. This may gradually occur between a period of from five to twenty years after the beginning of the ingestion of the Sodium Fluoride.
(3) Hardening of the muscles; slowing the reflexes.
(4) Negating the power of resistance.

For the past several years every effort humanly possible has been made to focus the attention of the people upon the horrors of Poliomyelitis. This is as it should be. It cannot be denied that it is both a killer and a crippler.

It is equally true that there are several other diseases affecting muscles, nerves and brain that claim far more victims than Polio. In several respects these diseases are worse than Polio, because the children who fall victim to these diseases are considered generally incurable; whereas many, in fact, the majority of those afflicted by Polio, if they do not die, are ultimately cured and take their place in life's activity.

A second horror of childhood is Muscular Atrophy.(5) In general, physicians admit they do not know the cause of this disease, and what is still more discouraging, is the fact that it is questionable if there is a cure for it; consequently, those afflicted may remain so for life, to be cared for by the parents, who though willing, are in all too many instances totally unprepared for the task.

This disease affects the muscles of the body by hardening them and gradually causing them to be unresponsive. This being true, it is certain that the cause must be found in something that is capable of atrophying the muscles and bringing this about gradually.

Is there a Toxic substance which, though formerly unsuspected, can bring about such conditions?

There is.

This substance is Sodium Fluoride.(6) Sodium Fluoride does many things to the human body, more especially the muscles, nerves and brain. Among other things, it has the power to gradually atrophy the muscles; a cause in practically all muscular diseases. It shatters the nervous system. It softens the brain.

At the moment we are concerned only with one of Sodium Fluoride's most destructive potentials; that of atrophying the muscles. If any one has doubt that it does this, let him kill a rat with this highly toxic substance and then examine the rat.

The effects of Sodium Fluoride on the muscles of any living creature may be immediate as when a "killing" dose is given or taken, or through a slow process by accumulation, for Sodium Fluoride, like Mercury, arsenic and some other Toxic agent's is accumulative and its effects are generally gradual. If given or taken in small amounts, such as considered by its votaries as "safe," the amount is one part per million and its Toxic effects may not show for five years, or between five and twenty, or even later.

Muscular Atrophy seldom affects the very young. Accepting Sodium Fluoride as the villain, how, or by what means, does it affect the child in time to have its most deadly results upon it in the early years of youth.

In very simple manner, the writer "stumbled" in the idea, or the fact, unexpectedly, when meeting with parents of a number of children so afflicted, and in his capacity as a Dietitian was requested to outline a dietary regime for these victims.

It was simple routine to obtain a complete outline of their diet since birth. How was the baby fed? At its mother's breast? If not, what was the substitute? What was the combinations? How long were they continued?

In almost each instance the mother was incapable of nursing the child for one reason or another; or able to only partly nurse the child, and compelled to substitute food. WHAT WAS THE SUBSTITUTE FOOD - PABLUM?(7)

Although his investigations appear thorough and have never been contradicted or questioned, he does not in any way indicate connecting Pablum,(8) the cause of Muscular Atrophy, though he was fully aware of the Toxic affects of Sodium Fluoride in small or large doses; its accumulating in the system, and that it was considered as the poison of all poisons.

(5) There are numerous other atrophic diseases equally disabling and incapacitating.
(6) It is not to be taken for granted that Sodium Fluoride is the only villain. Closely associated with it is the denaturing of so many foods of their mineral and vitamin contents. The constant ingestion if such "foods" lowers the resistance of the body and prepares it for an attack of the various vicious disabling diseases.
(7) The American firm manufacturing Pablum has informed us that their current formula does not contain Sodium Fluoride.
(8) That the Sodium Fluoride in Pablum might be the cause of Muscular diseases, among them Polio.

and prove or disprove the firm belief of many, that this is one of the main causes of the disease. DEnatured foods the other.

Polio is akin to Muscular Atrophy in its various manifestations. Is it not possible that they are related and the cause the same?

Polio may be an acute manifestation, while Muscular Atrophy is the chronic. The onset of Polio is more or less sudden; that of Muscular Atrophy gradual. However, the muscular conditions of Polio, after the acute symptoms subside, are very much the same.

The writer does not here give Commander (R.N.) Carr's investigation verbatim, this being too lengthy, and would serve no good purpose, therefore here is a short digest:

    "Because science proved the harmful cumulative effects of Sodium Fluoride, the British Government passed legislation which absolutely prohibited the use of fluoride as a preservative on any kind of food or beverage prepared for human consumption.

