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The Water Principle
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Published: 17 years ago
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The Water Principle

These are not my words but I thought it would be interesting for all to read:)

The Water Principle:
The Source of All Vitality

Fact: Without water, there is no life as we know it.
Fact: As we age or have disease, we lose water in our tissues.
Fact: Anything that is not living has no water.
Conclusion: The common pathway to all aging and disease is water loss.
In order to understand how to effectively address cellulite and stretch marks, it is necessary to understand the core principle behind my breakthrough treatment. The water principle is the theory I developed that enables people to utilize water in the most efficient way to give their body the optimal level of health and vitality so it can repair conditions such as cellulite and stretch marks.
Drinking enough water is only the beginning. With age and disease, our tissues become less capable of utilizing the water we drink. In short, the water principle is a comprehensive approach that repairs our tissues so they are again capable of utilizing this water.

The Water Principle:
The Fountain of Youth
How to Repair Cells and Connective Tissue to Prevent Water Loss
You know that water is essential for life. You have heard the common wisdom that you need to drink eight glasses of water a day. There is no question that you need to provide your body with enough hydration to make up for what it expends in breathing, sweating, and general daily function. However, it is even more important to ensure that your body uses this water efficiently and effectively, that it doesn't go to waste.
What happens when you drink eight glasses of water a day? Chances are that you are in the bathroom eight times a day as well. All of that water that you are trying to replenish your body with is just passing right through you. This is because as we age, our body's cells break down and lose the ability to hold onto water. A baby's body is 75 percent water. By the time we reach middle age, our body's water content can be as low as 50 percent. Anything that is no longer living has no water. A damaged cell that cannot maintain its water is like a pocket with a hole in it. You can keep putting money in it, but it doesn't do you any good because it just passes right through. But once you repair your cells, they will hold onto all of their needed water, and prevent a number of age-related ailments.
Independent studies as well as studies in my own lab have shown the benefits of attracting water to the tissues. I often put patients on the water principle program. In addition to the benefits to their specific ailment, such as acne, wrinkles, or cellulite, there consistently is a decrease in body fat, an increase in skin and muscle tone and firmness and, of course, increased cellular hydration.

Your Body's Chest of Drawers
Your body contains two kinds of compartments that house and utilize its water: cells and connective tissue. Cells make up your muscles and organs, including your surface skin. Connective tissue is the fibrous material that binds your muscles and organs in place, and connects one organ to another. Unfortunately, as we age and are exposed to environmental damage, our cells and connective tissue break down. They lose the ability to attract and hold onto all of the water they need in order to function at their optimal levels, like they do in a baby's body. The water that seeps out wanders aimlessly through the spaces between cells and connective tissue. This is noncompartmentalized or "wasted" water.
This water is not only useless, it causes problems. It builds up in inconvenient areas, leaving you with puffy ankles or eyelids. This water should be inside the cells and connective tissue throughout your body, keeping your heart, lungs, brain, liver, and skin healthy and vital, but it isn't. Your body can be full of this water and still be dehydrated, because the water is dangling just out of reach, unavailable to the areas that need it. My water principle program focuses on healing your cells and connective tissue and enabling them to become and remain fully hydrated and vital-to take back and use that wasted water for the health and well-being of your entire body. Throughout this book you will learn how a body-hydrating program is the only way to reduce cellulite.
Look at a baby's skin. It is firm, vibrant, and elastic. Now look at your skin. What do you notice? The tone may be unbalanced. It is not as firm. It may be wrinkling. It is dryer and more brittle. These are the visible effects of the difference between optimal and less than optimal connective tissue and cellular water levels.
A baby's cells are at the strongest point that they will be in his or her life. They have solid cell walls that can lock in all of the body's water and therefore function at their highest level. This is true for the cells all over the baby's body, including brain cells, liver cells, and heart cells. However, as skin is the body's most visible organ, it is easiest to see the effect of this optimal hydration by looking at the skin.


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