    "The findings of research workers in Canada in regard to the harmful cumulative effects of fluorides in the human body, caused the government to introduce a clause in the "Pure Food and Drug Act" which made it unlawful for any food or beverage prepared for human consumption to contain more than .2 parts per million with the exception of certain canned fish which naturally contain a higher percentage (of natural Fluoride) than .2 per million.

    "Notwithstanding these facts Drs. Allen Brown, Drake, Tisdall, Jackson and others made up a formula for Pablum (as a baby food), known as `the perfect baby food,' which included so much animal bone meal(9) that the babies of America, who were fed `Pablum' actually took into their little bodies anywhere from 6 to 22 P.P.M. of fluoride. Research conducted by Professor Mary P. Ham and M. Doreen Smith in the Food Chemistry Department of the University of Toronto prior 1953 proved that Pablum contained an average of 11 to 12 P.P.M. of fluoride. This policy of serving rat poison to infants of America continued from the day Pablum first went onto the market nearly twenty years ago(10) until early in 1954. Medical men with whom the author discussed this matter emphasized that the ingestion of such quantities of fluoride cannot help but have a harmful cumulative effect.

(9) Bone meal does not contain enough Sodium Fluoride to make this possible, Metallic Fluoride had to be added to increase the proportion.
(10) If the really harmful effects of Fluoride accumulation begin five years or earlier after starting the intake of Fluoride - all experienced authorities appear to agree in this - then, considering the time when Pablum began to be fed to American babies day after day, the harvest for result - the reaping -would appear to have started years ago and coincide with the beginning of Muscular Atrophy among the youths of America.

    "An investigation was conducted into this matter and it was found that a number of children who had been raised on a Pablum diet had, between their fifth and seventh years, developed symptoms of chronic fluorisis. They (the doctors) did not seem to know exactly what was wrong with them. One day they had bowel complaints, spasms and pain, diarrhea, cramps, etc.

    "Another time it would be bladder trouble and chronic
    constipation....Doctors usually made a diagnosis of Colitis or Ciliac. Professors Ham and Smith of the Department of Food Chemistry, University of Toronto, wrote scientific papers on the subject: FLUORINE BALANCE STUDIES ON FOUR INFANTS AND FLUORINE BALANCE ON THREE WOMEN.

    "Both paper were published in the Journal of Nutrition, Vol. 53, No.2, June, 1954. The investigation indicated that these two professors had for years pointed out to those making Pablum, the harmful effect of 12 P.P.M. of fluorine could have on those who ate the baby food. The strange thing is that the formula was not changed until 1953 or early in 1954. WHY NOT?

    "The writer spoke to Dr. Drake...he claimed the only reason the formula was changed was because the idea for fluoridation of water supply systems in the U.S.A. and Canada was catching on...They didn't want to overdo the thing. __(Certainly a damaging admission.)

    "Dr Menzies (President of Mead, Johnson & Co., makers of Pablum replied to another letter. On May 18th, 1954, he wrote: `In reply to your latest inquiry, the fluorine content of Pablum used to be between 7.5 to 9.8 parts per million. The present Pablum has a fluorine content of between 1.5 to 2.2 parts per million.'

    "There is a lot of difference between .2 P.P.M., Dr. Drake said it contained, and the 2.2 P.P.M., Menzies admits is still in Pablum. It must be remembered we are discussing The Devil's Poison, (as it was known) the most deadly and dangerous (because of its great toxicity) poison known to man. Professors Ham and Smith staked their professional reputations on the truth of their statement that the old formula contained from 6 to 12 P.P.M. of fluorine (dangerous to health under any condition) and that the average was 11 to 12 P.P.M. If Mr. Menzies statement regarding the contents of fluorine in the present Pablum is as far from the fact as it was regarding the old, then there is still well over the legal limit of rat poison being shoveled down the throats of the babies of America under the false statement that Pablum is the Perfect food."

    An apologist, widely recognized as an authority, made the remark to the writer that the product under discussion had been sold without interruption since it manufacture, hence must have had the approval of the Pure Food and Drug Administration, and therefore could be harmful despite the fact the Sodium Fluoride content had been vastly reduced. The argument is a specious, wholly misleading one. Let us cite an example:

    "In 1955, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration found that cancer was induced by a pesticide known as `Aramite' and attempted to prevent contamination of food with this substance by establishing a zero tolerance for it under the Miller Pesticide Act.

According to the experienced Dietitians and Biochemists, there is no such thing as a "Zero tolerance," i.e., "calculated risk." It is true that the system may, by gradual use, intake poisons without apparent effect, but this is the result of forcing the system to readjust itself, and this apparent readjustment is actually a "throwing off balance," a form of disease or abnormality, the system changing from the natural as Nature organized it. to an unnatural or superficial state. It is true that in certain ailments physicians prescribe poisons without harmful results, but it must be borne in mind that then the system is already in an abnormal state, and the "curative" or balancing amount of the drug is given only for the moment and then discontinued.

    "After proceedings initiated by the united States Rubber Company, FDA's decision was overthrown, and it is now legal to sell foods known to contain Aramite.

    "The precedent created by the Aramite decision affords a convenient loophole to permit manufacturers to go ahead and sell such compounds for use on or in foods.

    This is what the FDA calls a calculated risk. The calculation (unfortunately) is that the manufacturer can get his profit, AND THE CONSUMER TAKES THE RISK. William E. Smith, M.D., in an address before the annual Convention of Natural Foods Association, Little Rock, Arkansas - February 16, 1957.

In the foregoing we dealt only with Muscular Anthrophy directly and Polio indirectly, and with the Toxic substance Sodium Fluoride as a possible cause.

Since the publication of the first volume of this text, there has been an awakening not only as to the possible cause of these diseases, but similar ones, all equally deforming, and disabling, such as Lateral Sclerosis, Parkinson's syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, and others of like nature.

    WE MAINTAIN THERE ARE TWO DIRECT CAUSES: The denaturing of Basic foods, more especially wheat and other grains and legumes containing vitamin E and lecithin, and in addition, Toxic substances such as Stilbestrol and Sodium Fluoride in the foods consumed by practically all of the people. This has special reference to pregnant women. Why do we mention these foods specifically? Because they contain the elements which pregnant women must have to be capable of giving birth to normal children. Stilbestrol and Sodium Fluoride are mentioned in this connection because they are special offenders.

Physicians in general admit they do not know the cause of these diseases. This is especially true of Neurologists. Biochemists feel they know the cause.

In a letter issued by the National Neurological Research Foundation, it is frankly admitted that:

    "...These disorders (those and others named) are all an integral part of the central nervous system.(11) They will now be studied systematically, as a whole, and in their relation to one another, rather than fragmented and split. "As Medical Science admits a complete and abysmal lack of knowledge as to the origin, prevention or cures for these disorders, and as scientists in the neurological field do not what other scientists in this field are doing, the indication is clear and demands that something better must be done at once.(12)

    "These disorders (estimated at twenty million) are the primary cause of permanent crippling - as the cause of death rank third."

(11) As already frequently pointed out in this text, the lack of necessary vital elements in the diet, and in addition, Toxic substances such as Sodium Fluoride and Stilbestrol have a direct destructive affect on the Central nervous system; equally so as on the muscular system.
(12) Why not take the hint of one who does not pretend to be a great scientist or authority, and investigate along lines suggested? Is humanity not worth it?

Not only is a very great portion of our basic food DEnatured, and most if not all, the vital and absolutely necessary elements for health eliminated for reasons of profit, while a still greater amount is adulterated with health-destroying additives such as those named, but in addition, other foods consumed in large quantities are actually unfit for even animal consumption.

It is reported that in January alone, some 512 tons of contaminated and unfit food were taken in court actions at the behest of the Pure Food Administration. Among them were:

Vegetables bearing excessive residues of DDT or other dangerous pesticides, chili powder containing glass fragments, olive adulterated with camphorated oil, animal feeds contaminated with mineral oil, replacing the more expensive and valuable linseed oil among them.

It was stated that more than three-fourth of the material seized was filthy, or even decomposed. Other seizures contained cheaper and less desirable ingredients than those named on labels. Included among them were nut cakes WITHOUT nuts, oysters mostly water, bonita for tuna fish, cotton seed oil for olive oil. Is it possible for anyone to conceive that such substances ingested as food can be other than creative of physical indispositions, especially when these are in addition to highly DEnatured foods, and those adulterated with highly poisonous substances. It must be borne in mind that women by the millions bearing children, live on these substances - they are in no sense building foods.

Our contentions are at last beginning to bear fruit even in the medical profession. In an article which appeared in the San Francisco Chronical, June 20, 1958, reported by Elmont Waite under the title

Diet, NOT Genes Blamed for Deformities

    The reporter quotes Dean John B. deC. M. Saunders as follows:

    "Prevention of most so-called (inherited) deformities is a distinct possibility, Dean John B. deC. M. Saunders of the UC School of Medicine, told physicians attending convention here last night."

This conclusion agrees with all we have ever written, and especially so with this section of Chapter Three.

Women who desire to mother physically and mentally healthy children should pay strict attention to their diet, selecting only such foods as have not been DEnatured but contain all of their original elements as nearly as possible. No adulterated food of any kind should form part of the diet.

    "The overwhelming majority of deformed babies did not inherit their malformations," he said. Instead, the trouble could be merely a LACK OF CERTAIN NUTRITIONAL AND METABOLIC AGENTS IN THE MOTHER'S DIET DURING THE CRITICAL PERIOD OF HER PREGNANCY. Dr. Saunders reported.(13)

    "Other possibilities: A toxic (poisonous) substance,(14) or some physical injury to the unborn baby.

    "Almost all the varieties of malformation observed in man have been reproduced in laboratory experiments with rats by altering the mother's diet during pregnancy,' he said.(15) The animal may adjust itself to poisons."

(13) Some forty years ago we prepared, and published, a treatise entitled Prenatal Culture. In numerous instances the instructions were followed by women who had given birth to deformed children. In all of these years no woman who followed the instructions gave birth to a physically deformed or mentally deficient child. These statements have been borne out by facts.
(14) There are now more than 500 such substances used to adulterate foods daily consumed.
(15) There is no difference between the physical body of man and the animal body. They are affected in like manner. The difference is in the mind, the muscular and nervous system.

Man's physical body may do so (we say it "may," there is no assurance it will), but man is not alone of animal body. He is possessed of a mind to think, reason and imagine - a most delicate instrument. He has an equally fine nervous system combined with an easily disadjusted emotional nature. He also has a muscular system adjusted to the Nth degree. His mind thinks; commands action.

In his emotional nature he FEELS, LOVES, HATES. He is by nature DEVOTIONAL.
These separate, but harmoniously adjusted parts of a normal man's nature,
and they gradually become "corroded," i.e., slowly deteriorate and are destroyed,
causing man to become in many respects less than an animal.
Quoting a famous physician: a vegetation.

    "A diet deficient in folic acid, even for a few days, produced `virtually all known types of abnormality' in the hearts, arteries and veins of the baby rats.

    "Almost all other types of deformity known to man can also be produced in the laboratory animals by withholding such agents as Vitamin A, pantothenic acid, riboflavin, folic acids, and Vitamin E and B 12 even briefly,(16) and without immediately noticeable effect on the mother.

    "There is, Dr Saunders noted an `almost universal failure to appreciate that most defects and malformations in children are not mutations.' "The genes do determine the potential growth of facial and other dimensions of the child, thus potentially controlling the child's physical appearance, he explained. But this control is only potential - `and the potentiality may fail to express itself due to NUTRITIONAL, ENDOCRINE, TOXIC AND OTHER DISORDERS.

    "Hence, with respect to congenital deformities, we should ...recognize that preventive measures are a distinct possibility.'

    " We are on the threshold of understanding BIOCHEMICAL AND ENZYMATIC FACTORS.(17) The evidence suggests a rich reward to those who would pursue this field..."

(16) Most important of all the Vital elements to both the mother-to-be and her child, are Vitamin E, B 12, and Lecithin. These, together with their associate Vitamins are eliminated from the grains in the making of flour. Only in the Soy bean is Lecithin found more abundantly.
(17) Experienced Endocrinologists, Biochemists and Nutritionalists who have heart interest in their profession, have long since found the answer to these problems. Only the few have paid any attention to their conclusions. The dance of death as a result of wholesale denaturing and adulteration or food goes merrily on. Special study should be given to the statement made by Dean John B. DeC. M. Saunders, present section.
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Your Health and Sanity In The Age of Treason © 1958, R. Swinburne Clymer
Chapter 3 - Section 1

Muscular Atrophy
The Children's Crippler

Sodium Fluoride as pointed out in the first part of this chapter,
has the potential power to harden or paralyze the muscles,
hence Dr. Hueper's expert opinion is apropos.

Since the publication of the first edition of Age Of Treason, the magazine, The National Police Gazette, March 1958 issue, offers the reader further information on this vital subject of water adulteration, part of which is here reproduced, indicating that public is awakening to this dangerous practice and to warn against the use of such adulterated water for drinking and the preparation of foods for human consumption.

    "How many glasses of water do you drink daily? Regardless of the amount, it doesn't take any scientific formulas to reach the conclusion that all of us need water. It is considered as our most important foodstuff, and as such it deserves the greatest protection that the government can give.

    "Now comes a shocking and spine-tingling revelation by a leading Government cancer expert. This exclusive information is revealed by the Police Gazette in order to spur governmental action while there is still time to curb this tremendous peril to the health of the whole nation.

    "The threat is exposed in a report never before published. Dr. W.C. Hueper, chief of the experimental cancer section of the U.S. Health Service, National Health Institute, compiled the report. This is what Dr. Hueper says:

    "The growing pollution of the human environment with chemical and physical cancer-producing agents poses a serious threat to our health.

    "‘This pollution stems from modern industrial development (without proper safeguards for the disposal of dangerous chemicals - to the health of the people) and creates a particular dangerous threat to our drinking water....The possibility of cancer hazards from water deserves serious consideration.'

    "The cancer expert...pointed out that cancer-producing agents from factories and other industrial plants may enter (almost every one is aware that it does so in many instances) the drinking water supply. These dangerous Chemicals are also absorbed in vegetables, fruits and food animals.(1)

    "The various materials which can produce cancer threats through water are listed by Dr. Hueper as: arsenicals, aelenium, radio-active substances, waste from coke ovens, tar refineries, gas plants, oil refineries, textile dyeing plants, paper manufactures and cellulose factories.(1)

(1) All this, dangerous as it is to welfare - physical and mental - of the people, would not offer a serious problem if the people living in the vicinity of such manufacturing plants were alert, and immediately on becoming aware of such pollution taking place, would take positive steps to halt it, and see to it that these manufacturers would find proper means for the disposal of such residue. This is the only means to prevent pollution. It is a simple method and can be followed by every American citizen who has the welfare of his own, and his fellow man's well-being in mind.

Menace is Increasing

    "The doctor (Hueper) explained that the cancer threat associated with exposure to cancer-producing agents represents a segment of the general toxic health hazards connected with the production, distribution and consumption of industrial products and the release of industrial wastes into the environmental air, water and soil.

    "The most important factor is that with industrial activities rapidly expanding there is a good chance of the poisons being emptied onto the environment also increasing (while coincident to this increase the life of the individual is constantly considered as less and less important except as a customer for the products).

    "So the doctor warned that the ‘complex problems created by these developments deserve serious and urgent attention by all parties concerned so as to keep them within controllable limits.'

    "Because of lack of factual knowledge on just how many cancer-producing agents are already present in the environment, an all-out push should be made to prevent the addition of any new cancerous agents to the human environment.(2)

(2) This is only possible if the mass becomes alerted to the danger, and act in unison to prevent the possibility of such pollution, by helping producers to find a means to destroy at its source, this dangerous residue of manufacturing processes. The efforts of a few cannot be successful in bringing about this change.

    "Dr. Hueper explained that contact with many of the cancer-producing agents sometimes ‘start with birth and may last uninterruptedly for 24 hours a day until death.' Carcinogenic air and water pollutants are most prominent in this respect.

    "The doctor explained that the safety of many cancer-producing agents cannot be adequately made by observations in experimental animals.

    "The so-called (fatally erroneous) safe dose arrived at, he stated, ‘represents one-tenth of less of the minimal dose capable of eliciting cancers in the species of animals used in the test.'

    "Apart from the fact that there does not exist a safe dose of a human carcinogen, it is important to point out that such deductions made from effects elicited in animals carry along several potential miscalculations.(3)

(3) A method must be found impressive enough to awaken the minds of the mass to the fact that a physician prescribing a Toxic drug of one-tenth of a fatal dosage, would be certain to do several things: He would keep the patient under careful observation. He would discontinue the medication immediately if any unfavorable symptoms appeared, or it had served its purpose. In water pollution, deliberately done for a supposedly desirable purpose, or with evil intent, the ingestion by the individual may be continuous, and in addition t the many other additives of an injurious nature to various foods consumed, and without any control whatever in so far as the individual is concerned.

    "Dr. Hueper also warned, Under no condition should a cancer-producing agent be considered safe for human consumption because it does not cause cancer when given by mouth to mice and rats, while it produces cancers when introduced by another route such as skin implants.

    "Any chemical which is capable of producing cancers of any type in any tissue or organs of any species when introduced by any route and in any dose should be considered as a potential human carcinogen. It should not be allowed or made available until it has been definitely proved safe for man.(4)

(4) The first and most important step should be to make such Toxic substances unavailable to any but physicians, until such time as proper safeguards have been established.


    "From the great amount of cancer producing agents that have been reported by Dr. Hueper the average citizen must wonder whether we are just helpless pawns in the game between government and industry.

    "The answer to the whole problem can only be found in the point stressed strongly by the cancer expert:

    "We must step up our safeguards and demand increased government protection for our food, air and water.(5) It will mean the difference between good health (physical vitality and sanity) and may even save your life."

(5) This will require the absolute prohibition by simple but enforceable legislation, of the use of poisonous or Toxic substances in the feeding of animals, and the processing of all foods for human consumption. There can be no middle ground.
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Your Health and Sanity In The Age of Treason © 1958, R. Swinburne Clymer
Chapter 4


Sodium Fluoride as one of the most universal past and present methods for
the express purpose of destroying men's mental capacity beyond a certain point of development,
for the express purpose of subjugation and enslaving the race as openly confessed by its advocates.

Water is not generally considered as under the classification of "food," nevertheless, it is just as essential to life and health as food.

Man and animal, with exceptions, is able to live for a longer period without food than without water.

Recognizing this, a certain group of the enemies of god, men and Nationalities, whose one thought is the deterioration and enslavement of the mass, gave their first consideration to methods for this purpose through the simple procedure of adulterating the water supply which their intended victims would be forced to drink and use in the preparation of food.

The published admittance of many engaged as agents for the accomplishment of this purpose, is unimpeachable evidence, and has never been contradicted.

We again quote two of these: Ana Pauker and Bertrand Russel, in addition to the testimony of several others:"

    "...Diet...injections, and inunctions, will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character desirable,..."__Bertrand Russell, (quoting Fitche).

    "Another easy method of attack, she (Ana Pauker) explained, was offered by the kind of water system on which a high percentage of the population depended, and which could be destroyed of polluted simply and easily...__"I Live Again."

Rene M. Vale, a former communist and party worker, often appearing before investigating committees, wrote a book exposing the conspiracy of communism. Her book Red Court, written in the form of a novel, was published in 1952 by the Nelson Publishing company, and contains these statements:

    "In regions of the country where resistance was most apt to develop we saw to it that virus diseases struck, and when antibiotics threatened our program, we devised other means of vitiating the populace. Fluoridation of drinking water was found to be about the most successful. We directed our cadres in the medical and dental fields to beat the drums for ‘protection' of children's diseased teeth, by adding fluorides to water - and saw to it that no one informed the public that fluorides affected brain and nerve cells to such a degree that initiative was reduced. In other words, we used the same system on the American public which animal trainers use on jungle beasts to make them docile.(1)

(1) Fluorides ingested in any form, or any medium, by human beings, have the same effect on humans as they have on animals. this is apparent by the effects Saltpetre has on man's nature, as it has on animals to which it is fed.

A letter of information having wide circulation and for which we have the writer's personal permission to quote, is of paramount importance and will answer the many who have requested us to supply them with information of the subject.

Charles Eliot Perkins, a research worker in chemistry, biochemistry, physiology and pathology, according to his own statement, was sent by the United States Government to help take charge of the I.G. Farbin chemical plants in Germany at the end of the second world war. What follows are quotations from a letter which Mr. Perkins wrote to Lee Foundation for Nutritional Research, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, dated October 2, 1954. Mr Perkins has personally given us permission to use the contents of this letter:

    "I have your letter of September 29 asking for further documentation regarding a statement made in my book The Truth About Water Fluoridation to the effect that the idea of water fluoridation was brought to England from Russia by the Russian communist Kreminoff.

    "The German chemists worked out a very ingenious and far-reaching plan of mass control which was submitted to and adopted by the German General Staff. This plan was to control the population in any given area through mass medication of drinking water supplies. By this method they could control the population of whole areas, reduce population by water medication that would produce sterility in the women(2) and so on. In this scheme of mass control, sodium fluoride occupied a prominent place.

(2) Refer to the statements made by Ana Pauker and Bertrand Russell, quoted throughout the present work.

    "We are told by the ideologists who are advocating the fluoridation of water supplies in this country that their purpose is to reduce the incidence of tooth decay in children, and it is the plausibility of this excuse, plus the prominence of those who are responsible for the present spread of artificial water fluoridation in this country.

    "However - and I want to make this very definite and very positive - the real reason behind fluorination is not to benefit children's teeth. If this were the real reason there are many ways in which it could be done that are much easier, cheaper and far more effective. The real purpose behind water fluoridation is to reduce the resistance of the masses to domination and control and loss of liberty....(3)

(3) Refer to the statements made by Ana Pauker and Bertrand Russell relative to the means and methods used for the subjugation and deterioration of those the heartless and Souless enemy seeks to either destroy or enslave.

    "In the rear occiput of the left lobe of the brain there is a small area of brain tissue that is responsible for the individual's power to resist domination. Repeated doses of infinitesimal amounts of fluorine will in time gradually reduce the individual's power to resist domination by slowly poisoning and narcotizing this area of brain tissue and make him submissive to the will of those who wish to govern him....(4)

(4) The drugs employed for mass medication of animals for human consumption produce almost identical results in those consuming such foods for any length of time.

    "When the Nazis, under Hitler, decided to go into Poland...the German Staff and the Russian General Staff exchanged scientific and military ideas and personnel, and the scheme of mass control through water medication was seized upon by the Russian Communists because it fitted ideally into their plan to communize the world...

    "I was told of this entire scheme by a German chemist who was an official of the great Farben chemical industries and was also prominent in the Nazi movement at the time....

    "I say this with all of the earnestness and sincerity of a scientist who has spent nearly 20 years' research into the chemistry, biochemistry, physiology and pathology of fluorine - any person who drinks artificially fluorinated water for a period of one year or more will never again be the same person, mentally or physically."

In a personal letter to Mr. Kissinger of the Lee Foundation, Mr. Perkins further states a fact long known to Biochemists:

    "It is a demonstratable biochemical fact, which I have repeatedly proved in my laboratory, that fluorine (the Metallic substance) even in minute amounts, over a period of time, destroys the enzymes which make possible the utilization of vitamins, minerals and other necessary food components for the care and maintenance of the human body.(5) We who are fighting water fluorination should confine our efforts to bringing this information forcefully and clearly to the public.

(5) Perhaps this, in addition to the destructive power of Sodium Fluoride, is why the deterioration of vitality and health is do rapid when the substance is taken into the system, especially so in the case of children, and why even dental paste manufacturers warn against its use before the age of six to nine.

The identical results follow the feeding of the various Toxic drugs to animals. These do two things: They destroy the vital elements normally in the meat of the animal, and make the meat unnutritous, and generally unfit for human consumption.

In a personal letter to the present writer, Mr. Perkins further states:

    "In my letter you will notice that I make it clear that, although the idea of artificial water fluoridation was first conceived and practiced as a Communist technique for control of the masses through specific medication to achieve certain specific sociological results, the main argument against artificial water fluorination is not the fact that it is part and parcel of a Communist technique of mass control, but that is a devastating poison that, over a period of time, completely wrecks the human mind and body by profoundly altering the biochemical composition of the body and seriously interfering with the physiological functioning."(6)

(6) From our point of view the most diabolical effect is that this agent softens the mind by degrees, and in time either dethrones reason, or brings about total insanity.

What is the Sodium Fluoride that is placed into the drinking water in any communities in America? We first offer a quotation from the authoritative U.S. Dispensary, 1950 edition.

    "Owing to its comparatively recent introduction, the clinical efficiency and clinical toxicity cannot be properly evaluated.(7) Although experience with accidental poisoning from roach and ant powders indicates its poisonous properties (see Nicholson, Landers Veterinary Toxicology, p. 945, p. 100), it appears that when used as recommended it is no more toxic for swine than that of chenopodium and phenothiazine. Reasonable precautions must be taken to prevent ingestion of the pure drug or inhalation of the dust(8) by both animals and humans." P.1759.

    "Fluorides are violent poisons to all living tissues because of their precipitation on calcium.(9) They cause fall of blood pressure, respiratory failure and general paralysis. continuous ingestion of non-fatal-doses, according to Sooman (Journal Pharmacol., 1921, 17, 197) cause general cachexia and permanent inhibition of growth."

Sodium Fluoride used in drinking water is a metallic(10) substance. It is an inorganic poison, with great toxic qualities, and cannot be changed by metabolism - human digestion cannot change it. It remains a poison. It accumulates in the system. Its destructive effects increase as time passes.

(7) When Sodium Fluoride is placed into the water system or in foods, there is a continuous ingestion of it, and this accumulates in the system. The smallest possible amount so ingested will in time become a destructive accumulation. Worst of all, children, like adults, drink this same Toxically drugged water, perhaps more so than adults, and dental preparation firms have openly admitted it is dangerous to children, ages six and/or nine.
(8) Both the Germans under Hitler and the Russians (see Ana Pauker and others) advocated, and made use of this method for mental deterioration necessary to enslave or destroy.
(9) There is a grave misunderstanding relative to Fluorides.
(10) Some biochemist find fault with the use of the word "metallic." However, it is a residue in the manufacture of aluminum which certainly is a metal, hence we feel that metallic properly classifies it. However, we have no quarrel with any term employed by others.

Sodium Fluoride is not an essential to the body, bone or teeth. It is Calcium Fluoride as found in natural foods that is so highly essential. It is organic Calcium in combination with vitamin C complex, not its concentrate, more abundantly found in rose hips and citrus fruits - riboflavin - these are the elements essential to the building of all bony structure and keeps teeth healthy.

For a better understanding of Fluorides they should be separated into three classifications:

1. Sodium Fluorides, a toxic chemical. This is employed in fluoridizing water. It is a poison because it is a Toxic chemical. This type of Fluoride causes precipitations of Calcium. It cannot be metabolized, and the system cannot free itself form it. It accumulates, after the manner of mercury and arsenic.

2. Natural Fluorides. This is found in water in certain districts. This fluoride, though not organic, is associated naturally with other minerals and is not generally Toxic.

3. Organic Fluorides. This is found mostly in vegetables, some fruits and other food substances. It is associated with, and not inimical to natural calcium, and in conjunction with vitamin C and Calcium, is a bone builder and teeth preserver. It is not poisonous, and being metabolized as is calcium and other minerals, it is not cumulative.

Many well informed and experienced physicians possessed of dietary knowledge who are concerned with the welfare of their patients, warn them not to drink water, eat foods or use tooth paste containing Sodium Fluoride, especially not those very young or suffering from kidney or heart disease and/or various other ailments.

Sodium Fluoride possesses three outstanding qualities: It gradually hardens the muscles; it disorganizes the nervous system; it softens the brain. Before - so far as is known - anyone thought of using it in drinking water, it was used as a rat poison. Cattlemen used it to partially sterilize their bulls so that they would be more tractable; possibly - we do not know - it was this usage that gave certain Asiatic enslavers and murderers their idea to employ it in destroying the resistance - will power - of those they wanted to subjugate and/or enslave by first making them robots.

According to reports which have not been contradicted, Dr Leo Spira, M.D., Ph.D., New York, made the statement that:

    "It (Sodium Fluoride) deprives the body of calcium(11) (a natural component of all bone). Heart, diabetic and kidney patients are warned not to drink fluoridated water."

Dr. Charles Dillon, DDS. LSD., Bristol, England, is credited with the statement:

    "Fluoride intoxication is insidious and accumulative(12) especially when the daily dose is small, but its affects are permanent(12) and irreparable."

Dr. H.V. Smith, of the University of Arizona, is credited with the conclusion that:

    "There is ample evidence that mottled teeth, though they are somewhat more resistant to the onset of decay,(13) are structurally weak, and when decay sets in, the results are often disastrous."

Dr. Paul Manning, D.M.D., LL.B., is reported as having stated:

    "Fluoridation is experimental Mass-medication(14) of entire populations by the impregnation of entire water supplies of whole communities (frequently without their consent and against their wishes) with metallic fluorine compounds incapable of being assimilated (as is food), under conditions of duress (14) without cessation of a reasonable chance to escape."

Msgr. Thomas J. Riley is reported responsible for the following statement appearing in The Pilot, official publication of the Archdiocese of Boston, Mass., April 1956:

    "There is no officially expressed attitude of the Church(15) on this question. The arguments pertain to the field of science and must be evaluated by experts in this field. If it should be shown that grave injury to public health is occurring because of conditions which would be remedied adequately by fluoridation, the state would be justified in introducing this means of meeting the difficulty.

References to statement made by His Holiness, Pope Pius XII to follow.

    "If competent and recognized authorities in the fields of medicine and public health cannot agree on the merits of fluoridation(16) it would seem that the state should postpone action in the matter."

Rev. Francis J. Connell, Dean of the School of Theology, Catholic University of Washington, D.C., (July 1956), is credited with the statement:

    "Even if the majority of citizens want fluoridation they may not impose their will on others(17) by having the public supply of water fluoridated unless it is morally certain that ultimately fluoridation will be more beneficial to the people as a whole, than if it were not used."

Rev. Lyle F. Sheen, of St. Malachy's Rectory, Genesoe, Illinois, according to reports, has been militantly engaged in fighting mass medication, and is reported to have said: __American Mercury, December 1956.

    "I am on dangerous grounds, not because I may be wrong, but rather because I am right, and too many important people are wrong....Many good men were deceived into joini